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Re: Auric Confusion~ Langley gets ambushed IN THE FACE

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Wed May 28, 2003 6:40 pm

langley gave a grin and rode ahead into the mist.

(OOC: can't say much more since...I don't know what's beyond the mist...)

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Stephanie - The Consummate Professional

Unread postby The Duelist » Wed May 28, 2003 7:10 pm

Stephanie sighed, "Well, as long a we can find more simple and easy ways to detect and weed out the stupid, we should do fine."

With any luck, the fool would still be alive by the time they entered the mist. unlikely though.

Yari Koneko

What, is Lang bored with the conversation already?

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Wed May 28, 2003 8:09 pm

Maglor glanced at Sune with a look of respect, quickly exchanging her 200-gil coin for a 100. She didn't really fit the mercenary profile... at all. But then, nobody really did, he reasoned. Those were just stereotypes.

Even so, stereotypes had a basis in fact, somewhere.

Watching Langley ride away and disappear into the town, his head fell in exasperation. There was another one who didn't fit the mercenary profile... although in a totally different way. He wondered how the man had been able to survive as long has he did... though it wasn't a question he really wanted an answer to.

Sighing deeply, he said in a low voice, "Oh well; I don't think he'll get far unassisted..."

Quickkill, riding into the mist, was surprised, as it wasn't a gradual change, with slowly decreasing visibility. About five feet into where the mist was, it instantly closed around him. He couldn't see the way out again, though he surely knew where it was. Although the fog allowed for about ten feet of highly obscured vision, almost like smoke, it seemed as though the world around him had grown... larger.

Gretchen whinnied. If he had any chance to turn back, this was it.


Re: What, is Lang bored with the conversation already?

Unread postby Darkphoenixfri13 » Wed May 28, 2003 8:56 pm

"I cannot tell you any information about my other life because it can put me in danger. I am wanted in several places. Sorry about that." He counted his money and put it inside one of his pockets. He checked his guns and took out his katanas, then started to run after Langley.

[OOC: No one knows his name... They only know him as Raven.]


Re: Auric Confusion~ How could you??? =(

Unread postby GameStar7 » Thu May 29, 2003 4:55 am

After fixing the money transaction and watching Langley go off by himself, Sune looked at everyone oddly. Well? You're not really going to let him go off all by himself are you? What if something happens to him? Grrr, well if your not going in after him I will. This came out in a angry and stubborn tone as she rode toward the mist, making sure to catch sight of his horses tracks. It was probably unnecessary as he most likely followed the road anyway, but she was going to make sure. It's only a little mist, not like it's poisonous or anything! is what she called back before disappearing into the mist ahead.

That thought just occurred to her, the mist COULD be poisonous. She took a couple light breaths, and she seemed fine, for now. Well, that's one worry gone... I think. She continued through the mist looking closely to the trails along the road. Another thought came to her, she had forgotten to equip her armor in all the haste before heading out into the valley. Well... not as much forgotten as it would have been a pushed back inconvenience, getting undressed in front of all these strangers and everything. But she now wished she would have taken the few extra minutes to armor up before entering. Nervously she got her whip ready.

She was still steadily following the tracks when she could see a shadowy figure appear a little off in front of her. It looked liked Langley and his horse, but she couldn't be sure until it came into view. She decided to call out to it as to not alert him suddenly. Hey Langley! We should stop so the others can get a chance to catch up. Or is it your intention to get lost in this weird mist?

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Easily. TOO Easily, in fact.

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Thu May 29, 2003 9:14 pm

Raven, not being mounted, wasn't able to travel as fast as Sune in catching up with Langley; the mist was still before him.

Maglor sighed again. It seemed that maybe he had gone looking in the wrong places; caution didn't seem to be a virtue with this group. Looking to his right and left, he noted that only Stephanie and Elonia were left near him.

He spoke softly to them, "Well, I don't really want to go rushing in there blindly... but I don't think it's a good idea for half of our squad to be separated from the map."

He shook his head almost pityingly. "They have no idea where they're going..." He could almost see Langley being mown down by... whatever it was, probably the dragon. Although this whole setup reeked not of a dragon.

Sune approached the figure, and the figure, interestingly enough, approached her. It came close enough, and when it was a short distance away, she could make out its features. It was a human, clad in a light chainmail and wielding a sword. From the looks of it, he was one of the town guards. His skin was a strange color, and his eyes were strangely vacant. From the looks of his gaze, he hadn't quite noticed Sune, although it would be difficult to not have...


Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby GameStar7 » Fri May 30, 2003 12:01 am

(OOC: I was gonna wait a little longer for a reply, but I figured what they hey, I want to add a reply in every day. Also... what color is the skin?)

Sune reared Bara back and they slowly walked backwards from the guard. You're... not... Langley... came a really low mutter to herself. She was sure Langley went this way; she looked at the tracks from his horse and noticed they continued along the road further. Maybe Langley somehow missed this... person... and was a little more ahead. Her thoughts again focused on the man now impeding her way. What to do, I could always just try and trample him. It shouldn’t kill him and should give me enough time to meet up with Langley and figure out what to do about this new development. But why? The man doesn’t seem to be aggressive and could be in need of help. He could be one of the few survivors and might be useful. I also might be able to help him with some of my Holy or Healing magic's.

But the look of him and the way he was holding the sword made her think twice. He hadn't seemed to notice her, maybe he was blind? Maybe deaf too... she couldn't be sure. Perhaps it would be best to try and sneak around quietly with Bara and if he noticed her then bolt away. That would probably be best, try to avoid the man for now. But what about my team coming from behind? They might attack the man on sight; they didn’t seem to be ones that were to concerned for others safety. Just letting Langley go off like they did and their most likely backgrounds. That was it... she had decided. Sune dismounted Bara quietly after riding him a little ways off, and motioned for him to stay back. The horse seemed to understand, as always, and did just that.

The man continued forward still not aware of her presence. She readied her weapon and stayed back at a safe range before cautiously calling to him. Sir? Are you from here? Do you know what's going on here? Do you need help? Is there anything I can help you with? Can you even hear me?

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Fri May 30, 2003 6:45 am

(sorry for not posting in a while)

Langley trotted out of the mist with Raven to the rest of teh group.

"It's all clear, nothing." Langley said with a smile, "i suggest we move in before it gets to dark, and be careful the fog is very dense."

The others informed langley of Sune in the fog, realizing that he hadn't seen her, she might be in trouble, or lost.

"damn," Langley said under his breath.

I suggest we go in now and find sune, then continue.


Re: Auric Confusion

Unread postby DrkPhoenixFri13 » Fri May 30, 2003 6:59 pm

"I'll go find Sune. You can stay here and wait if she comes, but if you want to go you can." Raven when through the fog looking for Sune. He didn't see Langely anywhere. "I guess he stayed. Or else i would've heard his horse." Suddenly he heard sune's voice. He sprung into action and ran fast to where he heard the voice. " That man..not one of us!" He put his katanas back and took his tanto from his belt. He jumped behind the man and put the tanto to his throat. "Ok, who are you? Don't try anything or you'll be seeing red!.. Oh... Hey Sune. Is this guy giving you trouble or should I let him go?"

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Re: Auric Confusion

Unread postby The Duelist » Fri May 30, 2003 8:11 pm

Stephanie might have sighed under different circumstances. Spreading out like this would get them killed. Quickly.

Pulling out her sword, she camly noted, "If this man was an immediate threat, Sune might have already died. Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest we stick together from now on."

She had strapped her shield onto her left arm some time before entering the it was in proper guarding position. Moving toward Sune, she tapped her sword once against the began to glow.

"You there! What's your name?"

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Uses GM power and plot!

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Fri May 30, 2003 8:57 pm

The man's head turned slightly as the tanto neared his throat. Reacting with undoubtedly unnatural speed, his free hand shot up and grabbed Raven's arm, clenching tightly. He twisted Raven's arm like a clamp. Raven dropped his tanto and felt several bones in his forearm snap.

Still clasping Raven's arm in a grip of iron and slightly garbling his words like a drunk, the guard spoke without emotion, staring beyond Sune. "Youshallnotpasswhilethe Mistress isconducting..." he suddenly stopped. Looking up at the sky (although none of them could see it) without changing expression, focus, or anything else, he seemed to listen for a short time, his jaw slack.

Meanwhile, El and Maglor had caught up with Langley, and without speaking, the three of them proceeded into the mist once more. None of the rest of the group could be seen... and their tracks had vanished...

Maglor called out for them, but no answer came. It seemed that, strangely enough, the mist was obscuring sound as well as vision. A strange state of affairs.

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Uses GM power and plot!

Unread postby The Duelist » Fri May 30, 2003 9:18 pm

Stephanie cursed at what she saw. Raven with a broken arm and Hell's knight looked more than ready to finish him. Sune had yet to be touched...

