Tides of War

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Tides of War

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This like Lost doesn't occur on any war but maybe you'd like to read it.

He read the sign,"The War will Destroy Us All!" and laughed.

"Everyone but me,"he chuckled. Venell Triptyn pushed back his hood and studied the sign closer as a slight smile played on his lips. "Whoever wrote this must be a pacifist who doesn’t know how to reap the benefits of war."

He tapped the top of the wooden sign twice and turned to leave down the muddy path. Once a few feet past it, he turned and grinned widely at the sign, it burst into red flames--a red torch in the dying land below an overcast sky.

Venell watched it as one would watch the curious actions of a child. The wind picked up and tossed Venell's cloak and hair, both of which were black. Yet his eyes were friendly and blue.

He turned away from the sign, satisfied that it would continue to burn on the outskirts of Rayne Princedom unaffected. On the road, many miles ahead, lay a village where he would rest and eat. The wind changed direction blowing in his face and disturbing clouds of dust. Venell shielded his aquiline features with his cloak and continued on, much at the same pace. He smiled to himself wondering if the wind was trying to keep him away.

Much luck, you'll have, dear wind. Nothing ever stops me nor impedes me. I crush the obstacles I can touch and conquer the ones I cannot. Venell paused as he heard soft thundering noise. He looked back to see three armoured knights fast approaching on horseback, galloping like Death was at their heels. He smiled, tasting the irony.

One knight, the leader, was clearly a female. Her hair flew back behind her and was dirty from battle. Venell couldn’t tell what color it was, it may have been red--but that could have been blood. As she neared, he could tell that she and her companions were smeared with it. The wind changed, caught the smell and passed it under Venell’s nose. He licked his lips, feeling twice as hungry as before. He chewed his bottom lip, debating on whether or not he felt like killing three imperial knights.

They slowed as they approached, stopping inches from the weary traveler. The woman looked down on him. Venell looked up and smiled.

“Hello, knight,” he greeted. The woman eyed him suspiciously. “I’m just a traveler from the northern lands. Who are you warring with?”

“Emberwilde Princedom, from the west,” she answered in a clear, strong voice. Venell frowned slightly, she was not weak and would put up a hefty fight. Damn, he thought.

“I hope this won’t slow my journey,” he said. She looked towards the village.

“Likely as not. Excuse me. Hyah!” She spurred her stallion into a gallop and the other knights followed.

“Mercenary expedition,” Venell murmured to himself. “Only knights don’t profit from mercenary tasks.” He shrugged and continued walking. He was quite hungry now and beginning to feel the fatigue of travel. There was no wild game, foraging through the drying grass, so he would just have to wait until he reached the human village.

It took him two hours just to reach the gate. It had seemed to be much closer than that but Venell didn’t take into account the growing grade of the road. The village was on a hill that sloped deceptively into level ground. It was a pain to walk up.

To his fortune, a tavern was placed beside the main gates. After the guards let him pass, he headed straight to the establishment. Inside were a crowd of rowdy customers, barmaids, and a few bards performing privately all around. The serving area was huge and took up two floors; the top floor was more like a broad balcony overlooking the floor below. Venell looked above the bar. A sign made of colored glass hung on two gold pins and read, “The Lucky Lad.” Below it was a painting of a young man getting more than a kiss from an apparently drunken barmaid who had toppled over on top him. It was enough to make anyone smile.

There was hardly a table in the tavern that wasn’t filled to capacity and with the war going on, the dark-haired journey-man wasn’t certain he’d be welcome to join just any table. He leaned against a wooden post and looked over those on the bottom floor.

“Can I help you?” asked a barmaid behind him. She was balancing a tray in one hand and clutching empty tankards in her other. Venell smiled weakly and turned to face her.

“I think, perhaps, the question is if I can help you?” He grabbed the tray from her and she smiled thankfully.

“We don’t get much of your type in here nowadays,” she said switching a few of the tankards to her other hand. “Come on this way.” The honey-haired barmaid swayed her hips as she dodged between the tables and cat-calls, leading him to the bar. She began to wipe her hands on a towel she had tucked in her sash. Venell waited patiently. After few moments, she looked up a little shocked to still see him standing there.

