Shattered Dimensions: The Coming of Blackness

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Shattered Dimensions: The Coming of Blackness

Unread postby Rion Kerikinia » Wed May 26, 2004 6:11 pm

Long ago, when the worlds were pure, each plane was kept to itself, isolated, hidden, unknown to anyone but it's own people. These worlds within their realms held their own splendors, secrets, and gifts without ever coming into contact with another world.

This, long ago, changed. Legend has it the ancient Atlanteans were a technologically superior race, which angered the Gods, who soon after smote them to the depths of the ocean. Such is not true. The truth resides in their scriptures. Documents of large cylindrical objects taking to the sky, beams of light powered to so split stone, men flying without wings, the lists continue. This race was responsible for the breaching of dimensions, creating a machine so powerful as to shear the threads of reality and tear through the fabric of time itself, reaching new worlds, new existances.

The resulting unbalance is what caused the Great Combine, the combining and settling of cultures, races, technology and ideals into other worlds. The Earth was affected so, leaving many thousands of years of 'fantasy' lore behind in it's wake, creating tales of dragons, dwarfs, elves and their ilk. As time progressed, the Humans succeeded in destroying the interlopers and hiding their existance from the rest of the world. Our Earthen legends of great heroes and fierce beasts are merely thought so as to hide from us the truth, that our past really has been so fantastic, as to avoid Earth breaking these barriers again and opening the Rifts.

However, recently, geographic surveys in the Atlantic has revealed a great subterranean chamber containing large amounts of power. Search teams have been deployed to the site to uncover the secrets of the Chamber, once again discovering the Rift Machina, the sole reason for the Great Combine. In their research, they have once again activated the machine, plunging the Earth into the realm of the fantastical, combining separate dimensions once again.

However, this time has been much different. Dimensional Interlopers bring tales of a Great Shadow lurking over their worlds, dissolving the edges, leaving a great abyss in it's path. The forebears of such a tale have warned that it has it's sights set on the Earth, and that it must be destroyed.

The Earthen Government, while unable to deny the new existance of fantasy, are in an uproar, struggling to destroy the new interlopers and seal the rifts, while showering the public eyes and ears with propaganda of it's own superiority, denying such a power could ever exist outside of the scope of Earthen Science.

It cannot be denied, however, that a great black shadow has recently appeared in Antarctica, which seems to be disappearing more and more as days progress. Those not hypnotized by the Governments lies have taken arms against the invading blackness and the dark creatures it brings with it. The final stand of Earth has begun.

Game Rules:
1) No godmoding.
2) If your character is of a different race or tech realm than what's listed, or is from a game universe, specify so in your bio and give some background on the race/tech/game.
3) Kill other characters if you wish, it doesn't matter if they are ally or foe, they will have other allies that most likely will seek revenge. Given the killed player will be able to return with a new character on the next page, however the new character must have some affiliation with the killed character, and can seek revenge if they so wish. If you're killed in revenge, you're out of the game.
4) All dimensional travel is forbidden, as it would needlessly complicate the storyline to be tracking progress in various realities.
5) Due to the previous Great Combine, other worlds that would be race specific, e.g. Elves only, have become mixed as well, so each race would recognize another without difficulty.
6) I request that you make your best attempt to create a new character for this. I have noticed many of you reuse the same name, and generally the same character. I normally wouldn't have a problem when dealing with such matters as dimensional turmoil, but at least make an effort.
7) Due to the nature of dimensions, other realities that were only thought pure fiction before would be real, and as such, the characters within might have a chance of appearing. (Translation: Video games are also dimensions, if you want you can be your favorite game star, though any FF bosses, or super characters will be forbidden to take part. NO EXCEPTIONS! )
8) Do not have any fun whatsoever, in fact, be miserable, grouchy and pissy at all possible times. Happyness and good deeds are bannable offences!
9) Disregard rule #8.
10) I can be a bit twisted and evil, and have control over the NPC's as a whole. Be careful when attacking an unnamed NPC because if I'm feeling evil enough, it just might turn out to be a more difficult battle than imagined. (NPC control, Storyline progress/Important events and normal RP will be separated by titled sections. )

Earthen Government Defence Force- Sponsored by the government and given access to the most efficient weapons, they are a group bent on destroying all the interlopers and their supporters in an attempt to isolate Earth and deal with the travesty at hand itself. Proficient with guns. Carry one primary weapon, one secondary weapon and a knife. Stand-Alone Organization, No Allies.

