Interior Decorator Sage!

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Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 12:49 am

So, I'm making an RPGWW RPG. You lot have either forgotten, known for a while, or simply don't care. :{

However, one result of doing this has been the creation of maps! So I require you, gentle RPers, to give me descriptions of places of business, public places, and general areas. There will be several criteria to fill for me to make accurate maps of these places!

1)If a shop, what all do they sell? I'm not looking for a detailed inventory, just a 'general store, dried food and home supplies' or summat.
2)What is the building made of? Is the floor stone, (For temples, I'd assume) hardwood, or carpet?
3)What's the general layout of the store?
4)Huge place, or absolutely tiny?
5)How busy is it?
6)Who stays in it? (Runs the counter, sermons, lives there, etc.)
7)if you can't provide ready sprite/artwork, what do these people look like?

And for a prime example of what I've been doing, I link to you the Estrella Nueva.



Now I admit that this isn't finished...I need to fill those empty tables with hourglasses, and I need to make a half-decent Spob/Neb/Qulam sprite to man the store. is a fairly accurate example.

...Any takers? <p>
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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby RedEye Dragon89 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 1:40 am


I know that you know about Great chips over there. Use'em.

Though, I'd love to see more screens...

EDIT:And more clocks.

Definitely more clocks. <p>

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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:57 pm


---- stock... ----

---- made of... ----
stone where possible. There is a glass skylight with metal supports which covers the main room (the only place not covered by a second floor--the ceiling is tall there). Dia has been liking to replace furniture with heavy, non-burning materials, such as stone, as well--it's more expensive than wood, sure, but when it breaks, it's much more satisfying to watch miscreants get crushed under. Doors are wooden.

---- layout... ----
see below

---- huge/tiny place... ----
roughly square in perimeter and two stories tall. Not so big by modern standards--maybe more medium-sized.

---- busy... ----

---- who... ----
--work: twelve goblins: Big Momma, Gihin, Gihin, Gunther, Hunther, Ren, Gwilliam, Helga, Hilda, Gretel, Frans, Sven, Yilliam. Dia, Robert, Richard (see Shaun/Shaun's char thread)
--live there: the above--also, Fluffy (dark green scales, yellow eyes), Solis (see Shaun/Shaun's char thread), Azul (metallic blue scales, blue eyes), Wiff
--keep people in line: Big Momma is a significant disciplinary/motivational figure for all; Richard doesn't get -too- much respect from the goblins, but he's good with keeping Robert and Solis on task. And, there's Dia.
--commonly visit: Pink, Cossette (see Koss), Sizreina (both as patron and employed to sing)

When Dia works, she likes to run the bar or otherwise deal with patrons (rumors, and opportunities) directly. However, there are some things she won't trust to others--orders from this or that vendor, "Who's a real conniving dick," or errands which require dealing with someone difficult (something she won't trust to most goblins, or Richard). Also, there might be a task such as the monthly fireproofing which require her attention, or she might want to run an errand just to get out of the inn.