“My! You’re still here.”

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Venell answered coolly. “I wanted to be sure you didn’t need me anymore.”

“You look pale.” She stared at him. Venell blinked. “You look pale,” she reiterated as though she had been asked to repeat herself.

“I hadn’t eaten in a while and have been traveling since noon yesterday,” he explained.

“Like I said, we don’t get many of your kind here, but we got summat for ya,” she said a bit ambiguously. Venell was suspicious but did not feel threatened. His kind? She laughed and squeezed his arms jovially.

“No need for the miser’s glare!” She looked passed him with a broad grin. “Nal! Woohoo! Nalen, girl! Come here!”

Venell turned in time to see a barmaid with flaxen hair hefted, chair and all, into the air. She posed as a Queen being taken to court by servants.

“Hail, Myriam!” She waved a dirty dish rag daintily. Myriam gave her a disapproving look.

“Get down from there, girl, and come meet my friend,” she said gesturing to Venell. Nalen-or Nal- leaned down to scrutinize the new-comer. After a few moments she smiled, a taunting, crooked smile. It melted Venell deep inside and he could not help but to grin.

Nal hopped from her perch and landed with the grace of cat. For show, she held her arms out like a carnival performer. Venell bowed. “My beautiful lady, it is a pleasure to make the acquaintance of such a fine performer, such as yourself.” Nal, still holding her pose, twitched her beautiful features.

“Shh! Too many words.” She raised her arms and danced. All in the tavern were instantly enthralled. A few elven bards broke from the enchantment and played music to fit her movements. Slight of frame, pale of tone, fluid of motion. Even in the dirty, ale-stained barmaid’s dress, Nal was exquisite. As she neared Venell, she gave him a roguish wink. The man barely had time to react before she snatched his hand and carried him away into a dance. Venell was not, however, caught completely off guard and quickly became a worthy dance partner.

The ladies caught their breath, as Venell was not without his own charms. Strong and handsome, he bore the carriage of the noblest of Rayn’s royalty. He had nobility that which could challenge that of the Prince.

Nal leaned inward to her dancing partner, to look him in his eyes. “I knew it.” She paused but Venell said nothing-he did not change so much as his placid smile. “Yes, a man always on guard but not,” another pause, “for death.”

“Nay, on guard for riches beyond mortality,” he answered. She released his grasp and spun form him. She giggled like a woman struck with wonderful news.

“Tell me,” she purred. Venell quirked an eyebrow. “Tell me what will you do when you acquire those riches.” Venell frowned slightly and looked around. Too many eyes were on him, too many ears as well.

“Die with them.” Nal stopped, stock still. Silence, except for the awkward setting of empty mugs and misplaced coughs. Then she smiled a smile that grew into glorious laughter. Nal hooted and howled, finally falling to her knees still laughing.

She motioned to Myriam, trying to gulp back laughs. “Dear, please-please fetch our guest- our guest my specialty.” Myriam curtsied and hurried behind the bar. Almost immediately the bar returned to its usually hustle and drone.

Venell, for one, was thoroughly confused. Experience told him not to let it show but the way that the tavern-folk behaved was curious. Curious more was Nal, who seemed to have the occupants totally enchanted with her raucous behavior.

Nal grabbed his hand and whisked him away through swinging doors beyond the bar. The doors led to the kitchen where men and women worked to keep up with the overflowing orders of food. Several smells tempted Venell but Nal kept him moving without hesitation. He couldn’t help but to notice that even though she moved with haste and chaos, Nal kept completely in control. She’s a living paradox, Venell mused. She led him finally up a set of wooden stairs. At the top was a hallway with seven doors. Nal took him to the third. She pulled from her sash an ornate silver key and unlocked the door.

