And.. gradual growth?

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And.. gradual growth?

Unread postby Endesu » Tue Oct 14, 2003 4:45 pm

Right. We all know about the flaws, and the favorite foods, and the musical themes, and the clothing styles and sexual tastes and blablabla about the characters.

What I'm really curious about is.. how have your characters grown? Have they changed at all? If so, in what major ways? :DD Are you surprised at the rate of growth they've grown at?

I ask this because I, namely, remember reading a 'Serious' topic (Crawling Reshiki at: 10/15/03 12:14 pm

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Re: And.. gradual growth?

Unread postby Capntastic » Tue Oct 14, 2003 6:08 pm

Well! I've thought of this recently as well.

Kyle was moronic, mainly because Zero was new to RPing and whatnot, and unsure of many things :D! This was also when Zero used things like "lol" and "=]" that he looks back on and cringes. Seriously, it is painful to read logs of my early RPs.

Currently, Kyle is more educated, but I think now he is a bit too smart. This could be attributed to him hanging around various smart peoples, and picking up a few things, but still...

I still think that Kylitos as a character is growing, but very gradually. He is starting to loathe 'Fighting Evil' and all of that; at heart, he is not made for all of that. Sure he may have 'heroic' attributes, but that doesn't really mean he likes fighting all of the time, and getting beaten within an inch (or less) of his life.

He just wants to continue with his life of travelling :D!
Which just may be an outlet for a bit more growth. We'll see.

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Re: And.. gradual growth?

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Wed Oct 15, 2003 1:33 am


Pervy has definately come full circle. He used to be an outlaw, until he got to know Queen Aya, then King Charles personally. After seeing how much crap they had to go through, and how bad their security was, it inspired him to reform it so his friends could rest easy. Later, he came to realize how properly maintaining peace helped out everyone.

Catalina's revival definately helped him gain a personal stake in his role as Guard Captain. He couldn't go on taking a lot of outrageous risks any longer, he had someone to come home to. And someone to keep safe. This did more than anything to calm him down.
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Re: And.. gradual growth?

Unread postby Reako Somner » Wed Oct 15, 2003 9:49 am

...yeah. I did kinda change alot. Soon, I plan on upping Reako's age to 11, since he's been around for quite some time. Other than that! When Reako first came to Gaera he was shy, confused; and human. He knew no one, and the first person he happened to run into was FD's mute priest character (the name evades me) then Kotoki and Dan Hyral. Somehow able to pass of Lokar Gil as Doman Gil (or maybe Kotoki was being nice) Reako found a place to stay at her inn, where he lived at for a good 2 months. He met Hakaril at some time, and being quite interested in magic, talked with him. Eventually the question came up about asking if he could read books in the castle's library, and seeing no harm in it, Hakaril agreed. Thus, Reako learned more about this world and various other things (that was more backstory than growth but whatever) However, something happened that Reako (and I) didn't intend. Reako, origionally sent to another world by Salith to be hidden from Valzar, had a guise/polymorph spell placed upon him as a child, a very strong one that only breaks when Reako is into contact with his own kind. After about 2 months of RPing, Reako ran into Redfox, one of Jean's characters. Having accidently tripped over a rock, Reako began to fall flat on his face, until Redfox caught him. This kinda forced my plot device to activate.....

Reako opens his eyes and realizes something very differant, while Redfox is going nuts wondering if he has some kind of furry touch. Well, some of you likely can guess what happened (Pervy: *damn furries, making the net all weird*) and thus Reako had to get used to being a whole differant species; a kitsunejin (later to be known as Loracian, which is where he was born) Very confused and almost afraid, Reako had no idea what to do or where to go. It was then that Redfox offered for Reako to stay at a shrine with him, D, and Warlock (and later Kilra) not too far off from Doma.

Stuff and RPs happened. Character development. Yada yada. Now Reako is fairly used to what he is, and doesn't seem to mind it at all. Though not always looking for adventure, it somehow manages to find him many a time. However, after the death of a friend, Reako is beginning to realize the whole seriousness of this "hero" business...

that was overly long and didn't really explain any growth. Oh well :D

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Re: And.. gradual growth?

Unread postby LadyDragonClawsEDW » Wed Oct 15, 2003 10:10 am

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Re: And.. gradual growth?

Unread postby LadyDragonClawsEDW » Wed Oct 15, 2003 10:11 am

Man, where to start...well I think I'll pass with "Aya's" primary embarassing origins but it went sort of like this:

Girl that could change into a dragon (green) to Girl that could change into a dragon (silver) to Girl that could change into a dragon (Golden)to Watching an episode of Slayers with Melgasia to Decision that girl = ryuuzoku

Through the ages of Ayenee RPing, I made two different screennames for Aya (Lady_DragonClaws_EDW and Lady_DragonClaws_Mythril) to fit into a clan, and I soon discovered that I could multi-RP in more than one room at a time on these names. However one day, both names ended up in the same room and thus the entire Kopii background was invented. Aya didn't even have a name until one of my friends made up the fact that she had an ancestor named Ceres. Having been watching Ayashi no Ceres at the time, I adopted the name Aya and Aki for her brother, who was played by a friend.

