BW's unnecessarily huge character sheet list.

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BW's unnecessarily huge character sheet list.

Unread postby BrainWalker » Sat Dec 06, 2003 12:28 pm

Well, I've decided that this first post here is just going to be filler, and each subsequent post will be for a new character, and titled accordingly. So there. <p><div style="text-align:center">Image</div></p>

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Re: Caesar Rivenson

Unread postby BrainWalker » Sat Dec 06, 2003 4:37 pm

Quick Stats:
Lvl 2 - 72 HP, 99 MP, 30 TP


<font size="-2">Race: Human
Age: 20
Height: 6'1
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, curly

Caesar, unlike virtually every other Gaeran adventurer, hails from Prandia, the "hidden" continent. He lived most of his life there, such as it was, and has only ventured from it in the past couple years. Specifically, he hails from Nissae, capitol of the country of Vardie. Vardia is known primarily as the home of the Academy of Light, Prandia's premier institute for the training of those adept in the magical arts, and as such, is ripe with talented magicians. Caesar is the child of two such magicians.

Caesar's early life was happy and simple, and filled with love. His parents were both faithful, and musically talented as well, and often sang him lullabyes, gospel songs, and even songs just for the heck of it. All was good and warm and fuzzy and whatnot. However, even as young child, he displayed a talent for magic impressive even among Vardian standards. These talents eventually caught the eye of a certain malevolent government official behind a certain malevolent government project. The Artemis project was started by the Vardian government as a means of researching magical aptitude and developing methods to increase it. Since it's inception, however, the project has grown into a far more sinister beast. On his eighth birthday, three months after his sister Grace was born, Casar was abducted from his bed by assassins in the employ of the Artemis project. For a while, his abilities were merely tested, but after the first year and a half, he was subjected to Hellish experiments and his abilities were constantly pushed to the absolute max. For four years he endured this torment, before finally decided that attempting escape was worth the risk, lest he lose his saniy.

Six weeks, and one well-constructed plan later, Caesar was back in the loving embrace of his family, and finally got a chance to really know his little sister. In an effort to evade potential persuers, Caesar adopted a pseudonym and lived with friends of the family, rather than going back to live with his parents, which was likely the first place Artemis lackeys would look. Caesar tried, often in vain, to put the nighmarish experience of the Artemis project far from his mind, and attempted to live in peace. For two and a half years this arrangement worked out fine. Then, one fateful Autumn morning, Caesar's surrogate mother woke him and handed him a letter sealed in wax with a captail A crossed by an arrow of lightning; the symbol of the Artemis project. Inside the letter was a simple note that read:

"You never call, you never write, but we've still got a soft spot for you. We're cooking up a little something for you. Hope you enjoy it.
'A price must be paid for disobedience' - Vinzer Mordenheim, project head"

Not five minutes after he read the letter, an explosion rocked the neighborhood. To Caesar's horror, but not to his surprise, his family's house had been half incinerated, and the other half was quickly burning to the ground. Devastated, and unable to do much else, young Caesar sunk into deep, angry depression lasting for days. This depression was further fuled by the inability of the "rescue" squad to salvage much more than the charred remains of his parents, the unwillingness of the law enforcement to do anything about the situation, and his surrogate family's feeble attempts to soothe his spirits. A few days later, Caesar was contacted by a member of a small Artemis-resistance faction composed of former Artemis "subjects". A couple were familiar, however they had all heard of him. To make a long story short, although their mission failed, Caesar lived up to his reputation and proved to be the backbone of the offensive part of the mission. Although the mission cost the reistance a couple members and was overwhelmed, the decision to retreat still left a bitter taste in Caesar's mouth.

