Der ChrC is making a furry fic, and it's long? Ojes!

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Der ChrC is making a furry fic, and it's long? Ojes!

Unread postby ChristianC » Thu Oct 24, 2002 2:28 am

Past Mistakes and Future Redemptions
        Part 1
        The Turning

A Furry Fic /TMNT FanFic written by ChristianC
Christian, Chuck, and all other original creations are ©ed by me, ChristianC, 2002

Warning, might contain VERY soft hentai/ecchi/sexual referrance/inuende and is therefore appropriate for ages 12 and up, not that you can't read it if you're younger, just... you know... I mean, what kind of boy hasn't seen his own wiener at the age of 9? Seriously... Read this if you don't think it will offend you.


It all began about ten years ago, I think. I was in ninth grade, mid autumn term, and my life was generally miserable. Most of the time we spent studying, or rather, my classmates studies while I was lazily going through classes while writing, drawing or reading. Amazingly enough, I cleared through school with pretty good grades. Anyway, I don't know about other schools, but where I come from, we usually got a monthly reports about missing classes, being sick, doing stuff not allowed (like banging windows and stuff) and generally how we'd behaved the last month. Well, most of the time, I got a small note saying something like "Never late, good grades, a little distracted, but generally acceptable." Usually some small comments where the teacher was worrying that maybe I should start studying, or I would maybe not make it through high school. No biggie. However, this time, another small note was attached to the report. It stated clearly that, because I hadn't taken my shot during fourth grade, I was to do it again next wednesday, at 1 pm sharp. Now, I was pretty sure that I'd taken it, actually I had a scar from it, but it was no point in making a fuzz, after all, I've never been scared of needles, and taking it twice wouldn't make a harm, right?

Well, so time went on, and it reached wednesday. I went up to the school nurse and sat down in the waiting room. There were three others there. One of them, Chuck Jones, a friend of mine, waved to me to sit down.

Now, me and Chuck, there was never any good reason for us to hang together. We didn't like the same stuff, we were the complete difference of eachother (Chuck was averagely tall and pretty muscular, with short dark brown hair while I was tall, thin and had necklong ravenblack (dyed) hair in a page, and blue eyes) and we didn't usually agree with eachother at all. Most of the time we spent arguing over something completely trivial for several hours, then ended up shouting at eachother. Next day we did the same thing. The only real thing that kept us even remotely alike eachother was that we were born the same day.

The other two, one guy and one girl, I recognized barely. Their names was Henry and Alice. Never liked anyone of them so I didn't know much more. Henry was some stuck up pro-athlete (completely different from Chuck who only exercised cause it was fun) and Alice was way to high and mighty to even notice lowlife like myself.

Well, I sat down next to Chuck and as usual we started breaking the ice, talking about the latest news or something like that, I don't remember it all too well. Then when Chuck said something, I had the completely wrong idea, as I told him, and the argue was on again. Both Henry and Alice glanced at us with annoyed looks, but we didn't care, at least I didn't. When we'd argued for nearly twenty minutes the nurse opened the door and told me it was my turn. Both Henry and Alice had already taken the shots and had now left. I rose from the chair, gave a clean finger to Chuck while stating how I disagreed with him at every point, and he did the same back. The nurse didn't seem to notice, or care, it wasn't very uncommon for students to behave like this, so why should she? Anyway, as I came inside the small office I was led to a small lying-bench. The nurse told me to lie down, but I responded that I wasn't really scared of needles, so this was all rather unnecessary. She just looked at me and smiled.

"Lie down." She stated calmly, making me lie down faster than I could think up a reason not too. I wore a short-sleeved shirt, so we didn't have to push it up, so the nurse just cleaned the needle point, tested the injector and then penetrated my arm. At first, it stung like any normal shot but when she slowly pressed in the liquid into my vein I had to bite my tongue not to scream out loud. The pain in my arm was incredible and it spread quickly through my entire body. I realized suddenly that I was spasming, and my arms and legs were shaking violently. The nurse just took out the nail and frowned.

"Seems like I hit a nerve." She said with that calm, to-the-point voice. I tried to say something, but the pain had glued my jaws together. "Hmm... I'll write a note to the gym teachers." She took out a pencil, wrote something down on a small post-it and handed it to me. "There," she said calmly, "wasn't that bad, huh?" By now I could finally say something, although the spasming was hardly over.

