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Re: Basic reply

Unread postby Capntastic » Thu Jan 26, 2006 12:44 am

I've thought a bit more on this, and have come to a conclusion that more accurately sums up my feelings on this:

Many people are simply RPing in different ways; I myself have been acclimating myself to RPing on a different board for a while, as well as Idran's D&D thing. I don't Chat-RP much anymore, because things tend to shift to focusing on the newer characters, who finally have their chance to shine and show off all the work that went into them. That's cool and all, but if I'm gonna feel a bit pressed to have my characters drop conversations with friends just to chat it up with some stranger, I'll feel a bit put out. Old characters and new characters don't seem to mix too well in CIs at all, unless there's an event that is the focal point.

I could make a new character, yeah, and I have groovy ideas and backburner plans, but I'm really lazy and I wouldn't want to make a new character solely to CI with them. I'm best at unveiling characters in a way that lends itself to their nature, in a situation that would really benefit from them.

Another point is that CIs are boring. AM is correct in saying that adventure is funner than not adventure, or something similar. The thing is, the whole classification of CI has caused a deep rift to form between "Character Interacting" and "GMed RPs". When I first arrived at RPGWW, there was only "ARPEES" and they took place in chat. I dove, with my horribly un-thought out character Kyle, and enjoyed things. I remember the moment pretty clearly, (As I have a log of it!) Enlil and Diran were having a word-fight, and End was up to some sort of Moogle sassery, in an alley next to the good old JD. Checking the log now, the date was October 7th, 2002. Let me post a few choice bits:

You have just entered room "Arpee."
Brodzky Zero: (hiya)
Kirbjooie: (Though it wasn't for very long. Diran was calling himself the strongest...Enlil said stuff about Creation magic and whatnot)
That Damned Elf: o_O *reigns the horse quickly**
CaptainPervy: (Nope, the Shopkeeper)
Brodzky Zero: (so...whats going on)
Kirbjooie: *walks around, quite pleased with himself*
T3chn0Namagomi: Ugh.....damnit. What the?!?!
T3chn0Namagomi: *gets up*
T3chn0Namagomi: o.o I nearly got run over....*
Brodzky Zero: (pervy, whats going on? im stupid)
That Damned Elf: o_O;; Sorry sir....
That Damned Elf: *Dismounts quickly and heads over to him*
CaptainPervy: *Enlil merges from an alley, and walks down the street. She is an average-sized woman with silver hair, Silver Eyes, and enormous feathery wings on her back. She is also a bit dirty; old half-cleaned grease strains cling to her (c)*
That Damned Elf: Are you alright?
T3chn0Namagomi: I've been through worse...
T3chn0Namagomi: (Desc?)
That Damned Elf: (heee ^_^ *prepares one*)
CaptainPervy: *feathers, her simple robes, and her hair.*
CaptainPervy: (Zero, a Street in Doma)

And that's how it started. Moreover, this is:

Brodzky Zero: *A stranger with green eyes and bronze hair, wearing a long greyish silver coat slowly walks by, and glances at the group of people arguing, then pauses...*
End790: Are you being stressed out because of these two yapping on? o_o;
That Damned Elf: *turns to Kamos and bows deeply* Frian Cobblebay, at your service...
T3chn0Namagomi: Ahh.
End790: <_<' ... :seems to think for a moment:
End790: .. Kamos.
Brodzky Zero: Em... Hello..

