Switching Demensions Year 3146

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Switching Demensions Year 3146

Unread postby ryman1026 » Tue Sep 09, 2003 7:36 pm


The Year is 3146, over a Century Since the last UNIWAR(UNIverse WAR) Seifer a 16 Year Old Is Wondering Why These Strange Things Are Happening... (Hands Glowing a Dark Blue, Accidents Happening Outta Nowhere, ect) HE was Now Forced to Join the UNIWAR Army of Remida, He Didn't Have to worry he was with his Friend Joey.


Seifer Sttutered.. He Woke Up From a Terrifying Dream. He Was Laying Down In a Dark Room. Looking at His Hands He Saw Blood and Beside him He Saw.... That Was When He woke up. He Was in His Bunker with The 16 other Men on his Team. He got up, He looked At everyone else and Saw them Silently asleep. He Poured some Coffe and Looked outside the window. "Space.... Where do You End?" He Said to him self.
"Talking to Yourself isn't Good for ya, ya know!" There she was Sara Linze. The Commander of His Troop. He Wanted that Job So Badly, but she took it from him. "Whatever..." He Said Angerly


Re: Switching Demensions Year 3146

Unread postby SALSAlys » Tue Sep 09, 2003 9:24 pm

Hello, welcome to the boards, and PLEASE post in the OOC forum before just leaping into an arpee. Please read some of the rules about this board, guidelines and such...

And grammar/punctuation/spelling counts.

Which Means That This Gets A Bit Annoying To Read.

...other than that, hiya!

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