"Yuh-Yeah, nu-not bad at uh-all." I said, shaking like a leaf. She waved me off. I tried to open the door, fumbled around a bit and finally managed to turn the handle.

"Hey man, how did it..." Chuck said merrily, then trailed off. "You ok? Look like a @#%$ ghost."

"Nu-Nah, I'm uh-ok." I said, trying to sound relaxed. Hard to do when every nerve in your body was screaming out "PAIN!!!!" while doing their best to dance the hoola-hoola. "Suh-She just huh-hit a nuh-nerve, nothing buh-bad."

"Like hell." Chuck said sceptically. "She hit a nerve last time I took a shot and I didn't go around shaking and stuff." He shrugged. "But what the hell, you're not built like me so I guess it's different." I didn't really know if I should be reliefed or angry by that comment. I tried my best to shrug too, but it looked more like I was trying to ease up a particularily bad neckache.

"Suh-see you." I said as I walked out the corridor, Chuck just laughed.

"You look like a @#%$ Frankenstein." He said happily. I didn't answer but instead walked away. From a distance I could hear the nurse opening the door and calling Chuck in.


I didn't manage to do much else during that day. My body stopped shaking two or three hours after the shot and that was about when school ended anyway. The pain, however, didn't stop until next morning. I was still stiff in my left arm the rest of the entire day, but at least I didn't have to grit my teeth anymore. Chuck didn't show up during lunch, but it's not overly weird for a guy to miss school or something, so I didn't really bother. What did bother me, however, was the pop-quiz we had AFTER lunch, and the fact that my left arm (I'm left-handed by the way) was still stiff and useless for anything more than hitting into the wall. The result of writing with my right hand was far from satisfying, but at least I got most of the questions right. As usual, I was somewhere between average and good, a position I enjoyed more than the others. I wasn't a book worm, but I wasn't considered stupid by the bookworms, so it was good enough.

Now, in my school, and as before I don't know if it's norm or not, we had one hour of PE every day. Usually at the end of the day. Apparently, my stiff and rather useless left arm wasn't enough for me to skip PE this day too, so I had to participate. Luckily enough, we had football, so I was able to play fairly ok (I've never been good at it though).

After PE I realized my left hand was finally returning to life, unfortunantly, so did the pain. Luckily, it wasn't as intense this time. When I stepped into the shower The warm water softened up the rest of the stifness in the arm and the only thing remaining was the pain. I spent a good five minutes in there (I enjoy showers, so sue me) and when I walked out the dressing room was nearly empty. I started taking on my clothing but couldn't find my glasses. I had to look for a while, and it didn't help that I was nearly blind without them. Finally I found them, about the same time as someone shouted from the showers.

"Okay, who's the smart guy that thought it funny to clog up the draining pipe!?" I peeked into the shower and saw that the entire room was flooded with water. One guy was standing trying to get the pipe cover open while another one was trying to turn off the shower that kept pouring out water. One of them looked up and scowled. "You know who did it?" He asked me and I shrugged.

"Beats me," I said honestly, as I couldn't think of anyone who'd even find it remotely fun. I left the two guys to finish up the mess and headed home. When I came home I found the house empty, which meant that I had to take out the dogs, put some dogfood ready and basically do all the menial tasks. Looking up in the skies with a silent curse on my lips I started making things ready. Our two dogs, both german shepherds, were standing by the door, panting, hoping to get out as fast as possible. I hurried up, it's never nice to be forced to wait when you need to go to the bathroom, and when we were finally out the two muts went completely nuts, as usual, and started chasing eachother. A sharp whistle and they were both back, looking very guilty and sorry. I leashed both of them and set out to the forest where I usually take my walks. As I'd mentioned before, it was autumn, and the leaves were half-green and half-red/yellow/brown or whatever color they usually had during autumn. I unleashed the dogs and they zoomed off again, to do whatever insane, autumn-sick dogs do. Usually it involved rolling in mud and maybe chasing some poor squirrel or something. That was one good thing with living in the far-off suburbs, I realized. Nature wasn't far away, and we had everything from foxes to bears. It wasn't unusual to see a badger out on it's own business, or a deer eating from your apple tree.

