Bah humbug

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Bah humbug

Unread postby Kelne » Sun Dec 26, 2004 5:11 am


Originally did this in oekaki, but something went wrong with uploading it. Thank goodness for screen capture... <p>KnightsofSquare: DarkLordKelne is a tomboy bunnygirl, jealous of the business successes of her 37 older brothers, she is pursuing her own business degree in hopes of someday initiating a hostile takeover against her brothers' corporations.</p>

Will Rennar

Re: Bah humbug

Unread postby Will Rennar » Sun Dec 26, 2004 12:45 pm

And now you see, little Jimmy, if you want Santa to bring you all those presents you asked for, you'd better be a good little boy....or learn how to wield a nicely edged sword with authority. <p>Will Rennar / Asura Calibre

The Rosetta Stone -- The Sketchpad -- Asura's Harem</p>

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