Otakon and Van Halen

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Otakon and Van Halen

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Fri Mar 26, 2004 3:03 pm

Alright, so as most of you probably don't know, The Van Halen just announced that there is to be a nice little reunion tour with Sammy Haggar. As a result, I would really like to go, but won't be able to afford a THIRD trip to the the lower 48 this summer. With this in mind, the only location which really has a chance of me being there is the one in St. Louis on July 28th, as it's just before Otakon, and what to me is a reasonable distance from Ohio/Kentucky.

SO. If anyone in the area would be willing to traverse to St. Louis to come get me the day/morning/whatever after the concert (so as to make it so I wouldn't have to rent a car or get another plane ticket or something), that would really cement me being present at the con. I'd pay for the gas, if it helps sway anyone's decision. :O

EDIT: Or, one or more people from Kentucky/Ohio can come and see the concert too! <p>Image</p>Edited by: FlamingDeth at: 3/26/04 3:04 pm

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Re: Otakon and Van Halen

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Fri Mar 26, 2004 10:09 pm

Check the Botcon thread, FD.

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