Anyway, I had a small route planned out during my walk, and as usual we strayed from it. The dogs had sniffed something out, and they were running towards it. I tried to whistle them back, but to no awail. Sometimes I wonder if those dogs could turn off their ears if they wanted too. I ran after, cursing under my breath, trying to catch up. When I finally did I found them running around a small hill with a log on. That wasn't the weird thing, the one sitting on the log really shocked me. It was Chuck.

"Chuck, what the HELL are you doing here?" I asked him. He lived rather far from my home, actually something like five or six kilometers.

"Chris?" He asked with a surprised tone. Apparently the presence of my two yapping dogs hadn't been enough for him to come back to the real world. "What are you doing here?"

"That's exactly what I asked you." I said. "You weren't in school, are you cutting or something?"

"Huh?... Oh, yeah, that's right." Something in his reply didn't really convince me.

"Listen, did, uhh... something happen or something?"

"Nah, it's nothing. Just felt like skipping school one day." He sighed. "I haven't been for myself for a long time." Okay, this was definantly freaking me out.

"You... ok?" If this was the Chuck I knew he'd rather be running a mile, or lift some weights instead of sitting out in the woods.

"Yeah, sure, why wouldn't I be?" He laughed, but something in it didn't sound right. It sounded mechanical, false.

"Hey, it's okay. If something happened, tell me." I tried to mentally go through what could be wrong, and analyze the situation. Chucks parents were very happy, Chuck was happy, he didn't for the moment have a girlfriend that could break up with him, and I was pretty sure that he would've told me if he'd gotten bad grades, and how possible was that?

"..." Chuck was quiet for a moment. Then he took off his **** and I unconsciously took a step backwards. He was completely bald, even his eyebrows were gone. "See... There's no @#%$ way I'm showing up in school looking like this." I stared at his clean head for a moment, then coughed nervously.

"When did... it..."

"When did it fall off?" Chuck sighed. "I woke up this morning, my entire pillow was covered in hair. At first I thought my cat had been in my bed, but he's not dropping hair right now, and, besides, I have a mirror next to my bed..." He trailed off.

"Is... is it..."

"Cancer? No, at least I don't think it is. Looking it up on the net, apparently you only lose your hair if you take the radiation treatment, and I doubt that shot was radioactive." He unconsciously tried to draw his hand through his hair. "Why the @#%$ did this happen, Chris?" He asked, his voice quivering slightly. "What kind of sick @#%$ does a full-body shave of me while I'm sleeping?" I stared at him.

"You mean, all your hair?"

"Yup, every last straw, gone."

"Fuuuck..." I didn't know what to say, but it seemed somewhat appropriate for the situation. Suddenly I came to think about what the guys in the shower had said, and it was extremely far-fetched, but I popped open my pants. "Chuck?" I said calmly.


"Know what?"


"I don't have any @#%$ hair."

"What're you talking about? You've got too much @#%$ hair on your head than is healthy for you."

"I'm not talking about my head."

"Oh... oh @#%$..."

"Yeah... pretty much, @#%$, yeah."


Chuck left my house some hours later, before the rest of my family came home. We'd been talking the whole thing over, and either there had been a nuclear holocaust without our knowing, or there had been some weird @#%$ in that shot. Either way, I still had, in difference to Chuck, hair on my head, but otherwise I was clean as a baby's bottom. We were going to call one person each. Chuck was going to call Henry, I was going to try to reach Alice. Sufficient to say, I was more scared than I've ever been. I stared at the phone for a good twenty minutes until I finally took up the school phone book and called up Alice, her last name was Sharpfield, her father was probably a rich oil-millionaire and her mother a famous model, and with quite certain someone had done something with the shots to be able to blackmail the father (named Anthony by the way). Nice deduction Sherlock. I called the number and was just about to throw the phone away ("why the @#%$ are you calling up one of the most popular girls in school?") when it was answered.

"Sharpfield residence?" A woman's voice said.

"Ummm... err... Hello, it's Christian... I mean, my name's Christian. Hello, uhh..." I started to panic. "Errr... I was wondering... emm... is Alice home!?" I nearly shouted out the question, and expected to get the phone shoved up my ear. Instead the woman seemed to clear her throat.