The next day, the local authorities stormed the resistance's hideout, under government order, demanding that the resistance turn themselves in for damage to federal property. Still bitter about the failure of their mission, and furious that the so-called "law enforcement" that wouldn't lift a finger to help his family would dare to apprehend him now, Caesar became the voice of opposition. After a war of words, and a crowd gathering, one of the enforcing archers made the first move, killing the leader of the resistance. That was the last straw. Caesar's immeasurable rage and sorrow built up inside him and took over. Within minutes, the entire opposing force was annihilated. In his "altered" state, Caesar approached the crowd expecting to be exhalted, but was instead met with fear and loathing. He almost launched into an unthinkable massacre, but one small, teary-eyed girl emerged, and walked right past him, to one of the fallen soldiers. It was her father. The girl's tears melted Caesar's rage, but compounded upon his sorrow. Finding no solace in his present company, he made haste towards a place he had ofen found comfort and solitude as a child, a large tree on a hill on the outskirts of Nissae. It was here that he cried himself to sleep, and the next day, vowed upon the spirits of his family to never kill anyone ever again, and decided to leave not only Nissae, but eventually, all of Prandia as well.

That night, Caesar snuck into his surrogate family's house to gather his essentials. However, his rummaging woke up surrogate mother. She understood his need to leave, and helped him gather his things, and also gave him his two most precious posessions; his father's sword, and his mother's guitar, both of which had been left in her care before their deaths due to Caesar's old home's lack of ample storage. With his necessities in tow, and with a teary goodbye, Caesar set off to his solitary tree, where he spent the night, and in the morning, formed a makeshift gravesite for his parents (which he embellishes upon later). Thus began his journey.

Personally, Caesar is quite a mixed bag. He seems rather lighthearted and facetious most of the time, but he's actually fiercely serious about his commitment to those he considers his friends, and to helping people. He attempts to put on a happy face, not only to avoid his inner turmoil and to avoid being a downer, but also because it's a lot more fun than being depressed and angsty all the time. You don't want to mess with him, though. He may be averse to killing people, but he certainly doesn't have a problem with causing bodily harm. He's also a mildly faithful person, and a moderately talented musician. In quieter moments, Caesar often pulls out his guitar and sings a little song to pass the time. For comparison, Caesar is kind of like a mixture of Vash the Stampede, and Nicholas D. Wolfwood, only with Magic.</font>

<table cellPadding=5><tr><td valign="top"><font size="-1">--Basics--

Name:Caesar Rivenson
Age: 20
Race: Human
Level: 2
XP: 0
Max HP: 72
Max MP: 99
Max TP: 30
Initiative: 4+2d6</font></td><td valign="top"><font size="-1">--Attributes--

Courage: +3
Wisdom: +3
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +2
Agility: +1
Dexerty: +2
Strength: +1
Stamina: +2
Magic: 6</font></td><tr></table>
Base AT/PA - 8/8
Modified for skill - 10/10
Modified for armor - 11/11
Body=Gold-trimmed long black coat (AC 3, reduces damage from magic by 2)
Misc=Hand of Ulyaoth (Glove; May provide a +5 damage bonus to all spells for 1d4 rounds, but only 2 times/day)

Weapon Damage - Azure Edge (Wakazashi, 9/13/16, -1/-1)
Thrusting - 10+1d6
Swinging - 15+2d4
Chopping - 19+2d6

Weapon Damage - VWR-SZ-MI29 (rifle)
Damage - 20+1d8
Accuracy - 13 (ammunition .29 bullets)


Weapon (wakazashi) - 5 <Cou/Dex/Str>
Weapon (rifle) - 1 <Cou/Dex/Dex>
Astral Magic - 4 <Mag/Int/Wis>
Spatial Magic - 6 <Mag/Int/Wis>
Musial Instrument (Guitar) - 2 <Cha/Dex/Dex>
Psychokinesis - 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Singing - 2 <Cha/Cha/Dex>
Teleportation - 6 <Int/Wis/Mag>
[k]Cooking - 2 <Wis>
[k]Navigation - 2 <Wis>
[k]Spatial/Dimensional Theory - 3 <Wis>
[k]Spell Foci - 2 <Wis>
[s]Astral/Spatial Sensitivity - 3 <Int/Wis/Mag>
[s]Centering - 2 <Mag/Wis>
[s]Magic Resistance - 2 <Cou/Int/Mag>
[s]Musical Talent - 2 <Cha/Cha/Dex>

