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Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby saberlock » Sun Apr 20, 2003 4:55 pm

"NO you didn't. You've mistaken this city for another one. Now shut the hell up and come with me."

"We've got to go now people! We've had more than enough drinks, and we'll need to be ready to go tomorrow." Saber said to the people in the pub, trying to get Servi off of his chair.

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Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Sun Apr 20, 2003 6:42 pm

The entire pub began roaring with laughter.

"The boy's delirious after only a few drinks."

One of the drunkards laughed.

"How many did he have?"

"...I lost count..."

A woman said, some after breaking out in laughter.

"Kid, there has never been a battle in this city!!"

"That's right! Not only are we protected under Northland laws...under King Zues..."

"...but we are also protected by th Southlands' laws and Lord Odin!!"

Drunkards continued the laugh back and forth.

"Centuries of no wars!!!"

A drunkard laughed as he feel from his stool. RThe bartender looked to Saber who was trying to drag Servi from his seat.

"Why do ya have to go so soon youngens? Stay for the festival tomarrow. That festival represents all our Centuries of peace!!"

He said smiling warmly.

"Yea stay!"

The drunkards continues to try and pursuade them to stay until tomarrow.

~The Crystal Palace Throne Room~

"Freya, tis good to see thou well."

Boreas smiled. Boreas was a large entity composed entirly of wind. His bear shaped body added power to his already grand figure.

"I just came to tell of Lord Odin's progresses sire."

Freya said respectivily bowing her head. Boreas smiled.

"I truly thank the two kingdoms for their support my Lady."

Boreas said warmly. Freya smiled to the grand wind god.

"It is our pleasure...."


Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Sun Apr 20, 2003 8:38 pm

"Yeah let's stay!," Servi Yelled Loosening Saber's grip and running to the nearest Wine cooler, hugging it enthusiastically, "I only started drinking."


Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby saberlock » Mon Apr 21, 2003 8:35 am

Saber shrugged, and ordered another drink.

"Oh well..."

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Mon Apr 21, 2003 11:52 am

The whole bar began singing together..off key. The mysterious man began to laugh with them. He than looked outside. The cloaked figure quickly ran from the establishment.

~At Boreas' Throne room~

"Lord Odin has been up to his usual. Sending me and Frey on errands to different kindoms."

Boreas shook his head.

"Tis a shame."

Freya laughed at his remark.

"Well I must be going my Lord."

"Good-bye than."

Boreas smiled and handed Freya a small feather that was glowing bright red. Freya bowed her head and left the Palace with Lock by her side. Freya looked at the feather, and it turned from bright red to a dark blue. It the turned to ash in her hand.


Freya mumbled under her breath. She looked to Lock and sighed.

"Sorry, but we're gonna have to stay in the city one more day..."

Frey ran past Freya and Lock.



Frey tossed Freya her Partisain and continued running. A man totting a chef's knife ran by after Frey.

"....*sigh* Come on..let's find the other two...."

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Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby saberlock » Wed Apr 23, 2003 10:41 am

Lock nodded, and grinned.

"Servi said he was going to the local pub... I suspect Saber will be there as well... Let's just hope that idiot hasn't got himself in any trouble..."

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Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Wed Apr 23, 2003 1:28 pm

Freya chuckled.

"Oh, I suppose they're just mingling...that can't possibly go wrong..."

Freya and Lock made their way to the pub. She opened the door and all around people were laughing and singing, and two other men had even started a small bar fight as other drunkards betted off of their fight, so they can buy more to drink.



Frey barged in knocking Freya down.

"Cool a party!!"

Frey laughed as he ran up to the bar counter. He jumped onto the counter.


Frey laughed. The bartender turned around. His face lightend up when he saw Frey.

"Young Master! How are you?"

"Cool! Dude..."

"Hahaha of course..."

The tender laughed as he handed Frey a bowl of peanuts. Freya stood up. She shook her head and walked up to the bar. Zarn jumped from her shoulder onto the counter.

"Well if it isn't Zarn..."

The tender smiled as he stroked the Lizard's back. The tender looked up and saw Freya walking up to the counter.

