A Kings Ransom(umm al welcome?)

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A Kings Ransom(umm al welcome?)

Unread postby Socretes » Sun May 16, 2004 5:14 am

--Note from starter---
I'm still thinking of a good character so I will only give you a plot to build on. Take note this takes place in a Sinai Arbain like world.I.E. Its in the desert thought it would be a good way for me to get a character under good development as well as more opines. This is a new continent as well. Please if you don't want to post don't, if your just gona make rude comments on it then PM me instead so we don't start a flame war and have this thread break down. With that in mind happy writing.


The great desert. A place where no man, no lizard, no bird wanders without reason. Today under the sun is a party of diplomats, warriors, and a prince. They are returning home after an unsuccessful mission to stop war with they're neighbors the Inttees. In the head of this small caravan was the prince of a large kingdom the Pergins. The prince was 21 seasons the reference to this areas age. He had short black hair, and a deep tan. He wore simple white linen over a beautifully made battle Armour. Leather lased with peices of silver. A sword of gold with many rubies, sapphires, and emeralds were embedded in the handle. He had on baggy purple trousers which were colored from the toxins of the greatest sea snail in the sea. He was trying to think of being home in a couple of days, but the heat and memory of the meeting with that infidel of a leader kept keeping him mind preoccupied. This princes name was Al(All) Pergin.

-The meeting(a reference)-

Al stood quietly before a ranting old man white in all black. He was a tall almost snake like man. He spoke in a hateful voice that was rather raspy. "NO I will not accept your fathers terms! He lets his people regardless of my complaints settle on MY side of the river! They take some of my peoples' greatest farmland! Then they move inland and take mines! Do they pay homage to ME?!? NO! They pay your father!" Seph spoke in his temper rising, "My father tries to put a stop to this, but we the river is overly populated and people demand more land- The man cuts him off "SO YOU TAKE MY LAND!! NO I SAY GET OUT OF MY PALACE THIS IS WAR!!" Seph spoke trying to remain calm, "Your armies are far and few between, if you declare war we will crush you before you can even muster them." The king became furious at this and ordered he be escorted out of the palace after some nasty remarks to Al.

After Al left a servant girl came in, "Lord Inttee excuse me for this intrusion when you are in bad temper, but Psudian is here to see you." Intee cocked an eyebrow, but it was quickly token over by a nasty gleam in his eyes with a wicked smile. "Send him in my dear."He said in an almost singsong voice. A heavy set man came in trowing glances at the servant girl as she left. He walked up the king and said in a deep voice "My lord they are ready at your command." Inttee responded with glee in his voice again. "Follow them get them deep in the desert far from my palace far from his." Psudian nodded bowed and left. Inttee left the room through a small door off to the side. Inside was a shady mage who was dressed in grey. Inttee spoke to him in a whisper "My friend we are in need of your talents. I want you to work your magic on the prince to make my demands on Pergin met. I want him to hand me his wealth, and then I want him to suffer." The mage nodded and left.

-The Ambush-
Back to the prince and his caravan. It was now late in the day and the sun was setting. They were passing a rather large dune when a scout came rushing back to the prince with excited news. He spoke quickly "Lord the oasis I have found it about five miles that way we can reach it before sunset." Al responded "HA HA good we shall have fresh water around the fire tonight." Al rode up to see if he could see it from there. Up top the sandy hill he looked in all direction, but all he saw was endless yellow white sand. He continued to look when two mages yelled up to him "Sir please come down we don't want to lose you." The other said"Yes we would like to keep our heads thank you." He went back to join them in converse.

Behind the dune a portal appeared. Several archers and swordsmen on camel stepped out. Another stepped out. It was the mage who Inttee spoke to a few days ago. Silently they snuke to the top of the dune. ON the mage's mark they yelled battle crys and loosed a volley of arrows. Several soilders and diplomats fell. The two mages turned and started to cast spells. When the shadowy mage stepped out. He cast a power full spell on one mage who fell instantly to the ground. The other soon followed. Al was now turning to spur on his horse when two arrows struck him in the back. Al fell off his horse in a spasm of gasps and choughs. He then realized he couldn't breath. His breaths started to feel like they were on fire and then as he lifted his head to look as the last of his allies fell he saw himself walking up to him laughing, at least he thought it looked like him. He never had a second thought he collapsed into darkness.

-The ransom-
A chubby man sat in a robe of many colors. He was chatting with an adviser when a messenger came in. The king Pergin spoke in a lively but with athourity "I'll assume my son is back." The messenger responded worried "No my lord we have received word he was taken captive by marauders. They say they will kill him if you do not pay a set price." The king stood up at this with fury on his old face "WE WILL NOT PAY THESE INFIDELS THEIR PRICE!!! I-order-a-team-of-assassins-to-kill-their-leader!" "Yes my lord" The messenger response

It was several days later the messenger returned. "My lord the marauder leader gives his regards, this gift">search.targetwords.com/u....1VDw">gift[/url] , and these words. A basket with the heads of the assassins was given to him as the messenger repeated the words of the marauders words "Your stupidness in your bluffs angers me and if you try that again I shall kill your son, and the price has been doubled because of it." The king was again furious at this. He spoke his every word trembled with rage "SUMMON-THE-GREATEST-WARRIOR-MAGE-OR-WHATEVER-TO-COME-AND-KILL-THIS-MAN-AND-GET-MY-SON-BACK!!! TELL-THEM-THEY-WILL-BE-PAYED-A-KINGS-RANSOM" The messenger spoke shakily as if he was afraid of his own safety, "Ye-yes my lord."

Not enought depth... too bad I don't want to give more away then I already have. Anyones welcome to use the characters I made. I.E.Kings, Adviser, ect. I might post some as soon as I get a character with enought depth to pass peoples tests. Until then I'll be on the sideline given constructive critistism.d

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Heylo. ^_^

Unread postby SALSAlys » Tue May 18, 2004 12:11 pm


Hm. On the plus side, you have put decent effort into this and description, and it looks like it will be more than a one-liner RP!

However: It might be easier to start out recruiting in the OOC forum for ya, as more people interested in RPs will check there for new ones.)

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