--Spells/Techs--<UL><LI>[Space=2] Dancing Blade (2 TP) - Caesar mentally unsheaths his wakazashi and strikes the opponent once. Treat this as any physical attack and replace STR with Mag Apt+Level/2 (rounded down). <LI>[Astral=3, Space=3]Shadow Dancing Blade (5 TP) - Caesar sends his wakazashi twoards his foe, which appears to disappear before impact. Then the sword proceeds to "dance" into and out of the current dimention, slicing the opponent three times in the process. Replace STR with Mag Apt+Level/2 (rounded down) for purposes of calculating damage.<LI>[Astral=4]Absorb (6 TP) - If used before any form of energy attack is used, if hit, rather than taking damage, Caesar absorbs the energy (assuming the damage that would have been dealt isn't too massive, of course) and can then convert ¼ of it into either HP or MP. Think "Runic" or "PK Magnet."<LI>[Space=4, Teleportation=4] Portable Hole (10MP) Caesar creates a temporary dimentional portal on the ground below (or slightly before, for a moving target) his opponent, and assuming they fall in, they are transported to a location within 10 feet vertically or 30 feet horizontally from the caster. Falling targets take applicable fall damage.<LI>[Astral=1]Astral Jolt (10 MP) - Deals 12+rank*2+1d6 damage to a single target.<LI>[Astral=4]Astral Jolt 2 (16 MP) - Deals 16+rank*4+2d6 damage to a single target.
<LI>[Astral=4]Astral Throw (10 MP) - This ability allows the caster to forcefully move people and enchanted objects (anything with an aura), flinging them or levitating them. No more than 20*rank pounds of mass may be moved in this manner at once (the average humanoid, with gear, weighs roughly 160 pounds). Being thrown laterally deals 1/2 falling damage if the target collides with an object.<LI>[Astral=6, Spacial=6]Reflection Field (20 MP) - Creates a personal shield around a target that reflects any magical spells or effects back at their caster. This applies to special monster abilities and any sort of energy attack as well, and it lasts for 1d6 rounds. <LI>[Space=2]Gravity Well (7 MP) - Creates a gravity well over a 4-hex radius. Anyone within the well must succeed in a strength check vs. the casting power in order to resist the effects. Those who fail to resist receive a –3/-3 penalty to AT/PA, and movement is cut in half. Flying creatures who fail to save are grounded by this spell.<LI>[Space=4]Hold (10MP) - Freezes target, making them unable to move or speak for 1d4 rounds.<LI>[Space=4]Aquatic Motion (11 MP) - This spell displaces water molecules around the target, allowing them to move freely in water, as if it was not there. Note that buoyancy is completely eliminated for one who has received this spell. This makes it possible to cause aquatic creatures to sink, or to prevent someone from being able to swim.<LI>[Space=6] Velocity Dampener (16 MP) - Decreases velocity, thus halving the accuracy and damage of all projectile weapons within the area of effect (3 hex radius).<LI>[Psychokinesis=2]Empathic Shield (6MP) - Target receives a rank+2 bonus against all mind affecting spells/psionics (Berserk, Pacification, etc) for rank hours.<LI>[Psychokinesis=4]Kinetic Shield (10 MP) - Boosts damage reduction, adding 3*rank AC to any target for 1d6 rounds.<LI>[Psychokinesis=4]Telekinesis (16 MP) - By focusing on an object or area, the Psionicist can lift up to rank*20 pounds of weight, forcing the amount of matter to move as he chooses. The average human, decked out with equipment, weights 160 lbs. If the target is forcefully thrown into a wall, the damage dealt is half falling damage. This skill can also be used to attack with tele-kinetic "punches"--for these, calculate punching damage as though the user's strength were their Psychokinesis rank.

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