(fanfic) Ryoko's Heartthrob

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(fanfic) Ryoko's Heartthrob

Unread postby SALSAlys » Thu May 22, 2003 9:41 am

(...all right, it's been a REALLY long time since I've done this, so I think I'm out of practice... so here's something to help get me back into shape for writing. Please critique, criticize, and generally puree me. This is set in the second generation arpee, meaning 20 years ahead in the future.)

In the Jade Dragon, everyone was in their usual fine form; there was only one argument going on, which Will was arbitrating, only two people bent on world domination, and an aging con man who was trying to flirt with an unimpressed woman.

In short, nobody noticed Ryoko Devilmen. Or at least, they weren't paying attention to her.

Ryoko had what is commonly referred to as an Overprotective Daddy; the time that Argus came in to interrupt her makeout session with a teenage boy was permanently etched in the memories of all who had seen it—

Much carnage ensued.

Only thanks to Will and Dia's timely interference were they able to salvage the boy's left knee; all else was too horribly mangled.

With a father like that, though, and the hormone levels that could be expected in any teenager of Argus and Nightbride, it did put a slight crimp in Ryoko's day.

The half-succubus dragged her feet as she went to plunk herself by the bar. Her tight, barely-there denim shorts rode up her legs, more firmly defining the curve of her buttocks. The skimpy, cleavage-baring red shirt stretched itself tightly as Ryoko took a long, deep sigh before brushing back her hair. When loose, as it was now, it was long enough to reach the middle of her back, and was light brown with chunky blonde streaks in it. Her normally cheerful blue eyes were downcast, and she stared at the tabletop of the bar.

The argument was breaking up reasonably peacefully by now, one of the debaters storming out of the inn in a huff while the other cheerfully picked up the person's unfinished drink and downed it. Will glanced over, noticed Ryoko's apparent distress, and approached. Secure in his knowledge that Argus couldn't accuse him of hitting on the girl, he risked a tentative "Hey, you okay?"

Ryoko blinked. Sighed. Flopped with her elbows on the bar.

"I feel so looooonely," she sniffled. Then she appeared to hit Teen Angst/Soap Opera mode. "Daddy is really protective an' all, an' I know he loves me, but he hasta learn that a girl's gotta breathe free! I need somebody to be with! To share my life, my heart, my soul, my—!"

"You just want to get laid."

"...well, maybe that too."

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Uncle Pervy


Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Thu May 22, 2003 10:55 am

I demand at least one Cameo by Really Old Man Pervy or I lock the thread Image:"> |

Err...wait. >>

Rather: This could be very amusing. We'll need to see the next installment to see how this goes, all you really gave us here was some setting. Pervy demands stuff happening! Image



Unread postby SALSAlys » Thu May 22, 2003 2:56 pm

I'm typing from school right now, so no more additions until later... yeah, this is just basically setting it up. Introducing Ryoko, who I actually DO play in the second gen, and yeah... I'm making different cameos of different chars as I see fit.

Some of you might recognize the con man reference. =P

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Unread postby Capntastic » Thu May 22, 2003 6:46 pm

I know who the Con Man is :D!



Unread postby SALSAlys » Thu May 22, 2003 6:50 pm

I have no idea how the heck I doubleposted. O.o Oh well. But yay for BZ knowing!

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Unread postby SALSAlys » Thu May 22, 2003 6:57 pm

Ryoko took another sigh, again causing strain on her shirt. A tottering old man wearing the robes of a white mage and holding a cane ambled by. He glanced over, and commented to his cane "Bah! Teenagers, these days, Bessie!"

Will ignored him; Ryoko just didn't seem to notice.

"Really... I dunno. I think I'm lonely. I wanna be with somebody. Daddy doesn't like any of the teenage guys I tried, 'cuz he says they're just a bunch of pervs and might get me preggers an' stuff 'cuz I'm only half succubus, but still... I just wanna have somebody nice, y'know? Someone to snuggle an' cuddle an' hold an' keep my feet warm at night—"

"You don't need a boyfriend, then. You need a puppy," Will replied, sighing exasperatedly.

