YOU talking to ME? (rant at me w/o ruining a thread) =)

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YOU talking to ME? (rant at me w/o ruining a thread) =)

Unread postby GameStar7 » Mon Jun 16, 2003 1:30 pm

This is the "OMG GameStar rights 2 much" thread I hinted about earlier. Please refrain from flaming and spamming.

Yea that's right; I noticed last night MANY people had something to say to me. Well as Rydia said, "Congratulations no one wins" First off... I didn't think it was a contest. Second off, I think I did pretty well since apparently it was me versus God only knows how many. That said... I think it's not quite over yet. IMO the only thing locking the thread did was deny people the chance to express themselves. I'm all for freely expressing oneself, lets just shy away from flaming me. Whether somehow this has turned into an EVERYONE vs. GS, I wouldn't know. Let’s hope that you’re all not THAT childish though. Here’s to hoping! *cheers*

Here are the rules. If you have something to say to me, only bring up one point. If you and 20 others bring up an untold amount of points, my replies will be LONG. Since I've heard (MULITPLE times) you don't like long posts, you can try to help my little "problem" with restricting yourself too. Since directly quoting you won't help the length of my posts, I'll try to just reply to you and hope you know what I'm replying to you about. If you have a point to prove that you think I will disagree with... prove it. If you want to give me advice, do it in a polite manner please? If not, maybe you should be getting some advice yourself. A rule for me... I won't let any of my replies be more than 3 boxes.

Whether you know what I mean or not, don’t concern me and shouldn’t concern you either. That said, *ding ding ding* Yes my friends, that's the fight bell. Let’s try and keep this fair and aim above the belt. Oh yes... if I didn't care for your opinions and advice, I wouldn’t be doing this. I can't tell you how to take this, but lets just consider this a "Let's show GameStar the ropes" thread. That said... if you don't show any anger to me, I will be sure to consider what you’re saying. If you come off as "LOK HERE U STOPID NEWB, ITS MY PLACE AND U HAF TO DO WAT I TEL U!!1" well... just don't do that k? :) I'd like this to not get in an argument, but like I said earlier, if you have a point to make prove it. I know I will ^_^ <p>

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Re: YOU talking to ME? (rant at me w/o ruining a thread) =)

Unread postby Archmage144 » Mon Jun 16, 2003 1:36 pm

This is childish beyond belief. <p>
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