Hearing his words, she immediately noted that, if they all simply walked away from him, they might get out okay...Chances were though, their safety would last no more than a few minutes.

Raising her glowing blade above her head, Stephanie aimed carefully. This creature was most likely undead, and an accurate, precise, sword-shaped beam of light would most likely end its hold on un-life.


Re: Auric Confusion~ Langley...using a filler post lifeline

Unread postby PSLoyalist » Fri May 30, 2003 9:23 pm

Langley Strode down the street, with El and maglor sticking close to his horse. The street was covered in fog. Langley could make out some figures in the distance after a few more minutes of walking. The others probably couldn't see them untill a few more feet.

langley dismounted his horse and handed the reigns to El, signaling to continue down the street. Langley diappeared into the fog, then moments later re-emerging behind Raven, who seemed in a predicament.

"need help?" Langley said with a grin.


Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby GameStar7 » Sat May 31, 2003 2:52 am

(OOC: Duelist> Is your sword enchanted with the Holy element or something?)

The sight of the guard breaking Ravens arm so fast and easily stunned Sune emotionally. The thought of his bones being broken and crushed, the flesh being ripped apart... she was feeling sick. The pain MUST have been unbearable. She started shaking it off and noticed Langley, assumingly helping Raven. She was relieved that he was ok at least, and she'd deal with him after this was over. A little ahead and off to the side of her was Stephanie, ready to strike with her glowing sword.

The vision of Ravens arm being broke went through her mind again, almost making her throw up in disgust. But this feeling was slowly draining as she started feeling more and more hatred for the guard. He seemed to be a living corpse or zombie in laymen’s terms. Sune still didn't want to strike the guard, as he seemed perfectly suited for melee combat. Stephanie! Watch out, don’t get too close! Remember what happened to Raven! She hooked her whip to her side, then thrust out her fist in the guards’ direction.

That instant, the jewel on her glove (check my pic in my character prep to get a good idea) started glowing a blinding white light. She made sure to not look directly at it and to keep an eye on the illuminated guard. Evil one! Go back to the evil that from which you were spawned! I tried reasoning with you and you broke my friends arm! the words came out angrily, but somewhat remorseful. Granted... Raven did technically start it, but now wasn't the time for specifics.

That, and the mans words weren’t those of help or advice. So he was obviously an enemy Sune reasoned with herself. She was slowly making her way step by step towards the guard, making sure to stay a reasonable distance away before approaching. I said be gone! Sune was waiting for him to be engulfed in holy fire, or to turn tail and run. Either way... he would leave.

At the very least it 'should' blind him... she thought to herself in case he was somehow resistant against holy magic’s, which all undead were supposed to be weak against. If that was the case, maybe once he was blinded Stephanie and Langley would take their cue to attack from both sides.

*Using Expel Undead on the guard*

(OOC: I looked at the magic list, and I don’t know what I'm capable of. Until you say exactly, I won’t do anything over level 10. If it helps, she’s a bit more inclined with holy/healing as a white mage than the other two. The other two would be about the same strength.)


Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby Darkphoenixfri13 » Sat May 31, 2003 3:59 am

On the ground, Raven reached into his pocket with his other hand and took out a pouch. he grabbed some powder from inside it and threw it at the mans eyes. " That's what you deserve!" He then grabbed his injured arm. he moved it and it popped many times. It made sound that would make you want to throw up but when he stopped, he took out some cloth and wrapped it around his arm.
"Hah! I have injured this arm so many times its not even funny! But thanks for asking." He took out one of his katanas with his other arm and aimed at the zombie's chest and yelled, " He'll be gone.. One way or another!"

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby Angel of Fire » Sat May 31, 2003 3:50 pm

El looked puzzledly at the strange man. She was sure that Raven wouldn't be the only one injured if this kept up.
She unsheathed a long, silver-colored sword and whispered to Raven, "No, you idiot! Aim for the head!"
She gripped her sword and swung it at about where an ear should be, whether there was one or not.
"Watch out..." she called to the group. "This one's probably got some trick coming."

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby The Duelist » Sat May 31, 2003 4:11 pm

(OOC: Nah, Just a Light based Elemental attack from afar, and creatures of darkness and undeath generally do not like the light too much. She's just going to blast the creature to shreds.)

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Sat May 31, 2003 7:15 pm

(OOC: Oh well; PSLoyalist left anyway, which would've thrown a wrench that way too. :{ Not a big problem.)