From this, a half-retarded Kyle (RPed by a half-retarded Zero) went to talk to Enlil about the nature of pacifism, chatted End up, and I generally smucked about. And from there, a few days later in another "ARPEE" End went crazy and turned into a dragon and tried to kill Kyle and almost did but Sorune saved him and thus a quest was had to try and solve all of these bad vibes and a generally awesome time was had. It was an ongoing chain of of events, like a TV series, and I was there every few days to catch up and have Kyle do stuff. It was great. Kyle and some other characters would be chillaxing at the JD, and End would enter the room, assess the situation, and start GMing things; anyone who was there was free to get involved. There were adventures and fun-times. Things blended smoothly. The thing is, that sort of stuff doesn't happen these days. People clamor for "CIs" and nothing too fun happens, and "CIs" are now boring. Chat RPing has drifted away from starting and ending in an open chatroom, and moved onto being started via IMs or Board invite threads. Somehow, this brand of GMed RPs for a select group of friends have been labled "SECRET RPS" and are apparently really bad for not happening out in the open. "CIs" are boring, and "SECRET RPS" are really bad. Though I agree with the former of these statements much more than the latter, I can very much nod my head to the brilliant idea contained within; that if things are going to return to their lovely roots of fervent action and groovy mini-adventures, we should stop labling any chat-RP for no real reason as "CIs", as this connotates boredom. Instead, we have a semi-ongoing RP room, as we did a few years back, and keep the groove flowing, instead of miserly little bursts.

Sorry if this isn't written too grandly; I did it all in one take, and now I need to shave. BE BACK LATER, DUDES.

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Um... something like this.

Unread postby Kai » Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:07 am

Looking back over the thread I've noticed a rather odd reluctance to RP, not with new people who may well suck at this whole RP thing. No. It's new characters that scare people!

Lys: Sometimes, it feels just awkward arpeeing with characters I don't know that well

Besyanteo: The majority of the time, my characters, who at some point became too focused on themselves, see no one they know, and thus don't interact.

Div: I rarely encounter a situation where I have a character that knows one that's in the RP and not already occupied, which would allow me to carry things a step further.

And finally, Zero: Old characters and new characters don't seem to mix too well in CIs at all, unless there's an event that is the focal point.

How ghastly, meeting a new person on a densely populated continent. I want to know how this bizarre RP social anxiety thing came about. I mean.... What exactly do you guys want? Do you really want to create a setting so unrealistically sheltered and asocial that no PC will ever have to meet another they don't already know?

Yes, I'm aware that plotted RPs foster much stronger relationships between characters, and often force characters together in ways that would never have happened in a CIRP. However, plotted RPs require a plot. A plot requires someone with an idea and/or the motivation to run it. Why do I feel like the real complaint is not, "RP just isn't interesting anymore," and instead is much closer to, "No one will entertain me! Why isn't someone else fixing it?"

That means there are two issues.
1)New characters are frightening.
2)People seem reluctant to do anything but whine about how no one else will make RP fun again.

I think that the connection between these issues is that people don't seem willing to make their own fun. It's not enough that there be RP. It's not enough to be in an RP. The only good RP is one in which someone else has already thought of a plot. This nameless hero must also bring characters you already know to spoonfeed you some in-character recreation. <p>-------------------------
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Re: Um... something like this.

Unread postby Capntastic » Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:35 am

I don't see the need for such vehemence; as people are giving their honest answers, which more or less match up with things you've noticed. My report back there isn't finished, and I've merely posted what I have so people can check it out and digest it slowly before I refine and shine it. Either way....

Why do I feel like the real complaint is not, "RP just isn't interesting anymore," and instead is much closer to, "No one will entertain me! Why isn't someone else fixing it?"

Many people feel the former; and are not complaining so much as comparing the present state of things to the past. You are very clearly the latter; as I have been in at least one CI you invited me to, where nothing was happening, and I proceded to try to get things started by having Keir talk about the newspaper he's been running to Kumo. This was not entertaining enough for you, as you never ended up joining in, and eventually left. That was fine and understandable, I guess, but I was really upset when later that night I read a post by AM concerning the lack of quality roleplaying around here, which ended with:

"Maybe people are content to CI reading the newspaper."

That really hurt me, on some level, as I was honestly trying to help you get your roleplaying groove on. Succesful or not, such an attempt should not have been given such a harsh jab by someone who was also lurking in the room.

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Is it late or early?!

