Day In The Sun (short fic)

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Vampire Jester Jinx

Day In The Sun (short fic)

Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:13 pm

The day had an offbeat rythem. The sound of the crowds feet on the dirty road, was off somehow. Sounds always had meaning to her. Sound was something she could rely on.

The heat seemed stiffling as it rolled down in waves on her back and arms. Making the black robes that covered her skin seem repressive. Yet no sweat came to relieve her body, to cool it down.

Jazz Lillyn sat on a large boulder near one of the main roads leading to the Doman market. She had just arrived the day before, and this place was infinitely interesting to her. The people, were varied and many races were evident here. Bars were places of amusement, it seemed to Jazz that the fate of the world as we know it could be decided in a Doman bar.

Pushing a pair of mirrored sunglasses back up her nose to protect her still light sensitive eyes, Jazz arched her back and and stretched her muscles.

The weight and restriction of the robes was beginning to wear on her mind. Now that Jazz had been allowed the joy of sunlight again, she wanted nothing better than to walk freely in it, and let the sun shine down on her bare skin.

But that was impossible. The past one hundred and forty years had changed her flesh. Made it harder, smoother, and worst of all, a luminous shade of white. Her skin looked like paper with the moon's light shining through. The robes were a necessity if she didn't want to cause a riot.

People still had the instinct to kill vampires on sight. And Jazz was edgy about revealing her nature after being chased out of a few towns. Jazz wanted nothing more than to have a life again. Friends. A normal mode of existence. Instead of merely drifting from town to town, clothed head to foot in black, and sulking around back alleys looking for dinner. Not to mention, Jazz hated black with a passion. Red was always more her style.

The rythem of the people changed for a moment, the patter of worn boots on dirt was broken with the merry sound of bells.

The tired red eyes flicked towards the sound, and immediately registered a twisted white face. Withen the time of a blink Jazz leaped to her feet, and ran within a foot of the owner of the face. Her vampire speed seeming to make her simply appear beside him. Her mind raced, and only one thought came, another vampire, and with no signs of having a clan. But then a second later, the awful truth registered. He was human, he was mortal, he was lying on the ground quivering at the being who had appeared beside him so quickly, staring at him with mirrored eyes behind a hood.

The garish costume gave it away. A simple performing fool. Jazz bit her lip in frustration, drawing blood. She couldn't believe her stupidity in thinking it was another blood drinker. A crowd had gathered, and they were all staring at Jazz. Her eyes flicked to the frightened and spooked looking people, and she readied herself to be chased out of town.

But then a thought struck her, full of whimsy. Jazz bent down and collected the three balls the fool had been juggling, stared at them a moment, and began to toss them from hand to hand.

Mimicing what she had seen before Jazz quickly began a complicated juggling routine. Fangs digging into her lips as she concentrated.

The crowd was on the edge of bolting, but curiosity was filling their eyes. Then tentatively someone began to clap. The white faced clown got up, and held out his cap, for donations.

Without thinking Jazz began doing impossibly high back flips, still juggling with ease, the crowd was in awe........

Only one thought echoed in her mind, "I can do this............"

In a flourish Jazz released the juggling orbs and ripped off the black robes, leaving her in but a simple red dress, her white skin shining in the sun. Giving a playful wink and rogueish smile Jazz went into a frenzy of acrobatics.

The crowd clapped and laughed and showered the two clowns in money. Her skin of the undead, had easily been confused with the cheap greasepaint of the street performer........ her speed and agility marked down to mere skill.

Later after the crowd had disbursed, her fellow fool had given her the money. Telling her that she needed it far worse than he, to buy some proper fools robes. All thoughts of fear at her sudden appearance had vanished from his mind, and he tipped her a wink as he walked away, "I like the name Jinx. Ought to start calling yourself that you know.........everybody needs a stage name."

The vampire smiled, Jinx was a name that fit her all too well. And with sun glinting off her bare shoulders, the vampire in sunglasses strolled down the street.

(meh, a random story about jinx's first week in doma.......yeah.......that's about it.) <p><center><p>Image<p>Real Texans wear tophats.</p>

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Re: Day In The Sun (short fic)

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Tue Nov 19, 2002 9:57 pm

.... sweeeeeeeeeet. ^_^ *thumbs up!* <p>--------------------
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Uncle Pervy

Re: Day In The Sun (short fic)

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Thu Nov 21, 2002 10:01 am

Well done.

I like it, a serious side of Jazz I have yet to see in RPs. (Although truth be told, I've not seen a whole lotta her in RPs.)

If I may suggest something...

You should come up with a good two or three word pronoun for Jazz; like the vampire or the pale-skinned woman; and put in place of Jazz's name every now and again. Seeing her name over and over again gets monotonous quickly. <p>Image Image Rum, White Magic, an' Cabbits. That's th' life fer me. Image Image</p>

Vampire Jester Jinx


Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Thu Nov 21, 2002 4:58 pm

thanks much..............


>.>;;;; and i know it was monotonous. i just wrote it without doing any checking on grammar and general suckiness.

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Re: rar

Unread postby pd Rydia » Mon Dec 16, 2002 8:26 pm

How very very interesting! ^_^ I really enjoyed this, Lex!

As a suggestion, maybe try adding some thought dialogue, in place of stating her thoughts. IM type stuff, but without the IM notation. ::nods:: If that's not your style, though, don' worry about it.

Also, I expect this proofread and submitted to the website. ={{{ Cuz it rocks. Thank yew. <p><div style="text-align:center">
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Re: rar

Unread postby Blaze Yamato Spirit » Sat Jan 11, 2003 5:00 pm

Tres Cool, tres cool.

I don't have much to say other than what's already been said. Nice work.


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