Ryoko appeared to consider that for a moment. Finally: "Naaaah... fur might be fun, but I'd want a furry, not just an animal."

Will took a moment to process that, wheels visibly turning in his head before he yelped "I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!" He slammed his fist against the table for emphasis, causing a glass of water to jump, take a perfectly parabolic flight, and ricochet off his chest, splashing him.

"...actually, a wet T-shirt contest might not be a bad idea," Ryoko commented thoughtfully. "Nice thought."

That took another moment for the confused Baseton to process. Will— or Willow, as s/he was often called as well— was now female, very well endowed, much shorter, and—

"JUST MY DAY TO BE WEARING A WHITE SHIRT!" Willow shrieked, trying to cover herself. Ryoko beamed at her.

"Don't worry, I'll join too!" she proclaimed jubilantly, taking another glass and dousing herself thoroughly. The already tight top became even more clingy with the water, and Willow facepalmed at Ryoko's actions, until Willow remembered that also involved uncovering her chest.

Of the two people plotting world domination, one glanced at the two and keeled over, dying soon from excessive blood loss due to nose bleeding. Of course, nobody really cares about the people planning world domination, as they generally don't have very nice plans for the rest of the world. His co-conspirator looked at the corpse, made a face, and proceeded to drag it outside.

Ryoko happened to be glancing in the direction of the door just in time to see the plotters leave, and then a man walk in. Her eyes flicked to his face, and then her world exploded.

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Unread postby pd Rydia » Thu May 22, 2003 7:06 pm

Interesting. o.o Good to see you writing again. ^_^ <p>
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Re: (fanfic) Ryoko's Heartthrob

Unread postby ArgusDevilmen » Thu May 22, 2003 9:53 pm

XD Very well portrayed Lys very well indeed. This reminds me much of Tenchi Muyo! Image ! Keep up der comedy! <p><div style="text-align:center">


Re: (fanfic) Ryoko's Heartthrob

Unread postby SALSAlys » Fri May 23, 2003 9:41 am

The usual adjective and descriptions of 'love at first sight' tend to be very much alike— a chorus of angels, beautiful music, perhaps a certain radiance surrounding the other person, a tingling euphoria, a sudden yearning in the heart—

Ryoko's angels were singing so loudly in her ears it was a wonder she wasn't deaf, and the man was glowing brightly enough to use as a lamp.

She had long ago memorized all such lines from her horde of romance novels, and found that the novels were inadequate depictions of reality.

How can they even come close to describing him? she thought giddily. He's... he's so HANDSOME. An' strong an' dignified an'— The fact that she had thought she felt this way about a half dozen times before didn't faze her at all.

The object of her adoration was approximately two inches shy of six feet, almost a half foot taller than she was, with messy black hair sprinkled with white, and a small amount of stubble on his chin. Ryoko decided it lent a certain 'spice' to his appearance, and resisted making a mrring sound. He wore dark mirrored shades, and a black trenchcoat. Strapped to his back was an immense shotgun, and two smaller firearms were at his belt. Currently, he had an eyebrow raised at Willow.

"Will, you're just calling attention to yourself, you know," he commented, walking over to the table, picking up a bottle of sake along the way. Ryoko immediately hopped up, pulling out a chair for him and nearly stumbling over how quickly she did it.

"Thanks," the man said, taking a seat. Ryoko's cheeks turned pink, and she gave a chirping "You're welcome!"

Diverting his attention to Willow again, the man commented "You really ought to s tart carrying around an extra shirt or something, or get hot water. This seems to happen a lot."

"But it's inconvenient!"

Sighing, the man ordered a pot of hot water, then tossed it over Will.

"DAMMIT! The water had to be WARM, not SCALDING, Jaeko!"