"Lady Freya...so good to see you."

He said as he began to laugh heartilly at the drunkard's actions. Freya sat up on a stool and leaned her elbows on the counter.

"Hey, Norris. I'm just looking for two friends that stopped by here."

"Is that so eh? Who was it? Cara...Ebony?"

".......um...no. These two are outsiders...."

"Outsiders eh...they're right over there...."

Servi and Saber were the ones participating in the bar fight. Both to drunk to stand on the table. Servi fell backwards tipping the table over. Saber fell forward on top of him. Freya laughed and walked up to them. She bent down by their sides.

"You guys okay?"


Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby saberlock » Wed Apr 23, 2003 2:37 pm

Saber looked up.

"Zzhm? Oh, hi! Came to see me win?"

Saber got up, only to lose his balance again and fall backwards.

"Yay! I declare myself winner!"

Lock looked at the Saber, walked towards him, and helped him get up.

"You're making a fool of yourself. Stop it."

"Lock! Have a drink! You'll feel better!"

Lock looked away from Saber, and then let go of him, causing Saber to fall back dow again.



Re: Loose lips sink ships...

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Wed Apr 23, 2003 3:25 pm

"You win!," Servi yelled toppling Saber as he got up again, "I'm the champion here!."

Servi walked over to Freya, who was laughing at the stupidity of the two.

"I'm gonna stay here the night and party, your welcome to join us," Servi said sounding pretty sober, "I'm not really that drunk, i'm just putting on a show for the locals," Servi said turning around and yelling something in a drunken gibberish to teh cheering crowd.

Lady Freya Vanir

A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Wed Apr 23, 2003 8:20 pm

Freya laughed as she watched Saber stummble up and tumble right back down.

"Sure why not? A little fun never hurt anyone!"

She said patting Servi on the back. The group stayed in the pub all night. By midnight everything began to calm. Little by little the drunkards fell asleep on one another. Freya laid in a corner back to back with Servi, and Frey laying his head on her lap. Saber fell asleep on a table and Lock took comfort in a nearby chair. The bartender closed up the pub and lowered the lights so as everyone could sleep.

~At the Crystal Palae~

"Is it true...?"

Boreas asked as he looked toward the cloaked figure.


The figure answered.

"I saw it with my very eyes. Right over the city."

"...Tis a bad omen..."

Boreas said shaking his head in disbelief.

"Well, my master, I must take my leave."

"Very well than..."

The cloaked stranger respectivly bowed and left. Boreas looked out through the walls of the Palace.

"What hast they brought upon us...."

~Back at the Pub~

It was early morning, and many of the now sober men and women began to leave the pub one by one. Freya yawned and streatched out, knocking Servi down face first into the floor. Saber rolled over in his sleep and fell off the table, toppling it over- which in turn knocked Lock's chair over.

Freya looked around at the hilarious chain.

"You guys okay? haha!"

"*yawn* Is it time to see the fair?"

Thebartender opened up shop, flipping the 'close' sign to 'open'.

"Hahaha...it's only six a.m. You still have some time to sober up and stop by Vidarr's shop."


Freya looked up to Norris.

"Yes...he stopped by last night and asked me to tell you to stop by."

"Hmmm. Okay than."

Freya looked to the arousing group.

"Well I'm gonna go to his shop. Who's gonna come with me, and who's going to go with Frey to the weapon shop to pick up some amours. Hmm?"

She asked as she stood to her feet. Zarn ran from the counter and jumped onto her shoulder.

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Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby saberlock » Wed Apr 23, 2003 8:43 pm

"Maaan... My head hurts..."

Saber said, as he slowly got up from the floor again.

"Who said a little fun never hurt anyone, eh?"


Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Thu Apr 24, 2003 8:54 pm

"You have a soft skinned back," Servi said with a grin as he made his way to the bar, face still red from hitting the floor,"just a pint of rum," Servi said as he was almost instantly handed a mug of rum by the bartender. "One night and you already know my favorite drink," Servi said gulping down the drink.