Venell hesitated to look inside as Nal swung the door open, but when she made it clear that she had intended for him to enter first, he stepped inside. The room was not as he had expected. For firsts, it was large. An oversized round bed took up one corner, purple satin
bedsheets pulled neatly across. A massive spotted fur carpet covered the floor. The walls themselves were painted vermilion and her dresser was of almost black wood with a tremendous mirror mounted above. The myriad of colors made Venell dizzy.

“Take a seat,” she commanded. “Myriam will be up shortly with our drinks.” Nal perched herself on the edge of her bed, watching Venell hawkishly. Venell was not intimidated, but he still took a seat on a chair made of the same wood as her dresser. They sat for many moments unspeaking but staring intently at each other. Nal disrupted their gaze with her high-pitched laughter. She rolled over on her bed as though he had heard something tremendously funny.

“Dammit, woman,” Venell snapped, less than amused. “What is it that you find so remarkably funny about me?! You’ve been laughing since I arrived.” He stood contemplating whether or not it was worth him leaving.

Nal stopped laughing but she continued to smile, knowingly. “You won’t leave.”

“Won’t I?” Venell smiled.

Nal suppressed more laughter and sat up. “Of course not! You need me,” she purred.

“Hm, well, of all these years that I have lived, I haven’t needed anyone but myself. Why should that change now?”

Nal bit her bottom lip and clapped gleefully. “I thought you’d never ask! But first,” she jumped up and ran to the door. Pausing briefly, she swung it open to reveal a surprised Myriam. “Thank you, dear.” Nal snatched the bottle that Myriam held and shut the door before the poor woman could speak. She hurried over to her dresser and opened a small drawer with two delicately carved crystal chalices. Gently plucking them from their satin nests, she set them on the dresser top and proceeded to fill them with a scarlet liquid.

“Well?” She grabbed a chalice and held it out to him. Venell reluctantly walked over to her and took the chalice.

“Well, what?”

Nal smiled and sipped her drink. “Aren’t you dying to know why I’m so certain that you need me?”

Venell shrugged with smirk. “ ‘Dying’ isn’t exactly the word I’d use,” he mumbled. Nal looked confused at first but then nodded.

“I guess you’re right,” she murmured back. Again they stood in silence. “However, I do think that you should be curious. I mean, that is your one failing: Too calm.”

“I wouldn’t call that a failing. I go with flow of time and let things take their course. Though, I make certain I am where the situations are...profitable,” he finished with an inward smile. Nal didn’t seem approving.

“And there is your mistake. How do you suppose you will gain your untold riches if you do not work for them?” Nal set down her chalice and sat on the dresser. She crossed her legs, and rested her head in her hand, staring at Venell.

“I am a very inexpensive person to care for,” he began. “Already I have amassed a great fortune using my own near effortless means. Besides, I have all the time in the world to gain them.” Nal sighed.

“Poor fool. And you said, that you’d ‘die’ with these riches. For what? The sheer satisfaction that you acquired them? I am more ambitious, you see. I want to mold the paths of the future. It is seen here,” she raised her arms, motioning vaguely to the building they were in. “This establishment, the ‘Lucky Lad’, was of my own invention and I have grown rich from it. I have also changed this town-this princedom with my every whim.”

“Let me guess, you got important officials drunk and stole secrets from them so they‘d do you some favors,” Venell caustically replied. Nal said nothing but instead gave him a scathing glare.

“I’m not so simple. I had thought that you would have gathered that by now. But no, I did not ‘steal secrets’. I caused a war by letting them free.” Venell blinked. It was all he could do. Had he indeed heard correctly? Was Nal actually claiming to have caused a great war between two princedoms?

“Impossible,” he rasped, the accusation being so hard to swallow. Nal smiled.

“Impossible to believe you mean. Several officials frequent the Lucky Lad and in return for my tongue-lubricating ales then pay me in secrets. When circumstances were right and the truth undeniable I paid my dues to my princedom and lead them into a glorious and profitable war.

“It’s true, in theory, that wars are bad. They steal lives and cause pain and suffering but through it all the victors become more powerful and their people more prosperous, forcing the loser to suffer the consequences of their incompetence and yield to a new leader. Opportunists, such as ourselves have no qualms about relocating to the more suitable conditions. Correct?”