The guard's head turned and it looked over its shoulder, to note the incoming Maglor. Its eyes focusing for the first time, straight on Mr. Saralonde, it began to speak, clearly and articulately, in a considerably different tone of voice, "Begone, fool," came the cold words, "you shall not recover..." before the combination of a head slice from Elonia, a chest slash from Raven, a backstab from Langley, a light blast from Stephanie and a holy spell from Sune blew it backwards. Its now lifeless body landed in front of Maglor, whose glance narrowed down at it.

"Tell me, friends: since when does a dragon make zombies?"

He muttered to himself, shaking his head and thinking, "There was a massive intelligence failure somewhere... and I just might know where..."

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Wheres Langley?

Unread postby The Duelist » Sat May 31, 2003 8:59 pm

IM: Hey remember THIS story. Its a new one, one that Rick told just before you left. You know, three demons who attacked a village and killed its inhabitants in the search of a trio of magic scrolls which held the key to time travel...and the first thing he had to deal with was a trek through some magically created fog, and a group of zombie minions...Holy of holies...

Stephanie took in a deep breath...and released it.

"I know of only two things that could have done this. A demon, or a necromancer."

She bit her lip, showing nervousness for the first time since the mission had started.

"We just stepped into something brown and messy...and it isn't horsesh-t."


Re: Auric Confusion~ Well now that THATS over with...

Unread postby GameStar7 » Sun Jun 01, 2003 6:25 am

Sune wasn't paying much attention to everyone as she was busy thinking of a healing spell for Ravens arm. She wasn't sure if she knew a spell which could fix his arm... but she would try one anyway. She went over to him ignoring the discussion and got his attention. Raven, thanks for trying to help me, but don't be so careless next time ok? If you'll let me... I'll try to help your arm. Sune reached out a hand and rested it softly on Ravens arm. A light seemed to start coming from her palm and she could be heard, very softly, mumbling words to herself. Ori'gato dro o'goth l'hery ulu vel'bol nind h'uena zhahen. It sounded somewhat sad and she looked a little grief stricken. If Raven heard her she wasn't sure, but she was certain that no one else would have. I'm not sure if that will help you, but it may at least speed up the recovering time and relieve the pain. I'm sorry but I can't do anything else for you.

She then changed her attention to the somewhat absent Langley. Are you ok?... you don't seem hurt. Where'd you go and how did you end up behind me? She asked in earnest but with a slight skeptical hint in her voice.

(Regen on Ravens arm)

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Well now that THATS over with...

Unread postby The Duelist » Tue Jun 03, 2003 2:54 pm

Stephanie said no more as she looked around them...Pea Soup thick fog every which way. Some lark this was turning out to be.

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Auric Confusion~ Confusion, ohjes?

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Tue Jun 03, 2003 3:23 pm

Langley looked around himself, and then behind, a slightly perturbed look on his face. Now that Sune had brought it up, the same question was forming in his mind...

Maglor, coming up, answered for him. "After you went in for him, he came back out to tell us it was all clear; obviously, you missed him and found this fellow, indead..." he stopped mid-thought. "Instead, rather, " he added, correcting his own mistake. "We must've circled around somehow..." he shook his head. "Bizarre."

Whilst Langley was left to ponder the meaning of this, Maglor turned to Stephanie, his brow furrowing. "A demon or a necromancer?" He spat, displeasure radiating from every corner of his face. "Great. This either means that we have some kind of dragon necromancer around, or... it's not just the dragon that we have to deal with."

IM: This is not quite the way I expected it to be... but then, what did I expect?

"Oh yes," he went on, the frustrated expression on his face fading somewhat, "I remember a couple of you ladies asking about a map. I'm not sure just how much good it'll do us, now, when we need it, as... what bearing are we facing?" They had gone straight into the town, and as far as Sune could tell, she and the others had gone pretty straightly. "Anyone have a find direction spell, or somesuch?" Maglor wouldn't be surprised, though, if whoever had prepared this little surprise for them had thought of that, too.

The intense, shooting pains wracking Raven's arm decreased slowly as Sune's regeneration spell began to take effect. There was a decidedly wrong way that the arm was healing though... and it would need to be taken to a proper healer to regain its fullest potential.