The real development in character started around the RPGWW times where I revamped some of her abilites and background. Aya still managed to hang onto her taverngoing ways, but was forced to take up a certain regality due to her position. Oddly enough, I think Ara has undergone the most development, orignally the twin sister wasn't named, or simply refered to herself as Aya, it wasn't until I brought her into a wacky race spam RP that I gave her a different name of Ara...but enough babbling... <p>
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Unread postby Endesu » Wed Oct 15, 2003 12:03 pm

Astrynax ~ Perhaps the most changed of all of my characters. When he originally came into conception, I was interested in making a villainous character. And what better example of a villain then an evil mage with omg super evil powers? He had to have some sort of connection to End, so I came up with the lil plot idea of both of their clans being destroyed. The mage would leave End to survive so that he could hunt 'im down later. The name conception was random (nothing to do with Astyanax, dambit). And so he was made. He started out as evil - dark magic, some soul sucking, and generally doing naughty things.

He was eventually defeated (in fic form). He later returns from Mu, generally unscathed and still doing the same stuff. I decide to kill both him and End off, intending to bring End back, and leave Astrynax dead once and for all.

Well, it didn't quite work out that way. Asty comes back AGAIN when I begin to become interested in GMing Chat RPs - but as a villain for End's new band of friends to face. Asty manages to possess End enough times to cause some damage, eventually confronting the group directly - and this is where Pervy came in. His character, Enlil, persisted on Astrynax. The mage at this point was primarily a wraith, having lost many of his dominant traits through death. But Enlil works on him, bit-by-bit, until Astrynax, tired of having to argue with the angel, agrees to help them slightly.

This had to do with the elemental crystals - since Astrynax had been trying to suck the energy out of them earlier, I thought it would be an ironic twist that his lifeline would be connected to them, so he could never truly 'die'. He ends up returning some of the Crystals to their proper place, and henceforth, he comes back to life.

He's alive again - he's bitter, he's sardonic, and he's rather apathetic. He doesn't give a flying shit about those who brang him back to life, but he eventually agrees to help fight the being that has apparently been behind many of the issues - the Shadow of Astrynax (HE had to be conceived after my original idea of Asty being the baddie was scrapped). Astrynax remains mostly the same after the victory, beyond gaining some respect for Enlil and making peace with End.. for now.

Throughout the sagas, Astrynax grows to respect the nature of Gaera more - he comes to understand that his connection to the elements preserves his life force, and that he, in turn, should help protect the planet. He begins to care somewhat for the people of the world - he IS a human, after all (only really revealed later on). This is why he grows to hate the Dark Sidhe, and the Sidhe in general, for their eventual plot to regain control of 'their world'. He also maintains a fierce sort of pride that grows to include what happens to his allies - he does not care for them personally, but the repercussions of life and death he DOES care about. He also retains a sense of indepdence throughout, often heading off on his own to deal with a situation.

In addition, he maintains a FIERCE rivalry with End. Possibly wanting to prove his own strength in opposition to the Moogle's, they've gotten into many scuffles..

In the Endgame saga, this all changes. He is drained of his elemental being and is left to crumble into dust - and for his sins in the past (for being a villain, y'know) he is left to suffer the blood he has spilled.. by the Elements themselves, in possible mental disrepair. His pride and his will are crushed.

It is Enlil who frees him, once again, and it comes down to Astrynax to consider whether to return to life or to remain and be punished..

So! From villain to villain again to wraith to anti-hero to hero-slash-anti-hero to repentant..

What will come next? Such a wonder.

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Unread postby KingOfDoma » Wed Oct 15, 2003 1:03 pm

Of all my characters, I must say, Daenj'r has grown the most.

I originally started playing him in an RP started by some guy named Cameron. All I wanted was to have a novel character: A black street thug type character that was also, oddly enough, a white mage. Obviously, the RP never flew, but I wanted to keep playing him, just to see if I could have some fun with him.

I put him in a couple more RPs, having him hit on Dia and other various female characters. (That was probably the most fun I've ever had with him outside of pregnancies.) Then, he met Jazz. And from then on, it was a slippery slope from thug to family man.

Right now, I highly doubt the character I have with me today would recognize that thug that helped out Cameron on a snowy day. (Can you believe it? I originally had him wearing a parka.) Now Daenj'r's responsible, driven, deeply devoted to his faith and family, and has layers like a frikkin' onion.

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Re: Well...

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Wed Oct 15, 2003 6:08 pm

Of all my characters, I'd say its Kristoph who's grown the most. When he started out as Kristoph (Lets not even get into pre-Kristoph days, hmm?) He was all "OMG I AM POWERFUL AND KICK YOUR ASS >:|". Then he got his ass kicked alot and calmed down a bit. Still aggressive, but not to the point that people would go out of their way to kick his ass. Then my hiatus came, and I disappeared for awhile.

When I returned, the first chat RP I was in was at a circus. I decided to use Kristoph for some weirdass reason. First thing he did- Blast a heckler, turning him into a rabbit (A rabbit now played by Bes, I beleive. MR NIBBLES :D). Then he went on to try and steal someones, I don't recall who's, girlfriend. Then Karin intervened, and....He blasted her.

But soon she got even with him. She tied him up and threatened to do something painful to his groin, I beleive, with Maxwells help. He calmed down a bit more, even managed to make some friends, and in his mind, fall in love with the woman who threatened his groin.

AND THEN! Kris came. Ahh, yes, Kris. The wai little kid that Kristoph began transforming into randomly because he shot his mouth and his magic off one too many times. That first night, when he thought he was stuck, that's the first time Kristoph ever said anything to the effect of feeling week, or not in control of anything.

As he started turning back and forth, and Kris started taking on his own personality, Kristoph began to get angry again. Because, y'know, he was a freak now. But after enough time, he grew to accept, and even like Kris (Kris was useful for certain things, like getting free food.). He learned not to shoot his magic off as easily, after not only chibifying, but turning into a nekojin-half(Or quarter, or something.), and being threatened with being arrested multiple times. Now, he's much more careful, and much less arrogant. <p>

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