Venell swirled his wine in the chalice contemplating Nal’s daring words. She was correct. Venell had learned early the value of a good war. He had no problems ignoring the pain of the losers and every intention of exploiting the gains of the victors. It was the idea of purposefully causing a war that he had not fully grasped. He saw making such risks to be unwise. One mistake could cause all that one had worked for to be completely for naught. Of course Nal could be the perfect tool for gaining more riches. While she was crafty, she was a little too brash. He would stay with her until it grew too risky then, like a shadow, he would disappear into the darkness.

“Well?” She beckoned. He was being asked which path to the future would be most rewarding.

“I agree,” he said with a smile. “I had never realized how fortunate causing a war could be. Since the die has been cast, all we do is wait for the moment to make out with our fortune leaving the people to sort out their problems.”

Nal finished her drink and sighed. “You have much to learn. Since neither side was belligerent, it took me years to create conditions suitable enough to start even a reluctant squabble. Our duty now is to nurture this spark so that it grows into a raging war of bitterness and spite.” Nal spoke the words with fervent glee.

Venell sighed, growing ever uncertain of Nal’s tactics. “What is our first step?” Nal slid off of the dresser and over to Venell. She laid her head on his chest.

“Nothing, yet. For now the two princedoms will fuel their own fires. We will step in when they have exhausted themselves with petty bickering and present them with rejuvenating grudges.” She yawned. Venell paid little mind to her advances.

“Shouldn’t we prepare for when that time comes? Shouldn’t we have some kind of strategy in case something goes wrong? The future is unpredictable-”

Nal reached up and put her hand across his mouth. “I am too and between both of our chaotic natures, Future and I can never seem to get the best of each other,” she spat. “Which is why I need you, dark lord.” Venell paused and realized that she hadn’t bothered to ask him his name.

“My name is Venell Tiptyn,” he informed. Nal shrugged.

“Doesn’t much matter. I would have just given you a name,” she explained. Venell wondered at her haughty attitude. He wondered a lot about Nal, which is why he refused her offer and slept in the room farthest from hers.

In the years that followed, Venell worked with Nal, both in the Lucky Lad and with the war. Venell proved to be skillful at working most of the woman that entered the tavern for whatever they might know but his tongue-slicking methods were nothing in comparison to Nal’s who already had most men in the palm of her hand.

Over the years, Venell also had started a relationship with the knight he had met on that fateful road. He had encountered her constantly at the tavern and was always drawn into a conversation with her. In time her had come to adore her rugged looks and red hair. Seeing Nal’s brilliance everyday made him form a kind of distaste for some of the opulent looking girls that came in. Rhea was unique.

Her skin was rough and marred. Her voice was not soft and frail but strong. She spoke with intelligence and loyalty to Rayne though quick to point out mistakes the leaders were making in the war. Venell took the strangely sound advice Rhea offered the leaders and told Nal to lead them in the completely opposite direction. Indeed, every night, as the war waged outside, he spoke about her.

“Seriously, Nal,” he said one night. “I think that is Rhea was made leader, she could make this princedom something else.” Venell was lying on Nal’s bed staring at the ceiling. Nal was curled up on the fur rug, her back to him.

“Nal, I think we should consider putting Rhea on the forefront of this war. Talk about changing the future, can you imagine a princedom run by a princess. She is so sound in her judgment, such foresight...” He sighed.

Nal clawed at the rug, biting her lip to keep from screaming. She could hear so clearly the admiration in his voice when he spoke of Rhea. It was the kind to blind love that Nal held over everyone but him. She was gorgeous, Rhea was not. She was what every man desired, why not Venell. As strong as he was, as strong as she was, she could not bend him to worship her the tiniest bit. Every night he droned on and on about Rhea, and every night, she hated the knight woman more and more. Tonight was no different.

“Nal? What are you thinking?” Venell asked. “You haven’t said a word.” He propped himself up on his elbows to see her. Nal rolled over, her expression peculiar.

“How loyal is this woman to you?” Nal hissed.

