Ever have one of those days?

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Ever have one of those days?

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:31 pm

Where bad things seem to constantly happen to you? Well I've had one of those days... and I can only hope it gets better.

-First, when calling my work and seeing when I'm on the clock next, my fuckin' dick of a manager tells me I've been laid off. I'm not really that surprised by this one. They've hated me for some strange reason ever since the second month of working there.

Even when I was put on the clock there, I was god damn doing a whole buncha shit for them. Busting one's ass for a buncha assholes who don't seem to think highly at all about the hard work you do do for them is anything remotely worth it. It shows in the checks too...

-Then, I fail an algebra test. Wouldn't be bad if I didn't have an F already in that class. Take also into account that because I fucked up royally last semester, I'm on credit probation with the college I'm attending. Image

Let's just say that i'm not having a good day and failing a test doesn't make things any better.

Ever have one of these days? Where it just seems to progressively get worse as time passes by? <p>"I try to entertain you, the best I can. I wish I'd started walking before I ran." --Ozzy "Gets Me Through"</p>


Re: Ever have one of those days?

Unread postby Wolfbelly » Thu Mar 04, 2004 1:22 am

I've had bad days before, but strangely I seemt o come out of them unnaturally happy. *shrugs* Oh well. Sucks to be you, I guess. Here's hoping you can pull up them algebra marks or whatever.


Re: Ever have one of those days?

Unread postby Seethe347 » Thu Mar 04, 2004 5:26 am

Yes I have. In fact, I've been in that same boat in algebra. <p>
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