Gatekeepers- A large and powerful group comprised of the various races to fight off the Great Blackness and it's forces in order to keep the worlds safe and free to maintain travel between the realms. Covers a wide range of fighting styles and weapons. Have a large variation of weapon capabilities. Allied with Seikeshidan and the Irregular Hunters. (See Faction Notes)

Seikeshidan(sp?)- A group of Holy Warriors headed by Ky Kiske after he crossed over dimensions. Usually denoted by their white outfits with various coloured trim denoting their rank. (For Rankings see Faction Notes) They fight for the saving of the world under the belief it is the will of God. Carry exclusively one weapon of elemental power and possess magical power of the same element as their weapon. Allied with Gatekeepers and the Irregular Hunters.

Gates Undersound- A militaristic faction lead by a mysterious man named Gates. They fight for the salvation of Earth, but to their own means. Their members are usually denoted by their professional appearance and incredible battle skills. Rumour has it the Undersound is directly controlled by the Great Blackness, and they fight against it merely as a show. Carry two main weapons, possess incredible combat skills, and each has their own unique ability which far surpasses their skill in raw power, but can only be used once at fixed intervals. Allied with Vermillion. (See Faction Rules)

Irregular Hunters- Headed by X and Zero, they fight off the Irregulars (Mavericks), and other machines controlled by the Great Blackness. The Irregular Hunters are comprised mainly of Reploids, humanoid machines with the appearance of humans. While they don't fight the Great Blackness itself, they lend formidable assistance against the otherwise strong robotic forces sent forth. Carry default installation programs for scanning, analyzing and improved sensory receptors. Are issued a Buster Cannon by default as well, but can be programmed with a unique program or ability, E.G. X's weapon copy and Zero's Sword. Allied with Seikeshidan and Gatekeepers. (See Faction Notes)

Vermillion- Interdimensional 'merchants'. Allied with Gates Undersound, they are rumoured to be the source of their weapons. They seek alliance with Gatekeepers, who fight to keep the dimensional channels open, which they use to get their products. They are regarded as Pirates by the other factions, and when they have the misfortune of being captured, their cargo is usually divided among the allies and used against the enemy. Carry one main weapon and two secondary weapons. (See Faction Notes)

Faction Rules:
1) You can join any faction you wish, and can change factions at any time. However, if you change sides totally, you face the chance of being hunted by former allies.
2) Obey the weapon carrying rules for your beginning faction. Starting as EGDF and switching to Gatekeepers means you keep your EGDF gear.
3) Factions must obey certain tech levels, unless the faction happens across a store or supply of other weapons.
4) Undersound members unique ability can only be used once every ten pages. If it is used on page 2, 5th post, it cannot be used again until page 12, 6th post.

Faction Notes: Gatekeepers- Gatekeepers can either carry 3 main weapons, two main and one secondary weapon, or one main weapon, two secondary weapons, and have slight control over a magical element of their choice.
Seikeshidan- Blue- Leader (Ky Kiske), Red- General, Orange- Officer, Green- Private, Black- Special Ops.
Irregular Hunters- Hunters programmed with the Weapon Copy cannot copy just any weapon. They can only copy specific weapons throughout the story, which will be denoted by [Copy]. They gain them by either destroying the weapon, or enemy in possession of the weapon.
Vermillion- While Vermillion is a pirate organization, not all their ships carry weapon caches. Usually, only I will decide if I feel like dropping hints about a supply shipment in Storyline, however, if you feel need to request one, PM me with good reason why you would need one and it will be considered.

Note on Raids: Raids against Supply ships will involve players of the given unallied faction fighting any Vermillion players, while a member of the attacking faction is chosen beforehand to fight the capitan of the ship. This chosen leader will represent the morale of his men, and if he is defeated by the Capitan (RPed by me in NPC Control), he does not die, however, the faction is driven from the ship and they lose the raid. However, if all the attacking faction members except the leader is defeated, it ends in automatic defeat and the leader is captured, likewise goes for the Capitan. Captured players need to be rescued by their faction, or set free in another battle. Prisoners can be exchanged between Vermillion and Gates Undersound if not rescued in 3 pages, where they will be considered killed.