"Sorry, but she's not able to speak to anyone at the moment. Can I leave a message?" This was just what I'd feared.

"Errr... no, it's okay. Uhhh..." I opened every book of courtesy in my mind and blurred through the pages. Suddenly I reached the end of the book and my mind screamed out in panic. "It's okay, don't tell her I called... I'll call back!" I felt my braincells kicking against my lobes, trying to get attention. Apparently they wanted to inform me I was a jackass and could take care of myself from now on.

"Alright..." the woman said.

"Yes, right. Goodbye!" I slammed down the phone and breathed out heavily. That was NOT a good first impression.

By now the thought that Alice and Henry had suffered the same fate as me and Chuck seemed more and more ridiculous. I mean, seriously, someone had probably put something in mine and his showergel or something. Practical joke, very funny until the joker got his head smashed in. It started to make more and more sense when I was thinking about it. Chuck was one of those sporty types, so he probably used a combined Shampoo & Showergel, while I used a different bottle of shampoo for my dyed hair. There, made perfect sense. I was satisfied by my discovery and set out to scour the web. Nothing much had happened, I posted some bit at the forum I was part of and commented some new sprites, but nothing earth-shattering had happened since yesterday. After about one hour I logged off and set out to edit some sprites myself. But that wasn't particularily entertaining either. I quit after only a couple of minutes and finally resorted to the ultimate entertainment, staring into a wall while playing with a rubber band. After half an hour and two rubber bands I grew restless. I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what. Finally I settled with the most amazing thing I've ever done. I went out for a walk. This was something I usually never did if it didn't involve taking out the dogs, and they'd just come in. I took on my jacket and boots, yelled something incoherent about talking a short walk and slammed the door behind me before anyone could reply.

I felt restless, VERY restless, and the cold air that hit me was like a wave at sea. Instantly I got alert and awake and I set out on my little walk. First I decided to go to my school and back, feeling it enough. But when I arrived at the school I wanted to keep going and I ended up walking up to the forest trail, which was about 2.5 kilometers long. I looked at my clock and suddenly realised how late it was. It was approaching 11 pm, and if I wasn't home soon I'd really get it. But I wanted to be out some more. I reached a compromisse. I'd jog the trail as fast as I could, come home, take a shower and go to bed. Besides, tomorrow's class would be an hour later than usual, so I had time to sleep some more.

So I started jogging , feeling the cold air stinging my face, turning my face completely red. Not that it bothered me, strangely enough. Before I know it, I was running. Somehow, though, I didn't seem to get tired. This was very weird, as when I usually 'ran' the trail I'd lose my breathe after about 1 km. Now I was approaching the 2 km sign and I wasn't even breaking a sweat. The cold was so nice and refreshing I had to open my mouth to catch it all, feeling the cooling air rushing down my throat and refreshing my warm body. When I finally came to the start again I felt really good, although when I stopped I found myself panting like a dog.

"No wonder," I told myself, "You've been running like one." I checked my clock and found to my amazement that only a couple of minutes had passed. I usually finished the run in about 18 or twenty, so this was really interesting. But right now I only wanted to sleep, so I headed back home, trying to come up with a good excuse on why I just went out like that.


The theory I had put together was perfect, up until the next morning. What faced me in the mirror as I went up to brush my teeth was enough to make anyone doubt I had been right.
        My nose had dried up during the night and now looked like a bundle of old skin peels. I didn't dare touch it, but sufficient to say I was more than just shocked. Had I been shocked I would've screamed right out. I didn't scream instead I stared at myself with a sort of sick fascination. The only thought running through my head was:
"Well, so much for that theory." When I began a closer examination of myself under my pajamas I realized that more than my nose had changed.
        Both my kneekaps had turned in slightly, so now it looked like my legs were completely straight. It wasn't hard to walk, so I guess it didn't have that much effect. Something that did have effect though, was the small bulge right over my butt. It stung when I touched it and the pain didn't go away for quite a while. Also, both of my ears had been moving up my head a short bit, not so much it was noticable at first look, but it was rather disturbing. One of the most interesting things was that my bodyhair had returned, and now it looked more like a pelt than just the pretty scarce straws of coarse hair it had been before. I drew my hand over my stomach and the short fur made it a little sharp, kind of like a short-furred dog.
        When I stood there before the mirror, looking myself over, I realized that there was NO way I was going to school today, looking like this. There was one small catch, though. My mom had already left for her work, and it's against school policy for students to report themselves sick, parents have to do it. That was a problem. My mother didn't believe in staying home from school without a damn good reason. Of course I could tell her her son was transforming into some kind of monster, but that didn't really seem like such a great idea.
"@#%$..." I finally managed to say. I nearly jumped out of shock. My voice sounded more like a growl, or a purr? I stared at myself through the mirror again, frowned (it looked really funny when the little lump of skin which had been my nose wrinkled itself) and opened my mouthed. Then I closed it, opened it again, closed it and finally muttered: "Yeah, right." The growl/purr again, but this time I managed to make out what I'd say. Suddenly I got an idea and quickly went to the phone. I dialed up my mom's work and waited until she answered. I took a deep breath and began:

"Hi, mom..." I tried to sound pitiful, but that was completely unnecessary. There was silence in the other end for a few seconds and then my mom's worried voice came from it.

"Christian? Is that you?"

"Yeah..." My voice scared the @#%$ out of myself, so no wonder she was shocked.

"What's wrong with you, are you sick?"

"Yeah, I think so..." I coughed a bit to make more effect. "Listen, I don't feel so well..."

"No, ´course not, with a voice like that..." My mother seemed very worried and for a short moment I felt bad for lying to her (I was actually feeling fine), but then I remembered my little situation. "I'll call school, and... should I call the doctor, Christian? Your voice sounds really bad..." Okay, this I had not expected.

"Err... no, it's probably only a sore throat, I was out running yesterday, you know..." It took mom a few moments to try to understand what I'd just said.

"Right... but you better stay in bed, young man, and..."

"Do your homework..."

"Yes, do your homework. Take care now, and try not to talk to much..."

"Nah, I won't."

"Okay, see you hon."

"Yeah, see you." Then the conversation ended. For a brief moment I imagined how the report would've looked if I hadn't called my mom.

Christian was at home this Friday
because of skin-lump nose, fur, a
smal lump on his back that is very
possibly a growing tail, and whatnot.
This is not a sign of good solidarity
and therefore we will be forced to
suspend Christian to a lab for three

I laughed a bit. Apparently I was in shock or something, because I just kept laughing. Without even knowing what I was doing I just walked out in the kitchen, poured out a bowl of Cornflakes and wolfed them down. And then another one, and another one, and another one. When the Cornflakes were gone I set out on the bread, and then quick noodles, and frozen pizzas, and everything else edible in our house. The funny thing was, I never seemed to get stuffed, I just kept eating and eating while still laughing at the "reprimand" from school. It wasn't until all the food was gone the shock started to fade away, and the lovable talons of fear was gripping at my heart. I walked around nervously in the house, glancing from time to time in the mirror and shuddering. I kept thinking about labs, men in lab coats and needles being inserted here and there in my body. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, my mind flew through my register of friends and relatives and ended up on Chuck. Of course, perfect sense, he's probably this scared too. I literally jumped on the phone, dialed his number (I pushed the wrong buttons at least twenty times) and when I finally put in the right number I waited impatiently and kept drumming on the phone even when the phone was picked up by Chucks younger sister. I finally realized she's picked up about two seconds before she hung up, so I had to call them back again, and now I was chewing on my nails. This time I managed to have the mental presence to realize when she answered.


"Err... Hi, it's Christian. Is Chuck there?" I clasped my hand over my mouth, but it was too late. I must've sounded like a damn bear for Joanne, Chucks sister.

"Chuck? Yeah, he's home. He's sick, so I can't go into his room... know what? He sounds just like you, are you sick too?"

"Urrr...Yeah, I've got a real sore throat." I felt cold-sweat trickle down my spine, it wasn't more pleasant now that I had fur that made the slow trickle even slower.

"Right. I'll tell him to pick up in his room, ok?" I nodded, realized she couldn't see it and quickly gave a short "yeah". There was a click and then silence. My stressed mind thought she had put on the phone, but somehow I managed to convince myself that Chuck'd pick it up soon. When he did he replied with the same coarse voice as me, but now it sounded more like a sore throat than anything else. I wondered if I sounded the same.


