My Characters and their Sheets

Character sheet archiving. Help with characters can be solicited here. This is also the place to talk Philsys or other RPing systems.
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My Characters and their Sheets

Unread postby Christian » Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:25 pm

name: Mikail Veldrin
age: 23
eyes: Deep green, though most of the time hidden behind his goggles
hair: Dark-brown and greasy
height: 6'6''

[-][=-Physical Description-=][-]
As soon as one's eyes fall upon Mikail, the impression of a rather old and knobbly tree springs to mind. Dressed in what was once a bright-orange jumpsuit (now so miscolored by oil, smoke and fire into a kind of "Rotten-Peach gray") with a dust-grey trenchcoat over it, its impossible not to fetch a whiff of, imaginary or not, machine lubricant, fried hair and just a hint of gunpowder and tobacco. His deeply set, watery green eyes are almost constantly shielded by a pair of thick, sooted goggles and his rather enormous conk of a nose sticks out above the stained and stiff (from what it is safest not to know) muffler he wears most of the time. His hair, slick and oily, is kept back effortlessly into a spikey, pointy mess that resembles a pair of copulating hedgehogs.

Speaking with a distinct muffled voice, Mikail still manages to remain heard quite clearly, yet whenever he's stressed, angry or, more usual, both, his voice trails away into a half-heard gruffle of seemingly endless torrents of curses.

Fastened lazily around his hip and held up by sheer willpower is his toolbelt, which contains everything from several different clankers for the whiff-whaffers, zoombers for the zingadooks and monkeywrenches for everything else. Hidden in the literally heap of metallic junk is his pistol, a large, clumsy-looking thing that is perhaps the only clean accessory worn by the Mechanic.

Mikail has also, to some people's bemusement, learned the fine art of smoking whilst still having the muffler on. Perhaps some of the charred spots, or oddly-spotted areas on the scarf could be attributed to him learning this.

Although at first one could easily mistake Mikail for one of the rude, crude, gruffy and antisocial <strike>maniacs</strike> mechanics you'd find in the depths of one of the Few Airships still in service, one would soon realize that that is a completely accurate and truthful comparison.

Mikail is... crude. Like an uncut diamond with... perhaps... the hint that the diamond might be made of cheap glass, but it would just be better to pretend that is is a diamond and live happily unaware of the fact that a merchant just swindled you for half of this years income solely so you could give your wife something that she'll probably announce as fake the moment she sees it and...

It is perhaps best to say that while Mikail can be pleasant, charming, social, open and talkative, but most of the time he chooses not to be. One would be wrong in assuming he's one of those pesky and loudmouthed drunkards however, Mikail simply find little joy in being pleasant to people he don't know, or feel any interest in.

A man driven very much by his endeavors, Mikail generally behaves according to how interested he becomes in the situation. He is at his most talkative when, after hours of studying and work, he reveals to his select group of associates the product of his labour; be it a dubious attraption to "guaranteed double the speed and maneuverability of any airship, no matter the model" or something as simple as a friend earned. He cannot himself predict when he will find these picques, but he never thinks twice about devoting himself entirely to it until his whimsical attention is brought on by something else.

Mikail revels in his wasted potential, as his parents disowned him after they learned of his pursuit in the Airship business. He took it with stride, and find it amusing to pursue knowledge merely on a whim; whatever he has learnt has been attained through experience and through discourse with others, he carry little faith in books of long dead men. He likewise find the "bookly wise" to be a sorry, pitiful lot, but has long since learned to accept that his view on things differs from others.

While not the most trustworthy of companions, he can certainly provide any party with an amusing anecdote of his endeavors in the sky, or perhaps explain to them in detail why recently he has found a strange attraction to egg-shaped objects.

Mikail was born and raised in a small, yet densily populated city in Baron. Middle child of a middleclass family, the young engineer-to-be found little in life that provoked any kind of interest in him. While at first his parents, his father especially, saw this as obstinacy, it became gradually clear that the mediocre living conditions of the Veldrins provided little to no intellectual stimulation in the child. At a loss of what to do, his father, a shoemaker by trade, consulted with many a friend before finally settling on sending the boy to a school in order to get him a proper education.

