*sighs* Life sucks....

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*sighs* Life sucks....

Unread postby Firnthuleien » Tue Sep 16, 2003 12:17 pm

As you may have guessed from the title (And my long absence!) that:

A) I am having MASSIVE computer troubles that look as if they won't get fixed in a hurry.

B) Job searchin's been a bitch lately....

C) I haven't been able to hack my mom's comp password until a few hours ago........

So........(*is shaking from a month's or more lack of computer and internet*) unfortunately.......it will be quite a bit longer until my dad decides to actually help fix my comp.......... ;_;

I'll try to check in with updates more often, now that I know the passwordy..... <p><div style="text-align:center"> Image
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Re: *sighs* Life sucks....

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Thu Sep 18, 2003 6:49 pm

Hang in there, Fern. He can't dance around it much longer. My parents couldn't. YOU CAN SURVIVE. *gives huggles* <p>--------------------
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Re: *sighs* Life sucks....

Unread postby SALSAlys » Fri Sep 19, 2003 12:03 am


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Re: *sighs* Life sucks....

Unread postby Spleen » Fri Sep 19, 2003 9:31 am

*totally hugs Fern* If he doesn't fix it, threaten to release the wrath of Krad's herald on him. <p>"Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to being a Republican. Being a Republican leads to being super-rich, or a poor, confused angry red-neck."
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Re: Another #$@!#$ Parent problem (or more)

Unread postby Firnthuleien » Mon Sep 29, 2003 10:55 am

As you've guessed from the title, the following problems are caused by 1 or more of my parents! JOY! *sarcasm*

1- Haven't been here as often because my dad still refuses to help fix MY computer.

2- I could have been here more often if I had been allowed to use my mother's computer, which both my parents have refused. (This is the first chance I've gotten in a while, they're both out...)

3- I've been getting snapped at for the stupidest little fucking things the past month or so and I'm starting to not be able to cope with it any more.

The part that makes this the worst is that they harassed me all school year last year to get a job. When I got one, yeah they shut up about it, but then they start nagging me about things for the job! e_e+ And Then when I decided I absolutely hated the job and am now looking for another they reprimand me for taking the first offer of an interview that I can!

My mother actually said "Why the hell didn't you ask Terry what the man told him about his 'new franchize'?! And franchize! That sounds pretty damned shifty! Did you even ask WHERE the interview was going to be amd WHEN? And HOW you'd get there?!" When I told her my friend (AKA: Terry) had told me he talked to this fellow at his work about it.

FUCK SAKE! ...Like, my friends aren't totally fucking stupid! Terry would have asked the guy about the job (AND all those questions) before he would have even considered going for the interview himself, let alone call me! And Terry DID tell me when and how I'd get there. e\/e++

I was SO mad at my parents, I could have screamed! (And I still want to >_<++)And it didn't make it any better that we had been at my grandmother's for dinner when it happened!


They both just seem to love nagging me and putting me down. I don't understand why either! ;_; It's gotten worse since my aunt passed away...

And I'm sure that ALL you people I used to regularly chat with know that they called me constantly for chores while chatting and/or RPing. (Well guess what? It's gotten worse! I seem to be doing ALL the fucking chores now! e\/e+++)

Sorry for the angsty update on the repairs of my computer..........not that you can call what my dad's doing repair work.

So Image Image Image and Image +Image +Image To my parents at the moment e\/-+++

Edit: On a much much lighter note, though he is not here in this thread, I highly aprove of BW's avatar. <p><div style="text-align:center"> Image
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