[Songfic] Hero

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[Songfic] Hero

Unread postby Nekogami » Wed Feb 26, 2003 8:51 pm

"Hero" Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott, Spiderman Soundtrack. So, duh, not mine.

Tessei picked up a guitar and began tuning it. The Jade Dragon was relatively quiet. Only an old man and two lovers, who sat in opposite corners. Today was a special day to him. Hundreds of miles away from the place he was concieved and hatched, hundreds of miles from the place where the people he loved were slain and forever laid to rest. So today was special. It was a day of sorrow.

As he plucked the strings of the guitar, he remembered the words of his uncle.

I'm fighting for you Tessei Iikaraki. I'm fighting for this country that has devoted its history and future to ideals that touch the heart of it's citizens. I may die but my blood will not be spilled in vain if you and your friends can live just one day longer without fear. Those in heaven are looking down on us...They're asking...What are you willing to die for. I will give them my answer on end of my claws, borne in my battle cry.

"I am so high," he paused as his voice cracked. He was going to cry and he almost didn't care that he would.

"I can hear heaven," finished another voice. Raptre had his guitar on his back, already tuned and ready. "Those are the words right?"

Tessei nodded and pushed a chair out from his table to Raptre could sit. The younger man sat down and pulled his guitar from is back and plucked out a few notes. "Do you want lead this time? I like your voice, it's deeper than mine."

"I'll lead....You got Kryse's voice." At this Raptre nodded.

Tessei started again, this time he had swallowed the sorrow in his throat and sung with a clear voice, full of emotion.

"I am so high, I can hear heav~en. I am so high! I can hear heav~en." Raptre's voice joined his. "Whoah, but heaven, no heaven, don't hear me~! And they say that a hero could save us! I'm not gonna stand here and wa~it! I hold on to the wings of the eagles! Watch as we all fly awa~y."

Pavos old face was streaked with tears and his beard was salty with the fresh and old weariness of too many fallen friends. “It’s gone. Don’t you see wherever we go, people will die…until we can go no further.” The rubbed his face with his dirty sleeve. “Ryuumah isn’t here Sharda….we’re mortals without a prayer. Even if we did pray, no one would hear it. Let’s just end this turmoil.”

Raptre lifted his head, his voice preceding Tessei by a word or two... "Someone told me, love would all save u~s.....But how can that be?! Look what love gave u~s?"

Sharda looked deep into Raptre’s eyes. “Don’t forget me. Don’t forget your mother. Don’t forget you family because they will always be there for you.” Sharda spun Raptre around. “Look. Look at Halde. I know you never would have thought she’d be here but she is ready to die with us.”

"...What's worth killing, and blood spilling that won't ever cha~ange."

“Yes, We’Raptre….we’re going to die. But don’t forget that no matter where I go, where you mother goes, where any of us go, we will still and eternally love you.” Sharda kissed Raptre and hugged him again.

"And they say that a hero could save us! I'm not gonna stand here and wa~it! I hold on to the wings of the eagles! Watch as we all fly awa~y."

As the business picked up a little a small crowd has gathered around Raptre and Tessei. A few people wiped away tears as they listened. Others smiled at the beauty of the song and the voices singing it. If they could see the memories and feel them, what would they do then?

“Rah’fah,” came the singsong voice of his mother. She smiled broadly and put a hand on his head. “Don’t forget home. Don’t forget faith. Don’t forget who you are.” She kissed him and cast a sleep spell on the boy. “Don’t forget we love you…” she managed as he slumped in her arms.

The cousins voices rose from the briefly guitar interlude. "Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you....It isn't the love of a hero, and THAT'S why I fear it won't do~o!"

Raptre since the spell had been cast tried to fight it’s affects and managed to open an eye and look back. What he saw and heard would remain forever imprinted in his mind. A flaming ballista struck Kyrse from the sky. Her cry mingled with the rage of Sharda, the great white dragon, ignoring the two arrows in his side, he went into a rage, but fell to another ballista arrow.

"And they say that a hero could save us! I'm not gonna stand here and wa~it! I hold on to the wings of the eagles! Watch as we all fly awa~y.
Tessei shook his head. "And they're watching us!" Raptre echoed softly. "They're watching us! As we all fly away! And they're watching us! As we fly awa~ay...whooooa." And as family the ended the song together.

Then there was silence.
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Re: [Songfic] Hero

Unread postby pd Rydia » Wed Feb 26, 2003 10:36 pm

Well done. o_o <p>
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Re: [Songfic] Hero

Unread postby ChancellorSmartz » Wed Feb 26, 2003 11:17 pm

...When I first read this I thought to myself "Wow, Amanda did a very good job. She really focused on feeling with the lyrics of the song."

...Then I downloaded the song to play it along with the fic.

Amanda. Your choice of words goes perfectly with the combination of both music and lyrics. The imagery created by this effect was...phenomenal. I actually could visualize the events described in the fic and it really is touching. So I suggest further readers to read this as to listen to the music. It makes a VERY big difference, at least to me it does. <p>"Dude...you can't put salt on asians. We already taste good." -Me</p>


Re: [Songfic] Hero

Unread postby viator22 » Thu Feb 27, 2003 11:11 pm


Image <p>-------

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