So Mikail went, and Mikail came back a couple of days later with the money his father had paid and a note from the Headmaster of the School stating that, quite clearly, Mikail may be meant for great things, but being a learned man was certainly not one of them.

So he was sent to become an apprentice to several different craftsmen, but none would have him for more than at most a week, before the boy (described by many as 'bitter') brought them to the brink of desperation with his constant refusal to accept even the most base of knowledge without retorting a question of the worth of this knowledge.

It was not until one particular day when Mikail, now a young teenager, came upon a scrapped piece of engine, having once been used in an airship, that he began to honestly devote himself to something. For days he prodded and poked, picked apart and put together, until he managed to start up the machinery. It ran, functionally, for a whole of five seconds before suddenly keeling over, emitting a high-pitched 'WHEEEEEEEN' and then exploded in a fantastic performance of burning hot steel and cogwheels zooming past his head at a speed quite enough to fly effortlessly through his head. The boy laughed, the first time in many years, and the next morning he was gone, a single note detailing where he had gone.

To the Airships.

And there he remained, tinkering during every free moment of time he had, soaking in what others were doing and helping out as much as he could. It was hard work, dangerous work, and most direly, underpaid work, but as he grew older he rose slowly in the ranks of the men who kept the damned thing afloat, until finally he was released.

Apparantly the captain of the ship, together with the owners, several of his co-workers and even some of the passengers, had felt that his presence, while certainly... unique, perhaps did not do as much to the safety of their respectively command, property and lives as they expected from him.

No hard feelings between them, Mikail was honorarily discharged and he set his sights for another city in another land, simply because no one in Baron would hire him any more.

Name: Mikail Veldrin
RPer: Christian
Race: Human

Courage +2
Wisdom +4
Intuition +5
Charisma +2
Agility 0
Dexterity +5
Strength +2
Stamina +1
Magic Aptitude: 0


[k] Arms Lore 1
[k] Astronomy 1
[k] Geography 3
[k] Mathematics 3
[k] Mechanics 4
[k] Metallurgy 1
[k] Navigation 1
[k] Physical Science 3
[k] Ropes 1
[k] Airship Engineering 4
[s]Appraisal [Int/Int/Wis] 2
[s]Deception [Cha/Cha/Int] 2
[s]Eavesdropping [Int=2] 1
[s]Observant [Int=3] 3
[s]Two-Weapon Fighting
[Dex/Dex/Str] 2
[n]Alchemy [Dex/Int/Wis] 3
[n]Boat Piloting [Int/Int/Dex] 1
[n]Gadgeteering [Int/Int/Dex] 4
[n]Gambling [Int/Int/Wis] 1
[n]Mechanics [Mag/Int/Wis] 4
[n]Metalworking [Str/Str/Int] 1
[n]Weapon Modifications
[Int/Int/Dex] 2
--Weapon Skills
Guns [Cou/Dex/Dex] 4
Wrenches and other
small tools [Cou/Agi/Dex] 2


HP: 60
MP: 45
TP: 19
Initiative: 1+2D6
AT/PA: 9 (14 with Dex/Light Weapons)

Attack Power

Thrust -
Slash -
Chop -
AT skill :
PA skill :
Armor Penalty :
Weapon Penalty:
Final AT/PA :
Cost Penalty :

Acc Rate :
Damage :
Hit Formula:

Armor AC Mods Dur. Cost


Now, Mikail here's not finished, no, because I've yet to give him fighting stats. I'll update this as soon as I'm finished with it... which will be soon I hope, just can't do much more today as I've got early work in a few hours... :/

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Unread postby Christian » Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:04 am

This is the Alpha of my character for Bes's campaign. Heavy edits to be expected soon.


