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Unread postby Spleen » Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:21 pm

My grandfather's liver failed; the doctors give him two days to live, at most. As many of you know, he's been in increasingly poor health since November, to the point where we had to go out to Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend to see him in case he didn't make it to winter break. We'll be driving out to Chicago (it's a long drive; 18 hours or thereabouts) starting sometime on Saturday, likely very early.

My involvement starting then and continuing for at least the following several days (likely a full week) is, thus, going to be spotty at the absolute best. Saturday I will have, if not absolutely, then at least nearly no time with a connection; a lot depends on whether or not we attempt the ambitious feat of taking the eighteen hours straight or opt for a hotel (which may or may not have a connection) part of the way through. Ditto whenever we go home, which is totally up in the air right now. Likely we'll be staying somewhere with a connection in Illinois itself; after all, Dad needs to keep his email coming in and out. That said, though, it's not clear that I'll have a huge amount of time to post here and fuck around on AIM.


In Savage Tide, Gillet will want to continue to scout ahead, or at the very least stay to the front of the group, probably out of the light from the lantern so any enemies won't see him. The speed the RP's going thus far makes me think I don't have to worry much about it, though.

With A Bang obviously continues to not be starting. If anyone needs more information to make a character, I haven't been told about it yet, so I'm assuming everyone who wants to participate has enough stuff to do so without me. Anyone who has something to ask/say/give me is advised to do so between tonight and Saturday morning. The RP won't be starting until I have sheets from everyone and look them over anyway, but I'd like to be able to do that right when this trip is over, if not sooner.

I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with The Next Crisis, it's not a fast RP and they're used to me being slow on posting.

I talked to Brian about the Tarrasque fight; I do need a PS expert for Seryntas's techs, though, if someone would oblige me there.
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