Human- Generic, everyday humans. Have decent abilities in every field.

Elves- Agile and quick. Appear taller than humans and generally thinner. Excel at jobs requiring speed and dexterity.

Dwarves- Short, heavy and human in appearance, they are a strong little folk. They excel at tool making and weaponsmithing, and at jobs requiring strength and endurance.

Hobbits/Halflings- They are a quick and clever race, shortest of all. They aren't very physically strong, but they are very clever hiders and are good in jobs where being detected means the difference between life and death.

Veradel- A mystical race strong in the ways of magic. They appear human, however, their dark blue skin and four arms set them apart. Their race has long been focused on amgic, and possess limited physical strength, and has long studied in magic, becoming the most proficient spellcasters. Each Veradel that studies Magic can only train in one school.

Lydranen- A powerful race of psionics. They are the most physically frail race, being completely unable to handle the stress of melee combat. Their true form is a thin, frail humanoid with no facial features save for deep green eyes, their flesh a pale white. They adorn themselves heavilty in Robes which are secured to armoured plates, kept aloft from their bodies with their gifts. They are more suited to being advisors and oracles on the back lines than actual fighters. When they do take to the field, they can use their psychic talents to create or manipulate projectiles in the same way as those who make their employ on such weapons. They can handle multiple schools of magic at once, unlike the Veradel, however they are significantly less powerful casters.

Katte- A race of humanoid felines. Their agility and speed mixed with great physical strength makes them the most formidable of warriors when properly trained. Their awkward physical nature, however, requires specially crafted armour, which they'd rather do without. Most Katte train exclusively with hand to hand or blunt weapons, relying more on skill and speed than reach.

Reploid- Though not technically a race in their dimension, they are numerous enough to be considered as one. They can appear fully human, or fully mechanical, but are usually seen somewhere between the two. They have the greatest potential for combat in fields other than magic through proper augmentation and installation, though they require a Technician to properly perform upgrades. Reploids come preinstalled with a Buster Cannon, which they are trained in the use of, and a Charge Program allowing them to store energy in the Cannon to fire it as a Buster Wave. X and Zero have far upgraded versions of this program, allowing much more punishing Buster Waves.

Race Rules:
1) Reploids can start as default models, and can only gain upgrades when decided so by either finding an upgrade program (declared in Storyline). If a player chooses to be a Technician and they wish to design a program upgrade for their chosen Reploid, they must PM me first and explain it and get confirmation.
2) Jobs are designed to only be capable by certain races. Jobs require great physical prowess will obviously be unavailable to the frail and weak races. Likewise, jobs with great amgical focus will be unavailable to the unattuned.

Warrior- Generic warriors, the most common class. Races: All but Lydranen.

Martial Artist- Schooled in the ways of martial arts, they use their body as a weapon. Reploids have an advatage as they can augment their bodies to have better balance and cause more damage with their metallic appendages, however Katte are much more fluid and agile than Reploids. Races: Humans, Elves, Katte, Reploids.

Archer- Though Gunners and Snipers are much more damage dealing, Archers are much more agile and silent than either. Veradels who choose to be Archers have a great advantage here, as they are able to fire two bows at once. Races: Humans, Elves, Veradel, Katte.

Gunner- Gun users, whether it's a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Veradel also have a greater advantage here, being able to wield three guns while the fourth reloads, however they cannot handle heavier weapons. Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Veradel, Katte, Reploid.

Sniper- Specialists trained in the use of long range rifles. They specialize at hiding and firing upon targets from afar. Snipers cannot operate successfully without a Spotter. Veradel cannot be snipers as they cannot control the recoil of the rifle, nor can Halflings. Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Katte, Reploid.

Sniper Special Note: Katte Snipers use custom rifles developed primarily as a Bo staff, having the strength to inflict blows, parry and take a blade, and are made without scopes. Katte Snipers do not need Spotters.

Spotter- Sniper counterpart. Any race can be a Spotter. Their job is to acquire strategically sound targets and watch for other possible hostilities while confirming a Snipers kill. Races: All.