That was when her heartthrob's name became etched in Ryoko's memory.

"Hey, whatever gets the job done," Jaeko said with a smirk. "So who's the kid?"

Rather than momentary indignation at being called a kid, Ryoko's tongue went into overdrive, nearly tangling itself as she burst "I'mRyokoDevilmenreallynicetomeetyou!"

"Yeah... Ryoko Devilmen," Will said, slightly grouchy as he waved steam away his red skin. "Argus and Nightbride's girl."

"...Nightbride?" Jaeko's face hardened. "That damn succubus..."

Ryoko wilted, although his anger wasn't directed at her. In a barely audible mumble, she asked 'Why don't you like her...?"

"She's always interfering, dammit!"

"...what did she do?"

"Dropped me into a friend's shower once!"

"Oddly enough, I think the only male she didn't drop in there was Karin's eventual fiancee," Will mused thoughtfully, then he glanced to the door. "Well, gotta go. Jenna's expecting me."

"Ball and chain, huh? Lucky I don't have it. Scram, then."

"Bye Will!" Ryoko beamed, gleefully anticipating some time alone with Jaeko.

"Bye." Then Will lowered his voice, whispering sternly into Ryoko's ear. "I saw your eyes. Jaeko's over twice as old as you are. He's old enough to be your FATHER. In other words, keep your hands to yourself. Oh, and get a new shirt. You're still soaked." Before Ryoko could respond, he left.

Of course, his words did nothing except trigger the Teen Rebellion portion of Ryoko's mind.

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Re: (fanfic) Ryoko's Heartthrob

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri May 23, 2003 1:56 pm

- "Puppy-eyed Ryoko thought it lent a certain 'spice' to his appearance." -- Puppy-eyed kinda seems to interrupt the flow there
- ""DAMMIT! The water had to be WARM, not SCALDING, Jaeko!" That was when her heartthrob's name became etched in Ryoko's memory." -- Har har! :D What a way.

In other news: Bwee. Also: continue. :D <p>
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Unread postby SALSAlys » Fri May 23, 2003 2:33 pm

Yeah... I'll edit it again later, maybe add another section. It's been a really long time since I wrote, and this is a different style of writing from my other ones too.



Unread postby RagingLeprechuan » Fri May 23, 2003 7:04 pm

I really like yer writing, its quite detailed and indepth. And you mentioned something about other writings, like'd like to read some of them if its alright with you. I think I'd find them very enjoyable. Keep up the good writing!!!

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Re: Hey

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri May 23, 2003 7:54 pm

You can find her other stories by browsing the pages of this forum. Unfortunately, she's never submitted any stories to the website. :{ <p>
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Re: Hey

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Fri May 23, 2003 9:55 pm

I will note that Jaeko is 41 years old when this story takes place, as Ryoko is in her mid to late teens. Hell, its not even yet!

Great work, Lys! Please, continue! :D <p>Cat lovers everywhere....Must stop them from stealing the Precious...Explosions...EXPLOSIONS!!!</p>


Re: Hey

Unread postby SALSAlys » Mon May 26, 2003 6:13 pm

"So... um... you don't have a girlfriend, right?"

"Nuh-uh." The response was curt, and Ryoko wilted slightly.

"...do you ever wish you had one?"

"...maybe sometimes." He shrugged slightly. "I'm getting older. And it seems like I'm the only one around here who @#$%ing ages sometimes. Everybody else is part dragon, demon, elf, even @#$^ing deity or knows somebody who can make them stay young... hell, the only friend of mine who ages is Akina, and he only does it half the time."

"...was Karin somebody you liked?" Ryoko asked, remembering the earlier comment about showers. Her brain was almost visibly whirring, beginning to concoct soap opera-esque situations.

Jaeko seemed to accept the sudden change in subject easily. "Hell, easier to say who didn't have the hots for her." Smirking slightly, he hefted his bottle of sake, then took a sip before continuing, "I swear, she had about a dozen guys panting after her..."

