The Clock store. (Pervy's tribute story!)

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The Clock store. (Pervy's tribute story!)

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Wed Mar 19, 2003 4:56 pm

It was a slow day at La Estuella Nueva, reflected a small pink-haired sprite as she sat atop the counter, going over the month's accounts. Looking over receipts that were mostly larger than she was tall, Qulam entered the numbers they contained into a book scaled down to her size.

Some might have been distracted by the continuous and cacophonous ticking of several dozen clocks, almost but not quite in harmory with each other. Qulam tunes it out, however, as she is used to the noise. Humming a little tune, she records the figures, glancing up every now and again at the customers.

At the moments, however, the store is quite empty, save for one person, an usagijin woman dressed in what seems to be a traditional ninja night suit, save that it is a yellowish orange color. The sprite suspects that this is more to conceal her appearance than to remain stealthy. She's seen odder things, if nothing else.

At the moment, the Usagijin seems a bit fascinated by a Baronian clock whose frame is made of glass, allowing one to view the intricate array of tiny gears, pulleys, and counterweights within. That draws a smile from Qulam's lips; window shoppers always love that one.

The bell at the door tingles, signaling a customer. "Welcome," Qulam says, looking over to see two women entering the store. One is a blonde, her race indeterminate. She looks human, save for her ears, which are quite pointed. She's not half-elven, nor fully elven. The sprite cannot place it at all. However, the platinum circlet on her brow seems magical; a closer look in the astral plane reveals it has some shape changing magic to it.

The blonde's companion, however, is a little less mysterious. The triangular ears poking through her hair proclaim nekojin heritage somewhere in her bloodline, while the tabard she wears declares a member of Doma's guard. The spear she has strapped across her back gives away that she is part of the lancer corps.

"It's not tax-time already, is it?" Qulam mumbles to herself, as the two approach the counter. Then she notices that the woman with the circlet is carrying an hourglass in her hands; one that radiates magic rather strongly, reveals a quick astral scan. Sellers then, she decides.

"Welcome to La Estuella Nueva!" Qulam says, putting the ledger aside and flitting to the top of a clock on the counter with a few beats of her gossamer wings. "What can we do for you today?"

The pair both look at Qulam with some amazement, something that she has had to get used to. "Umm," the blonde says after a moment, "You the shopkeeper?"

"We heard someone named Geb here bought magical timepieces,” adds the catgirl.

"She's out to lunch right now," Qulam explains. "My name's Qulam, and she works with me here."

"Deeum's the name," says the Blonde, as moves to extend a hand to the sprite. Then she stops once she realizes that Qulam is not that much larger than her hand.

"Shan," the catgirl says with a little nod, as Deeum places the hourglass on the counter.

Qulam flits back down to the counter, noting the usagijin watching from the corner of her eye, and looks the hourglass over. It is a slender thing, designed to look as though it were a piece of natural flora, rather than a carved work. It seems to possess enough sand to last about seven minutes. The magic around it is strong, but she cannot quite magic out what it is. But, it does feel like Faerie work, making her a bit suspicious of it immediately.

"So what does this piece do?" The sprite asks.

"We don't know," Deeum replies.

"You see," Shan adds, "We just arrested some outworlder bum who was caught trying to rob a potion shop. And he was carrying this on him, which he admitted that he stole from someone in his own world."

"After Vince got done with the questioning, that is," adds Deeum with a somewhat disturbing grin, leaving Qulam no doubts that she refers to the Chancellor, who is known for "questioning" people.

"Anyways," Shan countinues after a shushing glance to Deeum, "He let us keep this as a bonus for catching him without causing any collateral damage or anything. But, we don't have any idea what it does."

"And we're not about to find out the hard way," Deeum adds.

"So it's magical?" asks the Usagijin in a small, unobtrusive voice. The three look over to see that she has drawn near the counter, apparently interesting in what they're talking about.

"Yep," Qulam says, "Now we just have to figure out how."

The door opens suddenly, as a man dashes inside, then slams it shut. He throws himself against the door as if trying to hold it shut. He's a mid-sized guy, with upswept red hair, dominated by orange strands. Dressed in brownish clothing, with a chain at his side, he looks rather like a thug. His heavy breathing immediately tips Qulam off that he’s running from something. This means that something is likely to be chasing him.