"Chuck, it's me, Chris." I heard a raspy gasp from the other side of the line, apparently Chuck had wondered if I sounded like this too.

"Jesus, Chris... you too?"

"Yeah... you've looked in a mirror?"

"Did it this morning... jesus, Chris, what's happening? I've been lying in my bed curled up like a ball for forty minutes. I don't usually do that." I wasn't surprised.

"I have no @#%$ idea what's going on..." I tried to find words, tried to be the strong one who could comfort Chuck, I couldn't. I broke down in the phone. "Ch-Chuck..." I whimpered. "I-It's that duh-damn suh-shot..." I felt tears running down my cheek, but I couldn't stop them. When Chuck heard I was beginning to cry he seemed to do the same. Obviously he too had tried to be stoic.

"Yeah, I know..." He said between the sobs. "I'm growing a @#%$ tail, Chris!" I couldn't say something, I just hulked like a kid. Somewhere, deep in my mind, a little kid was crying because he probably couldn't be with his mom anymore. I tried to say something, but my voice got stuck in my throat. Suddenly I heard a soft click in the background.

"Ch-Chuck?" I asked, thinking he might've hung up on me.

"Yuh-Yeah?" He replied, and I was at least a little reliefed.

"Nothing..." I had probably only imagined things. "No, wait... did you call Henry?" I managed finally to sober up enough to stop stammering. Apparently Chuck had done that too.

"Yeah, but he wasn't home..." Chuck took a deep sigh. "Listen, Chris, I think we should go to a doctor or something, this @#%$ is to weird for me." At first I was almost willing to agree with him, but then I realized what had scared me so much before and I got angry.

"Yeah, sure, we'll go to a hospitable, and then what? They're going to put us in a box and do all kinds of tests on us. Freaks like us doesn't usually show up everyday, you know!"

"Freaks?" I cursed.

"No, forget that, it's not..."

"That's what we are, right?" Chuck seemed to get angry too. "Freaks, huh? Know what, @#%$ you, man. I'm going to a hospitable, whether you want to or not!" Before I could reply Chuck had hung up. I held the phone in my hand for I don't know how long, then I raised it up in the air and sighed. Then I threw it with all my might in the floor. Of course it shattered, and pieces flew everywhere. I stomped into my room, not really sure what I was doing, and threw myself down in my bed. I still had my pajamas on so I just drifted off into sleep again, but now I was having nightmares.


When I woke up the clock was nearly 17:30, which meant my sister would come home any minute. I quickly got up and just as quickly fell to the floor. The floor however, seemed to have been changed to a mat. It was very soft when I landed and it didn't hurt at all. Confused by this I tried to get up. This time I managed to, but only barely, and my legs were shaking like leaves. I also noticed how warm my pajamas were. Slowly the memory of the phone call trickled into my mind. I hurried towards the bathroom mirror, forgot to hold on to something and fell to the floor again. That was when I noticed my hand.

What had before been a short layer of fur was now thicker and colored blood red. My nails were much thinner and longer, and more resembled bone than hardened skincells. A horrible realization dawned itself. Leaning against the wall I quickly hurried to the bathroom, trying to ignore the growing pain in my lower back and the fact that my pajamas seemed several sizes to small.

When I came inside the bathroom I nearly screamed, actually, I think I did. What I saw in the mirror was definantly not the face I'd seen only yesterday. My entire lower face had ejected out from my head and my nose, now a small black spot in the otherwise white fur, rested several centimeters from the rest of my face. From behind the darkblue locks (luckily there was something I recognized) two small bright yellow eyes stuck in the same bloodred fur gazed out at me. Both of my ears had walked up on my head and now rested neatly on each 'corner' of my head. They had grown bigger and instead of the normal roundness they ended like a sharp corner. At the 'tops' of my ears the fur was black, the rest was red.