The goblins are excellent cooks, especially when they're getting enough fighting. Some of them are a little more laid-back, or out-going than the others, however, and tend toward waiting/waitressing or bartending duties as needed; Gihin, Yilliam, and Sven seem to take a special liking to the tasks. Especially Gihin.<small><ul>Goblin character notes:<ul>Helga: slightly chubby goblin
Hilda: skinny and lanky goblin, speaks good Common, likes children, likes yaoi, likes yellow
Gretel: dimunitive and cute, speaks highly accented Common
Gihin: not into yaoi, smallest, pale skin, not into hair; likes purple
Yilliam: tall and hefty male goblin in overalls, slow
Ren: tall and solid, doesn't speak Common well, irritable at times
Sven: see to Cure a Cabbit
Big Momma: likes strawberries<ul>J4deninj44 (8:07:30 PM): Big Momma Gob: I go with Dia. I cook good food ya.
J4deninj44 (8:07:48 PM): Gihin: I stay. ._. Nekonian's not cute...too hairy!
J4deninj44 (8:08:40 PM): Gunther and Hunther: We protect Gihin!
J4deninj44 (8:08:57 PM): Frans: I don't care about these mutha fuckars! I go with Dia!
J4deninj44 (8:09:33 PM): Sven: I don't care about mother fickers either. I go with Dia, ya.
J4deninj44 (8:10:03 PM): Ren: I stay and fight, I have hard time speakin' common. I no speak Neko.
J4deninj44 (8:10:55 PM): Helga and Hilda: We Go with Dia. We promise to shave her head one day, yah.
J4deninj44 (8:12:20 PM): Gwilliam: I fight.......
J4deninj44 (8:12:34 PM): Yilliam: I go, ya! I learn to make da sushi!
J4deninj44 (8:13:11 PM): Gretel: I go. I hear they gots the hairless cats. ^-^ *hearts*</ul>no hair; wear lots of beading, feathers, etc.</ul></ul></small>---- layout... ----
The original floorplan which shows everything together, and labeled--

The Lego models, with explanation--

• downstairs:
• downstairs w/upstairs attached:

• Bar, kitchen:
Stoves and other cooking thingies against the far (top from this angle) wall. The flat shelves, away from the stoves, are for cutting and assembling.
There are two storage rooms to the viewer's left: The smaller is a cold room. Those grids are shelves--there are also shelves outside of the divided storage rooms, for commonly accessed items.

• Main area--bar (different angle), tables, stage:
Not quite as many tables are shown here as there are actually, but you know. Legos. There's as much or more barspace (stools) than tables, though. I imagine you won't be able to get a perfect copy in sprites, at any rate.
There is a partician dividing the two rows of booths in the middle, and plants growing in that partician to give extra privacy. [lunk].
That's Captain Pervy's tricorner hat on the wall there (black), and the sign. [lunk for text; also a picture of a dragon eating a stick figure, courtesy of Will Baseton (character) drawing that in while he worked there]
In this angle, windows are along the top and right walls--the rightmost wall faces the street, the other an alley. You can just see the bits of the red floor that indicates where the fireplace is, in the corner--mostly obscured by wall.

• Conference room:
The red thing indicates where the fireplace in the main room is. There's a broom and shovel in the storage closet, cuz I had them. In legos, you see. Anyway, the main room in this picture is the rentable conference/meeting room.

• Misc/etc:
The two tiny rooms next to the stairs are the bathrooms. On the right, that comes off of the kitchen--the top rooms, coming out of the arched doorway, are the goblins' quarters, and bathtub-containing bathroom (tiny room within a room). The tiny room between the bathrooms and the hallway with an arched doorway is a breakroom.
The goblins prefer to use carpets or curtains of beads to divide these rooms from each other. It's easier to hear things through than doors, and these areas--and the kitchen--are very much Goblin Business. They want to know what's going on at all times. No such thing as leaving work at work.

• Entrances/exits:
-- Main area: front door. This is the entrance most patrons use.
-- Kitchen: back door. This is used for deliveries, goblins throwing out goblins, and when Dia wants to escape without being seen.
-- Conference room: side door. This serves two functions. Dia advertises it as easy, private access to use the conference room for those who wish to rent it (note: the two ways into the conference room are from upstairs or the side entrance). In actuality, she is more interested in its function as an alternate exit route for upstairs patrons in case of--oh, let's say, fire. She's kind of paranoid about fire.
-- Second floor: fire escape. The hallway which ends on the side of the inn opposite the front entrance has a fire escape. (It has no alarm, so Dia asks the goblins to keep an eye on this exit for anyone hoping to leave without paying. They do a pretty good, if not perfect, job of this--while nonpaying patrons are certain very, very loathesome things, they don't occur too often, and goblin fights -do-...and those are important, and distracting).

(16:27:45) Der DWSage: o.o Something I must ask.