Unread postby Besyanteo » Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:36 am

How ghastly, meeting a new person on a densely populated continent. I want to know how this bizarre RP social anxiety thing came about. I mean.... What exactly do you guys want? Do you really want to create a setting so unrealistically sheltered and asocial that no PC will ever have to meet another they don't already know?

Hey look, it's my social life in reality! ... No seriously, it is.

I can see where Zero's coming from, sayying essentially that if someone wants to turn a chat RP into a plot that should be fine... but I don't think it ever stopped being fine. I think people just stopped doing it. Alternatively, I may have misunderstood him completely. Ah, morning hours. My other interpretation being: We've alienated one kind of RP from another intellectually, and it's causing them to both kind of peter out. I can see how this would, again, cause problems. But can that really be the only problem? I mean, if it was, I'm not sure there's be a thread here. Which brings me to my next point:

Yes Ashley, we're all lazy. That's not even sarcastic or smarmy. I know I'm lazy, anyway. ... I don't particularly feel a need to whine about it or fix it anymore though. I still RP sometimes, despite what my posts from lasy year say, and I'm running around with new people and all. And I'm more or less getting involved when things do happen, if I'm around for them. RP still doesn't feel as engaging as it used to be, but that's fine. You have to figure, the phrase 'used to be' implies nostalgia. Nostalgia being infamous for making old things you remember being better than they really were.

... Bleh. I'm wandering all over the place. What I'm trying to get at is, I don't think RP is dying anymore. I can't say I've stopped. It just feels different becasue I remember it differently. It's like looking at my NES and remembering the fun I had playing DW3. I have a computer now with all kinds of neat games with flashy graphics and in depth dialogue and story, but every now and them I'm gonna wanna talk about how much 'better' NES was.

No it wasn't. I just remember it being better. Because it was the newest, bestest thing ever at the time for me ... That's just me though. I'm not belittling anyone else's experiences here, just... realizing that as good as stuff was when I got here, I could still have alot of damn fun now if I just stop focussing on what I was doing before. ... And I can get someone else to watch the baby for a while. Grrr. <p>
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Re: Is it late or early?!

Unread postby PriamNevhausten » Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:50 am

The idea isn't that new characters are frightening. It's that they're *new and unknown.* Think about it--would you rather, upon going out to a public place, speak with people you see there whom you know, or go up to some random stranger and strike up a conversation? People enjoy dealing with people they already have an established base with, and it's very hard for 'strangers' to get in once the conversation between the two who know eachother has started.

Lord knows I tried my damnedest to get in and involved when Ash and AM were RPing in that second gen RP the other day. James and Hideki and those who knew them were just an impenetrable goddamned shield. That minstrel character still doesn't have a name. You want to talk about not wanting to meet anyone new? Really think about why this happened, and why this is the exact same phenomenon as every other time a new character tried to get involved in anything, ever, with preestablished characters. The exception is when you work together with the owner of a preexisting character to silver-spoon your new character a connection into the existing character network. Some of us either don't have that luxury, or think it shouldn't be necessary. And we have met with a number of failures. Some successes, yes, but many characters have been lost because they simply have no ties to anyone, after repeated attempts.

I, personally, think Zero is on the right track--or at least *a* right track--when he calls for a standing RP chatroom, a sister to our beloved "RPGWW Chat." It's the best idea I've seen in this thread. <p><span style="font-size:xx-small;">"It's in the air, in the headlines in the newspapers, in the blurry images on television. It is a secret you have yet to grasp, although the first syllable has been spoken in a dream you cannot quite recall." --Unknown Armies</span></p>Edited by: [url=>PriamNevhausten</A]&nbsp; Image at: 1/26/06 2:56

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Re: Is it late or early?!

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:24 am

My problems:

One: I work a lot. When I'm not working, I'm doing something else, usually a book, writing myself, or a video game.

Two: Bes pointed out to me some time ago I have a propensity to two types of characters: Smartasses (Because, well, what can I say? Everyone loves a smartass. Except Celeste, who only thinks she's a smartass.) and children (Usually girls. Even I've caught onto this, and I have one thing to say in my defense: I have no idea.)