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Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Fri Apr 25, 2003 5:22 pm

Freya laughed at Servi's comment.She tightly wrapped her arm around his neck cutting off his oxygen supply for a minute. Than she let go dropping him onto the floor.


"You just voleentered.."

"...for what may I ask?"

Servi said as he got to his feet.

"You're gonna come with me and you two go with Frey to get some things. And make sure he gets everything on that list, NOTHING more."

Freya left dragging Servi behind her and Zarn crawling alongh side.

"...but hey.....I never said..."

Saber tried to proteset.


Frey began to estacticly jump up and down.

"Come on dudes!! We get to go shopping!!.....With my sis' cash too..hehehe"

Frey darted off outside.

"*outside* Come on dudes!!!"

~Walking the Streets~

Freya looked to Servi and luaghed.


"*shakes head* no, nothing..."

Zarn jumped into her open arms and climbed onto her shoulder. There was a long silence etwwen the two.

"So...Servi...what race are you?"

She asked trying to break the annoyance of silence.


Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Fri Apr 25, 2003 6:11 pm

"Race...?" Servi said repeating Freya, "Well, to be honest, i don't know, i was always told i was human, but you can't be sure nowadays with mix breeding," Servi paused to ponder sopmething then continued, "I think i'm obviously human, but i think there is alittle Elf in me, hence the spped and agility, but it might have been a long time ago, so i don't have any physical appearance showing my elf lineages, just traits."

Servi finished and smiled, "I had a good time last night," Servi said turning to Saber, "I hope we can fight again some other time, less drunk though..."


Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby saberlock » Fri Apr 25, 2003 7:07 pm

"Heh... You can count on it! When we've got some time to spare, we'll have some fun. Just don't think I'm going to go easy on you!"

"Fine, just as long as you remember not to trip over your own blade." Lock commented. "Shall we go now?"

"Hey, not fair! That never actually happened!"

"Whatever you say..."

"Shut up."

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Fri Apr 25, 2003 8:34 pm

"Come on!"

Frey and Freya dragged their partners away. Frey dragged Saber and Lock away to the Market and Freya dragged Servi away to Vidarr's shop.

"Servi, you stay here..."

She left him waiting by the door and she runs to the back.

"Hey Vidarr!"

Freya yelled. She sat ontop of the brothers work bench. Vidarr walked up to Freya with a smile. She grinned; seductivly.


"Haha..You're welcome my Lady. Do you like it?"

Freya nods. The monsterous Ali walked out.

"We are glad that you like it mi'lady."

"I very much do guys."


Re: A little fun never hurt anyone

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Fri Apr 25, 2003 8:41 pm

Servi put one of his feet against teh wall and pulling out his knife, began to sharpen it.

Lady Freya Vanir


Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Sat Apr 26, 2003 2:00 pm

The entire shop was decorated with rare weapons and amours. Many considered impossible to obtain. One weapon, inpeticular, stood out....In a glass casing sat a broad sword. Not just any sword, but the infamous Excalibur. Freya sat in the back with Vidarr and Ali, and she sat right next to the glass casing.

The Excalibur was said to only be able to properly be wielded by a prophet, and very few Gods. Vidarr and Freya continued to converse of the job the brothers had done to her Partisan.

"So it'll be more powerful with its coating of Mythril?"

Freya could be heard mention.

"Yes Milady. And much easier to wield, even with its weight."

Vidarr continued.

"And it will now be able to deflect more energy attacks than before..."

Ali said with a warm smile. Freya looked at the case with Excalibur. She opened the casing and examined the old relic, still teaming with power.

"If I keep getting my weapon fixed up like this it'll be as powerful as this baby."

"Why do you not just use it?"

Ali asked with curiosity.

"I'm not a sword person...but if Excalibur was a lance I wouldn't hesitate to use it. Listen, I gotta go...but I'll catch you guys next time, kay? And thanks alot for what you did."

Freya walked out of the shop, dragging Servi out by the sleeve. Vidarr and his brother walked to the doorway to say their last farewells. Vidarr leaned against the doorway and Ali happily waved good-bye.

"Oh and Freya...."

She turned and looked at Vidarr.

"We saw it......