Spotter Special Note: All Spotters carry a simple pistol as a weapon, as they are mainly protected by the Sniper. However, Lydranen do not carry pistols, and instead rely on their psychic talents in cases of distress.

Alchemist- Scientific researchers taken to the field to assist with the battle. They can combine various ingredients and reagents to create formulae for recovery or attack. Though not primarily for attack, they do carry a large firearm to lend a hand, as well as deliver damaging formulae over long distances. Katte abhor science, and thus refuse the class, while the weaker races are incapable of bearing the moderate armour usually worn. Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Reploids.

Bard- Musicians that offer their sonnets and ballads as comfort and aid to the fighters. While they appear to be simple minstrels on the outside, their music carries a magical tone which invigorates allies within earshot, allowing them to fight even more furiously. Races: Humans, Elves, Halflings, Veradel, Katte.

Bard Special Note: Bards are incapable of physical combat, leaving them vulnerable targets and an easy kill for wily enemies.

White Mage- A mage that has devoted their studies and life to healing. They have taken an oath that swears them to give their lives to heal others, and are allowed in no circumstance to kill, or let die, someone in need. Races: Veradel, Lydranen.

Black Mage- An apprentice who feels the call of Power is lead to become a Black Mage. Studying under one of the four major schools of magic, Fire, Water, Lightning and Ice, to reach the fullest power capable. Black Mages wear a band coloured a specific colour to denote their specialization. Races: Veradel, Lydranen, Katte.

Black Mage Special Notes: Katte are unconventional Black Mage, because rather than studying a school of magic, they meditate and train in a specific Element which they can wield from Nature itself. Lydranen Black Mages that are schooled in every element wear a grey band to denote their multi-school knowledge.

Summoner- Anyone that hears voice from beyond this plane is drawn to become a Summoner. A rare and powerful class, Summoners can conjure up power to call forth physical incarnations of the Forces of Nature, or even from beyond the Ether itself. Races: All but Reploid.

Summoner Special Note: Anyone (but Reploids) can become a Summoner can become a Summoner because, unlike mages, it requires no natural talent. Summoners are chosen by the Eidolon themselves. The Eidolon that contacts a Summoner is the first they learn to Summon, and their Astral Ruler. Summoners who are slain, their life force and power absorb into their Eidolon, contributing their power. Their are some Eidolons that have had thousands of Summoners.

Dark Knight- A warrior that has been tainted by the Great Blackness. They fight on, tainted as they are, the Darkness drawing them ever towards evil, though through the Darkness, their power is magnified intensely. Dark Knights can be easily spotted by their eyes, the iris of which changes to a crimson hue. Their weapons and armour are manifestations of the Darkness within, giving them no extra weight. Races: All.

Dark Knight Special Note: All races can become Dark Knights, being as the armour and weapons are manifestations of Darkness. Veradel and Lydranen have incredible power, being able to augment their strength through magic, while Reploids natural resiliance is nearly doubled by the shadowy armour. Dark Knight is also the only class with the ability to change over to the side of the Great Blackness, due to their infestation.

Paladin- Paladins are those who have found enlightenment in battle and seek retribution. While most Paladins join the Seikeshidan, some fight separated. Paladins honour and respect the White Mages code, and themselves practice the arts of healing. While not as potent as White Mages, Paladins make up for it through their heavy armour and large weapons. Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves.

Paladin Special Note: Though not naturally magically inclined, Humans, Elves and Dwarves are believed to be capable of White Magic through some other, higher power.

Technician- A supporting job aiding Reploids solely. Technicians handle repairs, upgrades and tune ups, as well as construct new equipment and programs for their assigned Reploid. High level Technicians are cleared for access to spare materials with which they can create more advanced upgrades and also new weapons and partners for their Reploid. Races: All.

Technician Special Notes: While they usually stay away from battle, Technicians are known to run out into the heat of battle to recover their damaged or immobilized Reploid. Technicians either have a spare Buster Cannon or related weapon on hand, and some even have one installed on their bodies as an augmentation. The more resourceful Technicians have a Power Suit on hand which they use in such times. Each races Power Suit design is drastically different and focusses mostly on their races specific traits.