“Quite. She will not divulge any huge secrets to me but with the proper coaxing I can get her to tell me almost anything,” Venell answered.

“Prince Etward has drawn up a draft for a peace treaty. He will discuss it with Prince Marlias and their Chancellors and advisors in a last effort for peace,” Nal explained. “Would your knight have any access to this treaty?”

Venell laid back down and smiled. “Why yes? My Rhea is quite influential. She actually helped Prince Etward draw up some of the finer points.” Venell closed his eyes. “But if you want me to get her to tell me what it said, she will not. I’ve tried to find that out all ready. She‘s escorting it personally to Prince Marlias.”

“Yes,” Nal said softly. “Yes, I want you to find out which path she will be taking to Marlias’ castle. I suppose it will be a secret.”

Venell nodded. “Yes, it most certainly will be but-”

“Find out.” Nal stood abruptly and walked to her dresser. Venell stood up from the bed, watching Nal with confusion.


“Goodnight, Venell,” Nal said with unquestionable finality. Venell hesitated before he left but did not pursue the conversation. Nal went to her bed and lied down. As a plan formed in her mind, she fell asleep smiling.

Venell sat across from Rhea in a table on the upper level of the bar. She was telling him of the newest scandal of one of the advisors.

Rhea looked down at an impending fight on the first level as she spoke. “It is mystery to me how a man can be so stupid as to let a thing like that slip into the public, she spat. Venell grinned devilishly.

“Stupidity? Carelessness?” Me?, he thought. “The are so many tiny little things that a man can lose track of and somehow lose track.”

Rhea looked at him with her usual unsmiling expression. “I agree. ‘Do not lie’, I often say, ‘You have less to remember.’” She sighed and took a drink from her mug. “No one listens to me but my men...and you.”

Venell felt his heart skip. “Yes. I am you greatest admirer. If no man listens to you then he is as good as dead.” Venell reached over to grasp her hand when suddenly it was not there. It was reaching up to take a fresh mug from Nal.

“Thank you, Miss Nalen,” Rhea said. Nal gave a cryptic glance to Venell before turning away.

“Anything for the Knights of Rayne,” she called back. “Venell back to work!” Venell glared at Nal’s retreating back.

Rhea propped her feet on the table. “You heard your superior, Venell. Back to work.” Venell’s smile returned as he stood up. Rhea ignored him.

“My dear Rhea,” he whispered, “how I would desire to see you on the throne of Rayne. So that I may serve you properly.”

Rhea looked up at him suspiciously. Venell continued. “I would commit my entire being to this nation for you. I would follow you to the darkest pits. For an eternity, I would dedicate myself for you purpose.“

The knight put her feet back on the floor. She gave him one of her rare smiles and beckoned him closer. Venell walked to her side and knelt almost reverently beside her. She placed her lips near his ear.

“I would never commit treason for my own personal gain but...Prince Etward has told me that he considers no one more competent that me and if I were to marry he would make my husband heir.“ She leaned back. The news was something completely unsuspected by Venell. His eyes were wide with disbelief and amazement. He looked to Rhea for confirmation. She nodded.

“Unprecedented...,” he murmured. “It would be the first time that the throne was not given directly to the living heirs but instead past done to someone entirely new.” Venell remembered what Nal had told him the night before.

“Rhea, I didn’t say anything before because I knew that you would give you life for this kingdom,” he said heatedly, “but I believe that you may be in danger.” He took her hand. “I have traveled far and wide. I have many allies and many ears throughout the continent and I have heard something.”

“What?” she asked, her voice urgent.

“You will be ambushed on your way to Marlias’ castle.”

“How? We are taking a secret path.”

“Not so secret. Advisor Trent, as you know, thinks that a peaceful end to this war is unnecessary. He has told the enemy that you will be taking a route past St. Helena.” Venell paused to see if his guess had been accurate.

“Bastard! He is a traitor! I will tell the king-”

“No,” Venell intercepted. “There is much scandal and lies the royal cabinet. I do not want you involved. Instead tell the king that a trustworthy informant has advised you against that route. Tell him instead to go the long route to past Belarus Pike.”

