Code of a Hero (Restored and Re-organized FanFic of old)

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Code of a Hero (Restored and Re-organized FanFic of old)

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:36 pm

(This is before I revised much of my rp stuff, BUT it is as the battle basically went, Merr mostly dominating in the entire battle. This was also the first time I had actually mentioned Ash's old friends from his past. Hope this is a good read.)

Ash Fanrico presents....

"Code of a Hero"

Ash was in a mountain pass, he had been following the target for weeks now. There in
front of him stood the greatest evil of all time, Merr. The two knew alot about each other,
for both were widely talked about throughout the surrounding lands.
Merr was surprised Ash had made it this far. He thought the Hero wouldup and quit
before following him into such a jagged, desolate place. This warrior greatly impressed
Ash had been waiting for this for a long time. All the training, all the guidance, all the
hardships, all the sacrifices, all the heartache, it all led up to this one final battle. The true
test of his abilities.
Time seemed to slow as the warriors seemed to be examining each other. Then Ash spoke,
"It's the end of the line Merr... your Dark Campaign is finished!" he shouted to the
Merr smiled, showing long, sharp, and orange teeth. "So if isn't Ashford Fanrico, the
warrior I've heard SO MUCH about." chuckled Merr as his eyes narrowed to slits as he
prepared for battle.
"One shall stand... one shall fall." replied Ash. This seemed to amuse Merr. "It's a shame
really... you heroes never worry about throwing your lives away." taunted the Demon.
Ash's eyes narrowed in utter hatred. "Maybe you should start worrying yourself Merr."
Ash retorted.
Then the battle began. The warriors were locked in mortal combat.
From a distance, Ash's friends Yarrie, Merrick, Ayami and Goldor watched. "Think we
should help Fanrico?" asked Ayami. Yarrie shook here head. "No we shouldn't, Ash has
trained his whole life for something like this. We'd only get in the way." replied Yarrie,
who deep down inside, wanted to go help her best friend, her lover.
Ash leaped towards Merr with his blade ready to perform the traditional killing techniques
handed down to him by his grandfather. Merr dodged to the side, grabbed Ash by the
mid-section and threw him effortlessly into a nearby rock formation. Merr let out a deep
laugh as he walked over to his fallen rival. Ash was cut all over from the pointed rocks and
gravel slicing at his hide. He managed to gather enough strength to get up out of the hole
he was in. He could hear Merr's sick laughter.
Ash spun around to face his opponent, but Merr was already there and the Demon
grabbed ahold of him again, and slammed the Hero onto the ground. Ash's armor was
being torn up and he had cuts all over his backside. Ash coughed up some blood as he
again struggled to get back up. Merr walked over to Ash and kicked him right square in
the back of the head, forcing Ash back down again. Ash could feel great pain in his lower
neck region and blood dripping down from his nose, not to mention a great deal of bruises
on his face.
Merr was laughing again. Ash was trying very hard to get up. Merr grabbed Ash off the
ground by his right leg and slinged the hero across the ground, causing bloody scrapes all
over Fanrico's front side and back side. Ash was drifting in and out of unconsciousness.
He felt almost paralyzed. He knew he had to get up. He had the hopes of the known world
on his shoulders. He had to ensure that the future generations would have a peaceful
world to grow-up in. He slowly and eventually... got back up off the ground. He raised his
trusted sword, his Otranaka Blade, up to his face. He could hear Merr chuckling behind
"Well it seems that the LEGENDARY hero still has some fight left in him. Won't last long
though I'm afraid." taunted the Demon.
Ash spun around, with determination in his eyes and an endless amount of heart, the
warrior known to many as the Pale Horse, readied his reply to his opponents attack.
Merr was now more impressed with this warrior. But he had seen some of the most
impressive fighters fall like rookies before him. He continued to stomp towards Ash.
To be Continued...
Ash knew he was injured... possibly fatal. He knew me might not see the next day or get
to live with Yarrie the rest of his life. He felt a tear start to form on the edge of his right
eye as he prepared to face his destiny.
Merr was smirking as he strutted up to Ash.
He had the look of a total cocky bastard on his face. Ash knew that this True Demon was
powerful, possibly even too powerful for him to beat.
He then took that split second to think back to the Track Record Merr had.
The Demon had been on a Devastation Campaign for a long time now. Rampaging
through towns, villages, Castles, even barracks full of soldiers. Merr had ravaged almost
an entire continent, and has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. This demon has
faced entire parties of Hunters, Mercenaries, and even some handfuls of trained soldiers.
Ash knew this could be his biggest challenge ever.
Merr stopped just inches away from him, looking down at Ash. Ash jumped backwards
and took a slash at the mighty beast. This sudden burst of strength was so fast, and
unexpected that Merr was caught off guard. The large, now bleeding, slash showed like a
large dark red badge on the Black Monstrosity's chest.
Merr backed away, screaming in pain. He looked at his new wound, his eyes went berzerk.
He looked up at Ash. "You'll pay that little hero!!!" he roared as he sped towards Ash, his
orange teeth gleaming.
Ash was barely able to block the assault. The Demon was too quick, and it's punches were
too strong to parry.
Merr grabbed Ash by the neck. "You hurt me! Nobody hurts me!!!!!!" roared Merr as he
slammed the hero into the hard ground.
Ash had the air knocked out of him. He was struggling to breath and found out that his
mouth was full of blood, his own blood.
Merr raised his mighty foot and stomped it onto Ash's chest, cracking his ribs.
Ash howled in pain, the unbearable tortureous pain. Merr took his foot off of his
opponent's chest.
He turned around, and roared in triumphant boasting.
"YOU SEE WORLD!?!? Not even YOUR GREATEST... hero... could beat me." he
roared at the rest of the world.
Back with Yarrie, Goldor, Merrick and Ayami...
They heard Ash's painful howl...
Goldor lowered his head as he heard the gut-wrenching screams.
Yarrie was crying and praying for Ash's safety.
Ayami was crying in Merrick's arms as they watched their best friend fight his heart out.
Back with Ash...
Ash could see his life flash before him, his mother and father, their love and devotion. His
grandfather... his wisdom and courage. The Day all sense in his life was taken away from
him, with the murder of his parents. His grandfather took him in, trained him and taught
him Value, Honor, and Devotion. Helped him develop his beliefs and morals and to
believe in himself.
He couldn't hear his foe's loud boasting. He could only hear his mother talking to him, the
day before she died.
"Ash, this day and age is very sad. Terrible times to bring a child like yourself into.
Promise me Ash, that when you grow up... you will be a good person and a loving, honest
husband. It seems like only your father and grampa are the only ones who have any shred
of honor left. Promise me Ash, I don't want you to grow up into a lonely depressed
person. Promise me Ash. Would you please?" she asked.
Ash, gathered all the strenght he could.
"I will mommy... I will." he said as tears welled up in his eyes. His sobbing turned to
growling and he felt a renewed energy in himself. The Otranaka Blade, The Blade of Hope
glowed Red, channeled by Ash's Anger towards Evil and Love for his family, his love for
the Elven girl... Yarrie.
"MERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Shut the @#%$ up and fight you evil vile bastard!"
ordered Ash, who was now on his feet.
Merr was stopped dead in his gloating. He turned around, with a surprised look on his
face. He thought his last attack had done the trick.
"You are starting to annoy me Fanrico... time to kiss this Mortal Coil goodbye." hissed
Merr as he prepared his next move.
To Be Continued...
"Round Two" had begun.