"......You better be careful. This has gotten Boreas and young Tyche upset. And you know if Tyche..."

"Okay, okay.."

Freya interrupted. She looked to Vidarr with a smile.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be fine. There's no need to worry. Bye you two...come on Servi..."

Freya said as she jerked Servi. The two walked a while and made it to the city Square. Freya sat on the bench and looked to Servi.

"We'll wait here for Frey and the others, kay?"

Vidarr looked to Ali.

"I pray that the Elders will have mercy on her...come brother.."

Vidarr walked back into the shop. Ali looked off; saddened by the current event.

"*thinking* May the Phoenix forever guide you through your tribulations...."

Ali slowly followed his brother into the shop.

Frey, Saber, and Lock were at the local market shopping.

"Oh, oh, okay!!! You get what's on the list. Ya know dudes- like, Healing herbs and remedies and bandaids. I'll go and get...some candy!!!"

Frey jumped into the air and ran off to the back of the market where all the sweets were.

~Elsewhere in the streets of Carta~

"Are the preparations complete?"

A dark, ominous voice asked. The cloaked figure ,previously encountered by the group; but went completely unnoticed, looked toward the strange creature.


He answered in a low quiet voice.

"...As Lord Boreas passes that area in the parade..."


The strange creature chortled.

"But remember...if you fail, we are all doomed...."

The cloaked figure bowed to the creature.

"Yes sir...I will not fail Lord Anubis. The Guild's name will be showered with pride."

The creature was engulfed in a fireball and vanished in its flames.

"Remember...even the mighty Phoenix deems this upon her...."

The voice evilly chortled indistinctly. The cloaked figure looked on as villagers and Palace Guards alike prepared for the festivities.

"*thinking* Soon. Your day will come; you shall pay for your crimes...Lady Freya of Vanir......"

The cloaked figure stormed off. The cloak flapped in the wind, and the mysterious figure suddenly vanishes with the wind.

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Re: Preparations.....

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Sat Apr 26, 2003 10:00 pm

Servi sat on teh bench, with a fixed glare on the fountain. Memories flooded back, but he did well to retain them this time, he can still remember reading teh parchment on the edge, standing high and proud like the newblood he was.

Servi's head snapped to the right as he heard something to his left. Concentrating hard on the spot he had heard the movemnet from.

Scrathing his head, Servi dismissed it as a bird and turned his gaze back to the fountain, but his eyes snapped wide as a lone girl stood in front of him, cathcing Servi off guard.

"Lilandra!," Servi said a stoic surprise.

"You need to loosen up, you sound like a machine," Lilandra said taking a seat next to Servi.

Lilandra was quite a sight, dressed mostly in slick black, but seems and joints were the color red, including a cloak she normally wore, but as of now, dosn't have it on during theiving hours.

"What a surprise," Servi said looking at the ground in fropnt of Lilandra, instead of her face.

"Yes, a surprise indeed," Lilandra said also looking at teh ground in front of her, "So how's your wife?,"

"Dead," Servi said unable to say much more.

"I'm so sorry to hear that," Lilandra said with a frown, 'So what brings you here?"

"Buisness," Servi said once again looking at the fountain, "Acting as a guide, but it's more like i'm being guided around, i was thinking of just staying here for the festival, leaving everyone to do their own thing, they don't really need me."

Lilandra paused to think of something to say, but couldn't so sat still staring at the fountain also.


Re: Preparations.....

Unread postby saberlock » Sun Apr 27, 2003 10:49 am

"Remind me again when I agreed to do the shopping?" Saber complained. "I hate doing shopping that's not for myself..."

"We've agreed to help Freya, and if this is the way to help her, we'll do it. Now stop complaining."

Lock looked at the list for a moment, and then suddenly looked back up.

"Where did Frey mention he was going? Freya told us not to allow him to buy anything not on the list."

"He said he was going to get some candy..."

Lock sighed.

"We'll have to find him."

"First shopping, now babysitting... The fun never stops, does it?"

Saber said, before running in the direction Frey left.

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Preparations.....

