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This fic I did my senior year in high school.I guess it could be hear on Gaera. I got really frustrated because no one else wrote fantasy and I was a little teased. So the ending is crappy.

For three days, high winds captured the waves and tossed them violently. The sky was alive with the blue lightening and deafening thunder. In the villages, the ships remained moored. On the cliffs, seabirds huddled safely in their nests, as the storm shook the earth.
Even far below the churning waves, the underwater currents bent the sea grasses to and fro, testing their stalks. The fish hid in the sanctity of coral outcroppings and sea wreckage from storms past. When on fourth day, the clouds parted and the sun cast it’s golden light once again it was on a calm, green sea.

A man stood alone on the beach. The cold waters rushed up to lick his feet or leave debris on the shore then retreat. He sighed and tilted his head upward. The mixture of a cool breeze across his bare chest and the warm sun on his faced soothed him. As the sea gulls reported to each other waves exhaled, the door to his wooden hovel opened and closed , opened and closed with a dull bang.

He was a lonely fisherman like his father and his fathers before him. As a young boy he had tried to escape his destiny but upon reaching manhood he relented and settled along the beach to live a humble fisherman’s life. His home was far from the village in which he sold his daily catch, so he lived alone in his drafty hut on the beach.
The door banged again, protesting. The young man turned and walked over the sands to his home. He grabbed the handle of the door and walked inside. There was little furniture: a small table, a stool, a basin for washing and water, and a stove tucked away in the far corner. And underneath a small window, was a bed. The fisherman walked over to it and pulled back the covers. A woman lay their asleep. Her hair was almost white and shimmered like the surface of a pearl. Her pale silver skin sparkled underneath the dirty light through the window and her ears were two pointed fins. Less and less, did the woman resemble something human as the sheets fell away. Where normal women had legs, she had silver-blue scales and the tail of a shark.

The man took her scaled hand and covered it with his other. Her long clawed fingers were webbed and warm. She would shudder and reassure him that she still lived. Two days ago, he had found her washed ashore, ensnared by another fisherman’s net. He was frightened at first but fear gave way to curiosity then compassion as he cared for her more. The mermaid had not regained consciousness but he prayed for the day that she would. He knew the tales from the villagers of the fortune and luck the mermaids gave to kind men and hoped that she would bless him with a wife.

She began to stir and whimper. He squeezed her hand as she opened her liquid black eyes. For a moment she only stared and held completely still. The human started to speak but the mermaid screamed and thrashed her tail wildly against the bed and wall. The walls rattled and the human fell back in terror. She stopped, breathing heavily, and watching her captor intently, pressed against the cold, wooden walls. He sat in silence admiring her mystical beauty wondering how to address the mermaid with out offending her.

The young human crawled away from her toward the basin. Upon reaching it, he stood slowly, her eyes following his every movement. On the edge of the basin was a pitcher and cup which he took. He filled the cup and approached her, holding out the cup. She could smell the sweet scent of water from the cup and leaned in closer, sniffing. She looked up at the human that held the cup and snarled then slapped the cup from his hand, raking her claws across his palm. He backed away hurriedly.
This was not the mermaid of the tales he heard. She did not sing or bless him but screamed and attacked him. He looked down at his bloody hand and the trail of blood leaking down his arm then looked back at her stained claws.

“Human or not, all women treat me the same,” he whispered wryly. At his voice, the mermaid became attentive. Her movements sharp, she leaned towards him, snaking her head from side to side and up and down.

“I-I am Logan Till. I am a fisherman-” he paused. “You don’t mind that I fish do you? Is that why you attacked me?” The mermaid tilted her head and made a noise, a kind of clicking as the dolphins do. He looked back at his hand. An animal. She was an animal and could not understand him.
Logan sighed and walked to the door and opened it. The sound of the waves and gulls flooding in. The familiar sounds made the mermaid look out at the pristine blue sea with longing.

With his dreams broken and his heart beating with hurt, Logan shuffled to the back of his home to sit wedged between the cold stove and basin. His head dropped as he closed his eyes, concentrating on the throbbing in his hand. The mermaid watched him as she crawled to the floor, her arms supporting her and propelling her. She looked back. You belong to the sea and not to me, Logan thought, Don’t you hear her calling, my little nymph? A child must return to its mother. Don’t you hear your mother calling? Satisfied, the mermaid crawled out the waiting door with her tail thrashing from left to right cutting a path through the cool sands.

Moving through the sand was an arduous task for the sea-born mermaid. She learned to synchronize the push of her tail with the pull of her arms to make the trip less tiring. As the morning melted into the harshness of the afternoon sun, the mermaid had completed her journey and rested in the shallow waters before heading to sea. Summoning her remaining strength, the mermaid disappeared into the deeper waters and was gone.
Logan watched her vanish then walked to his moored boat . From the bottom of the boat he grabbed few nets that needed mending and a spool of hemp. As he tightened a knot, sitting on the shore, he muttered, “Just like all the others, human or not.”

