Sick of Winter-Romance-TaixMiang

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Sick of Winter-Romance-TaixMiang

Unread postby Nekogami » Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:23 pm

The night was crisp, cool, and quiet. The wind blew lazily over the tops of the buildings, though through the streets it seemed to race for a way out. The stars twinkled indignantly between a few lingering clouds the lumbered past. The moon was but a sliver but growing.
There was a think layer of snow on the ground. A cold dust of diamonds that froze the skin unwelcomingly. Miang decided that the snow was much like life. It looked pretty from afar but too close and too much of it and it could destroy you. She picked up a pawful of it and looked at it's sparkling beauty. It melted in her warm paw. Yes, like life, the snow was fleeting.
The wind blew a bit harder, briefly. It tingled against Miang's bare legs. The muscles quivered in protest. She would need to seek the shelter of her barn soon. The winter nights yielded less and less quarry for her pilfering. The tails on her sash snaped angrily in the wind. They wanted to be folded neatly in the warmth not worn in the chill air.

Wrapping her herself in the thin cloth, Miang trudged forward through the white powder. She watched the sparkles disappear against the fur of her arms and felt them trickle down her skin as water. As with life, the snow has taken such a long journey, only to be discarded as waste when something more powerful destroyed it's beauty. She shook her head, pushing the glum thoughts from her head and bundling up tighter. She cursed at herself in Longese under her breath for following a prey so far away from her barn and returning with so little spoils. The walk would be indeed long, and very tasking in the weather of the harsh winter.

She contemplated transforming into a dragon. It was usually taboo to assume the great Long form for such a menial thing but most long never so much as seen ice unless it was cast from a spell. What would they know of these torturous conditions? She hopped down to a lower building and then to another before finally hitting the street. Her feet left strange bird like trails in her wake. She hoped that they gave some old woman an heartattack. At least her troubles shouldn't be in vain. She should strike fear in someone heart, even if she was getting pay for it. The wind racing in the streets battered against her. She pushed against it with the same resolve.

The minutes dragged on as hours, the stinging breath of the earth pushing against Miang and attempting to shut her odds. She would not be so easily put aside though, looking up into the wind for any sign of a great amount of distance traveled, or anything that marked the distance to her barn. The scenery all appeared the same though, taverns barred up against the winter storm, all building dark with people in their beds, shielded from the winds. The light of the moon was dim, only the thin figure of buildings passing by her sides. Even the scarce light of a candle was muffled by the snowfall, which seemed to increase tenfold every minute.

Miang clutched the thin cloth around her and pressed against the angry snow. A little farther but it was pointless. Her feet stung and she hadn't had a decent meal that day. Everything seemed to press on her shoulders until finally she fell to her knees in despair. She would have to seek shelter within Nivea or perish to the winter.

The suburb of Doma capital was a ghost town at the hour of midnight though. No one, not even a drunkerd, dared to brave through the blizzard as Miang had been trying. The last person who she had seen for what seemed like miles had been her last prey. Who would be willing to accept such a person with such a devilish appearence into their house? Hopelessness beat upon Miang, and being fed into the jaws of the frigid environment was actually turning out to look like quite the luxury.

On her frozen lips, she prayed to her ancestors thousands of miles away in her homeland. She prayed that they would bless her in some way. The wind howled around her. Were the whispers on her frozen lips going to go unheard? She stood up wearily, her resolve not completely lost. She struggled her way in between to buildings. It was a tiny alley but it saved her from the wind.

A few rodents scurried about, obviously thinking the same thing Miang had when she squeezed in. She watched the snow wave to her from the small opening on one side, taunting the dragon to attempt to get back to her barn again. Shaking the thought from her head, she kneeled down to rest for a moment, trying to get her mind off her own troubles by watching the mice. It could be easily deduced that they were huddling by a garbage can for warmth.

She sighed and leaned her head back against the wall. What a poor end, she thought, after all I've been through. She growled and kicked at the mice in spite before laying on the ground. She curled up and watched the snow dance its death macabre around her. It was a mesmerizing dance that, with the help of the cold, put her to sleep.

The same snow that passed by the alleyway grabbed hold of the reigns of the wind and took flight, the untamable steed tearing through the air. When they could take no more, the flakes fell and held onto dear life with whatever was closest, some lucky enough to find a strand of black hair belonging to a Mazoku. Taiar stood atop a building, basking in the chaos and icy tempuratures, his gloves and hands snuggly in his pockets. He was indeed frozen to the bone, but all that mattered at the moment was catching glimpse of the snow covered suburb in it's ultimate beauty before it was disturbed.

Seeping from the buildings was the sweetness of misery mixed with the bitter taste of those that actually managed to warm their hovels. Depression and joy, benevolence and lonliness. Such feelings were the hallmark of this time, this season. Tai shivered as he heard nearby laughter from a family decking their halls with evergreen. He sneered and spread his 4 sable wings. He entertained the thought of spoiling their fun and having some of his own.

Even the demon had the holiday spirit this night though, deciding to show the family mercy, and leave them to their joyous times, moving on to another, more pleasent area. His wings bent forward over his face, providing a mobile shelter from the snow. His coat was buttoned, giving him another layer against the weather. Lifting off the ground slightly, Taiar glided forward effortlessly, admiring the farmilier white material everywhere.

Everything sparkled with the heaven's dust. The sagging boughs often shook off a few inches only to have them replaced a few moments later. There were no signs of life for miles. Below there was only a lone tread of a traveler's feet, making their way presumably to home.

Taiar frowned, watching the footsteps in the snow go on and on. It was such a small insignificant detail, but it already represented the soon to be ruined painting that had been done by mother nature. He dipped in his flight, the wind that followed him blowing away the artificial mark of man and somewhat returning the roads to their original splendor.

Taiar alighted ontop of a high rise building and looke out again over the beauty of Nivea. In the far distance, were the lights of another nearby town then of Doma itself. Nature beauty was always ruined by some city idiots out for whiskey or any of the mindless throngs of merchants. Small towns had more respect, he thought, for something so simple as snow. He sighed and his breath created a boiling cloud of steam that lifted and was carried away on the wind.

There's alot more but that's enough for now. This fic was written by Tai and myself. So that would explain any differences in style. <p>

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Re: Sick of Winter-Romance-TaixMiang

Unread postby pd Rydia » Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:48 pm

Hm. o.o

This is interesting. It's surprisingly readable for something with no action or dialogue (as of yet). I'm not sure how long that interest can be sustained without something of the sort, however. <p>
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Re: Sick of Winter-Romance-TaixMiang

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Thu Jan 30, 2003 12:49 am

Tai seems... Surprisingly spiteful. Not much like the prankster who recruited Enlil for her lack of make-up skills, or the one who kept poofing in behind Catalina and spooking her.

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