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posted on Blaze's behalf...

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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Wed Aug 21, 2002 9:13 pm

Just got around to reading.

Excellent story.

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Re: Indeed.

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Thanks, Nick.

Update: The url of my site has changed. You can now find MegaGaera @ ... aMain.html

I've put up a new chapter, and am currently working on another.


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Re: Indeed.

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Chapter 6 is up!

Feast your eyes on the WONDER!

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Re: posted on Blaze's behalf...

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Being my first fanfiction for RPGWW, and also - in a sick, twisted kind of way - a MegaTokyo fanfic, too.

The story

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3


The Cast

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Our story begins on a tropical island, hidden among a number of similar islands, all uninhabited. It has a volcano on it.

All is dark. The only light around has it’s source in the forks of lightning that sporadically arc across the sky, accompanied by booming thunderclaps, which are muffled by the sounds of rain hitting the rainforest canopy and the earth.

‘Gentlemen – Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad you could all come.’ The voice – low, masculine – originates from a shadowy figure standing at one of the many windows in the hollowed out volcano’s side.

‘Yes, yes, but WHY are we here?’ This second voice has its source in the silhouette of a woman sitting at the long table opposite the window. A number of others sit around and opposite her.

‘Because...because today is the day that the Union of Evil Failed Webcomickers comes into it’s full glory! Why, you ask? HOW, you ask!? Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me show you.’

He walks around the table to the awning on the far side of the room, opposite the window. It is covering a long, bulky shape. The man pulls it away, revealing what looks like a tube with a variety of terminals, wire, and pieces of scrap metal welded on. It is plugged into the mains.

‘This, my friends, is the key to our impending triumph! For this laser can trap webcomickers in their very own webcomics!’

There is a short, embarrassed silence, before the woman speaks again.

‘Is this a joke?’ The sound of tittering echoes hollowly around the chamber.

‘You want proof!? Very well. How about we start with two of our biggest foes? Piro and Largo.’

He taps on a keyboard attached to the side of the laser, whilst whistling an out of key and marginally too slow rendition of “We will rock you”. If it wasn’t so dark we would see the other occupants of the room wincing slightly.

‘There. The targets are set. Shall I begin the demonstration now?’

The answer? A universal “yes”.

And so he pressed the button.

A thin red laser beam erupts from the cannon, passing through the glass of the window and disappearing into the sky beyond. It bounces off an orbiting satellite and plunges towards its destination. A second later the second laser beam is fired.


Piro shuts down his computer, stretches, and yawns. Once again he has been trying his damndest to update MegaTokyo in time, but tonight he can’t seem to keep his mind on the task. He has an inexplicable sense of foreboding.

He decides it might be a good idea to get some sleep.

And so he isn’t awake to see the red light shining against the night’s sky, coming closer and closer and closer...

Tomorrow morning, and for some time to come, there will be no MegaTokyo update.


His smile fades as more figures scroll down the monitor’s screen. Something is wrong. Very wrong.

‘Ladies and gentlemen...the cannon is a success. Unfortunately, it appears to have a glitch.’ He waves a hand to quieten the murmurs that spring up at this. ‘It has still accomplished the intended result, but merely changed it slightly. It has sent Piro and Largo to some place called “RPGWW”....’

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Chapter 1

Blaze peered into the gloom beyond the circle of caravans around the campfire, remaining alert while the rest of the hired mercenaries slept on their feet.

Caravan guard – it had been a long time since he’d done anything so mundane. Even his service as one of the many guards at Doma Castle had been more interesting – driving off fallen angels; Will messing with the fabric of time and space, causing sections of the castle to disappear, including – much to Blaze’s consternation at the time, the kitchens1; rescuing soul-stealing nekojin girls from being sacrificed2... Yes, this was definitely nowhere near as interesting.

Blaze was choosing to view this as a holiday. Besides, Fern would probably kill him if he did anything more dangerous right now. 3

He smiled as he thought of Fern. She was a ray of sunshine lighting up the gloom of his life. Meeting her had definitely been a stroke of luck, and had made Blaze’s life interesting again...

The sound of an explosion nearby jolted the mercenary from his thoughts, and he moved further from the light of the fire, standing between two of the caravans. Behind him, guards and merchants stirred at the sound.

And then the wave of compressed air hit him.

It blew him back fully five feet, almost knocking him into the fire –which itself was blown out. Shrieks and cries rang in his ears, and through blurred eyes he watches as a caravan nearby fell on it’s side.

Winded, he staggered to his feet, and –trusting to the hired healer to deal with any wounded – left the camp’s perimeter in the direction of the explosion’s source...