"Really?" Ryoko's eyes were wide.

"..well, seemed like it. Tolaris, who I feel kinda sorry for, since he was in love with her... Akina too, couldn't speak for a month after she got married... or at least his adult form couldn't. And that's not including the random idiots who hit on her." His tone changed slightly, musing. "Maybe I was interested, but she only really had eyes for Eskei. Head over heels for him."

"Oh." She latched onto that information eagerly, then tried to think of more questions she could ask. "Is there anyone you're interested in now?"

"Not really."

"...would you like one?"

Giving Ryoko an odd look, Jaeko shrugged. "Nah. I'm too old." He snorted. "I've even got a daughter. Jaeko Messiah Williams, family man. Who'd think it?"

"You were married before?"

"Nah, just adopted the girl. Name's Sonya... nice kid."

"How old is she?"

"Twelve. Hey, here she comes now."

Jaeko's gesture towards the door brought Ryoko's attention to a small girl who was barely four feet in height, if that. Her hair was tied into two small braids, and she wore orange sweatpants and a red shirt. A pair of thin glasses were perched on her nose, and large headphones covered her ears.

"Jaeko!" she called. Surprisingly, her voice sounded older, more like a mature woman's, with a smoother quality than one would expect from such a small girl." "Who's that?" she asked, pointing to Ryoko.

"I'm Ryoko Devilmen," the half succubus said quickly, beaming brightly at Sonya. The younger girl gave her a disapproving glance, and Ryoko belatedly realized that wearing wet jailbait clothing probably wasn't the best way to impress the daughter of the man she wanted.

"Oh?" Icicles dripped from Sonya's voice, which now resembled Ryoko's.

"..how'dja do that?" she asked, shrinking away slightly.

"Sound magic," supplied Jaeko. "She hears any voice, she can repeat it. She's deaf, though. The headphones help her hear, see?"

"Uh-huh. Dad, we gotta go. Uncle Griff's waiting for us, remember?" Sonya's voice had changed again, now using Jaeko's own.

"Right, right... almost forgot. Sonya, mind changing voices? It's damn freaky hearing myself talking like that."

"Um... bye! Hope to see you later!" Ryoko waved at the two as they left. Jaeko responded with a slight wave as well, while Sonya ignored her.

Ryoko sighed, and poked at the top of the bar, thinking.

Well, hafta go look for Erin, then... maybe she can help. And of course, she'd LOVE hearing the gossip about her mom... Feeling slightly better now that she had a plan of action, the teenager bounced out of the inn.

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Re: Hey

Unread postby pd Rydia » Mon May 26, 2003 6:23 pm

- "I sweat, she had about" -- I assume you meant 'swear'

Anyhow. Do continue. =D <p>
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Re: Hey

Unread postby SALSAlys » Mon May 26, 2003 10:38 pm

'Kay, fixed the typo...

Incidentally, also working on collecting Kali's backstory and the chatfic, so I can submit to the site. ^_^;;


Re: Hey

Unread postby SALSAlys » Wed May 28, 2003 12:02 am

"Hey, Erin!" called Ryoko, eagerly bouncing over to her teenage friend int he park.

Cool silver eyes glanced over the edge of dark glasses at Ryoko. Two long strands of dark hair were tucked behind Erin's ears, while the rest of her hair was cut short, barely grazing her shoulders. She wore a long black trenchcoat, despite the warm sunshine.

"Nice to see you too, Ryoko," she replied guardedly. Ryoko in a good mood usually signalled an attempt to rattle her sanity.

Ryoko sprawled her legs over the back of the bench Erin was sitting on, hair fanned out on the grass at the base of the bench by Erin's feet. "Guess what I heard about your mom!"

Erin's posture immediately straightened. "What?"

"Y'know that friend of hers that always hangs around?"