Human: Bipedal, upright. Suited for general combat.
Elf: Lighter and equipped for quick booster movements. Usually equipped with a lighter class Buster Cannon.
Dwarf: Short, heavy treaded suits with large amounts of firepower. Is equipped with a Buster Cannon graded as a Heavy Weapon.
Veradel: While hardly a suit, it magnifies their natural magical aura into a protective shell. It deflects easily quick, sudden movements, like bullets, arrows and most blows, slow, steady movements are not deflected and pass through.
Lydranen: The only race without a classifiable Power Suit. Shedding their robes, their protection is little more than the armour plates underneath bonding together to become a solid, floating sphere.
Katte: Extremely fast and agile. Usually feline in appearance.
Reploid: Reploid Technicians come preinstalled with a Light Grade Buster Cannon and default model Power Armour.

Samurai- An honourable and code-bound warrior, specially trained in Martial Arts and Bushido. Cool, calm and calculating, Samurai are not often surprised, as it could often mean their life. Samurai often do not wear armour, relying on simply their blades as both offense and defense. Be warned, however, Samurai carry more than what you first can see. Races: Humans, Elves, Halflings, Katte.

Samurai Special Note: Though they often carried their Katana and Wakizashi(sp?), Samurai were often known to carry other tools. Kama, Kusari-gama, Kama-Yari, Yari, Naginata, Manriki-gama, Vajra. If you do not recognize or know what any of the preceeding words were, it would be best if you stuck simply with the standard equipment.

Race Specific Jobs:

Humans- Pilot- Though each race has made it's own advancements, Humans are the only ones to develop aircraft. While the non-military Factions have restricted access to fighter aircraft, the ones they do have and their pilots are used often. Aside from Reploids and their Flight Armour, Humans are the only race with the knowledge of flying fighters.

Elves- Theif- Though each race has it's share of pickpockets and scoundrels, Elves have first perfected it as a means of combat. Generally trained in all types of combat, Theives are very agile and quick, allowing them to give an enemy the run around. They can also pickpocket unsuspecting enemies rather easily, and take unused, sheathed or holstered weapons for their own use, turning the tide.

Dwarves- Cannonhauler- One of the most successful Dwarven inventions is the Cannon, and though the thought brings up thoughts of older, stand-alone variants, this is much different. Mixing steam power with firepower, Dwarven Cannonhaulers arm up in a hydraulic suit with a Cannon mounted on it. Once they get in position, they deploy their braces and fire. Getting a Cannonhaulers attention by voice is difficult, as their ears are often ringing. Veteran Cannonhaulers are usually deaf.

Halfling- Ringbearer- While technically not bearing any ring, Halfling lore tells of a brave Hobbit of long ago who once destroyed a magic ring sought by an evil Dark Lord. This victory brought about great happiness and began the hereditary trait of Ringbearer. Only a true descendant of this legendary Hobbit can bear the power of becoming invisible at will. A tell tale marking of the Ringbearer is the total sum of 9 fingers. LIMIT 1

Veradel- Etherlord- Highly respected Veradel, among their ranks. Such Veradel are rare, having the capacity to master each school of magic, plus the sacred Heirarch magics, a conglomeration of the most powerful castings created by Veradel. Etherlords can singlehandedly hold an entire army at bay with the might of their magic alone. Etherlords are taken as kings in their home dimension. LIMIT 1

Lydranen- Mindshear- The Lydranen equivalent of Etherlord. While possessing no magical training, they have refined their abilities to the point where the slightest lapse of conentration would tear them apart. A Mindshear is capable of battling numerous foes at once while supporting a full suit of armour, while simultaneously communicating with the Consul for orders. A Mindshear in their Home dimension becomes a Tyrannical Overlord if not given immediate power at the time of their arising. A Mindshear is the only Lydranen capable of physical melee combat. LIMIT 1

Katte- Berserker- A Katte that dismisses formal training in exchange for a roughly organized, but powerful variant. Berserkers feed on pure animal ferocity, letting nothing but their instincts guide them, destroying anything that opposes them. A furious berserker can often destroy 10 opposing men by itself through skill and rage alone, making them very dangerous indeed. However, Berserkers are often outcast from society by failing to comply with formal training, leaving them with a very faint concept of alliance.

Reploid- Irregular Hunter- Only Reploids are allowed to become Irregular Hunters, because they're the only ones with the resiliance and power to destroy the rampaging machines they face as a job. The Hunters usually work in groups, and act on their own when they get a signal about an Irregular, or Maverick. Though they help the other Factions, destroying the machines under the service of the Great Blackness is top priority, and will leave battle for their primary duties.