Is the blue there anything special, or just extra lego space?
(16:56:04) Female Pretense: oh, I didn't have two grey plates at the time
(16:56:15) Der DWSage: *Nod* Kay then.
(17:06:48) Der DWSage: ...Oh yes. Windows in the JD?
(17:07:09) Female Pretense: yep
(17:07:38) Der DWSage: o.o One in each of the rooms, I'm guessing...and some in the front of the JD?
(17:15:02) Female Pretense: on all the sides, really--I only had so many of those pieces. Two rectangular ( [____] shaped--not as tall as wide ) on either side of the stage-higher off the ground, to make it harder for pranksters to distract from performances, but enough to let light in. Probably two or three along the front--tall-and-wide, facing the street. Various smaller, square windows along the side where the conference room exits (the goblin barracks side). And one medium, square window each from out of the hallway leading to the barracks, and from the first room there, for light and to keep an eye on Goblin Business.
Upstairs, the rooms have smaller windows. Nothing luxurious. There's not much to see, at any rate, from most of them, but it's for light more than anything else.
(17:15:41) Der DWSage: *Nod, record* <p>
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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby Archmage144 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 8:20 pm

An image of (most of) the JD from an aborted RPG project of my own.

There are no people in it because I didn't get around to adding them, partly because I didn't ever have sprites for the PCs. I intentionally wanted to avoid making it look too cluttered, but a few more mugs/glasses/whatever at the various tables with associated patrons would hardly have been a miss. <p>
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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby pd Rydia » Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:36 am

Oh hey, neat. :0 <p>
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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby SALSAlys » Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:12 pm

Ze 'Appy Trinket.

A fairly small shop, though jam packed with shelves of... things. And trinkets. Very odd assortments, which may seem to randomly shift when one isn't looking. There is a stairway to the back of the shop, though it is cordoned off with a thin rope. Near the stairs is a mechanical dragon, large enough for a person to fit into, though an extremely tall person might be a bit cramped.

Near the front, there is a counter, from which emanates an odd rattling. Once in a while, the store owner will frantically "Sh!" at it.

As for the inventory... go wild with it. All crazy magical items, which are at insanely low prices. However, considering that the assortment is quirky, it's a rather mixed bag. For example: Animated toy soldiers, spinning tops that shoot illusory fireworks, and rings that make one invisible; though not the person's clothing.

The store owner speaks in an odd mixture of otaku Japanese and German, sprinkling "Hai, hai? NEIN!" into conversation with ease. He is a short, slender man wearing a blue beret, and with elaborately curled mustachios.

When closed at night, faint green lights can be seen inside.

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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby bunnygirle78 » Wed Mar 01, 2006 11:28 pm

1)If a shop, what all do they sell? Some monsters or temporary summonses. You know like a flute that calls a bear or a ghost. You could have a random flute that calls one random char. Also. . .how about a store that sells socks. Magic socks. . .come on no game has that.

2)What is the building made of?
I like stone but stone surrounded by water is neat to.

3)What's the general layout of the store? Don't have a clue but I would put the counter off center, in games that have the main counter center it makes the store look smaller.

4)Huge place, or absolutely tiny? Small for the sock thing
5)How busy is it? For the socks. . .not many for the beast I would say very with customers complaining about how they were attacked by the random animal that they bought.

6)Who stays in it? For the sock store I would say some old guy holding a stick. . .no counter. . .just a stick with a rug on the floor. He could actually be a mastermind of magical garments. At one point in the game you could have him change and if the char has bought a certain amount of socks he could give them the ultra sock. . .which could immune them to all status spells and increase dodge.

7)if you can't provide ready sprite/artwork, what do these people look like? Sorry I am not good at that but if you need some illustrations. . .let me know. <p>

Just one thing, don't make me go Chibi on your ass.</p>

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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby Battle Accountant » Thu Mar 09, 2006 8:45 pm

Miss Rose's Treasures.