"Uncle Tolaris?"

"Yeah! Didja know he had a really hot thing with Karin before she met your dad and—"

"MY MOTHER NEVER!" hollered Erin, reaching for Ryoko.

The half-succubus did a backwards somersault off the bench, barely evading the shorter girl's fury. "True! I swear by Ishtar! He was in love with her! Still is, even! So naturally, when Karin met Eskei an' fell in love at first sight, Tolaris loved her so much that he wanted her to be happy an' sacrificed his own happiness so they could be together—! Well, y'know I mean your parents when I said 'they', 'kay?"

Erin stood to her full height, all five feet, one inch of feminine vengeance. "Tolaris and my mother never did that, or why the hell would he still be hanging around?!"

"'Cuz he loves her so much! Your mom was a real heartbreaker when she was younger! Not that she looks older now, but—" Ryoko gave a slight shrug, eyes sparkling as her mind concocted further flights of fancy based from the scanty information Jaeko had given her.

"Who the @#$% did you hear that from?!"

"'Nother of her admirers!" Ryoko gave a dreamy sigh. "Name's Jaeko Messiah Williams." The tone of her voice was one that devout priests used for holy ceremonies. "An' he's sooo handsome, an' sweet, an'—"

"—wait a minute. If he's as old as Tolaris, he's... OLD!" Erin gave Ryoko a suspicious glare.

"Nooo! Just more— 'experienced'." Ryoko made a delicate purring sound, eyes closing happily. Erin gagged.

"You're crazy!"

"No! Y'see, he had no other girlfriend! When Karin married Eskei, it just broke him, an' now—" Ryoko's voice was rising jubilantly, trumpeting her sincerity to the world. "—I gotta heal his lonely heart!"

The ducks in Doma pond glanced over at the outburst, then went back to plotting webfooted evil, quacking in disapproval.

"...you've been reading too many bad romance novels."

"Nooo! Erin, y'gotta help me! I don't think his kid really likes my image! Y'gotta help me change! I gotta look more respectable 'n stuff!" True enough, Ryoko's skimpy clothing didn't conjure the word 'respectable' to mind, except maybe when referring to a lady of negotiable affection. At least the sun had dried them from sopping wet to merely damp.

Erin resisted a snicker, and thought. While she often had to provide the voice of sanity for her friend, this time she was in a slight quandary. She knew Ryoko loved to exaggerate and dramatize, but a niggling suspicion lurked. In order to get this 'Jaeko' away from her mother... the girl's lips curled slightly. "Be glad to."

Ryoko promptly glomped her, and uttered a battlecry which wrought fear in the heart of every parent's checkbook since time immemorial—


(MANY THANKS TO SHINI for pointing out a rather significant typo.)

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Re: Hey

Unread postby pd Rydia » Wed May 28, 2003 5:34 pm

Bwee! ^_^ I approve. Keep going. <p>
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Re: Hey

Unread postby CronoLuminaire » Fri Jun 06, 2003 8:26 pm

OMG Erin!

<span style="color:gray;">You better portray me accurately e.e</span>

Ehheheh... ^_^;;; I think she did an ok job...

I should post more...<div style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:xx-small;">Kyle: *sips Cocoa*
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Eve: ::Sips Cocoa::
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Re: Hey

Unread postby SALSAlys » Wed Jun 11, 2003 11:23 pm

The proprietor of the shop, Moonblade, was a succubus, exuding the kind of casual, thoughtless aura of sex appeal that Ryoko would someday grow to have. Her hair was flaming crimson, caught up high in a ponytail, and her eyes were the warm, sweet red of freshly-cracked pomegranate. Completely clad in black leather, her outfit consisted of a one-piece version of a swimsuit, knee-high boots, and short gloves, with a skirt so short it was almost a belt.

Erin gave her a fish-eyed look behind her shades.