Name : Hatsumi Kuroyama
Player : Christian
Chronicle :

Breed : Homid
Auspice : Philodox
Tribe : Shadow Lords

Pack Name :
Pack Totem :
Concept :


Strength : X0000
Dexterity : XX000
Stamina : XXX00

Charisma : XXX00
Manipulation : XXX00
Appearance : XXX00

Perception : XXX00
Intelligence : XXX00
Wits : XXXX0


Alertness : XX000
Athletics : X0000
Brawl : 00000
Dodge : X0000
Empathy : XXX00
Expression : XX000
Intimidation : X0000
Primal-Urge : XX000
Streetwise : 00000
Subterfuge : XX000

Animal Ken : 00000
Crafts : 00000
Drive : X0000
Etiquette : XXX00
Firearms : X0000
Leadership : XX000
Melee : 00000
Performance : 00000
Stealth : 00000
Survival : X0000

Computers : XX000
Enigmas : X0000
Investigation : 00000
Law : X0000
Linguistics : XXX00
Medicine : 00000
Occult : 00000
Politics : X0000
Rituals : 00000
Science : X0000


-Contacts : XX000
-Resources : XXX00
-Totem : X0000

-Scent of the True Form
-Seizing the Edge








Rank :
Experience :

Daredevil 3
Local Ties 3

Overconfident 1
Forced Transformation 2
-Crinos every full moon

={Expanded Backgrounds}=

Although Hatsumi has had little contact with the actual every-day business world of the Kuroyama Keiretsu, she has acquired some matter of familiarity with it. Jonathan Swayne, her father's chief secretary, has from time to time partaken in school events in place of her busy father, and she's on friendly terms with him. As a person close to her, Swayne's also somewhat aware of the situation of her family, and can generally be trusted to not share any contact he and Hatsumi has to her parents unless he believes she's in danger or are doing something illegal.
Mitch Hessel is only a few years older than Hatsumi and a high-positioned employee in Kuroyama Paper Industry, a relatively new business venture with policies of replantation and recycling. Although he doesn't have the power to decide major undertakings of the company, he can influence it enough to spare certain areas from deforesting, as well as offer some insight into what the company's main rival, Pentex Inc. is doing in this business.

Gear(Carried) :
Equipment(Owned) :

Hatsumi Kuroyama is the first, and only, child of Keiichi Kuroyama, heir of the Kuroyama Keiretsu and current head of its US Branch, and Eiko Mikawa, the childhood sweetheart of Keiichi.

Eiko, being the child of a middle-class family, wished dearly to give her husband a son for his first child, but after a complicated birth that rendered her barren for future children, she found herself with a daughter that initially didn't even seem like it would survive. For a few fateful weeks, Hatsumi was half-way between life and death as she struggled to cope with the painful new world she'd been born into. Eiko, horrified by her own permanent damage, and her failure to bring her husband a son, or any more children for that matter, became deeply traumatized by this event, and perceived both herself and her child as something undeserving of the Kuroyama heritage.

When finally Hatsumi was taken out of her incubator, she was raised by a father who cared deeply for her, yet was nearly never home, and a mother who despised her as a symbol for everything she had failed to accomplish. As she grew up, Hatsumi came to subconsciously believe that if she could make her mother proud enough, she would become worthy enough to love.

Although nothing she'd ever do would take away her mother's scorn, Hatsumi exerted every ounce of her being into anything she did, whether it was school or her free time. She quickly began to help her father and the Kuroyama Keiretsu as much as she could and was allowed. She had few friends outside of school, not because of how she was but because she never spent any of her free time with them. Ultimately, this grew into almost a wall between her and her classmates, no one knew her enough to really see her as a friend, and she could barely keep up with real-life events that wasn't school related.

By the time she reached High school, most of her friends had become mere acquaintances and she was rarely seen as anything more than a nice, if somewhat attention-desperate, person. Her wish to be acknowledged by anyone made her a know-it-all and a, in some people's eyes, suck-up, which too added to the distance between her and her schoolmates. It didn't help that her parents more or less never attended any of the school's events, instead sending her father's assistant.

