Character Ideas that never really worked out?

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Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Thu Aug 07, 2003 2:47 am

Basically... ideas that you've had for any of your characters that looked good on paper, but just couldn't work out?

Some of these may be a bit long. Just a forewarning.

Idea 1: Ash the Dragoon?
Concept: Inspired (heavily) from Legend of Dragoon. Basically Ash discovers his heritage, he is the descendant of an ancient order of Dragoons that were around during one of the earlier wars on Igala. Not the typical Lance-wielding Leapers, but people who were more like warriors but more intuned to the magic of land. Also could sport some bitching armor (complete with wings).
What Happened?: Well I had already made a decently good backstory for Ash... to throw this in would totally make HUGE plotholes (and I had just gotten done with lotsa plotholes in Ash's background already). I also ran it by Jak (or was it KoD?) and he didn't seem too thrilled about the idea. So to ensure that I wouldn't get into a huge debate with many people (mostly AM and anyone else who I knew would find it stupid) I stopped it before it could go on. Though it would have been fun.

Idea 2: Ash the Vigilante?
Concept: The King of Doma has begun to act very strangely, almost like an entire different person at times. He makes some very odd decisions, and very unorthodox choices. This of course brings Ash at odds with his King, since he's apart of the Omnicouncil, and would have to enforce such distasteful laws. (This is during that time) Then the King accuses Rydia of treason, and orders her execution. This is the last straw for Ash as he decides to rescue Rydia before her cruel fate (practically signing his resignation), and takes her to Nekonia. He then goes to a tree stump and stores the clothing he had worn during his time at the omnicouncil, and sets out to try and find out answers on his own. Basically he is now a vigilante, no longer a hero, or a general. He'd eventually find out that the King was under the influence of his evil twin Sinister King of Doma, Rico and Merr.
What Happened?: Well believe it or not, I was actually able to get KoD and Dia to agree to this... or at least KoD. I even had Rico and Merr test out the controlling equipment on Ash, turning him evil for a chat rp (Jinx, FFFan, KoD and a few others might remember that incident). But then I was more busy with work, and kept missing Chat Rps, so it soon was put on the backburner... then never to be brought up again. Would have been interesting, Ash becoming a vigilante and having to run from the very troops he had trained.

-Idea 1: Evil Gets an Upgrade?
Concept: Dark Fanrico basically obtains greater power in his quest to rid himself of his enemies (mainly Ash and Amana). The upgrade would include skeletal blades from his wrists, more upgraded hellfire magics, and whatnot.
What Happened?: People got tired of Rico, and I was still struggling to get him a definate list of moves (got tired of making them up half the time). So it was mostly the fact that Rico wasn't being treated seriously anymore that put a damper on this one.

-Idea 2: The Dark Fanricos Merge
Concept: Lil' Rico (the adopted son of Aya and Charles), Current Rico and a dimension hopping copy (from the ADV world, since there seemed to be two Ricos at the time) all combine to form a vastly more powerful Rico (more along the lines of the first Rico incarnation).
What Happened?: This was mainly an attempt to bring Dark Fanrico back to his basics. Make his more of the evil bastard sonuvabitch he was back in the Hit Rp. But I forgot about it at the time. Go Fig.

-Idea 3: Trial of Dark Fanrico?
Concept: Through the combined efforts of a small band of warriors, and magic types(the people who put Rico back into Hell the first time: Ash, Jak, Kotoki, the Hyral Bros., Molokidan, Christydia, Kadina, and just about anyone else who cared to join) Rico is brought before the court of Doma. To be tried for the crimes he has committed in the past.
What Happened?: Eh... sounded too cheesy. That and it's really hard to get as many people together like there was in the Hit now (and keep it under control and the people to keep posting too). So it died out, also cause I thought up my Espylocopa idea at the same time.

-Idea 4: Rico's Sister?
Concept: Never really got too far on this one, but basically a female demon who was made on the same day as Rico was appears and tries to help her "Creation Brother".
What Happened?: Read it. Sounds pretty damn silly.

-Idea 1: Meeting the parents
Concept: Ash and Christydia go back to Christdia's hometown to meet her parents. Two mages who have very little respect for "sword-weilding savages", and have the highest (aka: impossible) expectations of their daughter.
What Happened?: Eh... had too many characters as is to be bringing in Christydia's parents. Though it would've been funny.

-Idea 1: Remarte's a Fallen Angel?
Concept: Remarte' eventually finds out that he was an angel (would explain his wings), but was corrupted by demons and sent to the Pits.
What Happened?: Well I had at this time forgot that i had already made a Remarte' fic, where he was about to face off against a Fallen Angel (one of my better fics, but it never got finishedImage ). That and it wouldn't make sense due to his eyes, no angel has the type of eyes Rem has.