Job rule- Once you choose a job, you CANNOT CHANGE under any circumstance. If you want a job that requires a supporter, get someone to play your supporter with you for sure BEFOREHAND.

Tech Realms
Earthen- Modern technology, all of todays highest standards and known technologies.
Old Fashioned- Relying mostly on common farm tools and simple weapons like bows.
Medieval- Larger assortment of weapon variety, and more powerful types of weapons. Repeater Crossbows are considered in this field.
Dwarven- Much like Earthen technology, except run on less conventional methods like coal and steam. Requires a larger crew to operate war machines, and most developed weapons are heavy and large.
Mechanica- Veradel technology, mostly multipurpose and conceptually simple. For a physically weak race, they create surprisingly heavy equipment. It is explained that the Veradel co-exist with a larger, much stronger race in their home dimension, and that this race has yet to cross over. Mechanica is comprised of many machines operating on pulley and lever systems, and a few spring systems, unfolding shields, extending poles and their ilk are considered mechanica.
Tehk- Lydranen inventions. While having no offensive creations, they have potent defensive creations. A gel that hardens in response to impact, teleporters and a very successful accomplishment referred to as Plate Sphere. A generator is worn on the torso, and generates a magnetic field to suspend and control a number of small metallic plates, which can be moved and formed together with the users thoughts.
Advanced- Reploid technology. Based mainly around energy weapons and the focus and direction of power to create various effects. Their mainstay of armaments comprise of Buster Cannons and Beam Sabers. They also have at their command various armour types and configurations, allowing them to work elements to the effect of magic, but to a lesser degree of potency.

Tech Rules
1) The equipment you choose must fit within and be classified as one of the above techs.
2) Anything not already covered, or if you're unsure of a classification, I must be contacted prior to creation.
3) Advanced tech is usually restricted to Reploids, since adapting Buster Cannon to be effectively used by a human takes extensive reconstruction.

To join, you must fill out the following form:

Equipment (Faction designated):
Extra Notes:

End Note: It might seem that the descriptions of the classes limit the amount of weapons available to fulfill faction quota, however it is just a basic sense of the job. A Sniper has to have a rifle, but can also carry a sword and a pistol if they're using the three weapon set up. Try to be realistic about it too, a White Mage would not only not carry a shotgun, but would be incapable of using it, but that doesn't mean they can't carry a knife. If you wish to break one of these rules for the purpose of interesting character, PM me first with your idea.

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Re: Shattered Dimensions: The Coming of Blackness

Unread postby Banjooie » Wed May 26, 2004 8:01 pm

Way to copy and paste RPs between forums, dude. *_*

Rion Kerikinia

Cutting and Pasting

Unread postby Rion Kerikinia » Wed May 26, 2004 8:15 pm

Well, I typed it up on my copmputer, so I would always have it, or else I would forget most of the information I had written down. It figured it would save a lot of time than typing it all up again.

I tried to edit it afterwards, but for some reason I can't login to EZboard and it's being really annoying.

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Unread postby Banjooie » Fri Jun 04, 2004 12:02 pm

6) I request that you make your best attempt to create a new character for this. I have noticed many of you reuse the same name, and generally the same character. I normally wouldn't have a problem when dealing with such matters as dimensional turmoil, but at least make an effort.

What precisely is wrong with playing the same character in two different RPs?



Unread postby RyuKurai000 » Fri Jun 04, 2004 12:49 pm

This needs an OOC thread. I'll join, but cripes, please read the rules next time.

Is it against the rules for the GM to want some original characters?

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Unread postby Banjooie » Fri Jun 04, 2004 1:55 pm

...Isn't making OOC threads for others a touch egotistical? o.o

Furthermore, it was more the implied assertion that using the same character twice was a bad thing.


Re: .

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I was bored. So sue me. *is a mad egotist*

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The reason that's there is because I wasn't able to edit it out. I know this site is good for RPers and such, but the original site I made this for had a bit of a problem with everyone using the EXACT SAME CHARACTER REGARDLESS OF TIMELINE, not to mention same name and appearance. Here, I really don't care because I don't see some guy walking around medieval fantasy realms with a plasma cannon and a motorcycle.