Piro opened his eyes, blinking away the sleep. He then sat up with a yawn, and rubbed at his eyes blearily. It took a full minute to realise that he could see stars through the dark tree canopy overhead. It took another few seconds to fully register the fact that there was a tree canopy overhead. And as if that wasn’t enough for his tired eyes to gorge on, he finally noticed that he was sitting in the middle of a large crater.


A shadowy form appeared at the crater’s edge, blotting out a goodly portion of the stars. Piro cringed, mad thoughts of who – or what – it might be dashing through his head.

‘D00d, you’re finally up!’

The image of Freddie Krueger forming in Piro’s mind popped. There was no mistaking that voice. Unfortunately.


‘Piro! You gotta see this! 17'$ |_|83R-l337!’

‘What is it this time, a dented nickel?’ Taking a quick look round his current location, Piro decided he had very little to gain by staying, so he clambered out of the crater and took in his surroundings.

‘Pinch me, I’m dreaming...’


Common sense would have told Blaze to stay at the camp, for it was unlikely they’d stay here now, and even less likely that they’d wait for him to return. But sometimes, in the hidden dark places of our minds, we decide that common sense is for other people.

And so it was that Blaze came across the hill in the middle of the forest, emerging like a hulking behemoth from the tree canopy sea.

He saw by the cold light of the stars two figures at the top of the hill; one standing very still, and the other dancing round the first like a drunken man. The mercenary could hear faint cries, which sounded like “leet”...

Blaze peered out from between the trees. All evidence pointed to this place being the source of the explosion. There was nothing for it – curiosity had got the better of him. Throwing caution to the winds, he left the cover of the trees and began making his way up the hill.


‘Should we run?’ Asked Largo in a rare “I occupy the same world as you” moment.

‘There’s no point’. Replied Piro, ‘It’s not as if we have a clue where to run to. He might be friendly...’

‘Yeah’, said Largo, narrowing his eyes. ‘Or he might be a zombie horde, coming to 347 0|_|2 8|241|\|z!’

Piro didn’t dignify that comment with an answer.


Blaze was halfway up the hill now, and closing on the two figures fast. He could now see that they were humanoids of the male persuasion, and appeared to be clad in their undergarments only.


Piro watched Blaze’s ascent with increasing fear, not least of all because the mercenary had a rifle slung across his back and a pistol holster at his left thigh. It was hard to make out details like colours in the dark, but it seemed a good guess that his hair – which was pulled back in a ponytail that reached his waist – was blonde. The man was decidedly bish.4

He was a mere five metres away when he stopped, looking at the two of them calculatingly. It was Largo that broke the uneasy silence.

‘D00d! He has Spock ears!’

---- ---- ---- ----

1 To be fair, he was pretty hungry at the time, and a BLT would have filled the hole perfectly.
2 Which has to be some sort of irony.
3 Another irony.
4 I didn’t mean to make him bish, I swear! When I created Blaze, I had no idea what a bish was!

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Chapter 2

Fern hummed to herself as she turned the page of the copy of ”The ins and outs of Shadow Magic” she had found in the house’s library. Apparently the previous owner – a pirate, of all people – had been a cosmopolitan reader.

She sighed and put the book down. Magical theory was all well and good if you wanted to keep all of your body parts in the right place and prevent one of each of your pairs of socks bursting aflame, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t boring. Many lusters-after-knowledge took one look at theory books and decided that shovelling shit down on Uncle’s farm did have a certain charm after all.

Fern knew what the problem was – she missed Blaze. They had contemplated the idea of both of them taking the caravan job, but had decided against it on the grounds that they would only distract one another. Privately neither of them thought that that would be such a bad thing...

And of course Blaze wouldn’t hear of her roughing it in the wilderness while he stayed at home, and the fact that they didn’t need the money held no water with him. Although he wouldn’t admit it, Fern knew that Blaze was finding it hard to adjust to living in luxury. Truth be told, she sometimes had cause to doubt that he had even fully registered the fact that the two of them were now married. Regardless, he thought the world of her, and that was all that mattered.

There was a flash and a popping noise. Fern looked up, startled. In front of her was what appeared to be a boy in his early teens, with ebony skin and pure white hair and eyes. He wore a pair of baggy white trousers.

‘Who are you?! Why are you in my house?!’

The boy winced.

‘Sorry. Sorry. Miscalculated. I was supposed to materialise outside. If it helps I can try again? No. By the look on your face I see that it won’t. I am !Xiaman, and I am here to talk to you about Blaze.’

The expression of shock on Fern’s face transformed into one of fear.

‘Why? Where is he? Is he alright?’

‘He is. For now. But a momentous event has occurred – people are on Gaera whom don’t belong here, an their coming sets an ancient prophecy in motion. And Blaze has just become entangled in it’s web.’

‘Why are you telling me this!?’

