a gift

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a gift

Unread postby bunnygirle78 » Tue Dec 21, 2004 10:27 pm

Well this was a gift for a little girl that I know. Her mom told me that she and her little sister were moving into their very first home and would have their own rooms. Now if your a girl, you know how important it is to have a room of your own right? There is another one but I haven't colored it yet.

this is a wall hanging I made. I put her name on one copy but I put this one up to.
a gift <p>

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Re: a gift

Unread postby The Great Nevareh » Tue Dec 21, 2004 11:33 pm


Looks a little scary, actually, as the pupils of the eyes are a little hard to make out.

Put some fangs in there and you'll have a positively frightening picture. <p>[---------------------------]
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Re: a gift

Unread postby ikozaedro » Wed Dec 22, 2004 4:43 am

Looks a little scary

you're always so easily scared?

thats not scary, but the pupils are indeed hard to notice. <p><div style="text-align:center"> <span style="color:fuchsia;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:large;">LAMBO SWIMS LIKE A BRICK!!</span>
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