As such, I've tried to get away from that. Charcoal in Jak's WoW campaign is an example. Quickwitted, yes, but she's not intentionally smarmy. Celes in Idran's DnD thing is also an attempt at something new- An accent so thick (And horrible) that half the time nobody can understand what she's saying.

That's pretty much it, really, for me. <p>
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Re: Zero

Unread postby pd Rydia » Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:30 pm

Brian has also used one of my RPs as an example, before--a bad habit, that. But RPs start somewhere--newspapers and kitties are just as good as anything else. It's up to the RPers who want to get involved to take what's in the setting and work it to a character. ("Did you hear about the story in the..." "Don't you know about the disgusting conservative bias in the papers!" "Filthy cats, they spread disease and fur." "Aliens from another planet, come to steal our babies' souls!!" "I have a kitty. His name is Fluffy.")

Of course, this takes energy, and as people have mentioned, many are more willing to spend that energy on other projects these days. I'm one of them. Further, I'm actively discouraged from RP when I find myself and others sniped in posts for...RPing. In junction with enjoying different things in an RP than someone else, Kotoki forbid, but RPing.

I'm not sure what it's like in chats right now if someone creates something imperfect--if the RP police crash down upon you or not these days. That was another reason why I, and others I suspect, stopped creating spontaneous plots/plot-like-elements in random CIRPs. I've the impression that's gotten better, but I wouldn't actually know, not being much of an active RPer/GM/creator. <p>
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Re: That's me!

Unread postby Capntastic » Thu Jan 26, 2006 6:37 pm

Also, let it be of note, that the sign up thread for my RP, which I have recently bumped twice in the past few months, has gotten little in the way of new attention. This is unfortunate as Darkknight has crummy times, Nev has left the board, and I really had a lot of cool ideas for it. :(

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Re: That's me!

Unread postby FF Fanatic 80 » Thu Jan 26, 2006 7:21 pm

And, as much as I hate to say it.

Steve called it


Anyway, just a few comments from myself to keep this somewhat relevant:

Zero indirectly brought this up, and it was mentioned by Miss Kai as well:

To have plotty stuff happen, *someone* has to actually come up with said plot and run it. It seems few people do this anymore.

BUT! <--- AKA However

Like I said in my last post, I'm pretty confident this is not due to secret groups and chat and whatnot. I think, like Dia mentioned, people are simply focusing their creative energies/attention elsewhere.

I also think people forget, while taking a ride on the nostalgia train, that a lot of our creative energies fed off one another as well. Dia would bring in a Rivan Dragoon, which would strike Shaun with the idea to make one as well, which would give Sarah the idea to bring in a dragon-half for OMG DRAMA, which would... well you get the idea. With fewer people doing that as of late, you see the decline in creativity, and modivation.

And like I said last time, this isn't something we can magically force on people. Right now, people have things to do, or other things that are more important to them right now. Jason makes a good point in that a few people need to stop focusing so much on what was, and worry more about the here and now. I know there are people who still RP frequently, and can definitely come up with some fun and plotty/non-plotty things if they work together to do it.

As a last bit to Mr. Priam: I do think you make a good point about the difficulty of introducing new characters. I've noticed this as well occasionally when I make up on-the-spot characters. Unfortunately, I don't know of a quick and easy fix for that. Should the new RPer have to conform to the setting and existing RPers? If so, how much should he/she need to compromise? Should the existing RPers be willing to bend a bit to accomodate new Rpers characters? If so, how much?

I think you're going to get a lot of different answers for that, unfortunately. =/

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Re: That's me!

Unread postby Archmage144 » Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:54 pm

Another thing for people trying to bring in new characters or characters unfamiliar with a situation to do is to IM the involved RPers about it. "Hey, I want to introduce character X, can you help me orchestrate some situation Y?" A lot of my characters I went out of my way to introduce with GMed plotlines or spontaneously GMed RPs spawned from chat interactions. Not everyone is going to do this, especially if the character is just a temporary way to join and enjoy a character interaction RP, but I often found that sometimes getting the direct attention of one or more people involved in the RP and clearly stating your intent to make an entrance often gives those people a chance to help you work your way in.

