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Unread postby BrainWalker » Wed Oct 04, 2006 10:36 am

So, yesterday, in one of the classes that I'm captioning this quarter, there was a guest speaker who was talking about the services provided by calling 211. I don't have time to get into the details this morning, but basically they can set you up with any community services you might need. It was pretty interesting, and it got me thinking. Now, of course we're all familiar with 911 emergency services and 411 directory assistance, but being introduced to 211 got me thinking, just how many of these three-digit numbers are there?

Also sprach Wikipedia. Now I haven't had the time to get into researching this myself, what with working and being obsessed with Shadow Hearts 3, but it's still pretty interesting.

Or maybe I'm the only person who didn't know there was an entire cadre of "N11" numbers. <p><div style="text-align:center">Image</div></p>Edited by: BrainWalker&nbsp; Image at: 10/4/06 10:39


Re: N11

Unread postby Archmage144 » Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:53 am

I've never heard about these, either, though it reminds me of one day at work when we needed to contact some service or other, probably a hospital. I was talking with the pharmacist about it, and I mentioned that I wasn't sure how I was going to get ahold of them without their phone number. He told me that if I couldn't find it in the pharmacy's computer database somehow that I could always just call 911.

I looked at him for a minute and was like, "uh, don't you mean 411? I need their phone number, not an ambulance."

He stared back at me and appeared to be thinking about this before he put two and two together and was like, "oh, yeah. Right. Uh, don't dial 911." <p>
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Re: N11

Unread postby PriamNevhausten » Wed Oct 04, 2006 4:39 pm

Of course, since I used to work at the Relay, I know that their shorthand number is 711. Also, general phone service--as in service from the provider--number seems to be 611; or at least it was for my former cell phone. <p><span style="font-size:xx-small;">"It's in the air, in the headlines in the newspapers, in the blurry images on television. It is a secret you have yet to grasp, although the first syllable has been spoken in a dream you cannot quite recall." --Unknown Armies</span></p>Edited by: [url=http://p068.ezboard.com/brpgww60462.showUserPublicProfile?gid=priamnevhausten>PriamNevhausten</A]&nbsp; Image at: 10/4/06 16:40

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