-Idea 1: Kidnapping the King's Daughter
Concept: To re-insert his presence into events, Merr kidnaps the newly born child of Aya and Charles. Mainly to draw Ash back into a fight, but he obviously underestimates Aya... and her temper.
-What Happened?: Well it'd be kinda hard for me to convince people of this, specially since alot was going on at the time, I felt like having Merr adding to those problems wouldn't be the best of ideas at the moment. <p>"Well What do you know. Alcohol does burn, and here I thought they said that just to keep flame throwers out of the hands of drunks."</p>Edited by: Ash Fanrico&nbsp; Image at: 8/7/03 2:53 am

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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby Banjooie » Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:50 am

Now,, if you'd just list the rest of the problems you have (Read: Rest of your characters), the rest of us could start :(

But to make this post worthwhile:

Diran Ilsvire The Thunder Elemental: This was going to be somewhere in Diran's Revenge wherein basically Diran gets super pissed, his magic zaps back, and he becomes a thunder elemental. And after that, he'd dissipate into nothing due some magical lack of energy or whatever. o.o Didn't happen for obvious reasons.

The Original Sword Mage: BLack mute guy. o.o Didn't happen because Yinnea did. <p><Chat> <Matto says, "What's up?"
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Angst."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Drama."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Betrayal."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Plushies."</p>

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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby LadyDragonClawsEDW » Thu Aug 07, 2003 9:02 pm

Merr would have got his butt kicked by Aya's whole family... >_> But anyways

Kyra and the honeymoon from hell: This was supposed to be part of FFFan's wedding RP but it never really flew since the RP itself kinda petered out... <p>
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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby Spleen » Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:00 pm

Alien Spleen: One of my plans for Spleen was that he was actually an older character of mine, the Blade Lord Taen-rendak of the planet Bl'dokk, and that he'd used his copious shapeshifting and psionic abilities to change into a human form.
Why It Didn't Work Out: Taen-rendak is waaay too powerful. Plus it would require me to make a good reason for the battle-hardened, fanatical, and borderline insane Blade Lord to hide out on Gaera.

Spleen is Really Krad in Disguise: I played with the idea that Spleen is actually the Elemaeran God of Fire,, no.
Why It Didn't Work Out: What, play a god as a regular character? Hell no. Besides, what would Elemaer do with only 5/6 of the Council of Divines? <p>_________________
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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Fri Aug 08, 2003 2:19 am

Idea: On the Edge of Forever Aftermath
Concept: After the events of On the Edge of Forever (which died), the group that was gathered across the threads of Time and Space, follows after a rouge piece of the extraterrestrial threat known as the Nothingness through the different worlds. Said endeavor would take about 1-2 years THEIR time, but almost within the blink of an eye in Gaera's time. So the characters involved (which included Ash, Ash's son from a different time, and Sammy Fanrico from the Alternate future) would age accordingly, get new armor from the different worlds they travelled in, and different clothing.

The worlds I had thought up at the time would have included:
-A devastated and charred world that may or may not have been Gaera in the distant distant (WAY DISTANT) future
-The M.A.C. world (was a possible idea)
and Finally the area where the Nothingness was created... almost like a subspace world, outside the TimeStreams.

What Happened?: Well for one, the rp/story this was to continue died on me (always a major factor no?), and having Ash come back to Gaera significantly, and permanately changed... well let's just say I wasn't ready for that.

Oh and Merr would have probably proven to be a very tough customer for Aya. <p>"Well What do you know. Alcohol does burn, and here I thought they said that just to keep flame throwers out of the hands of drunks."</p>

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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby NamagomiMk0 » Fri Aug 08, 2003 11:57 am

On the contrary, Ash, I'm going to have to agree with Kate here. If a guy with a sword can beat him, then Kamos, Aya, Ara, Will, Jak, Hakaril, Zait, Daniel, Stephan, Pervy, Enlil, any given Doman Guard, Amelia, Kage, Deeum, Tai, Miang, Squintz (assuming he were alive), Kerov, Dhargun, Daien, D, Kilra, Damian, or practically any other combat-capable character could kick his ass. Sorry, but you lose there. Plus, Merr lacks motive to do anything. All I see from him is "Raar! Smash!". Thus, he will lose to anyone by default.

Anyway, failed ideas.

