Pride and Predator

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Pride and Predator

Unread postby Idran1701 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:06 am

Pride and Predator to give Jane Austen an extreme makeover

The new film from Elton John's Rocket Pictures will have the seven-foot extraterrestrial give the characters from Pride and Prejudice something more immediate to worry about than making advantageous marriages ... e-makeover ... id=13&cs=1

I don't really know what else I can add.

Edit: Thanks to Zero, I can add this: ... d-Zombies/

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pd Rydia
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Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:18 pm

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies sounds awesome.

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Yomigaeta Sushijin
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Unread postby Molokidan » Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:05 pm

If they made Pride and Predator with the intention for it to be serious, and worked really hard on it, then I think just the unintentional comedic nature of the film alone would be enough to make it a "so bad it's good" thing. But if they're going to try to make it funny intentionally, that kind of makes me want to shrink away from it. I don't really know what to think about this. The idea sounds awesome, but something is telling me to be wary.

At first when I read that I though they were going to make Jane Austen herself into a seven-foot killer alien. Now that would be awesome.
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Unread postby BrainWalker » Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:10 am

This may be a version of this classic tale that I would actually be interested in.
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