"You alright," Deeum asks, as she arcs an eyebrow at the man.

"I think...I got...away," He gasps.

"If you are thinking about having some kind of gang war in here..." Qulam starts, her hands on her hips as she flits onto the top of the hourglass.

"Not... that..." he gasps.

"What's wrong, then?' Deeum asks, "Your Ex chasing you?" Shan chuckles a little at the jest.
"And could you move from the door, please?" Qulam says, "Customers tend to use it."

"Fine... fine..." the man gasps as he runs a hand over his face, wiping away some perspiration.”I shoulda lost him... anyhow..." Regaining his breath, he walks toward the counter, looking around. "Weird store," he mutters.

"Yeah, full of clocks," Shan answers, her sharp ears picking up the comment easily. "People with jobs use them to know when its time to go to work."

"I thought catgirls were supposed to be cute," the man says as he approaches the counter, giving Shan a look of mock hurt.

"I thought you were on the run from somebody," Shan retorts, giving him a mocking grin. "Looks like you forgot that bit, right?"

"Never did say who it was," Deeum adds, grinning. "Some little kid come after your lollipop?"

"You're both so cold," the man replies. He then grins at Shan and Deeum, and adds "Name's Nick, by the way."

"Is that so?" comes a melodic man's voice, as the door chime sounds once more. Qulam groans, knowing things are going to get worse before they get better.

A drow walks into La Estuella Nueva, but he is hardly the threatening sort of drow told in tales and legends throughout Igala. He wears a blousy shirt, left unbuttoned to reveal his slender, well-muscled torso. His pants are tight enough to make the sprite wonder just how he manages to walk in them. The drow's face is chiseled and very classically handsome, and his white hair is gathered into a ponytail.

"Ah, there you are, Sir!" he says, grinning at Nick, "Are you sure that you would not like a gentle massage to ease your tension away?" He then looks to Shan and Deeum, and bows a little to them. "Would one of you lovely ladies in service to the King desire someone who would give such devotion to you for an evening?"

"Uh, what?" Shan asks, giving the drow a distasteful look.

"Oh, he's just a whore," Deeum tells her with a chuckle.

"Whore?!" the drow says, his eyes widening, "You dare say that the great Nivek, whose name has left the lips of a thousand satisfied lovers, is a mere whore?! You would assert that I, whose fingers have been likened to those of the Gods themselves, would be a simple whore?!"

"You prefer slut?" Shan asks, her voice deadpan. She unslings her spear and leans on it.

"Hmmp!" Nivek answers, turning from Shan to look at Deeum. But as he does so, his eyes fall on Qulam.

"How curious," the drow says, "Such a tiny and frail beauty. Yet, let it never be said that Nivek declined a challenge! My minute beauty, I shall gladly bring to you pleasures that will electrify every corner your being with rapture unlike any you have known!"

"We sell clocks here," Qulam says, crossing her arms, "That's it. Go peddle your wares someplace else, alright?"

"We could arrest you for it, by the way," Shan adds, flipping one of her ears.

Nivek looks crestfallen, and sighs. "But... how am to live, then?"

"Get a real job?" Shan replies.

"Oh be nice, Shan," Deeum says, casting a sidelong look to Shan. Then she grins at Nivek. "I think it's cute, poor thing is trying so hard. And he's got Nick over there scared shitless."

Curious, Qulam glances over toward Nick, and sees that he is slowly backing away, trying very hard not to be noticed. However, he watches Nivek, and not where he is going. Thus, he fails to notice the orange-clad usagijin behind him.

"Whaaa!" she cries, as he backs into her. Both tumble to the ground, Nick falling against a grandfather clock and the Usagijin slamming into a shelf. A small clock falls into her lap.

"Sorry!" Nick stammers, rubbing his head.

"You break anything, you bought it," Qulam say to the pair with a stern look. Then she turns that look to Nivek and says, "You, if you don't intend to buy something, get out and stop harassing the customers. at the very least, you can calm yourself down."

"Yeah, we're kinda trying to get something appraised here," Deeum adds. "So butt out."