The Two Enemies collided again, this time with Ash knowing more of what to expect
from this mighty demon.
Ash ducked under a strong right from Merr, but got kicked in the stomach, causing even
more blood to run from Ash's mouth. Ash replied this time with a deadly slash across
Merr's face, drawing blood from the demon. Merr picked Ash up and threw him into a
rockpile while he nursed his new wound.
"You lousy little worm!!! You cut me again!!!" growled Merr as he walked over to Ash to
continue the Hero's punishment. Ash was suddenly on his feet and in Merr's face.
"Not this time shitdog!" swore Ash as he stabbed Merr in the side. Merr screamed and
cried out in utter and newly felt pain, pain he had never felt before. This seemed to only
enrage the creature even more. He punched Ash right in the face, then before his enemy
could reply, Merr continued to pummel Ash.
Ash was dazed again, wobbling to try and correct himself again. Merr grabbed Ash by his
hair and lifted him up. The Demon raised his hand into the air. "Say goodnight Ash!"
taunted Merr as he brought his hand down towards the hero. Ash lifted the Otranaka into
the air, impaling the Demon's hand on the blade.
Merr screamed again and threw Ash once more while he held his wounded hand.
Fatigue was being to show on both of the combatants. Merr was bleeding almost as badly
as Ash, who was torn up draped in the rags of what used to be his clothes.
Merr turned to the fallen hero. "You are quite the fighter Ash... yes... very impressive.
Few barely make it past the chest stomp. After I kill you I shall make a monument in your
memory, and pay respects to your decomposing bones. But as impressive as you are, you
are also more of a fool if you think a few scratches are going to slow me down in any
way." gloated the Demon.
Ash glared at his opponent. This @#%$ just wouldn't stop gloating, Ash guessed it was
from all the victories this Demon has achieved against his foes that gave him this big of