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Sun Apr 27, 2003 2:46 pm

Frey sat quietly as she listened to Servi and Lilandra speak of the past.

".....Man they're sooo depressing....."

She thought to herself. She looked around the streets as they got busy for a festival.

"...Part Elf...man, I can pick em. I hope he's as good as he acts..."

She thought as she watched the civilians placed lavish blue and white streamers around lampposts and benches. Suddenly a horrible feeling ran down Freya's spine. She shuttered and looked around. She looked to a far off corner and noticed the cloaked figure skulking by a lamppost. The cloaked figure looked directly at Freya. Its arm pulled from it long sleeve, and it held up s small paper, with a strange symbol on it.

Freya's eyes widend as she took a closer look at the symbol.


She whispered out loud. A cart rolled by the figure. Freya continued to watch the spot in almost fear. By the time the cart moved from the way the mysterious figure had vanished. All of the floats and paraders lined up as the festival parade was about to start.

~At the Market~

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh by. What to eat first....sweet...."

Frey said with excitement as he gazed back and forth at the delicious treats. Frey was about to greab and treat, but another hand swooped down and grabbed his hand. Frey looked up and saw Lock and Saber.


"Yes you are..."

Lock said releasing his hand.

"Freya said you can't get any candy..."

Saber said holding up the list.

"Dude, alright...I'll skip the munchies for now..."

The three of them completed the list and headed out into the streets. Frey stood on a bench and looked across the street.

"Hey dudes!"

He said to Lock and Saber.

"Sis is, like, over there...come on!!"

Frey ran out into the street, but was halted by Lock.

"What's the big idea dude!?"

Lock pointed into the street- the festival parade was turning the corner.

"Dude..it started..."

Frey said as he stared in awe. On the other side of the street Freya anxiously looked on at the parade. She stood from the bench and watched the coming floats roll in. Zarn sat on her shoulder and hissed. The floats were decorated with symbols and words that no one could read. Boreas rode on the coming float, and his once bright face was swallowed in sadness, and anguish.

Frey backed up as he read the symbols. His heart fell jumped into his throat. He wished to scream, but couldn't get it out. Freya gripped her Partisain tightly. From a great distance Vidarr and Ali looked on.

"Brother...what does it mean?"

Ali asked; looking to his brother for support.

".......Come...I do not wish to watch..."

Vidarr said choking up, and walked back into shop. Ali looked off a moment- than followed his brother in. They locked up the shop and closed all the window.

Frey looked on with great fear, as Boreas' float came closer and closer. Boreas looked to Freya, than to Frey on the other side of the road. He sat back and closed his humble eyes.

~At Asgardia Castle~

"Master, master..."

Hugin looked at Lord Odin.

".....it is too late..there is nothing we can do..."

Odin said as he covered his looking glass.

"But why, why Master?"

Muninn cawed with grief.

"...It has...begun...."

"He is going to arrive..."

Lady Skadi said as she walked into Odin's chamber.


Odin began.

"No..do not say anything...we are Gods...we will overcome this..."

Skadi comforted.

"I hope you are correct in your telling me this Milady....I pray to Phoenix that you are...."

~Back at Carta City~

"...the symbol..."

Frey said backing away. Freya back up from the road. She continued to stare at the symbols.


Boreas lips motioned . Freya and Frey tripped over themselves backing away. A Dark figured appeared over Boreas head. No one else seemed to be able to see it, only those who had lived far to long......

The Dark shadow carried a lantern. It hovered above Boreas and lift its lantern into the air. Boreas' soul was drawn into the small lantern. The Dark shadow looked toward the few who did see him, and pointed his lantern to them; as if he was saying 'You're next'. It than disappeared.

"...I-it was...."

Freya sat on the floor in an awe.


Frey said looking at the giant swirls of winds that made up Boreas' body fade. The people went into a panic as Boreas disappeared.

"It is a terrible Omen from the Gods!!"

The people scattered. The ran back to their home in fear, and locked their doors. Just than the cloaked figure appeared above Boreas.

"Poor, poor Boreas...give count Freya...he is the first....thou shall be next..."

