I need an accountant

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I need an accountant

Unread postby Nekogami » Mon May 12, 2008 4:13 pm

Seriously, I need someone to be Lord over my money. I don't make big lavish purchases but I buy a lot of small things that I don't need but they feel good to buy at the time. I'm never in over my head but I don't have money for bigger things that I need like emergencies or health care.

What I'm really looking for is someone that can help me with my list of things I need and just help me divvy out my monetary resources accordingly. Savings, Necessities/Debt, and Disposable.

I'll of course pay this person for their services because it'll help me a freaking ton. I make enough, I wager, that I can put a serious dent in my student loans but I just need some help.


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