Despite this, and her icy relationship with her mother (which only grew worse, not better, the older she got), Hatsumi could have perhaps become a well-liked person, she certainly had the qualifications for it... but then there was something else lurking behind it, something she herself was never aware of, more than a strange urge whenever she was alone; an urge she couldn't pinpoint or even focus on, as it seemed to shift away from her inner eye when she tried. Perhaps it is also the same urge that has made her to seek out the wilderness more and more, as just a year or so ago she unexpectedly took up hiking as a hobby, even participating in the annual hunting sessions her father and his colleagues would arrange.

Age : 17
Hair : Ravenblack and straight, kept in a necklong page.
Eyes : Deep brown
Race : Asian (Japanese)
Nationality: Japanese citizen, but she's raised more or less completely in the US
Sex : Female

Hatsumi is hard to define both in personality and appearance. She is wispy, although not to the same extent as when she was a child, with a somewhat solemn and distant look on her face. She's often described by her Japanese relatives as having a kitsune gao, that is a narrow face with somewhat close-set eyes, high cheekbones and thin eyebrows. Despite regular hiking, an activity she has been doing for a few years, she's fairly weakly-built and frail, and her physical stature is more boyish than that of a woman her age, her slender shape generally only looks female when she dresses in clothes that serve to enhance those features. This is something of a complex for her, but all in all it gives her an almost androgynous look that some find attractive. Her almost ferocious desire to win in whatever she's undertaking also adds to her interesting appeal.

Although her family's wealth gives her a rather sizable allowance, she generally dresses plainly, preferring turtlenecks, jeans and such above what is at the moment fashionable. She does have a rather large wardrobe of dresses, gowns and similar, mostly the purchases of her mother (who, despite the dislike she has for her daughter, would rather die than see her show up to a cocktail party with her usual get-up), and because of her wildlife hobbies she also has a variety of outfits in hard-wearing materials.

Despite giving the impression of a refined and aloof individual, Hatsumi is a friendly, if somewhat competitive young woman. She functions socially with both genders, although she has recently found herself getting embarrassed when talking to some of her male friends, which is of course completely natural. Thanks to her outgoing nature, she's on speaking terms with most of her classmates, yet finds herself being a true friend with no one, mostly because of her lack of interest and time with socializing, as well as the slight and intangible sense of dread one experiences when she looks and talks to you.

As mentioned, Hatsumi has a hard time losing, being almost obsessed with winning any undertaking she attempts. Because of this, she can initially appear very aggressive and intolerant to failure, which is partly true. While she has some acceptance of failings amongst her friends, it's those that affects her personally, not to mention those times she herself fail to meet expectations, that she particularly hate. Because of this, she can be quite poisonous at times, demanding perfection from everyone and showing little to no appreciation for a job done.

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Unread postby Christian » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:25 am

Name: Alvar Feldtspar Race: Human
Gender: Male Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: St. Cuthbert
Physical Description:
The kingless Knight Alvar Feldtspar, roughed by months of hard life, stands before you.

His darkblond hair, while clean, is ragged and outgrown down to his neck and his blue eyes are those of a man who has seen far too much new in far too short a time. Despite his nearly drowzy look, Alvar acts far from it; he is emotional and outspoken, clear-voiced and well-mannered, yet frayed at the edges. Despite being of noble upbringing, little of the prideful arrogance can be seen within him; whether because of his expulsion from his homelands, or if he was merely not born with it remains to be seen.

Tall and proud, Alvar has only become slightly thinner since first he came to Sigil. Because of his skills with the blade, he has had no trouble finding work, and food and drinks have never been a problem. He moves with a confidence that matches his personality, and like many of his kind, he is a knight hard to forget. He can always be seen with his two blades, a short sword of a rather typical make and a finely crafted longsword with a hilt made of the finest leather and adorned with beautifully carved, gleaming steel. Although he is trained in the use of Full Plate armor and Mounted Combat, Alvar generally only reserves his heavier armor for when he expects trouble, and the horse he sold quite early on; instead he dresses typically in an armor made from studded leather and the sturdy clothes of a Planeswalker, a worn backpack over his shoulder and a cloak of moss-green on his back.