Secondly, I'd like to apologize for anyone who felt attacked as a result of my past comments about reading newspapers and hunting for kittens and etc. None of these comments was ever intended to be a direct or painful attack on any individual in this community, nor were they ever intended to be offensive; and since it is evident that they have been considered offensive, I express regret for having expressed myself in such a manner. <p>
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Re: Is it late or early?!

Unread postby Kelne » Sat Jan 28, 2006 8:27 pm

In a word, time.

It's as simple as that. I can generally fit in a couple of sessions a week, but since these are arranged plotted RPs, this only makes it all the harder for people to catch me at the right time for impromptu stuff.

One thing that seems to have happened is that CIRPs have somehow become a chore. They seem to be undertaken primarily by those possessed with a grim determination to keep the flame burning. Certainly there have been times when I've seen efforts to browbeat lurkers into participating. With, as you can imagine, limited success.

I suppose the ideal situation would be if people were able to throw together some interesting situation with minimal prep-time. I've seen it done in the past, with great success. But by and large, there's a certain sameness to CIs. There's also that tendency for certain characters to associate with each other, which doesn't leave much room for outsiders to butt in on the conversation. Again, certain characters are quite capable of becoming the centre of attention and engaging others in conversation despite themselves. But this is the exception, rather than the rule.

Anyhow, that time issue raises itself again, as I have work soon. So I'll leave it at that for now. <p>Centuries of threats of "I'll turn you all to stone!" and "I'll knock you all down!" have caused Domans to develop an instinct to form small groups. For safety, I assure you. – Keir</p>

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Re: Is it late or early?!

Unread postby WillBaseton » Sun Jan 29, 2006 12:18 am

Wow...I NEVER thought I'd see this old thread again, especially after the results from last time.

As for me, well...first of all I'd hardly consider myself a full member of RPGWW anymore, due to several factors. My (critically failed) attempts to gain a social life are one, the serious stress I've had to deal with from a number of sources lately is another, and most recently, severe illness has prevented me from really being "into it". Sure, I pop into chat periodically, and I try to keep in touch over AIM, but I've grown up a lot in the past two to three years, and as much as I hate to say it (please don't take offense at this), I don't need RPGWW as much as I used to. It's a hobby now, whereas it used to be much more important to me.

As for the specifics on why I don't RP, well, I kinda "retired" while back after I got bored with it, but I have been attempting to get back into it. The main things preventing me from that

1) Will's lack of existence in the current "canon", due to being away on plot, stunts my best in route for most RPs. He's the easiest character I can use, and without him, my RP options are slightly limited. And as much as I love him...even if I had access to him, I doubt Will would work as a character nowadays. His counterpoints (the Mythrils, Dia, Siz, Taiar, Hakaril, etc) are for the most part missing, and that was really part of what made him an interesting character. I doubt he'd work as well with a cast of characters who not only does he not know, but ones that likely haven't even heard of him.

2) For one reason or another, I've sorta started to hate most of my older characters. I've matured quite a bit since my active days, and looking back at some of my characters, I find myself wondering how I ever thought they were good ideas. Even Will has parts of his past that I look back on and go "What the fuck was I thinking...? Did I actually TYPE that?" Which leads me into my next point...I don't have any NEW ideas. I can't think of any new characters that I'd enjoy RPing. My creativity has been completely sapped by stress and the fact that my writer's nerve is now being used for classes and my novel. I really can't spare much of it anymore.

3) I honestly don't have the time anymore. I'm often in my room, but I'm usually multitasking, be it with City of Heroes, video games homework, talking to friends, or just lazing around, I rarely get that "Hey, an RP would be fun right now!" urge anymore. And also, I'm rarely in the chat, so the only time I ever hear about RPs is when Ashley notifies me.