Ryoko nudged Erin. "Don't worry. Daddy's got credit here, and Moonblade can keep mum about this... just get the pay without Daddy-dear being any wiser." She giggled slightly, waved at Moonblade, then began a beeline for the side room.

One look at the mannequin on display made Erin blanch, grabbing Ryoko's arm.


"But what if we wanna—"

"If all you wanted was a roll in the sack, why the @#$% are you caring about what his daughter thinks?"

"...adopted daughter...." After a subdued mumbled, Ryoko glanced up from her feet. "...you're right."

"Of course I am. Now, start shopping."

* * *

Ryoko pranced out of the changing room, wearing a dark, midnight blue dress with an elegantly simple, flowing skirt, which was of such supple fabric and sheen that it seemed to puddle about her feet in a pool of divine radiance. Minute sequins winked at the bust, evoking a celestial scene. The trailing sleeves were similarly decorated, and Ryoko gave a slight twirl, creating almost a halo effect about her.

Erin shook her head. "Too fancy."

* * *

The half succubus strutted out again, with a cocky attitude and dressed to kill... almost literally, it seemed.

Slick, shining black pants clung to the length of her legs like a second skin. A scarlet shirt with a blazing skull across the chest topped it, and a spiked collar completed the ensemble. Ryoko's fangs didn't seem one whit out of place as she grinned at Erin.

The shorter girl gagged. "What the HELL are you trying to look like? A PMSing dragonhalf wannabe?"

* * *

One elegant foot wearing black pumps left the dressing room first, naturally leading the eye to skim up a generous expanse of leg before seeing a small black miniskirt, then further upwards towards the pink sweater, which stretched over Ryoko's bust, emphasizing it slightly without drawing too much attention to it. Ryoko looked at Erin pleadingly.

"Is THIS all right?"

Erin was bored already. In the time it had taken Ryoko to pick three outfits, she calculated, she could have already downed ten bottles of sake and had half her clothes off while dancing on the table. Not that she had ever DONE such a thing, but...

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Looks great, Ryoko."

The Devilmen girl was nearly incandescent with joy. "WHOO!"


Re: Hey

Unread postby SALSAlys » Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:14 pm

(Been a long time since I did this... bah. Some of you probably hoped it was dead. =P ...and probably not a good idea to write this while my sister is blasting Britney Spears' "Boys" in her room. >.<;; This wasn't intended to be terribly complicated, and is already about half done... the total fanfic thing, I mean.)

Ryoko thereafter found herself always trying to attend the Jade Dragon as often as possible, in the hopes of finding Jaeko again. By now, her infatuation with the older man was starting to attract the notice of many people... Pure, her adopted sister—

"EW! Sis, he's ICKY! He's like a pedophile or something! He's older than DAD!"


— Ryoji, her brother—

"You know Dad's gonna find out, right?"

"You tell him, and I'll tell all the girls about how in the shower you—"


— even Aria, Will's daughter.

"Look, you can get most guys just because they're lusting after you. GET A GRIP. Chase one of THEM instead of the old guy."

And of course, this couldn't escape the attention of her loving parents either.

Argus took her aside in a fatherly manner, surprisingly calm as he put an arm around Ryoko's shoulders. She looked up pleadingly.

"Daddy.... you're not gonna be mad, are you?"

"I love and support you, even if I disapprove of your choice. However, there are some rules." His voice continued in the same tone. "You will not have sex until you are of legal age. And before you go out with him, you must tell me." He smiled down at her, and Ryoko began smiling tentatively as well.


Nightbride chose that moment to pop up, thankfully for Ryoko's sanity.

"Argus... calm down a bit, y'know? Y'gotta keep some perspective. Yer scarin' 'er." From there, the succubus dragged her husband towards their room, and Ryoko took the opportunity to escape before she could hear the faint cracking of whips and the creak of bedsprings.

If Ryoko thought her mother wasn't going to comment, though, she was mistaken. A few hours later, the blonde woman dragged aside her daughter.