The door jingles again, this time accompanied by a joyous cry of, "Deeum!"

Qulam just facepalms, then looks over to see a large, muscular man with wild blue hair walk in, clad in a yellow shirt and blue pants. A large warhammer is strapped to his back, and a big grin on his face. "Deeum!" he says, marching up to her, "You wanna fight now?"

"No," Qulam says flatly, "You are not about to start swinging that hammer in here."

"Oh, just like Dia's inn," answers the large man, his face falling.

"So that's the Choark guy, eh?" Shan asks, looking to her companion.

"That's me!" the blue-haired man exclaims, "I'm Choark, Barbarian Ninja and Number One Spaz!" He strikes a pose, almost making Qulam giggle; Shan has fewer reservations about sharing her laughter. However, it's not malicious laughing; and Choark seems to know it judging by his grin. Or he just doesn't understand at all. Qulam wouldn't peg him to be the overly bright sort.

"Barbarian... ninja...?" Asks Nick, as he stand up, rubbing his head.

"I didn't those two things went together," adds the Usagijin, as she replaces the clock. "Ummm, I guess you can all call me Bunnygirle... for now... I suppose..."

Must not be used to people, Qulam reasons. She's even worse than Spob was back when Neb found him.

"Of course they do!" Cho replies.

"How did you find me here, anyways?" Deeum asks, sighing a little bit.

"I saw you through the window!" answers Cho, pointing to the large windows at the front of the store.

"He got you there, Deeum," Shan says, as Deeum just groans.

"Ahem!" Qulam says loudly, "If you all don't mind, I'd like to get to looking at this hourglass sometime today! If you don't all settle down and let me get to work, I'll call the city guard!"

The crowd falls mostly silent. And, slowly, they gather around the counter. Shan and Deeum watch eagerly, while Cho comes to see what everyone is looking at. Nick and Bunnygirle follow, and Nivek a moment after. Qulam guesses that the Drow likely intends to try something with the usagijin, given the way that he keeps glancing at her.

The Sprite ignores it, and gets to work. The enchantments around the hourglass are tightly wound, and unfamiliar; Qulam can’t recall seeing anything quite like this. It is definitely Faerie work, she knows that much. But the effect of all the magicks is buried under a web of enchantments her astral senses cannot easily pierce.

“So… what does it do?” Nick asks after a moment, rubbing the back of his head.

“I’m not sure,” Qulam says, as she walks around the hourglass, looking at a particular knot of magical energy in it that she cannot quite understand.

“I know what it does!” Choark says, walking forward with a confident grin on his face.

“Really? What?” Bunnygirle asks.

“Don’t!” Qulam cries out.

“It keeps track of time,” Choark explains, ignoring the faerie as he deftly flips over the hourglass.

Then everything goes white.

The whiteness slowly fades away from Qulam’s vision after a few moments, revealing a place that is definitely not La Estuella Nueva. Around her are trees, ancient Sycamores, Rowans, and Oaks, the smallest of them reaching dizzying heights. Moss covers them all to some extent, and slender creepers entwine a few of the trees, or hang from their boughs. Small toadstools grow in tiny patches here and there, some brightly colored and some dull.

“Where the hell…?” comes the voice of Nick from behind.

Turning around, Qulam sees that the various customers from the store have been taken here with her! Shan and Deeum already have their weapons ready, looking around warily. Nick fingers his length of chain, ready to put it to use if needed, as he looks around calmly. Nivek and Bunnygirle seem a bit less prepared to deal with the unexpected, as they look about with mouths agape; though it is hard to tell through Bunnygirle’s mask.

“This place is pretty,” Cho says, looking around with a grin on his face.

“It’s damned creepy, that’s what it is,” Deeum counters.

“Who ever heard of an hourglass that teleports people?” Shan says, her ears flattened close to her head. “Why put something like that in an hourglass?

“I don’t think we’re in Gaera…” Bunnygirle notes quietly, “Look at the stars, they’re all different.”

“Really?” Nick asks, looking upwards. Qulam does as well, but it’s somewhat futile. She doesn’t know the stars of Gaera quite well enough to know whether or not something is odd about them. But, she does see that the moon is in the wrong phase; it wasn’t anywhere close to full last night.

