The Sin

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The Sin

Unread postby PriamNevhausten » Thu Nov 10, 2005 5:27 am

Of the Seven Deadly--Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Wrath--which do you find the most distasteful? Which grates on you the most to witness committed? <p><span style="font-size:xx-small;">"It's in the air, in the headlines in the newspapers, in the blurry images on television. It is a secret you have yet to grasp, although the first syllable has been spoken in a dream you cannot quite recall." --Unknown Armies</span></p>


Re: The Sin

Unread postby PopoSujo » Thu Nov 10, 2005 7:16 am

The most distateful I'd have to say would be either sloth or gluttony. It's even worse when the two are combined, which is often the case. Something about people that are so slothful and gluttonous they have to remove a wall of their house to get them to the hospital really disturbs me on a level that not many things can.

Gluttony also goes down as the sin that I dislike witnessing. It just grosses me out.

I'll add a new category for people to respond to: Which of the Seven Deadly do you most often partake of?

For me, it'd probably be pride. I simply have narcissistic tendencies. I try to curb them but I can't help but think that I am better than all of the really stupid people I meet. <p>
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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Zemyla » Thu Nov 10, 2005 12:05 pm

I dislike pride the most, as people who feel they are better than others drive me nuts. Especially when it's not true.

And the one I partake of the most is wrath, with sloth a close second. <p>-----
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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Nakibe » Thu Nov 10, 2005 1:19 pm

I'm with Zem. Pride tends to really, REALLY piss me off, especially when it shows up in certain insidious forms. Anything even remotely similar fills me with the urge to punch the person. Depends on the circumstances.

Currently strugging with Sloth myself. I'll tell you later what that's all about. <p><span style="font-size:small;">

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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Thu Nov 10, 2005 2:37 pm

I'd have to say that pride is probably the most irksome of the lot. Greed and Envy rank fairly high as well, mainly due to my lack of patience when faced with people who whine excessively.

My problems probably show up most in the form of sloth. As much as I attempt to justify it to myself I can't escape the fact that this is really just me deciding that it's far more easy to be lazy than it is to get off my ass and do something. Imagine that.

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Re: The Sin

Unread postby pd Rydia » Thu Nov 10, 2005 7:23 pm

On the subject of pride, I find the English word to be insufficient. There's the "I'm better than u" type pride, the "I'm too good to do that [work at McDonald's]" type pride, the "I'm too good to do that [steal from my family]" type, the family on, and so forth. But we've only one word.

Sloth kinda gets to me. The complete and utter lack of drive and desire to do anything not only confuses me, but infuriates--the infuriating part coming mainly from the fact that these people are still in the workforce. Or they're family, or friends, and you get to watch their situation deteriorate. <p>
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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Mechanisto » Thu Nov 10, 2005 11:13 pm

Most distasteful: Wrath. I find nothing more deplorable that unnessecary psychological or physical violence in the name of vengance, judgment, or "higher purpose." Wounding others as a boost to one's own confidence is even worse; I think of myself as incredibly patient; slow to anger, and quick to forgive.

Personal weakness: Sloth. Oh... the slothiness. I'm patient as all get out, but I procrastinate over the most astonishingly simple and straightforeward things... thigns important to my life and career, even.

In general, when I'm forced to choose between two evils I take the one I haven't tried before. <p>---
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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:28 am

Gluttony eats things, and is a total Lust fanboy.

Thus, I hate him most.

Edit: I didn't say Sloth. Sloth is my favorite. :( <p>
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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Elitegamer7539 » Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:17 pm

Lessee... Greed is the one that irks me most. Ambition is one thing, but to be greed to the point that one would take from those less fortunate is inexcusable.

My primary flaw is either sloth or gluttony. Not gluttony to the point where I'm too fat to move, and not sloth to the point that I get nothing done, but I definately partake of those two sins more than I should. <p>
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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Groxley Grunk » Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:20 pm

I don't see why I have to commit to a particular sin. My sins are like my children. I loves them all.

...oh wait. That's not the question. Huh. Guess I can't answer this one properly.

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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Spleen » Sat Nov 12, 2005 12:34 am

I think envy is the one I find most distasteful, because it's everywhere in my school (goddamn shallow ignoramuses). Everyone wants the best everything all the time, and it's silly.

The one that I partake of most? Even going between sloth and lust. I don't have a drive to do anything but sit and look at naked women. <p>-_-___-___-___-_-

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Re: The Sin

Unread postby NamagomiMk0 » Wed Nov 16, 2005 8:14 pm

The one I hate the most? Pride. Just about everyone at my school had it, as a result of spoiled upbringing and rich parents, amongst other things.

Guilty of? Wrath. Being screwed out of various things, put through hell, and the like, all because of things out of my control, well, that'd leave anyone pissy, I'd think. <p>"DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT US? OUR TREASURE MAY BE HEAVY, BUT WE ARE LIGHT AS WIND. ONLY MAGICS MAY HURT US, BUT ONLY WE KNOW WHICH ONES." --Omoikane, Digital Devil Saga 2</p>

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Re: The Sin

Unread postby Ganonfro » Thu Nov 17, 2005 10:05 pm

I think Jecht is the best Sin ever. Period.

...But yeah, I'd say that I try to keep all of the deadly sins in check about myself, as much as possible, though sloth is probably the most prominent.

Lust I hate the most though, especially in combination with Pride, since that's what tends to ruin any situation. Someone who not only thinks they're sexy, they know it and then think themselves above everyone regardless of how anyone else might look.

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