Although his clothing varies, generally he wears thickly woven, darkbrown pants and a shirt of sack-like, parchment-colored cloth. Atop it he wears his armor and over it his cloak as well a black rider's coat. The coat is sleeveless, and is much longer on the sides than at the front and back so as to not present a hinder when mounted. His belt hangs dangerously heavy from his hips, ladened with flasks, pouches and his two swords.

His tabard, which he wears only with his Full Plate, is of a mossgreen color with deep, almost eggplant purple borders and the stylized image of a hawk's talon in orange gold on it.

Although he tries to keep his appearance, nearly a year away from a real home has left him with an almost permanent shade of beard. Also, a thin scar snakes down the left side of his face, a memory from his early days in Sigil.

Strength (STR): 14 [+2] Level: Knight 3
Dexterity (DEX): 12 [+1] Experience Points: 3300/6000
Constitution (CON): 15 [+2] BAB: +3
Wisdom (WIS): 11 [+0] Fort Save: 1 (+2 Con) = +3
Intelligence (INT): 10 [+0] Ref Save : 1 (+1 Dex) = +2
Charisma (CHA): 15 [+2] Will Save: 3 (+0 Wis) = +3
Speed/Base Speed: 20 ft (Medium load)

Hit Points: (12+2d12(5,1))+(3*+2 Con)+(3*+1 FC) = 27/27
Armor Class: 10 (+1 Dex +4 Armor) = 15, 14 flat-footed, 11 touch

Long Sword, masterwork (1d8+2, 19-20/x2): +3 (+2 Str +1 Enhancement) = +6
Short Sword (1d6+2, 19-20/x2): +3 (+2 Str) = +5

Flail (1d8, 20/x2): +3 (+2 Str) = +5
Lance (1d8, 20/x3): +3 (+2 Str) = +5

Short Bow (1d6, 20/x3, Range: 60 ft.): +3 (+1 Dex) = +4

Armor Check Penalty: -4 (-1 Armor -3 Weight)
Arcane Spell Failure: 20%
Initiative: +1 Dex = +1
CMB: +3 BAB +2 Str +0 Size = +5

-Feat Name (Brief description of in-game effect)
-Hum Defensive Combat Training (+4 DC against bull rush, grapple and trip)
-Kni1 Improved Sunder (+2 to sunder checks, sunder attempt doesn't provoke AoO)
-Kni2 (bonus) Mounted Combat (Negate one attack on mount per round on a successful Ride check vs. opponent's attack roll)
-Kni3 Persuasive (+2 on Diplomacy, Intimidation)

[c] denotes class skill
*: Armor check penalty applies
Skills: 3/level
Total Points: 9

-[c] Skill [Mod]: # (+# Mod) = +#

-[c] Acrobatics* [Dex]: 2 (+1 Stat +3 Class -4 Armor) = +2
-[c] Climb* [Str]: 0 (+2 Stat -4 Armor) = -2
-[ ] Diplomacy [Cha]: 3 (+2 Stat +2 Feat) = +7
-[c] Handle Animal [Cha]: 1 (+2 Stat +3 Class) = +6
-[c] Intimidate [Cha]: 0 (+2 Stat +2 Feat) = +4
-[c] Knowledge (Nobility) [Int]: 1 (+0 Stat +3 Class) = +4
-[c] Ride* [Dex]: 1 (+1 Stat +3 Class -4 Armor) = +0
-[ ] Survival [Wis]: 1 (+0 Stat +3 Class) = +4
-[c] Swim* [Str]: 0 (+2 Stat -4 Armor) = -2

SIZE: Medium LANGUAGES: Common
Class Specials:
Knight's Challenge, 3/day
Usable ½ Level + Cha Mod times a day

Fighting Challenge +1 (Ex)
Issues a taunting challenge against an opponent with at least 5 int, a language, and a CR of at least the knight's level-2. If successful, this grants a +1 more B\bonus on Will saves, attack, and damage rolls against the target.