“This is not good,” Nivek says, looking around warily, “I… I am not meant for the wilds!”

“You’ll live, so stop whining,” Deeum answers. “Right now, let’s just figure out how to get out of here.”

“Any of you mages, maybe?” Nick asks, looking to the others. “It’d sure help right now.”

“I know a bit of magic,” Qulam says, “But not the kind that opens gates to other worlds or anything.”

“Anyone else?” Nick asks, looking to the others. As they shake their heads, he adds. “Please? Maybe?” Then he sighs and mutters, “Way to crush my hopes, guys…”

“Oh, don’t worry so much, Nicky,” Shan says, relaxing a bit now that she is sure they won’t be ambushed, “If there is a way in, there has to be a way out. We just have to find it.”

“Don’t call me Nicky,” the red-haired man says, his voice full of mock hurt.

“Only if you stop sulking,” Shan replies with a wink.

“But I like sulking,” Nick says as he kicks at a stone.

Sighing, Qulam takes to the air. “Well, this is going to get us nowhere. I say we pick a direction and start walking. I wanna get out of here as soon as possible.” The Sprite feels goose bumps start to start to spread across her skin. Something about this forest made her feel… unwelcome.

“Hey there!” Choark says. Everyone looks at Choark, to see he is looking into the forest. As one, everybody follows his line of sight.

A blonde-haired man stand by a tree, appraising them with him eyes.

Immediately, Qulam feels several warning signals from him, and not all of them involving the obvious fact of him materializing from seemingly nowhere. He is tall, and slimly built. His face is thin an angular, like an elf’s but moreso. His ears are also elven, but thinner than those of any elf that she has seen before. Pale blonde hair cascades midway down his back, lending to the cold beauty of his face. He wears silks, his clothing cut like those of a noble. A slender, ornate broadsword rests at his hip.

“Oh thank Ishtar!” Shan says, grinning with obvious relief as she walks toward the man, “My name’s Shan, and we are all very lost at the moment. If you could help us find out where we are and how to get home, I’d really appreciate it!”

“I would show you my appreciation as well, free of charge,” Nivek adds, let his voice drip with innuendo.

“Dammit, we want to make so he wants to help us!” Deeum says, glaring at the drow.

The sylvan man says something in a language that Qulam doesn’t understand, and steps forward. With a smooth motion, he draws the sword at his side.

“Nice work, moron,” Nick says to Nivek.

“All right!” Choark says, leaping and pumping a fist into the air. As he lands, he unslings the war hammer from his back, and says, “I love this place already!”

“Hey, don’t!” Shan says, reaching out as if to stop the barbarian. But he charges ahead ready to swing the warhammer. The sylvan man simple stands there, and waits for him.

Qulam can hardly believe her eyes as she watches the two meet. The Sylvan man’s sword snaps up to catch the hammer’s shaft. At the same time, his hand snaps toward Choark, almost too fast for the sprite to see.

Then, instead of his blow landing, Choark is sent hurtling through the air, the hammer flying free of his grasp.

“What… the hell… was that?” Deeum says, snapping her sword up.

“A reason to not fight this guy one on one,” Nick says, chain whirling in his hand as he watches the sylvan man.

Choark slams into a tree, then crumples to the ground. Staggering to his feet, he looks around. At the same time, the sylvan man seems to fade away.

“Crap, he teleports!” Shan exclaims, shifting her stance.

Qulam watches this astrally, and recognizes this immediately. “That was Faerie magic!” she shouts. She then flies upward, a few dozen feet into the air, hoping to get out of harm’s way. Looking down, she sees the man appear behind the group, and shouts, “Behind you!”

Shan whirls on her heel and leaps into the air, coming down Spear first on the faerie, while Deeum and Nick dash in from either side. Bunnygirle follows, her hands arrayed in a way that Qulam has seen before with fighting monks.

The sylvan man simply sidesteps Shan’s stab, moving so that she lands in Nick’s path. His blade snaps up to deflect Deeum’s, as he backs away. Nick lashes out with his chain, after he charge was broken, but the Faerie sidesteps the blow easily, then slashes with a swift slash along Nick’s stomach before springing back.