4) This one is really the most important. On the off chance I DO manage to work up the spine to RP, which isn't exactly often, the RPs are usually filled with characters I don't recognize, let alone ones my characters do. I find it very hard to get involved in an RP if I don't know any of the characters in it. I can try, but I'm usually very quickly left behind in scenes. And everyone knows, having your character ignored isn't exactly the best builder of RP interest.

I can't say I HATE RPing, and I admire Ashley's determination to keep it alive (Hell, I used to do the same thing back in the day. Look at the thread's author!), but for a variety of reasons, I feel like I've grown distant from it. RPing isn't the same to me anymore, especially since many of the characters who basically gave mine depth are completely gone. I'd be willing to give it another shot, but only if I could find a way to use a character who would make it worthwhile to try. And even then, I doubt I'd be as active as I used to be. Times have just changed too much. <p>
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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Fri Feb 17, 2006 3:41 pm

Honestly, the reason I stopped RPing is because I'm too lazy to even try to learn PhilSys. <p><div style="text-align:center">
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Re: Honest!

Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:36 pm

I love to RP. I'm still usually up for it, whenever, if anything. I'm disenchanted with plotted board and chat rps. Everytime I get involved in one, it never finishes, or drags due to time problems, or someone disappearing, or bleh. Something or other.

And I'm afraid to try any ideas, because for awhile, I felt like most of my ideas were retarded and may very well be shot down by well meaning Canon Godmoders. :\ In the beginning, you had an idea, you went with it. Now, it takes loads of talking to other folks, and orchestrating, to pull off a simple plot, and even then, there might be fooing over it, the technical aspects of it, the creativity, lack of time for anyone interested.....etc.

The new character thing has never bothered me. As a whole, I play very outgoing characters,.....who don't mind getting out there and "meeting people". While CI's can lack sparkle, they CAN be made fun. It just takes more work. And someone willing to take the reigns and "direct" a little.

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Re: Open Poll: Why Don't You RP Anymore? (NO SPAM!)

Unread postby Reako Somner » Mon Feb 27, 2006 1:19 pm

I didn't reply to the first, so I guess I will reply now.


1. While I used to be really excited about the whole deal and did it whenever I could, the feeling isn't as "there" as it used to be. I feel kind of weird using a furry little foxboy as a character these days. I guess it was "just a phase". Other characters have the Newbie problem or don't fit in well.

2. Dangle an MMO in front of me. Watch me dance. I might do tricks! But I won't have the time to RP anymore afterward. MMO more important. Gotta get my fix. Rrrrr.

3. Work Schedual of Strangulation; well, this is going to be fixed up a bit more soon thankfully

4. Incompetant Lame GM Syndrome: I like to GM and watch people interact in the world and story I created. That's all well and good. Way back when I cared more for it, and so did everyone else, the Valzar Saga was a blast. But then I started blatently stealing more and more ideas and materials from other sources of personal interest, got plenty of "..." reactions, and I still haven't gotten over the shame for whatever reason. The story has been right at the very end for what, 3 years now? Perhaps longer? It's kind of my fault. I got people all fired up about it around 6 months ago, then dropped the ball... I'm having trouble picking it up again.

5. The Deep Dark Desire to Pwn: As stupid as it is, I have a large allure for combat rather than social interaction (hurrr kill stufz with dice) and thusly only went after Philsys RPs. They were scarse at one point and I was too busy running my own, so I lost interest and stopped checking. I *do* like social interaction, but I run out of things to say quickly and end with large spaces of awkward silence. Perhaps I should've been a barbarian. Less talky more stabby.

Now then, since WoW doesn't have as large a hold on me as it used to, I *do* want to take a shot at joining/running a D&D campaign sometime, while the desire is still hot. I think I heard Priam runs something like that. I'm not sure. I never got a good shot at it, and the one time I did play D&D, halfway into it I was under some emotional stress due to real life things and it leaked into play (much apology to Adam, AM, Kate, Cyril etc). Being a fighter was cool though.