"Y'know yer dad's kinda protective 'f y', so... well, dun' do 'nything. But—" Nightbride winked. "Coupla things that make y'feel good that 're NOT straight sex." She pressed something into the teenager's hands, then drifted back to her room serenely.

Ryoko looked down.

Her mother had given her a package of flavored condoms. And handcuffs.


Re: Hey

Unread postby ArgusDevilmen » Fri Jul 04, 2003 9:02 pm

Image Awesome addition. Was beggining to think you stopped doing this. <p><div style="text-align:center">

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Re: Hey

Unread postby NebulaQueen » Sat Jul 05, 2003 10:24 pm

"Y'know yer dad's kinda protective 'f y', so... well, dun' do 'nything. But—" Nightbride winked. "Coupla things that make y'feel good that 're NOT straight sex." She pressed something into the teenager's hands, then drifted back to her room serenely.

Ryoko looked down.

Her mother had given her a package of flavored condoms. And handcuffs.

You have no idea how loudly I laughed at that. ^_^

*ahem* Anyways, wonderful story. It's one of the funniest things I've read in ages. Keep up the good work. <p>

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Re: Hey

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Lys is talented...yes indeed.

Well done!

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Re: Hey

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Well well, do carry on now. <p>
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Re: Hey

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Just read all of this, and I like it!

Keep up the good work!

Another crazy conversation between me and Jak
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'Kay, getting more FICTIONAL.

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(Alright, some people may want to chomp me for how their chars are shown now. Because this is showing where my 'artistic license' for the fic is going wild and probably unhealthily so. Although Tolaris' death scene DID happen. Just not like this. And I think I'll edit and redo this later. I don't like some of my descriptions.)

It was a week before Ryoko was able to see Jaeko again, due to the Barian's duties with defending Miranda Amanziani, and the half-succubus looked forward to it eagerly. When she was able to meet him again, she promptly glomped him, clinging to his arm like a lost puppy while they walked through the Doman streets.

"Wanna go anywhere tonight?" Ryoko asked, attempting to press his fingers against her chest.

Jaeko gently disentangled his fingers, so that Ryoko was still clinging to his arm but unable to force a grope. "Sure. Sonya's in Barius for a few days anyway, for schooling, so I'm free."

"Where d'y'wanna go? I mean, we c'n go dancin', or eat someplace, 'r..." Her voice dropped, and she snuggled his arm more closely. "...wanna go to your place?" Her cheeks were slightly pink. "I mean, if y'wanna... y'know..."

'Cuz Momma's RIGHT. Lotsa fun things t'do besides sex...

Of course, Jaeko completely missed the undertones to her statement. "Why not?"

"Ooh... thank you!"

Again, Jaeko had to spend a few minute disentangling himself from an overly clingy half succubus. In mid-disentanglement, though, they could hear a gunshot, and Jaeko abruptly stiffened, although Ryoko still hung onto his neck. His body was taut, and he was tensed. When the second shot rang, he was running, and Ryoko was forced to release his neck anyway or be flopped about like limp rag, and was running beside him, starting to fall behind as he accelerated towards the sound of firing.

"JAEKO! Wha' izzit?!"

"I don't know, but it's bad news! Look, get yourself to safety—" His words stopped abruptly, and Ryoko nearly slammed into him before she too was able to take in the scene.

There was a man wearing a green shirt, and holding a bloody spear in one hand, his other hand holding a red beret with a long blue cape attached to it. His build was more lithe than muscular, although not to an extreme, and his face seemed slightly cold.

In front of him, there was a figure crumpled on the ground on his back— it took a moment for Ryoko to recognize Tolaris without his beret. For one thing, she never knew he had a bald spot. And usually, he wasn't bleeding profusely.