Shan stabs at him, but the faerie’s leap carries him away from her spear. Deeum slashes low at him, but his longsword catches it. Qulam starts to gather energy to herself, readying a spell. Bunnygirle dashes around Deeum, and launches a blow from her fist at his face, then draws it back and sends her other hand at his stomach.

The Sylvan man does not fall for her feint, dodging around the usagijin and putting her between himself at the rest of the group. Nick moves to outflank him, while Shan coils her legs and springs into the air over Bunnygirle. The faerie response is to teleport again.

He reappears left of the group, as Choark returns to the clearing with his hammer in hand. “That was a great throw!” He exclaims as he swings his hammer at the Sylvan man, this time aiming low so that he can’t catch it, “You’re doing a really good job taking us all on! You should be proud!”

The Faerie leaps over the swing, saying nothing in reply, and he lands, he springs forward, lashing out with his sword. The blade bites deeply into Choark’s side, drawing a loud agonized cry from him.

Let’s see you teleport past this, Qulam muses darkly as she shifts and manipulates the magic coursing through her body, directing it into a spell that should shred his aura to pieces.

The faerie makes no sound, as the spell flares up around his body. However, Qulam does see his face twist in pain. As Choark tries to get away without making his wounds worse, Shan comes in from behind the Faerie, bringing her spear down on him.

Apparently hearing it come through the air, he dives aside, but not before it can tear open a gash below his ribs. As he moves, he teleports away once more.

“Oh that’s it!” Deeum says, tossing her sword aside. “Let’s see him he dodge and block this!” With a quick motion, she tears the platinum circlet from her brow, and begins to change. Her skin darkens purple, as wings burst from her back and a tail curls down from the base of her spine. Qulam watches as the blonde knight begins to transform into a dragon!

“Whoa…” Nick says, watching with amazement clearly written on his face.

Then a slash of red falls on Deeum’s head.

A moment later, the sylvan man descends, leaping from the branch of a tree he had teleported to. Qulam winces as the hilt of his sword connects with Deeum’s skull, the two meeting with a resounding impact. Deeum falls to the ground, unconscious but still transforming.

Nick lashes out with his Chain, but the faerie leaps away from it. However, he lands near Bunnygirle, who does not hesitate to snap her foot into his side. At the same time, his sword slices outward, opening a diagonal wound across the Usagijin’s stomach.

Nick closes in, sending his chain around the silent faerie’s sword. It wraps around the blade’s length, and the Sylvan man has to fight to free it. He takes a step back, moving so Nick is in between himself and Shan, while Choark picks himself up, leaning on his warhammer at trying to stand despite the pain of his rather serious wound.


Then the Faerie slumps to the ground.

Nivek slams over him, emerging from behind a tree and holding a piece of old wood in his hands. His lips quirk up into a triumphant grin, as he says, “Never reject Nivek!”

“So now what?” Qulam asks, as she descends. Her question is answered a moment later, as everything fades to white…

It clears to reveal the familiar confines of her store, everything and everyone in their place. The others look around, some confused and some sighing in relief. Deeum is conscious, and still in her humanoid form. Choark’s side is fine, no one seems to be injured.

“Okay…” Shan says, “We all saw that, right? I’m not going crazy or anything, am I?”

“I think we all saw it,” Nick says. “What the hell was that?”

“The sand stopped in the hourglass,” Bunnygirle notes, pointing to the timepiece that the two members of Doma’s finest brought in. Qulam checks it herself, and sees that it has indeed stopped, after four minutes worth of sand has passed through it.

“How come we aren’t hurt, then?” Nivek asks.

“And now come Deeum’s not a flying dragon?” Choark asks. Qulam suspects a special relevance to the added flying.

“Well,” Qulam says, “I think I know why.” She flies up to the top of the hourglass, and has a seat. “I am fairly sure that was an illusion.”

“What?” Nick asks, looking around and scratching his head. “Then how come we didn’t trash the place? And she’s still human?” He jerks a thumb toward Deeum with his second point.

“Well…” Qulam says, “We all saw it in out minds. It never went any further than that. It’s like a dream, you see. I think whomever made this used it to challenge themselves. That's why the sand stopped, it was timing us.”