Idea: Kamos Inverse?
Concept: Basically, at certain ranks, I was going to give the bastard Ha-ou Dynast Grausherra's and Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu's spells (Dynast Brass, Dynast Breath, Ruby-Eye Blade, Dragon Slave)
Reason for failure?: It's obvious. Ha-ou and Ruby-Eye are both extradimensional forces that Kamos does not know about, much less tap into from Gaera.

Idea 2:New Weapons Release
Concept: With the corporate war going on in Valth, of course the corporation will be developing new weapons for use, and releasing their current latest, more powerful (and expensive) weapons onto the intranational commercial scene.
Reason for Failure?: Truth is, some people want Valth's technology level to go down even further. This poses a bit of a problem as I have to rewrite weapon lists and rethink my weapon upgrades. 9.9 People nowadays, I tell you.

Idea 3: Kamos Muyo! (Or, "There's Something About Kamos")
Concept: One day, Nakibe gets bored. He decides to "help" Kamos a bit with his girl problem with a little enchantment that gives him a new girl problem!...for one day, of course.
Reason for Failure?: This was a perfectly sound idea. EVERYTHING was in place, but since I didn't bother to schedule, this RP went poot before it ever got off the ground.

Idea 4: Fall of the Shattered Soldiers
Concept: A rogue Valthi splinter faction of the military, led (and manipulated) by a rakshasa assuming the form of the leader of said faction, is plotting nasty stuff against the Valthi government. All the while, entire families are disappearing
Reason for Failure?: Someone went and wiped out my folder, pretty much leaving me with 20 or so less MP3 files, the WA RP character sheet, and the stuff for the RP. Plus, I still needed to create a map. Effectively, I did a lot of hard work which I did not want to reproduce, and it was lost.

Idea 5: Distant Descendant
Concept: For Amanda's MAC RP, second iteration, I was considering creating what would be a descendant of Kamos, in a way. Plus a mecha for him.
Reason for failure?: Well, I was turned down, albeit being a veteran, and the RP died in a week or three anyway, if I remember correctly. Nama was sad.

Idea 6: Kamos killed Kage with Detpack
Concept: I was considering giving Kamos some skills involving bomb construction and use. Namely, [k]Applied Chemistry/Chemical Theory, Explosive manufacturing, and [s]Explosive use.
Reason for failure?:Eh. This is a standing idea. For some reason, I just don't see Kamos making bombs. Plus, unlike some, he doesn't exactly get the most skill points in the world, so I'd have to cut something out there.

Idea 7: Weapon Tweakage
Concept: I originally wanted Kamos to modify his own guns, making them better and stuff. Proof of this can be seen in the one point of Weapon Modification on his charsheet
Reason for Failure?:This one just never got off the ground. I didn't know how to manage the modification, but it's still there. In that one skill point...

Idea 8: Kamos the White Dragon
Concept: This was WAY back. Probably about at the time I joined RPGWW (Known as the RPGW forum back then), I had an idea of sorts for Kamos. He was to be a White Dragon, who used a staff-flail and used some nasty spells. He also originally, in human form, had a tattoo that went over half his face. In the old sprites, this was noticeable. Also, RED still insists that I keep it in the form of a half-mask for the RPGWWRPG incarnation of Kamos.
Reason for Failure?: It just died off when I came up with the Technomancer idea, which died off as well due to logical problems.

Idea 9: Kamos and the Halberd of Imanewbie Slaying
Concept: This was when Philsys initially came out, and there were no rules for guns (nor did I think guns were allowed). So there it was, the Halberd. ^.^ Not that it mattered much, since it was lost in the first PS RP he appeared in, but clubbing a skeleton with a chair was well worth it.
Reason for Failure?: Simple. Brian allowed guns, and allowed me to make gun rules (Which were extremely complex, knowing me). He simplified it. Either way, guns came to Gaera. And I don't thinik I touched that polearm skill again. (Although if I can find an IC reason for him to use one...) <p>ChibiUrusai: *chomps* I am underage. ^-^
Arch mage144: This means nothing to me. =P
T3chn0Namagomi: *motherly voice* Brian! What would Kate think if she heard you say that?!

---Dirtiness in a chat. Blame my mind for being in the gutter.

-Namagomi, who lives up to his name in this case.</p>Edited by: [url=>NamagomiMk0</A] at: 8/8/03 11:59 am

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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Fri Aug 08, 2003 2:21 pm

Speaking of which, you should get that Kamos Muyo RP up. Kumiko is waiting to torment the guy. :( <p>
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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Sun Aug 10, 2003 1:10 am

Then wait Nama... Kamos used Dynast Breath against Rico once... guess it was dropped later on after that.
to Note: (is getting tired of repeating this) Merr was kicking Ash's ass for most of that battle, Ash got it on a lucky hit, by shoving the Otranaka Blade right through a previous wound on Merr's chest (said scar can still be seen on his chest).

