Nebbie's Big Night Out!

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Nebbie's Big Night Out!

Unread postby NebulaQueen » Thu Jul 31, 2003 10:55 pm

Tonight, I went on my first date with a girl. Basically, she was the best friend of one of my friends. She seemed pretty damned cool when I met her, so last week I asked her out to a movie or something. While we didn't see a movie, we did go to a cheesy little carnival going on in the parking lot, which was followed by some good ol' fashioned mall ratting. The events of the night included...

1) Meeting with carnies! Specifically, the carnies who ran the dart game. They freaked Randy out, but I didn't mind them so much. I ended up winning a novelty inflated samurai sword.

2) Getting tickets for the rides. I bought the tickets; later on she bought me a cheese dog.

It was a pretty tasty cheese dog.

One of the rides we went on were one of those pseudo-rollercoasters in the shape of a Chinese dragon, which we went on just for shits and giggles. While its true name is the Orient Express, we dubbed it...Wufei. This led to many, many tasteless jokes. (For example, "Going down on Wufei is fun!" Yes, we both have very perverted senses of humor.)

We also went on some other rides before this. We managed to save enough tickets to go on the Ferris Wheel later on, though.

3) Going to the arcade and sucking at DDR. It was pretty fun, though, despite our lack of coordination. We would have played more, though, but we lacked game tokens. Besides, it was getting dark, which led to...

4) Returning to the carnival! First stop; the Ferris Wheel. It was good, for it was pretty damn hot in the arcade. It was a nice way to cool off. Afterwords, we went back to the dart game, so she could win a novelty inflatable hammer. She won one, while I was challenged to a duel by one of the game people. My samurai sword, vs his novelty inflatable crayon.

After a bit of that, we both ganged up on him, and bonked him on the head. Repeatedly.

That was fun.

5) Going to the bookstore in the mall. We wandered around a bit, before deciding to sit down. She looked at an art book, I read a comic collection. We also split a chocolate pastry (baby bunt cake). That was tasty.

But then, it came close to ten, and she had to call home to get picked up. We talked some more outside the store, and bid each other adieu, and agreed to go out again sometime. Eventually, I got picked up by my mom. We dropped by the local game store, so I could talk to my DM (he has a job there) about the DnD game he was planning for tomorrow. I promised to tell him about the date when I had more time.

Then, I went home with my mom. Feeling like I was on a roll (and realizing I probably wouldn't have the guts to tell her later), I decided I might as well tell her I was bi. She took it pretty angst or drama whatsoever (Hah, in your face, Lifetime Moment of Truth Story!) I made many smartass comments about it. She was very accepting. I don't think anything about me shocks her anymore.

So, we went on to talk about other things. We were almost home, and she made a joke about Catie the Weird. My response was, "And damn proud of it!" She laughed, and said, "Well, you should be. Uniqueness and individuality are important."

Please note, that while there are many times I do not like my family at all (the basic line of thought at these times are "stupid bickering bastards" e_e) , there are also those times where I think, "You know, I have the coolest mom in the universe.

The car ride home was one of those times.

So, in short, I had a fun date with a really cool person, the possibilities of more fun dates, planned RP goodness tomorrow, and I had a really great conversation with my mom.

I love summer. <p>

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Vampire Jester Jinx

Re: Nebbie's Big Night Out!

Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:13 pm

n_n glad to hear you had a great time then. Image <p>
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Re: Nebbie's Big Night Out!

Unread postby Teh Jade Dragon » Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:39 pm

^_^ *shares in the joy by baking pie!* <p>
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