Re: Auric Confusion~ Connecting it all together (maybe)

Unread postby GameStar7 » Tue Jun 03, 2003 8:10 pm

Well I do have a compass with me somewhere, but I don't know if it'll help. As for a "find direction spell?" I didn’t know there was such a thing. Maybe I could blow some of this fog away, at least temporarily, as I'm skilled with some wind magic. But I don’t think it would be the wisest idea to spend all my magic energies so flagrantly, much less if it'd work at all. I could just follow our tracks back to the beginning instead anyway. She looked at the ground. Hey where’s all the tracks!? She remembered the time she was following Langley’s tracks and ran into the guard. Well... I don’t know what’s going on... but the ground here is somewhat against me, and the reason I was in that mess in the first place. A lot of weird things are happening actually, and I don't like the feeling of it. She noticed Ravens arm looking slightly disfigured. I’m sorry! I should have known better, we better splint that. I should have done it first... I’m sorry. After making a makeshift splint from sticks, she collected some long rags she normally used as towels from one of Barras packs. After equipping the splint, she supported it around his neck with the towels.

I hope that will help. I'm not a nurse by any means, but I know a little from experience. She smiled reassuringly secretly hoping that this would be enough. She wouldn’t forgive herself if Raven got seriously hurt because of her carelessness. The words of Maglor from before finally caught hold striking her like a stone. Langley... was back there... and not here... She stood up looking dumbfounded. Not here... but with you... Her own words seemingly not registering with her. Not here... not here... She walked over to Langley absently then grabbed his hand softly within her own and looked at him teary eyed. You weren’t here... but there... not here at all... she started finally coming to terms with the news pretty quickly. I was worried about you and you weren’t even here. Because of you, I went in by myself to help you, and you weren’t there... Sune was starting to get even more emotional. And because of me, Raven got hurt. And here you are acting all cool and non-shalant about it.

She turned away from Langley softly crying, and thinking to herself. I can't believe that... all of this for nothing! Meaningless! And it’s all HIS fault! No... no it wasn’t... not really. It was my fault... Deep down she knew it was true, if she would have let him go off all by his lonesome and not cared, everything would have been fine. But how could she know? Well that was it... she wouldn’t leave off on her own like that anymore, even if it is in good intention. That so called good-intention almost got Raven killed! But Langley was partially responsible, and he didn’t even seem to care! She was shaking at this point, hands clenched tight. She turned her head slightly to look at Langley again. He was most likely wondering what her problem was, standing there with that stupid look on his face. Her anger burst within her and without reasoning, she agilely spun around and threw one of the strongest punches she ever had in her entire life, aimed right for the eye of Langley. AND I WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU!

(Tries to make a splint for Raven if he doesn't have any objections)

(Super hard, tear filled, punch to the face of Langley)

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Connecting it all together (maybe)

Unread postby The Duelist » Wed Jun 04, 2003 6:46 pm

Stephanie knew as the punch was thrown that she couldn't do anything to stop it from connecting...this was not good. The absolute worst thing they could do right now was fight amongst themselves. It was the one sure-fire way to get them all killed.

After the punch was thrown, Stephanie stepped between the two, whispering words under her breath she realized after the fact just how stupid it was to waste her energy on a shield spell just for this.

"Sune. I don't like Langley, but killing someone because your piss scared of whatever's in the fog isn't going to help anyone."

She directed her next order to everyone, quickly switching to the voice of command she had perfected while working in the Vrainen Camp.

"Listen up!" She barked, "I don't know about you punks, but I want to get out of this alive. And the only way we're going to do that is by working together, and dealing with this situation *professionally*. Now, everyone stick close, because we're going to have to go in to get out, and its going to get a helluva lot worse before it gets any better!"

IM: You gotta be joking me Steph, that is one of the worst speeches you've had to give...but you're voice of command still sounds impressive, even as a woman...


Re: Auric Confusion~ Notice all the moods :)

Unread postby GameStar7 » Thu Jun 05, 2003 5:10 am

Sune was still feeling very much emotional right now, and didn’t want to be told how to feel. I wasn’t trying to KILL him, it just... felt right. the tune of her voice was very strange. After looking at Langley sprawled out on the ground, face dug in the dirt, she smiled happily. (I'm thinking the classic "hero beat up by a girl, sprawled out on the ground, legs up in the air, googily eyes and sweat drop" look) Wow that made me feel better than I thought it would, Langley sure makes a good target for aggression! She smiled happily, very content with herself. She turned surprisingly serious all of a sudden, But I agree with you on one thing, we should start working together or... thinking of Raven she couldn't finish the sentence. Someone could really get hurt if we don’t start being careful... or worse.