As for the Gaera RP scene, anything I've done is welcome for use (that's to you, Idran, or anyone who wishes to referance Hamilton) but I myself just can't get involved anymore. Just not feelin' it, I guess.

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Re: Open Poll: Why Don't You RP Anymore? (NO SPAM!)

Unread postby LadyDragonClawsEDW » Thu Apr 06, 2006 10:16 am

Oh wow, I missed the revival. Topic necromancy go!

My disinterest in CI is still similar to two years ago: not very much happens unless someone takes the initiative to make it happen and 80% of the time, I don't want to be the one to take initiative, I want someone else to drop the meteor. I believe this holds true for a lot of people.

Laziness. I've been presented with a few opportunities to get involved by my laziness to getting my Philsystem sheets updated keeps getting in the way and preventing me from doing this. Sure, I'd love to give Aya or Kyra or one of my old characters a go, maybe update them and give their backgrounds a few retcons so they're less messy, but laziness gets in the way.

Other stuff
First it was Ragnarok Online. It's hard to multitask with Ragnarok Online, which people who were involved with the never completed Ryuuzoku Affair might be aware of. I don't play RO currently, though I've been considering picking it up again with my brother.
Videoland/other MU*s, etc. Brand new way of RPing with different rules. See, the second day I was in Videoland, there was a major villian attack. VILLIAN ATTACK. Stuff happened, which compared to the CIs of 'stuff not happening' I was used to, which was a big breath of fresh air. Dayumn.
Work. As Ash and Brian might know, on weekdays, I go to bed really early because I have to get up at 5 am to go to work the next day. I am employed full time, eight hours a day, five days a week.
Doing other things offline. Gardening, driving, seeing movies, hanging out, non-MMORPG Video Games, yeah, not conductive to RP time.
Short attention span. I can't seem to do messageboard RPs anymore because I have a really short attention span when it comes to that stuff, much less GM a messageboard RP.

So yeah, I do RP when I can, I just don't do it very much here anymore, though this is largely my fault and not of anyone that comes here. <p>--------------------

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Unread postby Endadelta » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:35 pm

Hey, I'm posting here for a second time.

Anyway, answer's pretty simple.

On the chat front, well, I can't go into chats. I have computer troubles and I'm somewhat busy trying to do well at school. While I'd love to get on AIM on the weekends or at those times where I actually have no schoolwork, I simply can't.

On the board front, there's the simple fact that most people don't like to do board RPs as much. It's not hard to understand why; it takes much longer to cover events in a board RP than it does a chat, and hence the plot can take much longer to get started. However, it takes much less time to check the board, assess the situation of the RP, then make a post then it does to go onto a chat program, check with a GM, enter a chat, and stay there for a duration. Perhaps due to the reason above or due to other issues I'm not aware of, people laxed on posting to mine.

Now, granted, the situation I have with my group of RPers is a bit complicated. Pervy apparently only posts to RPs on this board anymore due to a series of events I wasn't around to see. DW is seemingly very busy and apparently rarely, if ever, checks the board. Kelne I have no issues with, but he does have stretches of time where he disappears entirely, and I'm not always able to predict when those come. Zero seems to be on good standing but since I can't get into regular contact with him, I can't be entirely sure of that. Ditto for Idran.

Not exactly the best setup for an active and thriving board RP, but there's nothing I can do about that now, and I don't like to abandon RPers partway through a session (re: my keeping Frian around in the Infinity saga, though she did develop perpetual narcolepsy as a result). So, I'm not RPing that for the moment. I haven't abandoned it, rather, but I've put it aside in hopes of doing it in chat in the future (much like Kelne did with Strands of Fate).

Sometimes it's also best to hang back, gather your notes, and think about it rather than doing it. I have at least three other campaigns beyond T7P that I have in mind, and since I don't have any real current RPs to worry about, I'm free to ponder them and make sure that they're actually worth RPing.

Well, technically, I'm still doing Ash's thing. But that's something else.

Anyway, those're my thoughts. <p>

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