Tiaera swam fast and hard to her home. Her body followed the invisible map that existed only in her veins, one that always lead to the caverns beneath the sea. Poisedon. As she neared the safety of its walls, she slowed to a stop. Approaching were a small group of merfolk, friends to her.

“You were gone,” said the first, a shark like herself. Tiaera nodded. “For days,” he stressed.

“We worried,” confirmed a female, a red fish. “We prayed for your safe return.”

“Let her speak,” chided the last, a killer whale. “Sing us your tale, sing.” Tiaera nodded once more then closed her eyes. She sang of how she left Poisedon to play with the dolphins and was trapped by a net. She sang of the storm which tore the net from the ship and dragged her to shore. Yet, when she sang of her encounter with the human and her escape, she faltered. Tiaera stopped realizing she had made a mistake.

“How could you be so careless?”

“You were ‘touched’? By the human?”

“If you’ve been touched...”

“Then you are Tainted!”

“You are Lost!”

“Then we must escape before we are ‘infected’!” The shark merman and red mermaid swam away from her, these her friends since childhood. They fled and left only she and the orca merman. Tiaera turned to him and held out her hands in friendship. Her eyes begged him to take her hands but he remained cold.

“The Lost cannot return to Poisedon. Stay away if you love your people.” He paused and looked at her hands then swam away. He left her alone, reaching out to no one. But her blood burned, it beckoned her to return home, her blood would always lead her there, to Poisedon.

Tiaera followed the friends that betrayed her, followed them into the safe walls but she was intercepted by the trident carrying guards. She cried out and reached for one of the guards. “Brother, I am home!” she laughed happily, but the guard was swift and evaded her touch. Instead he took his weapon and cut her across the hand, the blood that called her home spilling into the water. Tiaera pulled back her hand in horror. The keepers harmed only threats to the city. Then as a Tainted One she was a threat. How? I am the same as I was. I have not changed. Do not send me away! I have no place to go! She shook her head in disbelief looking from guard to guard then to the approaching reinforcements. Yet rather than be chased from her beloved home, she fled.

Tiaera’s days as a Lost turned to weeks, those weeks to months. She was forced to catch her own food and avoid others before they avoided her. The loneliness she faced at times became unbearable and she often contemplated suicide. She knew the spines of the lionfish contained toxins that would kill her but she saw no lionfish and did not search for them.

However, she did encounter other Lost but they were frightening. They were so thin and their fins tattered and their bodies scarred. Tiaera tried to keep company with some of them but many did not make sense; their sentences were half said and they often stopped to stare at unseen specters. Then there were those who she tried desperately to evade; those whose sad songs were laced with murderous intent.

So she swam alone most of her time, wondering if she would lose her mind or become filled with bitter hatred. She was rethinking her life when a shadow of a boat past overhead. A fisherman’s lure scraped through the sand before her. She was now Lost to her people; would the humans accept her?, she wondered. Tiaera swam to the surface just behind the boat. A rod was dangling over the side of the boat while a human slept inside. She moved closer to examine the human. He was familiar to her, he was the human from which she had escaped.

“Human?” she clicked. “Human?” Tiaera rocked the boat when he did not respond. Logan awoke with a start. He looked around until he saw Tiaera staring up at him. His first reaction was a smile. He grabbed the side of the boat as he leaned over. When he felt the tightness of the scar from his last encounter with her, he frowned. He looked at his hand and flexed it then settled back into his boat and pretended she was not there. Instead, Logan busied himself with a net and cast it into the ocean.

Tiaera felt her heart skip when the human did not acknowledge her. She rocked his boat again. “Human! You know who I am. Speak as you did before and look at me. Look at me, please!” she wailed. Logan did not look at her but drowned out her pleas with a song. A shanty of a sailor on sinking ship who mourned to see his lover again. His deep sonorous voice carried high above the sigh of the waves and wafted through the air.

Tiaera rocked the boat again but the human did not respond. The hopelessness of being Lost returned and she could feel herself weeping. She began to sing her song. A song of months of seclusion from the people that she loved. Her high voice carried itself into the air and harmonized with the shanty. Logan stopped. He stared out over the horizon and listened to the mermaid for a moment. It was not the song he expected, it was too sad. He felt the pangs of guilt. Maybe she was coming to apologize and he treated her rudely.

He turned to her and she stopped. There was a brief silence between them. Logan knelt down and leaned over the boat again. Tiaera clicked sorrowfully. The fisherman smiled and brought his hand to her pale blue face. He caressed her warm, rough skin. He gently brushed her lips with his thumb and brought his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.

The mermaid could feel her face warm favorably at his gesture. Something deep inside told her that this human desired her, wanted to accept her. Her ties to Poisedon melted and formed anew between her and the human man. Her loneliness ebbed away in the misty grey light of the clouded dawn.