A shrill evil voice said. The cloaked figure dropped a small paper in the center of the road ans vanihed into thin air. Freya stood close by Servi and Frey by Saber and Lock.

They looked into the road; afraid opf what was on the paper. A strange symbol was written on the paper...the symbol was written in...Boreas' blood........


Re: Preparations.....

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:43 pm

Servi walked towards the note, and picking it up, examined it. He turned it in several different directions and brought it closer to his face, then threw it back on the ground.

"Never seen it before," Servi said walking next to Lilandra's side, refering to the note.


Re: Preparations.....

Unread postby saberlock » Mon Apr 28, 2003 5:16 am

Saber looked at the scene, not fully aware of what was going on.

"Ehm... Could someone explain what just happened?"

Lady Freya Vanir

Loki: The Terror

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Mon Apr 28, 2003 6:04 pm

"Frey burn the stupid piece of paper!!!"

Freya yelled from the other side of the road.

"Dude!! W-why me!?!?!"

"Your closest!!!"


Frey casts a fire spell with the Sun Stone. Freya walked up to the ashed paper and kicked at it. The cloaked figure appeared behind Freya.

"Hmm..hello Lady..."

A raspy voice said. Freya jumped foward and aimed her Partisain at the strange figure. With a simple wave of it hand it blew Freya into Frey.


Frey fell over, Freya's weight holding him down.

"Today will be your last Freya of Vanir!! You and your worthless pawn!!!!"

The figure removes its cloak. Revealing a strange Demonic creature.

"You will die!!!"

The Demonic creature roared. Tw flame axes appeared in his hands. Zarn stood brave and hissed at the creature, but was tossed away as easily as Freya was.

"Filthy beast! As soon I rid you of your precious toys Freya...thou shall be next in line."

Freya pulled herself up. And Frey staggered to his feet.

"D*** you...Loki..."

".....Oh so you've figured it out eh?"

Loki looked to Freya with his Demonic eyes. Frey laughed.


"It was easy dude! That's like totally you're favorite form and weapon."

Loki chuckled at Frey's comment.

"Ahh you know me well dear one. But it shall not defend you!"

Loki slammed the Axe blade into the ground forming a fire arrow that ran straight toward Freya and Frey. The siblings were slammed into a nearby brickwall. Loki chortled at his easy victory. He looked to Servi and Lilandra; than to Lock and Saber.

"I guess she never told you filthy creatures...."

"D*** you Loki!!"

Again Loki struck her down wiith his Flame Axe.

"Now...who shall be the first to perish by Loki's hands?"

He said as he looked around for a victim.


Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Mon Apr 28, 2003 6:19 pm

Servi exmined closly, but could not see a thing, he heard, and saw the effects, but not what was causing them. Saber and Lock seemed just as confused, but Lilandra watched o in horror.

Servi watched lilandra as she pulled out her Bastard sword and charged up, slamming thin air.

"What the hell?," Servi said watching Lilandra pick herself back up.

Lilandra charged againand this time drove a knife through the invisable figure, but quickly thrusted her sword drawing the attentoin away from the dagger.

Lilandra stumbled back to Servi as she took another blow.

"Attack the knife," Lilandra whispered back to Servi, Lock, and Saber, "I know you can't see Loki, but you can see the knife."

"Uh...right," Servi said drawing his garnet sword.

(OOC: you said earlier that Servi, Lock, and Saber couldn't see it so, i figured that still applied)

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Mon Apr 28, 2003 6:52 pm

"What the..."

Loki turned around.

"*thinking* How can they see me?"

He despelled his incantment and appeared so that Servi and the others can see.

"So you can see through my incantation can you? I've underestimated you...but it shall not happen again!!"

He pulled the cagger from his now visible body. His body was covered in flames as were his axes. Huge creture- that stood over eight feet tall. His Axes burned with vigor.

"You will pay for touching me; you vile creatures. Cause I'll be D***ed if you think I'll be defeated by the likes of you!!"

Loki charged at Lilandra.

"The wrencth will die!!!"

He roared swinging his emence flames coated axes toward her.


Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Tue Apr 29, 2003 8:58 pm

"No!," Servi screamed as he dove, pushing Lilandra aside, taking one of teh axes in his leg, causing a deep wound, but lacked bleeding because of the fire caturizing the flesh.

Servi stumbled to his feet, but was struck back down by the axe.

"Saber!" Servi screamed reaching is hand out to teh closest person, Saber.


Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby saberlock » Wed Apr 30, 2003 5:10 am

Staring at what was happening, Saber immediately sprung into action when Servi screamed his name. He took Servi's hand, and quickly carried him away. Then he turned around and faced the demonic figure.

"Hey! Big and ugly, this way!"

Saber charged towards the demon, ready to strike.

Meanwhile, Lock had ran to Freya and Frey.

"Are you ok?"

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Wed Apr 30, 2003 5:07 pm

"Dude..I think I broke my tail..."

Freya clocked him in the head.

"Tail bone. I meant tail bone."

Freya struggled to her feet and reached for her Partisain.


Loki looked from the corner of his fire eyes.

"I think not!"

He roared as he tossed one of the Axes at her weapon and used the other to deflect Saber's attack. His first axe was relected back to him;Freya unharmed by the attack, and his second Axe regenerated in his firey hand.

"Hmm...I see..Mythril...Well it will be useless for your friends... Who have no such protection!!!"

Loki roared terribily as he ran after the injured Servi.

"Maning your opponets will only have tham come back- bloothirsty for revenge!!"

He roared as he furiously swung his Flaming Axes at Servi.

"Frey! Do something!!"

Frey looked about in confusion...Than he began to chat a spell. Loki looked back in surprise.

"...Those words....A containment spell!?! I will not allow you to complete it!!"

Loki charged toward young Frey; Axes scorching the afternoon air.


Freya yelled as she jumped into the way and was struck by a direct attack. She was hurdled into the floor, causing the concrete to shatter. Freya jumped to her feet, badly bruised, but not to damaged.

"We have to keep him away frem Frey...you monster!!"

Freya charged toward Loki and they locked weapons. Sparks flew as the Mythril coated Partisain and Flaming Axes slide against each other. Freya was thrown into Lock, as Loki obviously had a strength advantage- not to mention his pure size advantage. He continued to Swings his Axes. It seemed the more he swung them the more powerful they became. Frey was still as can be; hands folded and him frantically chanting his spell...


Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Wed Apr 30, 2003 8:46 pm

Servi struggled to his feet, helped by Saber.

"Die," Servi said as he struck Loki in the back with his sword, the sword pierced deep and rendered Loki incapacitated.

"What did you do to me," Loki roared as Servi clutched tighter to the sword.

"I'vbe rendered you unmovable, hitting a certain nerve, but you will soon regain your stature and probably throw me off if i let go of this sword," Servi said watching Frey chant.

"But you'll be contained with Loki!," Lilandra screamed dropping her bastard sword.

"so be it," Servi said continuing to watch Frey chant the spell.

"NO!," Lilandra screamed as a black box surronded the pair, then enclosed almost instantly, tuning them into a small crystal, "Why! Why did he do such a foolish thing, we could have beaten him!"

Lilandra fell to the ground, slumping in anger.

(OOC: Met the new PC; Lilandra)

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Thu May 01, 2003 5:41 pm

Frey passed out from the speel. Frey walked over to the Crystal and picked it up. She plced it into her satchel and walked up to Frey.


She bent down and sat him up in her arms. She gently slapped his cheeks. Frey slowly opened his eyes.

"Did I finish it?"

"*crying softly* Yep...there's a first time for everything. *wipes eyes* Come on let's go..."

Freya jumped to her feet. With her Partisain fixated on her shoulder she began off; with Zarn close behind. Frey looked on unkowing what just happened. He looked toward Saber, Lock, and Lilandra. Frey looked to his fingers and began to count.

"There's like...one less dude..."

Frey jumped to his feet.

"Dude! What happen!?!...Was he like....Freay?"

Frey called looking to where his sister walked off to. Freya was gone...


Frey looked to the group. It seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

"...Um...She's like...going...to the next city...dude?"

Frey frowned.

