A RANT. About RPs. All new to the forum, PLEASE READ.

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A RANT. About RPs. All new to the forum, PLEASE READ.

Unread postby Archmage144 » Fri Jun 14, 2002 4:12 pm


Now, I've noticed a lot of people, new people, coming into the forum. We get that. It's nice, sometimes, to pick up a few new RPers, see a few new faces, get an influx of new people, and sometimes, they're quality writers and RPers. Yay for us!

However, what I do NOT wish to see is the integrity of the RPing community here at RPGWW being flushed down some cosmic toilet as a result of a large number of incoming people who do not share the vision that RPGWW is a representation of. I have been here since August--been staff since roughly December--and continue to RP, both in chat and on board, as I did before. Our RPers and all members of our community have contributed to the creation of our RP world, the organization and categorization of said RP world, and the development and advancement of the RP world. I do not wish to see that degnerate or be lost as a result of new people who misunderstand our aims.

Here, we are devoted to QUALITY RPing and writing. The difference between quality RPing and writing and subpar quality RPing and writing lies in many factors:

1. Dedication to the RP itself, any given RP, and preserving said RP.
2. The use of correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and diction.
3. The understanding that an RP is not a thing to be created and discarded.
4. The understanding that RPs are not necessarily wars, nor are they haphazard battles. Combat is neither a requirement, nor an encouraged part, of any RP. It is instead optional and should be tempered to the audience.
5. Staying in character, or IC, to the fullest extent, and being careful to remain so. OOCing, or misroleplaying, a character, is not appreciated. Roleplaying is called "roleplaying" for a reason.
6. The life of an RP is a valuable, fragile, and precious thing. Creating and discarding an RP is not acceptable--an RP is a committment. RPs require time, planning, and patience.

These are the fundamentals of RPing endorsed here at RPGWW. This is not Rhydin, Ayenee, a DBZ RP board, or anything of that nature. Higher standards and expectations are presented here. Everything that happens within these forum boundaries has a purpose--and everything that does not is to be discarded. Purposeless things belong in the spam forum.

I am deeply disturbed, in particular, by the direction some of the new threads have turned themselves--outsiders who are, perhaps, used to the style of RP which basically consists of "fight, duel, war, be fair or I kick you out." This is not roleplaying. This is combat, and combat alone does not constitute TRUE roleplaying. Roleplaying is about taking a character, or group of characters, and writing a story. Their story. It is dramatic, it is moving, and ideally, it should have depth and purpose, clarity and direction, and meaning to its existence. THIS is the mission statement of RPGWW. Creating an RP is an act which should not be taken lightly.

Thusly, I have decided to create an "RP Graveyard" section of the forum, and it is to serve as an example to all who visit and observe these forums. It is less a location to discard dead RPs--rather, it serves the pointed purpose of telling any and all "please, don't do this. This isn't how it's done."

If anyone has anything to add on this subject, please add it.

If not, please do not.

My deepest apologies if I have offended anyone. I intend to post this in all three of the RP related forums, mainly since we lack CSC Gold and cannot make the topic sticky, and since the purpose of its existence is to be seen. By everyone.

~Archmage, RP Webmaster and Admin

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Re: A RANT. About RPs. All new to the forum, PLEASE READ.

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri Jun 14, 2002 5:22 pm

To address/answer some common problems/questions:

<small>• Before starting a board-based RP, introduce your RP idea and recruit RPers in OOC Discussion subforum. Besides a plot teaser anywhere from one to several paragraphs in length, you'll want to include details such as in what world it will take place, what system you'll be using, how many characters you'd like, and any other such guidelines.

• If you are an RPer looking to join an RP, all board-based RPs should be advertised in the OOC Discussion subforum before they begin, so that'd be a good place to look for recruitment threads. It is not a good idea to look through the RP forums, as most RP threads are closed to new RPers, even if not specifically labeled as such. Please do not post in an in-progress RP requesting if you can join--that is what the OOC forum is for. Keep in mind that new board RPs do not open up often and their frequency of occurrence may vary.

• Chat-based RPs take place over AIM and occur in two general varieties; character interaction (CIRP) and GMed. CIRPs occur with greater frequency than any other form of RP and are the easiest of RPs to get into; simply join in the regular AIM chat and ask if there is a CI going on. Sometimes, a CIRP will evolve into a GMed chat RP; meanwhile, some GMed RPs will turn into a CIRP when the plot runs its course. GMed chat RPs are sometimes but not always advertised in the OOC forum.

• Never underestimate the value of spending time familiarizing yourself with the community before charging in headlong. There are many things to learn about RPGWW--not just about the way we RP and about our RP world, but also about the people here.</small>

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