RPGWW... IN SPACE!!!!!! (sprites and stuffs)

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RPGWW... IN SPACE!!!!!! (sprites and stuffs)

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:47 pm


The recent What-If Comic Panel I did... about "RPGWW IN SPACE," got my skull full of mush churning on what it'd really/possibly be like if RPGWW were instead set in a sci-fi setting. Same characters, relatively the same personalities, just with the environment and theme changed.

Course, having gotten back into "sprite editing" as well... you know I JUST HAD to make some sprites for this idea.

The approach I'm taking is that; like how RPGWW in it's current form has been inspired by various fantasy/medieval/sword and sorcery animes, games, movies, manga, etc., the stuff from RPGWW (IN SPACE) would be instead based upon various sci-fi mediums.

Here's what I got so far. Not even close to being done with the amount of characters I wanna muck around with.



Some of these, not all, are obviously based off of popular cinema, games, movies, tv, etc.

-The Characters Above (in order)-
-Queen Aya and her sister, Ara-
-Aya here, in her royal garbs. A warrior woman (dragongirl) having to sit in a position that... really wasn't made for her type. But never underestimate her.
-Ara, her "sister," was influenced by the character Emeraldas from the Captain Harlock Animes. While Aya's being held down and stiffled by her role as Queen, Ara is a more free-spirit type, out going and adventurous. >_>

-Daniel Hyral-
-Just a matter of changing his armor into something a bit more... science-fiction-y.

-While I could've kept him a Ghost, it was just too tempting to remake FFFanatic's Gerald into a robot. This one just came out of nowhere while I had the sheet up on the screen.

-Only real dictator type in RPGWW, so it only made sense, to me, to remake Vaniyakna in a "Ming the Merciless" mold. Was going to mix both Ming & Vader looks... but just wouldn't work. e_e

I like how this turned out though with his robes and whatnot. Specially given the ONE sprite he has.

-Ash Fanrico-
-This was quite possibly the most easiest character idea to come up with... BUT a bitch to create sprite-wise.

"Regular Ash" was inspired by various types of swordsmen and heroes. King Arthur, Cloud, Zorro, Captain America, etc. So it'd only make sense, character and story-wise, to base his Sci-Fi counterpart on classic heroes of that genre as well. Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, etc. Specially Buck, as he too was trapped in suspended animation and awoke in a world that was not his own. *ooh... dramatic*

Only problem was... getting it just right with the sprite appearance. How'd it turn out?

-Nother easy one. Just took some influence from Warhammer 40k.

-Captain Pervy-
-This was fun to do. Just took Pervy and based his appearance on Captain Harlock. Pirate into Space Pirate. See how easy? :P

And now Ushyuu is finally in a world/setting that fits. >:P (*j/k*)

-Had to include some soldiers/guards/military-types.

-First one is a soldier of the Doman Republic. (who looks suspiciously like Rube no? O.o)
-Second one is a soldier of the Barius Empire.

Yeah yeah... some stories/ideas are probably pretty lame. e_e Got more on the way though. ^^

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Shame nobody commented on these... but I'm sure, deep down, it's for the better. Image

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