I slowly buttoned up my pajamas, and sure enough, my entire chest was covered in the thich fur. In the middle of the chest there was a large white spot, but otherwise the fur was as bloodred as on my head. Finally I came to my pants. Slowly I slipped them down my legs, and felt extremely relieved. A tail, neatly propositioned to the rest of my body, was released and it came up in a position I was all to familiar with. It bushy red fur ended only with a chalk-white tip on the end. My crotch had undergone a major change, and now resembled something that looked like what was between a male dog's legs. A bag of skin, nearly undetectable among the rest of the fur. Further down I finally realized why I've had problems walking. Both of my kneekaps had done a complete change of direction, and now went backwards, and they were located a good deal below where they'd been before. My feet, resembling the paws of a dog, were resting on their balls and it'd probably take some time to get used to...

During the entire lookthrough, I'd been in a state of dull interest, as if I was examining someone else, and that this body wasn't mind. But as soon as I looked down from my feet and back to the mirror, my mind went from 1 to 200 km/h. At first I was completely scared out of my wits, and I tried to run away. My feet didn't think that was a good idea, so I fell down again, hitting my head on the toilet seat. Seeing stars everywhere I tried to get up from the floor, but ended up sprawling like a fish on land, not managing to do anything. A strange feeling entered my head. I felt cornered, as if I was about to be attacked any minute. I was completely paralyzed in shock, and couldn't do a thing. I don't know if it's true, but I think I was whining a bit. Then, after lying completely still for a few minutes my mind slowly returned to the comfortable 70 km/h and my freight was replaced by curiousity. Strange as it may seem, I was amazed about my new body, and especially my bushy tail. I tried to get ahold of it, to get a feel for it, and I ended up chasing it on the floor, rolling around. It was so fun I kept doing it for a good while until I finally managed to catch it. Triumphantly I fumbled for a better grip, and lost it again. This time, however, I knew the trick and managed to get ahold of it quicker. It was extremely soft and warm, and I hugged it for a good while, feeling safe and happy. This wasn't so bad, actually, it wasn't bad at all. I was so fascinated by myself that I didn't hear the door opening in the hall.

It wasn't until I heard my sister yelling "I'm home" that I realized what might happen and in panic I started to take on my pajamas. Just when I'd gotten it on the door to the bathroom was opened...


Whew! That took a good LONG while to write. I seriously hope you like it, ´cause I do. Hopefully, if I get good reactions from it, I might just write a second part, and a third, and a fourth, and so on. It's all up to you guys really, so please comment, even if you didn't like it. I'll try to be openminded and take negative critic with a smile and note them down for future reference. Anyways, I'd like to dedicate this one to some people.

Dedicated to:

My friends at RPGWW - For keeping me busy when I should be studying. ^.^

BunnyGirle, DMSCV and RebelKitsune - for drawing me the furry pictures that actually inspired this whole fic!

TMNT - Had it not been for this comic, I would've never wanted anything to do with furries, serious!

J.Axer - for shining like a light when I had all but forgotten the existance of furries... And for not answering ONE of my letters...

My family - for taking the endless amount of keyboard bashing from my room with extreme patience...

Max Pröckl - You are one insane mofo, but you've got many TMNT albums, so you're my best friend.

And of course, everyone else who deserves it. Sorry for forgetting!

22:52 2002-10-23

Right, now that you've read it, vote. Go to Kotoki's inn! <p><div style="text-align:center">


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Re: Der ChrC is making a furry fic, and it's long? Ojes!

Unread postby bunnygirle78 » Mon Oct 28, 2002 7:15 pm

Wow you go to the team airtail site to? Cool. Love the fic Crc.

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Re: Der ChrC is making a furry fic, and it's long? Ojes!

Unread postby ChristianC » Tue Oct 29, 2002 5:03 am

well, not really... I've been there some times, but I can't say I'm a regular... And I haven't posted anything there... But thanks for the comments! *hugs BunnyGirle* <p><div style="text-align:center">


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Re: Der ChrC is making a furry fic, and it's long? Ojes!

Unread postby Endadelta » Fri Dec 06, 2002 1:22 am

.. and I randomly find this! OMG! :{{

Dude, the funny thing is, I've talked briefly to J. Axer before. He used to go to der MSC Chat. He even gave me some pointers on a story I never finished. :D Yay. <p>

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Re: Der ChrC is making a furry fic, and it's long? Ojes!

Unread postby ChristianC » Fri Dec 06, 2002 3:48 am

OMG!!! :{{{

I spent years trying to find his E-mail!

It's not fair... ´-_-`

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