"It was like my fault..."


Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Fri May 02, 2003 6:19 am

Lilandra approached Frey who seemed confused about this.

"It's ok," Lilandra said, "If Servi didn't give himself up, we would have more then one 'dude' gone." Lilandra walked off with Freya, "I'll take Servi's place whatever it was he was doing."

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Fri May 02, 2003 7:32 pm

Freya looked to Lilandra with hate in her eyes.

"Do whatever you want..I don't care..."

Frey, Lock, and Saber follwed closely behind, but not too close. Frey watched as Freya continued to lead.

"...Dude...sis is mad. I haven't seen her this mad since..last time..."

Freya ventured further and further from the group, until she was out of range of being called or being heard. Frey watched a moment longer than turned to the group.

"There's, like, something important I have to tell you...but laters."

Frey pranced over to Frey and pretended like evrything was 'cool'. After a Frey spoke a few words to his sister he once again ran far ahead the rest of the group.


Re: Loki: The Terror

Unread postby saberlock » Sun May 04, 2003 1:35 pm

Lock approached Freya.

"Servi is not dead, right? Is there no way to release him?"

Lady Freya Vanir

Drakon Field

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Sun May 04, 2003 5:45 pm

Freya scoofed and looked to Saber with disgust.

"We have to set up camp befroe night...Frey!"

Frey jumped from an overhanging tree.


"We're setting up camp in that field."

She said pointing out toward the vast open field ahead. Frey ran ahead followed by Zarn. Camp was set up and ready in a few hours. Frey walked into her tent and zipped it up.


Frey turned to the others.

"I usually sleep in sis' tent...guess she's steamed. Can I bunk in your tents dudes?"


Re: Drakon Field

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Mon May 05, 2003 11:48 am

"Sure, i don't mind," Lilandra said stepping into her tent.

Lilandra sure wasn't trying to score a date with Frey, but she was a weathered traveler and theif, and was used to sleeping with five or so people in one tent, especially during her "nomadic" years as a Gypsy.

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Drakon Field

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Mon May 05, 2003 3:22 pm

Frey ran into her tent. He rolled in and began to laugh. He poked his head out.

"psst, psst. Dudes..."

He said to Lock and Saber.

"I gotta, like, tell you something...come quick if ya don't wanna be left out!"

He giggled as he popped his head back in. Freya laid in her tent. She examined the containment crystal in her hands. Through the Crystal prison Freya watched Loki and Saber. Loki looked out to her.

"You think you can keep me in here?!"

"That's the plan..."

She whispered back.

"Oh..so if that is how it is to be...What would happen if I were to find your little boyfriend in here?"

Freya glared at the crystal, than scoffed and placed it back into her satchel. She laid on her back and looked to the tent's ceiling. She looked over to Zarn, who had made himself comfortable by her satchel.

"What am I gonna do Zarn?"

"It is not in your hands..."

The lizard spoke. He lay his head back down and closed his eyes.

"Oh your a big help."

Freya scoffed. She rolled to her side, The moment she did she fell asleep....

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Drakon Field

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Wed May 07, 2003 8:16 pm

Frey looked them in the eye. And as serious as possible for Frey he told them...

"I am a God...no, no...do not fear me mortals. I know it can be frightening at first...but-you'll come to except it."

Frey sat there trying hard not to break out in laughter.

"*thinking* Dude I sounded silly..."

He looked to the others and awaited their reactions.


Re: Drakon Field

Unread postby saberlock » Thu May 08, 2003 3:02 pm

((I've been unable to post the last few days, but I'm back and ready to post again. ^_^))

First, Lock and Saber were silent, staring at Frey.
Then, Lock spoke.

"Saber, close your mouth. You look like an idiot."

Lock turned to Frey, observing him carefully.

"Are you a god? Why would I believe something like that? And if you really are a god, what do you need us for?"

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Drakon Field

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Thu May 08, 2003 6:31 pm

Frey brushed them off, acting all noble like.

"You mortals would never ynderstand."

Frey tried his hardest to hold in the laughs. It was unbareable for him. Than his eyes began to water.


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