Knight's Code
May not gain a bonus on flanking, strike a flat-footed enemy, or deal lethal damage against a helpless foe (although non-lethal is allowed). If these rules are broken, -1 Knight's Challenge; if they are exhausted, -2 on Attack and Save rolls for the day.

Mounted Combat: Receive the Mounted Combat feat for free at 2nd level.

Shield Block +1 (Ex)
Designate a target for this Feat during Knight's Action, Shield AC is increased by 1 against that Opponent.

Bulwark of Defense (Ex)
Opponent that begins his turn in Knight's Threatened Area treats all threatened squares as Difficult Terrain.

Racial Specials:

+2 Cha

Bonus Feat: Humans receive a bonus feat at 1st level.

Skilled: Humans receive a bonus skill rank at each level.

Favored Class: Knight

Equipment and Inventory
==Equipped: Weight Cost
-Martial Weapons Dmg Critical Range Increment Type
--Sword, short 1d6 19-20/×2 — Piercing 2 lb. 10gp
--MW Longsword 1d8 19-20/x2 — Slashing 4 lb. 315gp

-Armor A/S Bonus Max. Def Bonus AC Penalty Arcane Spell Failure (30 ft.) (20 ft.) Weight Cost
--Light steel Shield 1 — -1 5% — — 6 lb. 9gp
--Stud. Leather Armor 3 5 -1 15% 30 ft. 20 ft. 20lb. 20gp

-Explorer's Outfit 8 lb. 10gp

==Backpack: Weight Cost
-Martial Weapons Dmg Critical Range Increment Type
--Shortbow 1d6 ×3 60 ft. Piercing 2 lb. 30 gp
--Arrows (20) 3 lb. 1 gp

-Armor A/S Bonus Max. Def Bonus AC Penalty Arcane Spell Failure (30 ft.) (20 ft.) Weight Cost
--MW Shield, hvy wood. 2 — -1 15% — — 10lb. 157gp

--Backpack 2lb 2gp
--Bedroll 5lb 1sp
--Blanket, Winter 3lb 5sp
--2x Metal Flask 1lb 6cp
--Flint & Steel 1gp
--Lantern(Bull's Eye) 3lb 12gp
--Mirror, small steel ½lb 10gp
--3x 1-pint Oil Flasks 3lb 3sp
--4x Pouch, belt 2lb 4gp
--5x Rations, trail 5lb 2,5gp
--50ft. Hemp Rope 10lb 1gp
--2xEmpty sack 1lb 2sp
--Signet Ring 5gp
--Shovel 8lb 2gp

Total Weight W/O Backpack: 32 lb
With Backpack: 85,5 lb

GP 266,34


-Martial Weapons Cost Dmg (M) Critical Range Increment Weight1 Type2
--Flail 8 gp 1d8 ×2 — 5 lb. Bludgeoning
--Lance 10 gp 1d8 ×3 — 10 lb. Piercing

Armor/Shield Maximum Armor Check Arcane Spell Speed
-Armor Cost Bonus Dex Bonus Penalty Failure Chance (30 ft.) (20 ft.) Weight
MW Full plate 1,650 gp 8 1 -5 35% 20 ft. 15 ft. 50 lb.

--2x Courtier's Outfit 12lb (2x6) 60gp
--Noble's Outfit 10lb 75gp
--2x Explorer's Outfit 18lb (2x8) 20gp
--Cold Weather Outfit 7lb 8gp
--5x Traveler's Outfit 25lb (5x5) 5gp

=-Loads: 1-58 lbs Light, 59-116 lbs Medium, 117-175 lbs Heavy-=

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