Rhea was silent. She considered Venell’s advice. She looked at him and grinned widely. “That’s perfect! The enemy will never suspect that route and by the time they do we will be well into safety.”

Venell took Rhea’s hand and, staring intently into her blue eyes, kissed it. He kissed it not once but several times each kiss becoming more passionate. He stood up slightly and kissed her on the cheek. When she did not protest, he kissed her on the lips. He released her and buried his nose in her hair, breathing deeply. “I imagine that you will have to marry a man of noble blood.”

“I shall marry any man I choose,” she said softly. Venell kissed her again but more deeply. Venell was uncertain what surprise him more in the events that followed. If it was her complete willingness to make love to him or that she told him every detail to the treaty. Maybe he was more shocked that Nal didn’t come for him that night as she usually did. But as he reflected back with Rhea asleep at his side, he realized that he could have cared less about anything other than his feeling of accomplishment.

The weather was cold along the road to Belarus Pike. The wind was whispering through the dry grasses and slithering along Nal’s arms. Nal looked up at the misty gray clouds that blanketed the sky. She was out of her normal barmaid’s dress and wearing a revealing black dress, making her look very out of place in the isolated area.

Venell had told her about Rhea’s potential succession to the throne and his plan to change the path to the peace negotiations. That was five days ago. Now Nal waited for the nights to appear but not alone.

“When will they arrive,” asked her male companion.

“Soon,” Nal answered simply. The man had long silver hair and empty white eyes. He carried a large sword on his back. He was also dressed in black.

“So will dispose of this girl?” he asked.

“Yes,” Nal hissed. “She is the red-headed human. A knight. We will capture her and,” Nal paused to sneer. She licked her lips. “Deal with her.”

The man frowned disapprovingly. “A personal vendetta? Nal-”

“This woman has the potential for being ruler,” Nal explained with growing irritation. “If we can change her, she will be on our side and thus we will become more powerful.”

He looked down the road. “They are coming.” Suddenly his faded into a thin cloud then disappeared completely. Nal stood in the middle of the road and raised her hand.

The troop of ten knights and Rhea appeared, riding hard. She could see the glint of their weapons as the approached her. They stopped a few feet from her. Rhea recognized Nal immediately.

“What are you doing here?” Rhea narrowed her eyes. “Venell-”

“Told me everything!” Nal spat. She pointed two fingers at a guard, hand still raised. “DIE!” A stream of lightening darted from her fingertips and struck the knight in the chest. The man gurgled and fell of his horse. The other horses started but the knights struggled to keep them in check. Rhea drew in a breath.

“Traitor....” she whispered. Nal laughed sweetly and nodded. Rhea raised her sword.

“Ah ah,” Nal warned. “Your men don’t look to well.” Rhea turned to see her soldiers gasping for air, clawing at their throats. Veins bulged grotesquely in their face and neck as that fought for air. Rhea turned to Nal.

“What are you doing to them? Stop it!” she screamed. Nal shrugged.

“Not me. Sorry.”

Her male companion appeared in front of Rhea, floating like a specter. Before she could retaliate he punched her hard in the stomach. He grabbed her as she fell foward and flew over to Nal with her. He looked back at the suffocating knights.

“What should I do with them?” he queried. Nal yawned and looked at Rhea.

“We should watch them die,” she answered frankly. Rhea gasped but could not form words. She watched as her men fell from their horses. Pain sounds coming from the throats as they slowly died. Their faces were badly discolored. Purple, their eyes bulging. They writhed on the ground until at last the died and fell still. They laid in contorted positions, their faces screaming silently in agony. Ten strong men, felled at the same time by to people.

“No,” Rhea managed to croak. “Venell....“

Nal grabbed Rhea’s face roughly. “Is mine! He and I have been together for years, planning the downfall of your precious princedom. He only pretended to love you. Now, my dear, you will be our pawn when you ascend to the throne.” Nal let go of her face and lauged.

