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Lady Freya Vanir

Man or Beast

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Sun Mar 23, 2003 6:55 pm

On the lush green rolling hills of Acadia- in the dark of night, with only the moon to light the paths, sat a young man. Two horn stubs sat atop his head hidden behind his pointed ears. His arms and naked chest bulging with muscles. The entire lower half of his body, covered not in clothing, but in brown fur. The upper body of a man, and the lower of a beast. This man was strange not man, but half-man. Tis not his look which makes him half man, but what he is missing.

The creature lolled motionless, with a styrax in his hands. As he gazed at the moon, its shining white light reflected off his crystal blue eyes. He leaned onto a nearby tree. He began to play the flutes. Its beautiful melody hummed through the empty fields and meadows. As he played lilies, laurels and other colorful flowers sprung up around him. As if they had come to hear him play his song.

"So it is the flowers who wish me to play tonight?"

He smiled to the gracious plants, and continued to play and watched as they continued to grow. He stood to his hooves. His stub goat tail covered in grass. He began to frolic across the hills playing his wondrous melody- grasses and flowers spring up along his trail. He began to slow his tunes, along with his pace. He walked up to an oak tree.

He gently leaned on the old tree and began to play a different melody.

" yawn. What is that beautiful music you play sir?"

A low and gentle voice of a woman asked from the opposite side of the tree. The woman peered around the tree and smiled.

"What a beautiful song. What is it called?"

The half-man backed away in shock. The woman stared right at him and did not flee. This was a common reaction he would receive, but apparently his appearance did not frighten her,but why? He hesitated a moment before answering.

".....Tis the Moon's song."

He answered as he neared her.

"On please kind Lord, may you continue to play?"

Again he hesitated to answer her.

"O-of course, but please, do not call me Lord."

"What do you wish to be called, sir?"

"Refer to me as all who knowth me. I am called Pan. May I asked what is it that you are called young woman?"

"I am called Eiorha, I am a Nymph"

"Eiorha...a very uncommon name for a Nymph."

Pan smiled and sat beside Eiorha.

"I am pleased to meet you Eiorha. I shall play my music for you than..."

Pan began playing his flutes. Eiorha smiled to the gentle song. Grass began to grow up and around the two. Alas the woman has fallen asleep. Pan smiled and stood from his spot.

"Such a pleasant woman. I shall repay her kindness toward me and give her a gift, so as to remember me."

Pan gently placed the flute in her hands. He turned toward the path of grass that had grown and followed it back to whence he came from. Eiorha woke to the gentle morning breezes.


She gently called looking around. She felt the flutes in her hands and stroked it.

"His instrument..."

She sat for a while longer. Thinking if he would ever come back...

To be continued..... Image <p>"I am the beautiful warrior goddess, look at me the wrong way, and I just might miss my target..."
-Freya Vanir

Uncle Pervy

Re: Man or Beast

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Sun Mar 23, 2003 7:30 pm

Hmmmm... Greek Mythology Fanfiction.

Could be interesting. Image

Nicely Written, Freya. Oughta tell us ig=.nant folk what a styrax is, though. <p><div style="text-align:center">Image Image Image Image Image ImageImage</div></p>

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Man or Beast

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Sun Mar 23, 2003 9:25 pm


An old looking man walked up to where she sat. Eihora looks up.

"Yes father?"

"My dear how did you get here by yourself?"

"I followed the wind father."

"You had me worried. Come, I must return to the flock quickly."


Eiorha's father gently grabbed her arm and helped her up. He looked down at the curious object his daugther held. Eiorha stared out and gently stroked the object.

"What is that!?!"

Her father exclaimed snatching the flute.

"These are Pan's Pipes! Where did you get it!?"

"I-it was a gift father..."

Eiorha's father gripped her arm tightly.

"You'd best not be lying girl. Do you know what would happen to our flocks if you were to have taken this from the god?!"

"Father I swear it was a gift..please..."