His brown hair was flopped about his head limply, and his purple shirt was stained much darker by the blood. Crouched over him protectively was Karin. Though the same age as Tolaris, as well as the biological mother of two children, she looked the same as she had twenty years ago, except for her hair being longer— the dark braid coiled on the ground in an almost serpentine fashion, spilling itself into the pool of blood. Not that Karin seemed to care.

Even with her shades on, her expression was easily readable. Not complex at all, it was pure, venomonous hatred, all directed at the man with the green shirt. A smoking pistol was in her hands, arms outstretched and locked.

"...I have what I need. I don't think I shall be troubling you any longer," spoke the man in green, before teleporting out.

Karin ripped off her glasses, glaring at where he was before flinging them to the ground, also dropping her pistol.

"Tolaris? Tolaris? ....c'mon, talk to me... please..."

Ryoko had been taking small steps forward, trying to mince her way up close to see if she could help, but something about the pure need in Karin's voice troubled her, and she instinctively felt that this was something that the woman should be left alone for.



Their voices dropped, and Ryoko didn't bother to try listening in. Part of her was realizing that the reason that this felt so awkward hearing was that Karin had never talked to anybody with that tone of voice, for as long as she could remember.

...I'm glad Erin isn't here....

The stray thought perturbed her, even though it felt right, until Ryoko realized her rationale.

Seein' her mom like that would make her feel... kinda shaken. 'Specially since Karin sounds like she NEEDS Tolaris...

It wasn't until Karin's voice was rising higher, almost strident, that Ryoko realized Tolaris hadn't been answering for a while.

"Tolaris... TOLARIS! You can't die on me! I'll KILL you if you do!" The voice was thick, almost choking, and then a loud sob reached Ryoko. The succubus peeked over in time to see Karin's head bobbing down briefly to Tolaris' face, before Karin's back straightened, and her shoulders began heaving.

Jaeko too was silent, seeming unable to deal with this, and Ryoko took a reluctant step forward.


And Will was there. Ryoko had no idea where he came from; she had been too focussed on Karin, and Will's face was set in an implacable mask of anger, although it seemed to be more from frustration than rage.

"Took you this long to figure it out.... so where's Eskei NOW? Where is your divine boytoy? I don't see HIM here helping with Tolaris... strange, isn't it, how your husband probably could have EASILY saved him, but never showed up, no matter WHAT 'psychic bond' you two have—?"

Karin's raw emotions had been churning until that point, looking for some sort of release. With Will's outburst, she finally had a target to channel them at.

"WILL! SHUT THE @#$% UP!" Then Karin was springing to her feet, lashing out at Will and then tackling him, beating the ryuujin to the ground and then sitting astride his chest, fists seeming to have only one purpose— smashing his face to a bloody pulp.

Jaeko ran forward. "KARIN! STOP IT!"

"So you want some of this too, Williams?! I've got PLENTY to go around!" Her furious attacks redirected themself at Jaeko, and Ryoko took advantage of Karin's distraction to look at Tolaris' corpse, trying to ignore the queasiness in her stomach as she mentally hazed over the blood, concentrating on his face.

Odd, really. That a dead man's face should look so... content.

And wet.

Curiously, although feeling that she might regret it, she touched a finger to his cheek, then licked it.


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Props Galore!

Unread postby RagingLeprehcuan » Tue Jul 22, 2003 4:43 pm

Dia Duit! Lys!

I have to say that your writing is quite astonishing. Your story really seems to captivate me, which is quite a feat considering my horrible attention spand in all. I especially like how you spaced things out. It makes things easier to read as well as making it more physically appealing.

And I don't thing you should listen to all those people complaining about their characters, even tho it does get annoying when they're portrayed wrong or used in an unlikely fashion. It's not like it's set in stone, it's just a display of creativity showing an alternative outcome, given the circumstances.

Well in anycase, I look forward to your beautifully tailored stories and I do hope you continue the saga.

P.S. Dia Duit is Gaelic for God greet you! Just in case you didn't know = )


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