Logan released her and sat back on his heels. He smiled and held his hands out to her. Tiaera looked at him for a moment before she held her hands tentatively over his. As she was about to lay them on top of his, she noticed the scar on his palm and remembered her own. She drew her hands away. As she examined her scar, she felt the pain of her past holding her back. Logan peered down at it.

“Oh, have you been hurt? Let me see it,” he said reaching for her hand. Tiaera pulled back still looking it over.

Logan watched with interest at what she did next. Tiaera hesitantly took a sharp claw and reopened the wound and held the hand out to him, the blood trickling down her fingers. Logan sat silently, unsure of what Tiaera wanted. It was a strange gesture that made him think of the days of his youth. he and his close friend pricked their fingers once and rubbed the blood together to make a bond. Logan paused stufying Tiaera’s awaiting hand. Pausing briefly, he reached into his boat and pulled out a dagger.

Logan took the small knife and pulled it across his own scar and held it out to her. She quickly to his hand and grasped it tightly. Their blood mingled and felt warm between their palms. The heat grew and her grip became tighter until Logan felt his mind slip as though he were falling into the ocean, a hot ocean of mist.

When he awoke, he could feel the rocking of his boat and opened his eyes. The sky was clear and the sun shone above. Had he dreamed the mermaid’s return? Logan groaned and wiped his eyes. His skin felt dry from the sun, he felt heavy.

“Awake?” asked a voice.

“What?” Logan opened his eyes wide when the voice he answered was not his own. It wasn’t even human. He tried to sit up only to find the his legs were gone and a long silver shark’s tail had replaced them. He gripped the side of his boat tightly. A naked young woman was sitting at the opposite end of his boat smiling broadly at him. He screamed.

“What have you done to me?” he cried. “You. You’re that mermaid!”

“ We changed,” she chirped.


“We now are one. What is mine, what is yours,” she paused to think, “is ours.”


She stood and laughed. “We changed.” She dove into the water and disappeared in the depths. Logan looked over the edge of the ship, terrified and confused. He dipped his head in and inhaled. He could breath water. He pulled his head back and whimpered. This transformation was not the blessing he had wanted.

“What is mine is yours,” Tiaera said as she surfaced. She was a mermaid again. She disappeared into the water once more.

Logan searched for words. How had he transformed? Was it magic? Was he forever bound to the water? All these questions and he could only manage a perplexed. “What?”

She appeared on the other side of the boat as a human. “What is yours is mine. Ours,” she explained triumphantly.

Logan glared at her. “I want my legs back,” he demanded finally composed.

She sighed. “Think.”


“You are very confusing,” she said slightly frustrated.

“You are very confusing,” Logan corrected.

“I know.” She pulled herself into the boat. The knowledge of the human tongue she had acquired from Logan was still unformed and her eloquence was terribly limited. “Think hard.” She patted his tail. “This is mine.” She wrinkled her features pleading that he understand. Logan groaned and closed his eyes. “Think of what is yours.”

Logan concentrated on her words. I what she meant was that he was a merely merman on the surface because of her then he was still a human deep inside. If he tried hard enough, he should be able to bring his humanity back out. Logan whimpered but began to think hard, very hard about running, jumping, and kicking things. All the things he could not do with fins. He clenched his eyes to shut so tightly in concentration that after few minutes they began to hurt.

“You could understand!” Tiaera suddenly confirmed. He opened an eye and nearly wept with joy.

“I have legs! My legs!” He grabbed Tiaera and hugged her tight.

“Legs not so great,” she said dubiously but she laughed with him.

He held the Tiaera in his arms and closed his eyes. “Why did you do it? Why would you make me a merman? Was it because it was the only way for you to become human? Or was it something else?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered, unsure of her reply. “N-no. I-I could not return home because of humans.”

“Because of me?”

“Yes,” she said guiltily. “They think I am worst than human because you touched me. Forced to leave-”Tiaera stopped for the growing lump in her throat. There was a silence, save the sounds of the ocean.

Logan still holding her tightly, whispered, “You could come home with me and stay forever, if you‘d like.”

Tiaera‘s breath caught. “Your home?”

“What is mine is yours. Ours.” Logan let her go and laughed.

“Our home?” Tiaera stared at him in disbelief. “You would let me live with you?”

“Yes!” He looked up at the azure skies the again the horizon. “That is if we can return home. I think we are lost.”

Tiaera shook her head feverishly and took Logan’s hand. “We are not Lost. Not any longer.”

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Fuckin' groovy Neko.

Fuckin' groovy.

Yes.This officially happened in Gaera now. Mind if I have Pervy know this guy? Image ? <p><div style="text-align:center">Image Image Image Image Image ImageImage</div></p>

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Go ahead. ^_^ <p>

Words to live by:
OMG PRIAM: ninja sex would be neither felt nor seen by either partner
OMG PRIAM: each would just suddenly need a smoke
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Pervy: Mermaids? Nice enough folk. But did ye ever hear o' a Sharkmaid? Well I know a guy that married one!

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