‘Because he may need you, and I am going to take you to him.’

Then everything went black...

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Chapter 3

Kelne drummed his fingers on the desk in growing irritation. He had been waiting for a full five minutes for a damned sandwich, and not a single slice of bread had yet to show itself! This was a disgrace! Action must be taken! Grabbing hold of the speaking tube, he bellowed down it in a fit of rage.


Ms. Darpe, sitting at her desk outside the office, could hear that well enough without the speaking tube. She raised her own end to her mouth.

‘You don’t have to shout sir. And you’re supposed to say “over” once you’ve finished speaking...sir?’

Kelne was still holding the tube by his mouth, wondering why it was producing a tinny sound.

With a sigh, Ms. Darpe stood and opened the office door, walking through.

‘Would you like to go over how the speaking tube works again, sir?

‘I know very well how it works!’ Kelne snapped. ‘Ms. Darpe, my sandwich has yet to materialise!

‘What sandwich, sir?’

‘The one I ordered five minutes ago!’

‘You didn’t, sir.’

‘I did so! I picked up the speaking tube like so, and – ah.’ Kelne had realised that the black tube he had taken from his junk-strewn desk was not, in fact, the speaking tube.

‘Perhaps you should clear up your desk, sir. Someone else can build the Stellar Laser Array, surely?’

‘Certainly not!’ Kelne spluttered, ‘I am a hands on villain!’

Ms. Darpe raised an exquisitely plucked eyebrow, flicked her astonishingly silky black hair, crossed a pair of perfect legs, and drummed her finely manicured fingers on Kelne’s desk.


The two cowled figures looked up at the sign. It read “Kelne’s Secret Base”. Hastily painted beneath that were the words “of Evil”, and even lower “and Doom” was scrawled. Next to this was another sign, pointing to the “Forest of Explosive Death Frogs”.

‘Are you sure we have to do this?’ Said the first, a female by the sounds of her voice.

‘Listen, in their own webcomic Piro and Largo wouldn’t have been noticed. This is a strange webcomic – they’re bound to be noticed by someone! So yes, it was necessary to find a way to reverse the process so we could get in, hire ourselves a killer, and get out again safely.’ Replied the other, who sounded male.

‘A simple “yes” would have sufficed.’

‘Sorry, it’s the whole webcomic vibe, I guess. Anyway. Onward.’


Kelne licked his lips nervously.

‘Er, ah...’ He mumbled.

Looking at him questioningly, Ms. Darpe uncrossed and re-crossed her legs again. Kelne began sweating. He didn’t know how she had changed that into such an erotic action, but what he did know was that she had. By gods, she had. He wondered if it was the shifting of her – No! He would not get distracted from his plans...

‘Er...Ms. Darpe, how are the newly recruited Evil Minions progressing?’

‘In terms of general boot-licking and undertaking of menial duties that are beneath you, sir, they’ve all become sexperts.’

Kelne blinked furiously.

‘Er... I beg your pardon?’

‘I said they’ve all become experts, sir.’

‘Right...that’s what I thought...’


The two figures had come across another sign. It said “Oops, silly us. Actually, Kelne’s Secret Base is back that way, where we said the forest was. Sorry for any inconvenience, have a nice day!” It was big sign. They looked at each other, then turned and walked back the way they had come.


‘Sir, are you ogling my breasts?’

‘Hmm?’ Kelne’s gaze didn’t move.

‘You know sir, just because I have a tendency to wear skimpy and revealing dresses around the workplace as if I’m desperate and gagging for it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not in a loving relationship.’

‘Hmm? Er...what’s your point?’

‘That you should probably take your hand off my thigh, sir.’

‘Oh, er, sorry.’ Kelne removed his wandering digits. ‘Er...are you in a relationship, then?’



The cowled figures were now trekking through a forest. They came across another sign.

It read “Gotcha”.

They heard a rustling underfoot, and something croaked.

‘Oh, bugger...’


‘You know’, said Ms. Darpe, when the explosion had died down, ‘I sometimes wonder if your choice of method for deterring door-to-door salesmen is entirely wise...’

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Piro and Largo, for making the world a better place by creating MegaTokyo, without which the idea of this fanction would never have come up.


RPGWorldWorld, for being an interesting and colourful roleplaying community and inspiring me to write this fanction.


Claudia, for allowing me to use Fern and for being supportive through some trying times. Without that support I'd have left RPGWW a long time ago, and wouldn't be writing this now.


Jean, for also being a good friend during the times mentioned above, and for giving me permission to use one of his characters (whos identity will be revealed when I work them in. :D).


Kelne, for allowing me to use Kelne. Yeah, that sounds odd, but I only know his RPGWW screen name.

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Oh, and:

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