Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

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Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

Unread postby Elementalist Daien » Sat Mar 29, 2003 9:04 pm

A few notes:

1) Okay, it sucks. Sue me.
2) The shrine is built in a Japanese style.

“Andrei... Andrei... It’s so strange... It’s been five years, hasn’t it? Why do I care anymore? I mean... It’s like another life then. And it’s all because of those... Those...

... Because of them, they... My parents...

And all because we were Valthi. They were waiting for it... They were waiting for me to do something. Of course! I wasn’t ‘normal’ was I? I was a threat! A threat to the peace of the village, of course! Why else would I be thrown out like a torn rag?”

He sighed, and stood up, knowing the risks of staying up there in the cold and the darkness of the night. The triangular roofed shrine meant that the slightest mistake could send him tumbling down to a painful landing. And that is if he didn’t land on the stairs below. He stood carefully, hands in his cargo pants, sign of his Valthi heritage, and looked up at the starry night sky. He did not know how long he stood there, just watching the stars glitter, but slowly, he started to remember. To remember the life he left behind, one which he swore he would never return to, but one he could never forget.

Son of two Valthi scientists. The Gods only knew what his parents had to pass through to get out of the country, torn by corporate warfare. Two people, who’s genius was nothing but their doom, and making them the target of major corporations all across Valth. It would not have been hard for them to accept one of the offers... The prospect of the money they could have gained was intriguing, but they ran away. Away from Valth, and from the entire Igala. And it was all for him. All for his well-being, to raise him in an environment where he could be safe, away from the... The horrors of war. And this was how he repaid them.

He shook his head, closing his brown eyes tight.

No, how can he blame himself? It was not his fault... What fault did he have? But…

Removing one hand from his pocket and passing it over his dyed white hair, he sighed. Even now, he still does not know what to think of all this. But one thing was for sure. He could not remember about what happened, but he clearly remembered putting on his shoes, and running.

Running away from his home. But just as clearly, he could remember returning, knocking on the wooden door of their house, and being once again held by his mother’s arms, and looking straight in her eyes, as he, teary-eyed, apologized from the bottom of his heart. The memories were blurry, but whatever it was that caused the problem, it was over…

“Just because I ran once... Damn it! How could I have known? Those bloody Chuushiman idiots!”

The young man growled as he remembered. Escaping from home back there was a sign of rebellion, and there was only one fitting punishment for a rebel.

“Cast him out! Banish him! Don’t let him come back!”

The mass of shadows accumulated around his house. All those retarded idiots. But he knew that there was no escaping it. His family had been branded a family of rebels, of trash. He remembered the shouting, drilling into his mind, as the villagers shouted for him to leave them, to rid the dress of the stain, and to get rid of the rebel. And he could not stay to watch as they did that to their parents...

“They did nothing... They weren’t at fault...”

There was one thing he could never forget, though. As he was walking out, he took one thing, just one, to remind him of the life he knew he’d never return to. A small locket, with a small image of his parents on it. He walked out, to face the crowd, but there was no sign of sadness which crossed his face, no sign of anger.

For there is no face that could have possibly ever expressed what was going through his mind at that moment. He pushed through the crowd, their stunned silence meeting his determination as clear-eyed, he pushed, through, and out of the village, to the cries of his mother, and his father holding her, trying to keep her from breaking down, but keeping a steady hand and a strong voice.

He had no idea then. No idea what effects this would have. But there was no-one, NO-ONE, that would cause this to his family. If he didn’t leave, they would have passed through much worse... He could not remember what happened then, but he could remember as he ran to the old pier, the one place where, ever since he were small, he went to. It was the place that accompanied him as he grew up, and now, it would be the last place he would go to. He remained silent, wishing them curse upon curse, and swearing that he would kill them all, one by one. His hands became red from the pressure from the fingers, and he was trembling with anger.


With a rush of adrenaline, and a large arc of the arm, the locket he kept in one hand flew. And he watched it, as it sank. First, there it was, signaling its presence to the world...
Then, it hit the water.
A ripple, then it was gone.

And as he watched in horror, he realized that the locket was him. He had no hope to carry out his wish. No matter what they would try, no matter how much commotion he could cause, they would be like the locket. One ripple, and everything would return to normal, as if nothing happened.

“I don’t care... I don’t need them. I don’t need any of them!” he cried, turned around, and ran, never to return. From then on, he swore that he would live his own life, away from all the prejudice, all the hatred... No, he will not take part in all this anymore.

This decision, he sealed. No longer would he be called Andrei, but now, his name was D. And no matter what would happen, that would be his name. Also, he decided on another thing. He decided to leave Chuushima. He did not care anymore, his sadness was blinding, and his reasoning clouded.

And he swore, he swore upon his life, that he would never return.

Stowaway, traveler, victim of robbery, from then on, he saw it all.

“I re-live it again. It’s been three years! Why can’t I stop thinking about it…?” D looked down, at the shrine below, the place in which he had lived for a year or so, and laughed a bit to himself.

“If it weren’t for Warlock, by now I’d be dead... Or still struggling to survive.” The shrine, place of meditation and peace, was to be the end of his travels, and his second home. And there was no better place for him to live. Rebel to society, not learned on how to survive in the wilderness, there was no better place for him to live.

D shook his head, and looked to the side as a rather sudden light from the East blinded his eyes for a second. Sunrise was, as always, beautiful from such a high spot. However, he did not bother to watch. He jumped down carefully from floor roof to floor roof, then dropped down to the ground. The sun had risen to another day. Another day after the death of Andrei, and another day in the life of D.

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Re: Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

Unread postby Jak Snide » Sun Mar 30, 2003 5:20 pm

D gets the Black Mage award for changing his name. That was an enjoyable read, and quite enlightening as well. Since this isn't the fanart forum, I can get away with simply saying "I like it" without offering any helpful critique. *smirks*


Re: Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

Unread postby JoshuaDurron » Sun Mar 30, 2003 7:48 pm

I likies as well. Unfortunately, as you left no dangling plot stuff, I'm not entirely justified in demanding more.

This fact aside, I demand more. ^_^

If not here, go use this guy in an RP or two, as he looks very interesting... <p>

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Re: Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

Unread postby RebelKitsune » Tue Apr 01, 2003 4:04 pm

A few notes:

1) This is great. *sues you anyway*
2) Thank you. <p>

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Re: Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

Unread postby Kadrin77 » Tue May 20, 2003 2:11 pm

That's good shizzle. Keep it up.

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Re: Another short fic by Dan. (Short Gaera background fic)

Unread postby pd Rydia » Tue May 20, 2003 3:07 pm

Spiffy. o_o Yes indeed. Nice to see a finished piece from you, and one so well-done. Good job.

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