She put he face in front of Rhea’s. “Bur before I continue, let me request something. I am going to enjoy hearing you scream. So make sure you’re nice and loud...”

Venell lay in Nal’s bed. It had been two weeks since Rhea’s departure to the peace meeting with Marlias. He told Nal that he had convinced Rhea to change routes. Shortly, after she disappeared. Probably to follow Rhea and wreak her havoc. His mind hovered over the last word. Havoc.

Nal was a Havoc. A person dedicated to the destruction and chaos of the human world. Havocs hated order and peace. They thrived on tumult. He had come across the knowledge of Nal’s nature when she was working the bar and he had come upstairs to her room for a drink. He found the spell book, the sigma of a triangle within a hexagon etched into it’s cover. He pieced it all together. Her style, her attraction, her everything....was havoc.

He closed his eyes and sighed. The door to Nal’s room opened. He didn’t open them. He knew who it was. “How did it go?”

“As planned.” He felt the warmth of another body on top of him. Strong feminine hands gripped hiss. “The fool didn’t suspect a thing.”

“The treaty was signed then?”

She gave a short laugh. “Yes.”

“Prince Etward?”

“His health is failing, he’ll be dead in a few years.”

“Prince Marlias?” Venell pressed. There was a silence.

“He is shrewd.”

Venell opened his eyes and stared into Rhea’s blue depths. He smiled. “We have time to work on him.”

“Yes, all the time in the world,” she purred.

Venell tilted his head. “Nal? She didn’t suspect anything?”

Rhea shook her head and let go of Venell. She sat the bed‘s edge and began to undress. “She killed all of my men...That was to be expected so I brought criminals sentenced to die anyway as decoys. There was an unexpected glitch. She had another havoc with her.”

“Was he difficult?”

“No. I killed him first. An excellent swordsman. It took nearly all the water to kill him.” Rhea said smiling wryly. She pointed to a flask on the dresser. “That made killing Nal much more troublesome.”

Venell nodded. “Did she try to bite you?” Rhea laughed and laid beside Venell.

“She did. She wanted to ‘infect’ me.”

Venell stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “Infect you...with a disease you already had.”

Rhea smiled revealing that she had two sharp fangs. “Yes, a disease you gave me. I began to feel that I was completely changed when I accidentally spilled some of the water on my hand.” She showed Venell the red blistered skin on her hand. He looked sympathetic and kissed it lovingly.

“My apologies for your mishap.”

“Is it much different from being human?” Rhea asked dreamily.
Venell sighed, looking at the ceiling again. “No. During the day you are much weaker than at night. As you know, things blessed with Holiness are deadly. You will crave the life force of other creatures to keep you....living. If you do not eat, you will turn to dust.”

“And children?”

Venell smiled and turned his head to Rhea. “I don’t know.....would you like to try anyway?” Rhea grinned as Venell began to kiss her neck.

Rhea sighed contentedly. She closed her eyes, caressing Venell’s black hair. She smiled remembering how Nal looked when she realized that the war she had created had turned on her. <p>

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Re: Tides of War

Unread postby Squintz Altec » Thu Feb 06, 2003 11:50 pm

Much better with the line breaks. You've got a great story here, keep it up. <p>

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Re: Tides of War

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Fri Feb 07, 2003 12:17 am

Amazingly good. Really. I loved it from the very start.

Grammatical stuff? Yeah. Spelling errors? A few. What do they add up to?

A hill of beans if you draw me in. Congrats, 'Manda. It's spectacular. <p>--------------------
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Re: Tides of War

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri Feb 07, 2003 3:50 pm

Well now...that was interesting. o_o What prompted you to write this? <p>
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Re: Tides of War

Unread postby Nekogami » Fri Feb 07, 2003 4:00 pm

You know....I have no clue. o_o I don't know WHERE the inspiration for that came from. <p>

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Re: Tides of War

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri Feb 07, 2003 5:54 pm

Yeah, it's kinda different for your writing. o_o Which makes it that much niftier. ::nods:: Image <p>
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-=- "I wanna get so drunk that I start seeing my friends as cows." -- Aya (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
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