But if we’re done here, I think we should get going, after I equip myself of course. She called Barra over and dug in his packs. After searching a little, she pulled out the before mentioned compass. Here you go Maglor, tell me if you can figure it out. I couldn’t help you even if it works in here. I lost my way in here to begin with and didn’t check my compass before heading in, I thought you knew where you were going. There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice. The best I can tell you is lets go one was a little and if we start going up hill we would probably be making our way out of the valley. As for myself... I'm going to get changed.

That said Sune took out her armor, being careful to watch the blades on the shields and boots, she started off to the side of the road behind some trees. The trees themselves looked like silhouettes to the group where she now stood, so the mist would probably give some privacy if the trees didn’t. Turning around before heading off into the mist she gave a warning. If you want to end up worse than Langley, pointing to Langley still on the ground, then come and try and spy on me. But I assure you that I punch A LOT harder with gauntlets. She smirked to them all before turning around again and walking into the list. She probably could still be seen in the mist as she wasn’t THAT far away, but she would be silhouetted out and any details would be blocked out. She started changing thinking to herself how much of a pain this always was, the chain mail parts always seeming to be a little tight.


Re: Auric Confusion~ Notice all the moods :)

Unread postby Darkphoenixfri13 » Fri Jun 06, 2003 3:53 pm

"Stephanie is right. We have to work together and not fight. In my early days of being a mercenary when I was just in it for the money... I'm I it for the money and the thrill now. I went on a job with a group of people. They fought constantly and slowed us down. You know what I did? I killed every single one of them, then did the job myself, accomplished it, and received the prize money! I do not want to even try to do that again!" He then saw Sune making the splint.

"I don't need a splint. I have gone on missions with breaks and sprains. This is nothing. Thanks anyway." He pulled out a cloth and wiped the blood off his katana. " Necromancer eh? I've never gone against a necromancer, but theres always room for something new." Raven pulled out his guns and headed on. "come on, Lets go and find out what's out there!"

[OOC: Sorry for not posting in a while. I've been busy.]

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Notice all the moods :)

Unread postby Angel of Fire » Sat Jun 07, 2003 10:09 am

"So there is a necromancer involved in this whole mess? Great..." El said sarcastically. She often spoke like that when she was terrified on the inside. Truthfully, although she tried not to show it, El had always slightly distrusted magic users, unless they were on her side. She never knew what they could do when she had her back turned.
If there's a necromancer in there with a dragon, none of us would know what to expect and would be picked off easily by the dragon and the necromancer combined. Great. Just great. Elonia thought.
"I know that Stephanie is right. It just seems... like the dragon... could be some sort of...illusion. A necromancer adds one more complicated piece to this already difficult puzzle. It's a strange feeling." she said thoughtfully.
"I know we have to go in there sometime, and I am... well... please do not mind me. Truthfully, this is my first mission, but if I know people need my help inside that wall of mist, it will be easier for me." El had become determined again, despite the fact that she was white as a sheet and was quivering.
(Phoenix, Planewalker OOC waits for you to reply with a better character if you wish to be in my RP at all.)

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Me likies this group.

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Sat Jun 07, 2003 1:10 pm

Langley picked himself heavily up off the ground, a pretty large red lump forming on his cheek where Sune had hit him. Shaking his head, he looked around for her to say something, a word of apology perhaps... but she was gone? "W... where's Sune?" he said, somewhat befuzzled.

In the meantime, Maglor was nodding approvingly, although the corners of his mouth were fixed in a frown. This was a very independant-minded bunch... but it was good to see that they could take care of themselves. He took Sune's compass, and looked at it for a bit, turning it around to make sure it was working. Luckily, it was.

"All right, everyone. We need to move east, which is," he pointed toward the direction that they had been going, "that way." Waiting a bit and tapping his foot, he looked in the direction Sune had gone. "Can someone go and get her?" It wasn't as though he was going to. "Langley, you take it." Looking at El, he looked at her strangely. "An illusion? Well... I suppose it's a possibility..." he shook his head. "Don't be afraid. Or rather, don't be afraid yet. We haven't seen yet what's in here."

Langley nodded and began to walk in Sune's direction.

From where she was, Sune heard footsteps... coming from two directions. Neither sounded like like the tread of anyone in the group.