Thanks for bringing up Merr Nama, reminded me of some old ideas i've had for him. It's practically a huge wave of old ideas that suddenly came back to me.

Idea 2: Merr turns over a new leaf?
Concept: After seeing many of his fellow Demons fall in battle (repeatedly), Merr tries to turn over a new leaf, believing that is the better way to ensure his survival.
What Happened?: Well, this was before just about 50% of the villain population reformed in some way or another. So I decided that it would be cliche' and almost riding on someone else's idea if I did this, so Merr never joined the side of good. But I would bring up a similiar idea (in a way) in the Advent of Prometheus. Would have been funny seeing him and Ash trying to get along.

Idea 3: Merr the saint and samaritan(sp?)(alternate universe)
Concept: This was an idea for Terra's old Topsy Turvy rp idea, where Ash is a cruel warlord (much like Rao from Fist of the North Star) and Merr is a heroic type, helping the poor and sick.
What Happened?: Well I decided that, since this was WAY before we had an world to rp in (well we had one... just wasn't it's own entity yet), I was in enough rps at the time (it was like: Closing the Hit, in the middle of the Dark Future, and starting up on Vampire Slayer), so this idea died before i could put it to use. This was also an idea i had before Merr became the main villain of the first Dark Future rp.

Idea 4: Merr's Son
Concept: It is discovered that a church on the outskirts of Riva is housing the son of the Great Demon Merr. He was put there a few years back, and is being raised by this church.
What Happened?: Well this was the first idea that would later on become Advent of Prometheus. Just without the son angle.

And Finally...

Idea 5: The New Daemon
Concept: Someone has uncovered the old Daemon Maker spell, a rogue priest who was exhiled from his church (I think i was going to reuse the old name of Trellayne). He learns how to weild the spells power and creates an even more powerful demon (not making the mistakes that the previous user made) that was his to control. This would of course call out both Merr and Cathare to do battle, along anyone else willing to rp this idea, and kill off this menace. Plus Merr had to save face and pride.
What Happened?: Eh... this had crossed my mind at one point. But I found myself liking the whole "someone finds Merr's old bones" idea better. Make it more personal for Merr.

Jake Branagan:
Idea 1: Prodigal Son
Concept: It is discovered that Jake, my hardly used anymore thief, was infact the bastard son of a rich land owner living in Doma. This enrages Jake greatly, since this is the man who left his mother penniless.
What Happened?: Eh... the whole "Poor Son of a Rich Man" idea was used too much. That and I hardly use Jake anymore. <p>"Well What do you know. Alcohol does burn, and here I thought they said that just to keep flame throwers out of the hands of drunks."</p>Edited by: Ash Fanrico&nbsp; Image at: 8/10/03 1:14 am

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Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby FF Fanatic 80 » Mon Aug 11, 2003 8:27 am

RP: Wedding Day in Doma

Concept: The day of Daniel and Kyra's wedding had finally arrived, and all of Doma was invited to witness the union of the nation's unofficial "Sappiest Couple", and the insanity to follow

What went wrong: All of my characters + Half the board RPing in it + RL stuff = Burned out GM. So much had to be done that it eventually wore me down and I couldn't take it anymore. So the RP was haphazardly ended before the actual ceremony. The one failure as a GM I dislike the most, though taught me that for something this big, next time it should be planned more or co GM'ed with more people.

As for characters, there's still one or two floating around in my head that I've yet to use very often. I wouldn't exactly call them failures, but the chance/desire to use them hasn't really popped up yet.


Re: Character Ideas that never really worked out?

Unread postby Divinegon2130 » Mon Aug 11, 2003 8:21 pm

Okay, I can say most of my ideas have worked out, but here's one that I can say didn't.

Character: Ananutem Razorfist

Original concept: I had intended for Ananutem to be much more of a hardass. In essence, he'd fit the cruel image of a gang leader.

Why did it fail?: First off, the RP that Ananutem was to be used in, "The Ebony Skull", died off. Then I came up with my lizardman summoner character, Araguchi Razorfist. Things went downhill for the original plan from there.

What became of him?: Ananutem, for the two times I truly RPed him, was an impaired idiot with a parasite in his brain. I managed to incorporate this later on into an ongoing plot of mine, and Ananutem himself ended up becoming a cat known as Apollo.

There's probably more ideas than these, but I can't remember any off the top of my head.

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