The Adventures of Marcus Becker-Garrick

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The Adventures of Marcus Becker-Garrick

Unread postby lorincdm » Tue Jun 10, 2003 12:21 pm

        Marcus Becker-Garrick was crouching behind the desk in the Bank Manager's office in fear, on the phone with the police; then the communication ended abruptly, the phone emitting nothing but silence. He wondered how that could have happened for a split second, then looked up and saw a female felinoid in light non-'mech combat armor, what looked like a heat vision visor and holding an open MICRA Leatherman look down at him with a confident smirk. Oh, shit he thought,within a split second, she musta cut da phone cable. He then tossed down the phone handle, leapt at the felinoid using his weight and her weight to knock her down, then got up, ran out the door of the office, down the stairs, out the bank doors, and wobbled into the street.

        Marcus Becker-Garrick was a hacker, one of the best in the urban sprawl of Southern Ontario and Washington. He also had little common sense, always paying too much for equipment, taking loans from the wrong people, never paying said loans; one such loan was from a shark in service of the local Mafia, add to that an attempt to hack into the Mafia's Intranet (yes, they were actually that well established,) to erase all evidence of that loan, and he ends up with a bounty hunter on his tail, whom he encountered while performing a job for one of that Mafia group's enemies (another bad call) in his "office", a tiny room in his house where he did his job, where he leapt out the (closed) window, (he still has the glass cuts,) into his car and screamed towards town, remembering to zigzag to avoid her shots (felinoids can only go as fast as 50 km/h). Finally, he managed to run into a bank, leap over a teller booth (which surprised him, since he is quite overweight), up the stairs to the bank manager's office, grabbed the phone, pressed nine for an outside line, then 911 for the police, then we saw the scene where we started our story.

        Back to outside the bank; he was on the run, nowhere to turn to--he was usually in financial distress, taking out bad loans, paying them off by doing jobs for his creditor's enemies; plus, in doing that he had crossed a lot of people--then, finally, found an alleyway near the local heating plant, hoping to confuse the cat's heat visor when he bumped into somebody.

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Re: The Adventures of Marcus Becker-Garrick

Unread postby Capntastic » Tue Jun 10, 2003 3:42 pm

(As spiffy as this looks, I suggest posting a message in the OOC board to let other people join, so they know the situation and so you can approve their charactacters. Thank you, and have fun!)

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Re: The Adventures of Marcus Becker-Garrick

Unread postby Arena Master » Mon Jul 14, 2003 12:54 pm

~ As Marcus ran around the corner he slammed face first into James' chest. James was a tall man of about nineteen years with broad shoulders and long black hair tied back into a ponytail. he wore a black leather biker's jacket hanging open to reveal a black sleeveless T-shirt, loose fitting blue jeans, black steel toed boots, and black finger-less leather gloves with metal studs on the fingers and knuckles.
"Watch where you're goin pall!"
James shouted as he pushed Marcus out of his way. He looked at the felinoid as if seeing her for the first time looking at the open knife in her hands.
"It's not polite to attack an unarmed man with a knife."
James darted towards the felinoid who slashed at him with the knife. James dodged to the side out of the path of the cat's blade. The cat redirected the blade thrusting at James' chest. James pivoted on the balls of his feet moving into the cat's chest grabbing her wrist and flipping her over his shoulder and head first into the side of a dumpsite. The cat's head impacted with a resounding clang. The felinoid fell to the ground dazed. James Grabbed Marcus and climbed onto his bike a gray high powered sport bike, and gunned the engine. The bike pulled a small wheelie from the extra weight on the back of the bike. The tires caught traction and the bike took off with the loud squeal of a spinning tire. James and Marcus raced through the city turning often to throw the felinoid off of the trail. After several minutes of racing trough the city James parked the bike in an alley way and shut off the engine.
"The name's James. What's yours and what the hell have I gotten myself into?"

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