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Pervs ;)

Unread postby GameStar7 » Sat Jun 07, 2003 3:06 pm

Sune by this time had already gotten the cuirass part on and was working her way into the greaves. Chain mail was always a little stubborn to fit herself in, while the plate parts were always just slipped on and strapped together. She had just started making progress when she heard something coming from the bushes all around her. Trying to finish off the greaves quickly, she readied her whip just in case. Langley, Raven, Maglor... I swear if you perverts trying to get a sneak peak I won't be held responsible for my actions! Truth rang out in the warning as she could see her wailing on the intruder for the broken privacy. At least she was decent, as the cuirass covered certain parts as well.

She just finished off finally pulling up her greaves when the noises from before sounded a lot closer. Even though she didn't have her; shields, gauntlets, boots, pauldrons, helmet or any plate part of her greaves ready, she got ready. The ground was a little soft and cold to her bare feet, and the air was a little chilly despite the lack of wind. She gathered her nerve and stepped out toward the sound coming from where the rest of the group should have been, ready to strike.

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Pervs ;)

Unread postby The Duelist » Sat Jun 07, 2003 6:21 pm

And as suddenly as Maglor started toward where Sune had been, Stephanie suddenly realized something...

IM: Steph...don't you think the smart thing would have been to have Sune change with the guys having their backs turned and you and El acting as shields? If that fog sends her somewhere else...oh sh-t, how can you be so stupid!?!

But if she was wrong...but what if she was right?

"Maglor, stop! We've all screwed up again. I want all the men to walk slowly backwards toward Sune...BACKS TURNED AWAY. El, you and I will look forward. I hope you all remembered what happened when Langley walked off alone...goddamnit I should have realized this."

She muttered a string of obscenities. They were acting like fools, and Sune might just be dead if the fog had sent her somewhere else.

This was starting of juuuust wonderfully.

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Pervs ;)

Unread postby Angel of Fire » Mon Jun 09, 2003 4:40 pm

El was feeling like a total imbecile at the moment.
IM:How could I have watched her leave the group and not have realized what she might run into? How could I have not seen the inherent danger in this situation? I am an idiot!
To Elonia, danger was possible either way they went. If they did not go after Sune, she could be captured or killed by the dragon or the necromancer person. Whichever one was the real cause of the mist. On the other hand, if Raven, Langley, and Maglor walked backwards toward Sune, they could be taken from behind. Easily. She pondered the situation for a moment and then decided on Steph's plan, although she knew that it was just as dangerous, if not more.
"Come on, Steph. Sune needs our help."
She jerked her head in the direction of the three males.
"Are they coming as well?"

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Pervs ;)

Unread postby GameStar7 » Mon Jun 09, 2003 8:07 pm

(Can't say much now... but you all do realize Sune isin't much more than 5-10 feet away right?)

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Re: Auric Confusion~ ohjes. Confoozed.

Unread postby Yari Koneko » Mon Jun 09, 2003 8:34 pm

(OOC: Like I said with Langley walking around, distances get a bit distorted; and she's fully in the mist, which counts quite well enough.)


Langley came upon Sune first... finding her unconscious, sprawled out, and half-dressed. Bending over to check her forehead, he noted it was cool, and had several drops of sweat on it.

Stephanie and Elonia were the next two to walk up, seeing Langley stooped over a Sune that had clearly lost consciousness quickly. Their conclusions were their own to make.

Maglor and Raven came next to the scene. Maglor's eyes widened as he saw Sune on the ground. "By Fideleo..." he said to himself, a drop of blood sliding from his nose at the sight of her. (No perv here! :D) He raised his hands and spoke impulsively to the mist, a plea of helplessness against something he could not fight or aid against... "Damn it! Go away! Go to sleep!"

A disembodied whisper came back through the mist... "She never sleeps..."


Sune, on the other hand, saw herself as perfectly awake, whip in hand. The rest of the group had somehow disappeared, and nothing was coming from that direction. But behind her, a cloaked figure separated from the mist. A short but menacing figure, covered in black, and more footsteps came from a different direction entirely.

"Good evening, elf," it said in a smooth, feminine, but wholly unfamiliar voice. "There is something we must discuss."


Re: Auric Confusion~ Hmmmm

Unread postby GameStar7 » Mon Jun 09, 2003 10:30 pm

Where did you come from, don't you know it's dangerous here? She went back to her business of getting armored up, and leaned against the tree getting her boots on. But you need to talk with me? About what, I don't even know you. Ahhh, need some help and you got lost in this mist right, if that's the case then I can probably help you. I'm sure you know what it is like to get dressed in front of others though. So please do me a favor and wait with my group by the road while I'm getting dressed. She motioned to where she last saw her group, and noticed they weren't there anymore. Hmmm... they were just here. They wouldn't of left without me.