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I'll join

Unread postby Monochrom Man » Tue Jun 08, 2004 2:13 pm

Age:3 (Looks 25)
Faction:Irregular Hunters
Equipment (Faction designated):Basic irregular Hunter Armor, Basic Buster C., Copy Prog.
Background: Spritz never thought that he would become a fighter especially a fighter that would combat the darkness. His personalitity used to be a gentle one. He was created by a well known programmer Doctor Turse, not exactly a known reploid builder. Which explains why he is very generic in his strength, speed, and knowledge. there jobs were to his assistants and learned a little programming knowledge, they lived a quiet life for two short years, then one day everything changed. Flash had been missing for several days nowhere to be found. Spritz and Turse were going back to work after a night of searching when they walked into the werehouse that served as their working enviroment they were met with a seen of carnage. Dead humans and reploids were scattered all across the room, computers were smashed. They were taking in the scene when from the catwalk on the cieling Flash lept down. He was wearing black and white battle armor, his kept blond hair was now wild and matted, he had a red glint to his eye. They gasped in horror, Flash went irreguler. He chuckled "So good Doctor where is your Program."
"I will not tell you. Especially if your so hasty you cant find it for yourself. I thought i built you to be smarter than that" Dr.Turse spoke his words Bravely though he knew he was facing death.
"THEN YOU DIE!" Flash shot of his buster, and before it could be stopped by Spritz the Doctor was beyond any chance of being saved from death.
"Flash you'll die for this!" Spritz yelled and charged at his brother.
He smirked "He brought it on himself." He doged Spritz easily and slashed him in half with his Purple energy saber "as you have also done brother." and with that Flash teleported out. Spritz though in great pain was still operational so he crawled towards the doctor who was barely alive.
"Spritz the reason i created you and your brother was to hide a program from everybody. Half of it is inside you and the other is have to kill him take the program and put it in" With that Turse died
Spritz would fulfill the Doctors last wish he would fulfill his purpose for being created. To do this he knew he would need to be stronger and joining the irregular hunters would be the only way to do that without any money. This would possibly help him meet his brother, when that time came he would use the hatred that changed him and taught im to kill, to free him of his disease the irregular virus.
Extra Notes:He has a program recorded in his memory that is impossible to be read by anyone without the second half.

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One down...

Unread postby Rion Kerikinia » Wed Jun 09, 2004 4:25 am

Good, at least now I have one person. Now the most likely eternal wait for more members.

Like your character so far, by the way, which is something I rarely say.

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Where the hell are all you newbies coming from anyway?

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Unread postby Rion Kerikinia » Wed Jun 09, 2004 1:39 pm

I've been here before under a different name. THe only reason I didn't reuse the old one was because I forgot the password.

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Re: .

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I meant more Monochrom Man.

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Re: whats up with you

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why you being a hater dude. Newbies Rock!

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Unread postby The Great Nevareh » Thu Jun 10, 2004 10:18 pm

I hate to draw attention away from this, but there is now an OOC thread dedicated to this subject. Please continue all conversations there on pain of me complaining at you.


can i join?

Unread postby aurorastar » Tue Jun 15, 2004 3:08 pm

<font face="arial" color="blue">Name: Rheema Luor
Age: 21
Race: Elven
Faction: Gatekeepers
Job: Martial Artist
Equipment (Faction designated): She uses a main sword and two small daggers.
Background: Rheema's parents were killed when she was about 15. An orphan, she wandered around, having no one else to love her. She stumbled upon rift between the two realms, and was rescued by members of the Gatekeepers. She has been there ever since, although she is still somewhat undecided about her position in the war. She does fight loyally for the Gatekeepers, and will continue to do so until she sees proof that her side is the wrong one.
Extra Notes: She has long white hair that she lets down occasionally, but usually it stays in a tight bun so it won't interfere with her work. Rheema is a strong worker, and has stayed independent of everyone ever since her parents died. She doesn't trust anyone easily and likes to keep to herself more than integrate with others.

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I have no doubts about your ability to join. However, there is an OOC thread dedicated to this, and it would be more along with the decorum of the forum if all posters would direct their attentions to this subject into that area of the board.

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