A request...from someone not actually here.

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A request...from someone not actually here.

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Wed Mar 01, 2006 8:57 pm

Some of you have met Tsu. And some of you know that I've been ranting about Dragon Warrior IV:Renaissance. (Which you can get by going Games-DW4:R and clicking 'View it!')**

Well, how about doing Sage a favor* and helping Tsu out with his project? He needs artists for several of the characters, and by gum, I know some of you are better than most professionals. You should talk to him on his SN, BigTsuRM2K, and, like, work things out.

Of course, this particular picture may help things out a bit, as he needs drawings of them.


From left to right, top to bottom...
Alena, Brey, Cristo, Dominick, Weaponmaster Gene, Fealty, Erdevear
Gail, Isod, Lancelot, Lily, Weaponmistress Leslie, Weaponmaster Colin, Trapper, Tenbuki
Mara, Nara, Pisaro, Ragnar, Weaponmistress Rite, Templar Knight
Rieka, Samuel, Taloon, Vary, Weaponmistress Ceryle, Weaponmaster Hector, Sennakhereb

*Favors may be repayed with other favors, money, and hugs.
**If the game does not run, you need to download RT <p>
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Re: A request...from someone not actually here.

Unread postby Kutsu » Sun Apr 16, 2006 2:55 am

mmm, as strange as it might be for a total stranger to approach someone and say "hay, can i draw one of your characters for you?", i think i'll do it, because they look kinda cool. as long as it's not a huge group photo that's gonna take up my entire freaking basement wall, force me to tunnel into the neighbor's house, and stretch the paper to her wall, too.

..... i would like to do that most rawesome goose one, for it shall kill us all with its power. reminds me of my friend's penguin character, which carries around a bucketfull of penguins. yum.

so, just randomly IM this dude out of the blue? or like, would you give notice or somethin? 'twould be nice if you did, thankyouverymuch.

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