She looked around quietly while strapping the plate armor part of her greaves on. Maybe it's this damn mist... it's been doing strange things as of late. Maybe its an illusion or maybe I somehow got turned around. She gave off an attitude of, "I'll figure this out, one step at a time..." Anyway miss, you should head your way out of here, it should be that way. She pointed back along the road towards the way she came from, using the tree she was near as a marker. It's not safe here, I'd help you but I need to find my friends as soon as I get done. If you want, you can travel with me, safety in numbers and all. You can talk with me then if you want.

It never occurred to Sune that maybe this person might be somehow responsible. Her do-gooder ways was always just a little too strong for her to think that of someone without them providing a reason. This always made her a good friend to have, but sometimes a little gullable. Of course, sometimes this also worked in her favor too. With this incident, only time would tell.

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Hmmmm

Unread postby The Duelist » Tue Jun 10, 2003 3:43 pm

Stephanie heard the disembodied voice, and made a snap decision. It was juvenile, tactically sound, and incredibly stupid...otherwise said, it was something she had learned from Rick.

She held up her Middle Finger at the mist.

It was stupid, and juvenile...but the act of showing whatever lay beyond how she felt, letting out her anger at her own foolishness in that gesture bled off the panic that might have come, and the fear that the disembodied voice would have normally instilled. She held the gesture for a moment. Then, she turned back to Sune. Looking to the group, she said,

"Okay boys, turn around. We're going to have to carry Sune wherever we're going. So it would probably be a good idea if me and El finished putting her armor on her in case something hits her. Unless anyone has any objections."


Re: Auric Confusion~ Short post-ette as local acct.

Unread postby Koneko » Tue Jun 10, 2003 8:06 pm


Maglor nodded, calming down somewhat, his face pale. "None here..." Turning around and looking at the mist, he spoke to the others behind him. "From now on, no one goes off by themself. Should we have to separate for any reason, groups of two or three. Whatever 'she' is should have a harder time that way."


The figure seemed surprised by this, as if expecting something else entirely. From the motion of her hood, it looked as though she was shaking her head. "Very well," it said, walking beside her. "Several questions for you I had." There were still footsteps coming behind them, although the figure appeared to take no notice. "The first of which: are you friends or mercenaries of the elven lord?"


Re: Auric Confusion~ Short post-ette as local acct.

Unread postby GameStar7 » Wed Jun 11, 2003 4:41 am

Elven lord... I have no idea who you mean... and I'm not a mercenary. Maybe you have me confused with someone else or something. Sune was essentially still telling the truth, she had no idea who the elven lord this lady was talking about was. (I guess Maglor... but I never remember reading anything where I thought he would be an elf...) Also she didn't think of herself as a mercenary, she was still a bounty hunter. By now she was almost done equipping herself, putting on the shields carefully.

Ok, is that everything? Didn't seem like too many questions. Now it's my turn. Who are you, I have to call you something don't I? And what are you doing out here all alone? Did you get separated from your group too? She picked up her helmet and started fitting it on, so as not to be uncomfortable and mess up her hair.


Re: Auric Confusion~ Short post-ette as local acct.

Unread postby Darkphoenixfri13 » Fri Jun 13, 2003 12:41 pm

Raven hears a voice coming from Sune's location that wasn't hers. " Langely, Maglor... Theres someone over there. I can hear someone over there. I can see that Stephanie hears or sees this person because she wouldn't be making that gesture for fun!" raven took out a revolver and checked the bullets. He spun it and placed it back. " Should I.. Uhhh.. Take care of it?"

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Short post-ette as local acct.

Unread postby Angel of Fire » Fri Jun 13, 2003 1:57 pm

Elonia frowned, thinking rather hard.
"I would not. What if you hit Sune? It is too dangerous."
She was quite aware that there was something unseen there.
Shaking, she called into the mist, "Go away! Get away from Sune!"
Turning to the group, El asked, "Mayhap this is the necromancer? Or necromanceress?"

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Re: Auric Confusion~ Short post-ette as local acct.

Unread postby The Duelist » Mon Jun 16, 2003 5:26 pm

(OOC: Sorry...finals had me out of the loop...)

Stephanie noted, "No. We stay by Sune, and if something wants to come and try something...let it come."

She adjusted a strap as she finished putting on parts of Sune's armor for her.

"The absolute worst thing we could do is go running into the fog after a phantom voice right about now."


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