Eiorha's eyes began to swell with tears. Her fatherbegan to feel guilty. He handed her the Pipes back.

"We'll return home."

"Thank you father..."

Pan watched from the distance as the man was rough with Eiorha.

"Hmm...Tis not possible for a mortal man to have a Nymph child...unless..."

"What be wrong Pan?"

A young Styar asked trying to sneak a peek.

"It be none of your concern!!"

Pan hits the top of the Styar's head.


"Where are we going?"

"Thou shall see."

Pan grins and runs off, followed by the young Styar....

To be continued......Image <p>"I am the beautiful warrior goddess, look at me the wrong way, and I just might miss my target..."
-Freya Vanir

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Man or Beast

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Mon Mar 24, 2003 5:06 pm

"So what are we doing?"

The Styar asked with curiosity. Pan grabbed him by the ear and pointed out to a nearby spring. A few Nymphs had stopped to bath in the cool waters. The Stayr grinned. Pan looks down to the Stayr and sighed.

"You're beginning to drool..."

Pan hopped down some rocks, toward the spring.

"Ladies...he said with a grin."

The Nymphs were a bit uneasy with Pan nearby, although they knew they were safe...


Pan grinned.

"You are not fleeing, this means your mistress is around. May I speak with her?"

The Nymphs loked at each other. Baffled by Pan's request, but after a short time of diliberation amongst each other, one of the Nymphs braved from the pool of water to fetch her mistress.

'What is it that you want Pan?'

Pan hopped across the water. The Nymphs sheirked and scurried out of his way. He wlaked up a small hill and made his way to a large Oak tree. Pan looked up to the Oak tree a gave a sly smile.

'I will not tolerate your behavior Pan.'

"Is that anyway to treat the one who gave life to your seeds?"


"Okay, okay...I shall get to the point. All the Nymph in this area are yours- are they not?"

'Every one of them. Why do you ask this?'

"There is a mortal man who has enslaved one of your Nymphs."


The mighty tree bellowed. Pan turned his back and sighed.

"Tis a shame to watch such a beautiful creature fall into the hands of that mortal man...alas...tis the Fates who decide..."

Pan began to walk away.

'Wait...what is it that you want?'

Pan pointed to himself, looking as innocent as can be.

"Me? When have I ever asked thou for anything in ye's possesion. All I want is to see that the Nymph is safe....I am to check on her again tonight...."

'Please Pan...bring her back to me....'

"Alas nothing can be promised, but as thy protector- I will do my best."

Pan hops back to where the young Stayr awaited his return.

"Did thou have to return so soon?"

The Stayr asked staring out into the spring. Pan grabs him by the ear.

"Cometh, we have much to do..."


Pan and the Stayr hop away into the distant fields.

To be continued......Image <p>"I am the beautiful warrior goddess, look at me the wrong way, and I just might miss my target..."
-Freya Vanir

Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Man or Beast

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Tue Mar 25, 2003 3:44 pm

At day break Helios would drive his mighty six horse chariot across the sky the bring the sun to its proper place in the sky. The six wild horses of fire were powerful creatures, and only Helios himself could control them. Everyday he would drive the sun across the heavens and at night he would drive far across the horizen.

Soon day became night and once again Helios drove his mighty chariot toward the horizen. The sky was soon coated with the sparkling twinkles of stars. Across a familiar meadow ran a strange shadow. The shadow ran clear across the feild to a familiar oak tree.


The shadow called. The shadow walked toward the moonlight and became visible.

"Hello, Eiorha!"

Pan called again.

"Is that you Pan?"

Eiorha answered running up the hill towards the hill. As neared Pan she stumbled and fell to he knees, dropping the Styrax she gripped in her hands. Pan bent down to pick up his flute and walked toward Eiorha.

"You...kept it?"

Pan helped Eiorha to her feet.


She smiled trying to catch her breath.

"I kept it so when you came back, you could play some more of your wonderful music."

Pan smiled and sat down under the tree. Eiorha sat down by his side. He began to play his flute. Eiorha closed her eyes and contently listened to the melody play. After sometime of playing Pan stopped and looked at Eiorha.

