Prospective freestyle character

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Prospective freestyle character

Unread postby EC » Mon Nov 24, 2003 3:27 am


My screen name's EC -- as you can plainly see -- and I accidentally introduced this idea for a freestyle character on the new player board yesterday ... Well, I'm re-posting it here right now and would like your feedback. In time, I hope to develop it into a philsy-style character:

Name: Parth
RPer: EC
Race: gre'par'thian (marsupial human)
Age: 16
Height: 5ft.3
Eye color: dark blue
Hair color: black

Parth was born, or more appropriately, hatched under less-than-ideal circumstances. Apparently abandoned by the mother that produced her egg, she was initially found by a farmer wandering in the forest. She was rather fortunate the easy-going, simple-minded man didn't decide to break open the egg and fry it for breakfast there and then ...

The farmer was curious enough to hatch the egg to see what would come out. Suffice it to say, he was surprised at the result, and not pleasantly so. Nevertheless, he was a kind man, though strict, without any close relatives; he decided to raise the girl he found inside.

For about twelve years, Parth worked the farm alongside her "father", growing silent as her guardian was silent, content as he was content to work the land and live from day to day. Until the day he died.

Alone for the first time in her life, Parth tried to carry on as of old -- after burying her guardian's body, of course. But her inner peace was shattered, and this had its consequences.

When she was most dejected at her seemingly destined fate of solitude, she would feel a rising in herself, a surge of an almost unbearable ... something. Company would invariably turn up, mostly innocent woodland creatures which left when she had regained her composure.

When she was filled with rage or fear, she would have the feeling that the shadows of her crude dwelling crept up on her, concealing her in their black embrace. At other times, that same darkness would embrace other things -- and smash them to pieces.

There was really nothing for it. Alone and afraid of something that was happening to her, Parth left her home to seek out ... civilization. Someone had to help her control the out-of-control forces burgeoning inside of her. But more importantly, she was tired to death of feeling lonely.

Other notes:

Parth is a vulnerable teenager right now, wearing wide, concealing clothing and a hooded cloak, which disguise her features. She is neither exceedingly beautiful nor extremely ugly; she looks like an average, normal kid, albeit a frightened one. This is her first trip away from home, she has nothing left to anchor her to the past, and she has no way of knowing what is happening to her.

If it's possible, I'd like for her to have a very weak access to summoning and illusion magic, which might grow if she ever receives the proper training.
She can't call up anything bigger or more ferocious than, say, a moogle, nor does she have a clue that she ever could. She has no faculty whatsoever for calling inanimate objects; this side of her grew out of her feeling of loneliness, and a rock can't help with that. Because she has no knowledge of other planes of existence, she can only call natural creatures.
Parth's illusions mainly consist of shadows and darkness. Her most impressive feat is calling up shadows to hide her from sight, but this only works at night or underground, where darkness is plentiful. At day in the open air, the best she could probably do is make herself dim or make another's vision murky.
Her only truly offensive magic is a squeezing shadow, but this can exert no more pressure than is needed to break a piece of crockery. Also, its use gives her a violent headache and she can't use it more than once a day. This shadow can not be used as yet for more subtle manipulations of physical matter.
If any of these magics is unacceptable, please let me know and I'll rewrite the character.
Parth has no real combat skills, since she lacks the necessary training.

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Re: Prospective freestyle character

Unread postby Jak Snide » Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:54 am

I see absolutely no problems here at all. Interesting concept indeed, and it's nice to see someone use a Gre'par'thian besides Cho. Furthermore, I like what I see myself.

As a side note, although I'm unsure, I think Gre'par'thians have exceptional strength, for humans, but you'd have to check with Choark on this.


Re: Prospective freestyle character

Unread postby Choark » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:23 pm

Well the Gre'par'thians are normally stronger if only cause of there lifestyle - nothing really herditary about it unless they're one of the cursed.

As for the back story its cool. However - there are no forests around Gre'par'th. It's all mountains and snow. A single or few tree's grow here and there adapted to the harsh environment but thats about it. *thinks* Also I believe the land surrounding Gre'par'th is mostly barren desert - well at least the north side is - on the south there could be a forest somewhere. - Though I think Lord Mc Bastard is playing around with the land there and making it a place run by the undead.

By the sounds of it she's a Gre'Par'thian not raised by a typical Gre'Par'thian anyway - so that's cool. Illusion magic isn't taught there so anything she learned she learned on her own completely and she would have to seek help for that somewhere else.

Overall.. Cool! Hope ya have fun ^_^


Re: Prospective freestyle character

Unread postby EC » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:31 pm

Thank you and thank you! I like the look of this place and certainly hope to have fun here. May I assume your approval means this character has been approved?

To address Choark's points:
I had an idea that Path's mother laid her egg somewhere outside the mother country because this was an unexpected -- not to mention unwanted -- pregnancy, and she needed a place to dump it where nobody she knew would accidentally come across the evidence of her affair.
And yes, she would need help -- and probably soon. So ... would either of you be interested in helping me play out Parth's appearance in civilized society and her search for a mentor?

In closing, I hope to create a philsy-style character sheet in the near future. I already saw I'd have to assign Parth some different spells if I do ... Do you have any helpful hints not covered in the FAQs and the guide for character creation?

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Re: Prospective freestyle character

Unread postby Choark » Mon Nov 24, 2003 5:56 pm

My hints on character Creation ain't great and normally go along the lines of "Go with what you think is going to be fun and you can RP well. The main point is to enjoy yaself." And vauge things like that.

My guess, in Phil System, is she won't have anything beyong a 1 in knowledge about shadow and illusion as she won't have recieved any training at all and its only what she has worked out. i could be wrong though. It would depend on how much she has trained herself to use it.

I'd also be intrested in why the mother was banished - or driven away (though honestly your chaarcter will probably never find out so we don't have to either) - because of the pregnancy. If it was something like the father was a "spirit" from the outside (I.E. A guy from outside Gre'Par'th) then there's probably something you and me should talk about over AIM. Or, Hell, I'll say it here:

Choark and Pia are a result of mixed parents as well, though actually there second gen from it but yeah rules still apply. It seems that when Gre'Par'thians mix with the outside people whats known as the Cursed happens. Now so far I've done it the cursed have weird coloured hair (Choark = natural blue and Pia = natural yllow and pink) and inhuman strength with no magic. However thats not a set rule - ther cursed may do something different, though the hair thing still stands. - Just something to know if it applies. Which it may not do.

Also: I'd love to RP with you but at the moment I'd just love to RP full stop. As it is though I'm bogged down with uni work and the deadline is looming close and I still have no idea how to do this major project thing and am stressing out - So I don't really have much time to RP these days I'm afraid.

On AOL I'm: Choark

If ya see me on just give me a buzz (just make sure to let me know who ya are otherwise I could talk to you for an hour and not relise who you are). I'd suggest to just honestly get involved in any CI RP's or RP's you can without me. There are plenty of other people to RP with. Just remember if ya RP in Doma - that means she would have trecked quite a long way so be sure to have something covered for that (easy as pie really - with all the reconstruction going on in Doma she could of joined a timber caravan from Baron heading in that direction)

Also - in case ya intrested: Here is a General Question and answer session on Gre'Par'th and its people:

I know it may not have much to do with your character at the moment but I like plugging it *grins*

Now if ya read through all that and not got a headache trying to work it all out =D good on ya. anywho - Just have fun.

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