In the southeastern part of Doma near the entertainment district, is a house. Not a large one, but not a small one, either. The exterior is a wooden plank/brick combination with a stone walkway leading to the front door. Painted on a plank above one of the windows is a sign that says “Miss Rose’s Treasures”.

This shop specializes in Jewelry, but weapons and shackles/chains/handcuffs may be available for sale on special request. There is a steady stream of clientele. The shop is never busy in the sense where it is overwhelmingly packed.

The main room of the shop is inhabited primarily of large wooden display cases with glass tops so the contents may be visible. Instead of wallpaper, the walls are just solid wood panels and against one wall are three very large and ornately carved cabinets These cabinets placed side by side cover the entire wall, reaching from ceiling to floor, and corner to corner. On the opposite wall is a desk/workstation. Various small tools are randomly placed on the desk, making it apparent that jewelry repairs are performed here. On the back wall behind the display cases is a doorway with a deep crimson curtain serving as the door.

Behind this doorway is a kitchen-like area with a small round table where four people could sit comfortably. The kitchen is tidy, but appears to be used frequently, if only for minimal output. The table is a dark, heavy wood, with four equally dark and heavy chairs around it. On top of the table there is a candle burnt down to the very end of the wick and a book.

Opposite the doorway that led into the kitchen is another door. Behind this door is the bedroom. It is fairly equal in size to the shop room in the house, but cluttered with furniture. In one corner is a small table next to a semi-plush chair: wooden legs and back, but dark green velvet cushions and arm-rests. Next to the door, is a chest of drawers, with the drawers so packed they are almost bursting. On the opposite end of the room in another corner is a large, circular, wooden tub for bathing, and next to the tub is a grand-wardrobe with a padlock keeping it closed. On the other side of the door is a mirrored vanity with a pitcher and wash-bowl set to the side. Next to the chair and table is a small, simple wooden bed. The bed is adorned with linens of various colors: green, blue, red, and a gray quilt.

Annie Rose is the legal owner of this establishment which is her home as well, but is away presently. The shop is now run by her friend and employee Farida Messiah.

Farida Messiah:
Very young (17 years), very petite. Long black hair, olive toned skin: traits that look very Indian. As far as facial features, she has very nice eyes, but a plain face and a piercing in right nostril. Always wearing very bright, colorful clothing with lots and lots of jewelry. Is very pregnant right now...about to burst. Married to Cardinal Messiah. RPed by JesterLex.

And here is a really crappy illustration done in paintbrush!

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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby Spleen » Sun Mar 12, 2006 2:06 pm

Akai Shu Dojo

1) It sells martial arts! Specifically the Red Paw style. More on that in the topmost description in this thread:

2) The building is made of brick and wood, with fake wood paneling on the walls. The floor is mostly cheap tile, covered largely with dark red mats so people don't die.

3) On one side, near the door, there's a small counter with drawers and stuff where Ake Tanner keeps registration forms, the locked cashbox, etc. Behind that is a storage closet for belts, gis to be purchased, peices of wood to break, etc. Next to the door to that closet is the door to the stairs leading to Ake's apartment. Much of the rest of the dojo is taken up by the mats mentioned above and used for teaching martial arts.

4) It's a relatively small building, but big enough for Ake. Although it's in a three-story building, it only occupies one floor.

5) How busy it is depends on the day. Weekends in the spring and summer attract dozens of people. In the middle of the work-week in early fall, one may find the dojo deserted except for Ake catching up on paperwork. As in the thread linked above, Dammasus, Istarus, and Tunarus evenings are the expert classes, which don't attract particularly many people.

6) Most of the work is done by Ake Tanner (three posts down in this thread) and by a mercurial rotation of local kids who want a part-time job. Ake is currently looking for someone that can be a more full-time partner.

7) Ake is about 5'7" and lean, with short black hair. In the dojo he generally wears a red and white gi with a black belt. <p>-_-___-___-___-_-

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Re: Interior Decorator Sage!

Unread postby Kutsu » Sun Apr 16, 2006 2:46 am

if it's a huge place, can it have more than one room?

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