"Why did you stop?"

Eiorha said sadly.

"Do you have to leave so soon?"

" is not that...Eiorha..."


"Why didn't you run? Like all the rest?"

Eiorha touched Pan's face and felt around his head.

"*giggle* Well except for the horns, I think you seem like everyone else."

Pan looked deep into her eyes, and examined her.

"You're blind!"

Pan exclaimed.

"Yes, ever since I was born."

"So that is why you did not run away...But I am not like everyone else."

Once again Eiorha felt across Pan's face. She touched each feature and named them.

"You have a nose...mouth...two eys, and ear. And two little horns..just like Pan...the Deity..."

Pan backed away from Eiorha.

"Y-you know who I am?"

Eiorha smiled and stared off into the pasture.

"All herders know of you. How you protect our herds and flocks. And how you make the grass grow for them."

Eiorha looked at Pan. Pan was a little shocked, but he neared closer toward her.

"But do you not hear of howe heideous I am?"


Eiorha smiled.

"But yet you"

"What does it matter? You have a heart of gold."

Pan was moved by Eiorha's words.

"*thinking* But now how can I dare tell her that she is a slave? Lie to her? If the other Nymphs find her...they will take her from me...and if she stays here..."

Pan looked at Eiorha. He could not believe such a beautiful creature could even talk to him. Pan grabbed Eiorha's hands and gripped them gently.

"Let us run away together! We will run away to the farthest and most beautiful meadows. There we can stay together, and I can play for you forever."

Eiorha smiled. In the distance Eiorha heard her father calling to her.

"*whispering* I must go...please return the next night so that I may tell you my answer."

Eiorha turned toward the sound of her father's voice.


Pan placed the Styrax in her hand.

"Keep this with you and I shall return tomarrow's night."

"Fare well Pan."

Eiorha kissed Pan on the cheek and ran down the hill. He placed his hand where she kissed. Pan stood silent for a moment, but than turned tail and ran...

To be continued.....Image <p>"I am the beautiful warrior goddess, look at me the wrong way, and I just might miss my target..."
-Freya Vanir
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Lady Freya Vanir

Re: Man or Beast

Unread postby Lady Freya Vanir » Thu Mar 27, 2003 2:39 pm

The young Styar that had acompanied Pan returned to the Spring. He went to the Nymph's Mistress tree and stood before her.

"Milady, tis come to past- the young Nymph we saw with the human has alas gone from his pastures..."

The Styar hung his head in silence. The Nymphs surrounded their mistress and hung from her branches sobbing. The Styar humbly bowed to the old Oak tree and left.

He made his way back to Pan.

"I gave her the message."

The Stayr said looking up to Pan. Pan looked down to him and smiled.

"Tis for the better. They cannot know that she is still around. I will leave to her this evening. And I shall ne'er return this pasture, so I ask you to take care of it, and make sure it continues to provide for the beasts and humans alike."

Pan hands the young Styar a small Styrax.

"Play it to your hearts content."

"I will forever this gift."

The Styar smiled, and Pan gave him a farewell hug. He than heads out to meet Eiorha.

"Soon my love...we will forever dance the fields of plenty."

* * * * *

"But why Eihora?"

"Father I love him. Please, you must understand...."

Her father smiled and gently placed his hands on her cheeks.

"Go than. Be free in to frolic in the is what you were born to do..."

"Thank you father..."

Eiorha hugs her father and quietly sobs on his shoulder. Later that night Pan meets with Eiorha. He runs up the familiar hill and greets his loved one with a hug.

"Are you ready?"


She said as she handed him his Styrax. Pan smiled and poised her onto his back. He ran of into the night. Pan looks back at the oak tree, and remembers when they met....He looks to Eiorha. He whispered gently....

" love...."


Image <p>"I am the beautiful warrior goddess, look at me the wrong way, and I just might miss my target..."
-Freya Vanir
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