“So we were dreaming about fighting that guy?” Choark asks.

Qulam nods. “That’s one way to think of it.”

“And because we were dreaming, we didn’t really get hurt?” the ninja barbarian presses.

“Seems that way,” Nick replies.

“And if we turned that thing over, it would probably happen again, right?”

Deeum shrugs. “It wouldn’t surprise me.”

“How much do you want for it?” Choark asks with a grin.

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Vampire Jester Jinx


Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:13 pm

and Nivek takes him down with the power of bitch fu!

^_^ hehehehe, quite quite amusing pervy. made me laugh it did. as i told you im the other night, you wrote the gigolo well.

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Re: The Clock store. (Pervy's tribute story!)

Unread postby ValkyrieShan » Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:30 pm

*tackles Pervy to the floor and hugs him* Thank you thank you thank you! ^_________^ That was awesome! You got my character perfectly, even my tendency to add a 'y' to the end of guys' names ^_-

I can see you put a lot of effort in it, thanks so much. The dialogue was great, and the story flowed beautifully. It was damn funny, had me chuckling a fair few times, and the battle scene was amazing. "Never reject Nivek!" I'll remember that one =D

Anyway, like I promised, this is going to get fanart from me *vigorous nodding* It was so cool to be in a fanfic, never had that before. Once again, thank you!

*Is a happyhappy ShanShan*

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Unread postby bunnygirle78 » Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:38 pm

wow. That was great. It was realy neat. he he. I love the discriptions. You prety much have my char down.

ps. Expect some fan art. <p>"Seek out a Kingdom worthy of your soul."

Reign the conquer.</p>

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Unread postby NebulaQueen » Wed Mar 19, 2003 6:14 pm


*sits there blinking*

Pervy, that was fantastic. Great story. You also got Qulam's character down perfectly. Kudos to you. ^^ <p>---
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Unread postby Deeum » Wed Mar 19, 2003 6:15 pm

"Whore?!" the drow says, his eyes widening, "You dare say that the great Nivek, whose name has left the lips of a thousand satisfied lovers, is a mere whore?! You would assert that I, whose fingers have been likened to those of the Gods themselves, would be a simple whore?!"

XD I love eet! <p>
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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Wed Mar 19, 2003 9:20 pm

I rule. Me and the Chain of Agony... as always, we kick serious ass. Anyhow, I liked the characters. I hope one day to team up with such upstanding fellows again.



Unread postby Choark » Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:45 am

Oh my Gawd! I'm so glad I got ill now as I got to read this! XD Eheheheeheheh Its scary how well you did all the characters too, espically Choark, whom I could find no fault with at all =D

*has been made a very happy man*

*high fives to Pervy* Dude,You rock, hardcore ^_^

Uncle Pervy


Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:51 am

I'm glad I made everyone happy. ^^

Choark's an easy character to do, I've seen him in action a lot. Shan I know well enough personally to fake, Deeum falls under both headings. NQ and I spoke a lot about Qulam. Bunnygirle is an easy archetype to do: silent, observant, and polite. Nick and Nivek were the hardest. Nick gave me little to go with, so I kinda had to wing it based on what I see of him online. Nivek I knew, but he's hard to get the right combo of poetic and pathetic mixed.

Anyway, this is my little thanks for all the awesome work you kids did on my behalf. Thank you. ^^ <p><div style="text-align:center">Image Image Image Image Image ImageImage</div></p>

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Unread postby The Hero » Fri Mar 21, 2003 1:33 pm

I suck worse than plain water

Also, The Hero, this is for you


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Re: Fling

Unread postby Deeum » Fri Mar 21, 2003 1:51 pm

Sucks worse than plain water

WOW he must like it!
Because plain water is tasty! <p>
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If Pac-man had affected us, we'd all be running into dark rooms, munching on magic pills and be listening to repetive music...

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Re: Fling

Unread postby Choark » Sat Mar 22, 2003 12:29 pm

From a guys who's been living of plain water for the past few days Yes, Plain water is indeed very tasty all of a sudden. which I find odd *nods*

Also I like the thing Pervy gave him, its cute =D


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