Ash was glad that the Demon was busy talking. He knew he was injured, and that he
probably should have been dead after that stomp to his chest. He could still feel the blood
flowing into his mouth. He hurt all over, and could swear a few bones were broken. He
could only really see well from one eye, the other being almost too bruised to allow any
sight whatsoever.
Merr stood up, stretched his muscles and got ready for the next round. Ash struggled to
his feet and got immediately into a fighting stance.
Merr grinned again, that same Egotistical Prick Grin, and Ash would give anything to be
able to wipe that stupid grin off of Merr's bloody face.
Merr cracked his fingers, his gaze set perfectly still on Ash.
Back with the Others...
The Silence began to make the group worry about their best friend. Against Ash's wishes,
they started off towards the direction of the battleground...
Ash ran at Merr *as fast as his injured body could take him* and performed the Legendary
SPINCUT Sword Technique on the Demon. Merr fell backwards, but was up on his feet
in the blink of an eye. The Demon rushed Ash and gored him into a nearby side of a
mountain. Ash fell flat onto his face. Merr got up, walked over to his fallen enemies body.
The Demon kicked it a few times to see if the hero was dead or not. When no response
came from Ash, Merr roared in triumph.
Ash was lost in memories of his friends, family and many adventures. The christmas with
his best friends and Yarrie... his love. Ash remembered meeting the cute elf girl during his
travels in the more unknown areas of this world. At the time he didn't know she was an
elf. Seems elves enjoy hiding their heritage, either for fear of being discovered or to
experience a little of being something their not... a regular human. Ash and Yarrie
eventually fell in love. The others fell in line, like some fantasy story. He had known
Merrick when they were kids, running amok in the streets. He met Ayami in that mountain
pass, while she was trying to find the bastard who killed her brother. He met Goldor on
the deck of a ship, heading out towards the annual Warriors and Winners Tournament,
which is held on a large island. They all eventually formed a group to bring peace to their
Merr was wrapping cloth pieces around his cuts and other wounds. He was smiling at his
recent win over such a great warrior like Ash. "Naturally.." sighed Merr.
He decided to take one last look at his fallen opponent, before leaving. He walked over to
the body of Ash. "Heh... heroes... always such great fools." joked Merr as he was turning
back around.
Ash let out a groan. Merr spun back around, not believing what he had just heard. The
Hero was still alive. Ash was weakly trying to get up. Merr moaned and grumbled at this
predicament. "Won't you just die?" asked Merr.
He was about to finally finish off the weakened Fanrico when a Throwing Star came out
of nowhere and hit him right in the back.
Merr threw back his head and sreamed in pain and anger. He turned around to see who
threw that at him. He saw his answer in the form of a small group of about 4 people.
Merr chuckled as he reached behind himself and pulled the Throwing Star out of his back.
"You people just don't know when you can't win. You can't beat me... face the facts. I
have just about killed the Legendary Hero, Ashford Fanrico. If he can't beat me, then what
do you think your chances of doing so will be?" joked the demon as he advanced on Ash's
To Be Continued....
Merr had taken his attention off of Ash. He wanted to have some fun with these
He wasn't in any mood to stay around long though. Just a quick round and he'd be off.
Yarrie, Goldor, Merrick and Ayami weren't really sure if this was the brightest idea they've
ever had, but they needed to help their friend Ash. He had helped them so many times
before, they just couldn't stand there and let him die.
Merr was already smirking again. He was about upon his opponents when a large blade
forced itself through his midsection. Merr screamed once again and turned to see Ash
standing there, holding the blade in the Demon's lower midsection. Merr batted Ash off of
him. Ash went flying into a mound of dirt. He immediately got back up. "Merr! Don't you
dare even lay a finger on my friends!!" ordered Ash as he limped towards the Demon.
Merr was totally speechless, how could this guy still be standing? How? In total
desperation, Merr grabbed the nearest hostage he could find, Yarrie.
"Back off Fanrico or your friend will die!" hissed Merr, holding his newly made wound
and Yarrie.
Ash yelled in anger and ran at the Demon, all the adrenaline in him pumped and Merr
barely had any time to react. Yarrie leaped out of the way as Ash dove at Merr, sword
raised. Merr went on the defensive.
The two met in an almost dead on collision. Ash shoved his sword into the dark heart of
the True Demon Merr, as the Demon in response did one final mighty punch to the chest
of Ash. The two's eyes seemed to widen as they both fell over. Ash fell just a few feet
away from Merr. Merr had collapsed, accordioning into himself.
Yarrie screamed as she ran over to the fallen hero. Ash could feel his heart slowly begin to
stop. He looked up at his love.
Merrick, Ayami and Goldor stood there, letting Yarrie have the final moment with Ash.
"Merr... is he.. did I?" he asked the Elven Girl.
"You stopped him Ash. You killed him. Now just rest here and we'll have a White Mage
up here and no time... just rest..." she said almost in hysterics.
Ash looked up at her once more. He smiled, which he had not done at all that day.
"I would've loved to have been around longer and have finally been able to talk to you...
like a man does... when he's in love with a woman... but now I can't. I love you Yarrie.
Sorry I won't be here for you... for all of you. I've done my greatest, final, and ultimate
task for the greater good... my time is over. Time to let other heroes take my place and
defend Justice." said Ash in a soft voice.
Yarrie was crying. "Don't speak like that Ash... you'll make it. You've got to... I love you
too Ash. Don't do this to me." she pleaded as she held on tighter to her lover.
"Sorry it has to be this way... maybe we'll be together again... when... fate... allows it."
said Ash as he took his last breath... and then embraced the darkness.
Yarrie broke down, crying even more.
Merrick was holding back tears, and Ayami was sobbing quietly. Goldor was just shaking
his head in sadness. They all had lost one of their best friends.
In the coming days, at Ash's funeral, warriors and kings from all over attended it. To pay
some final tribute to this great hero that they had lost.
But time and space and not to mention... Fate, work in strange ways. There will be a time
when a hero like Ash will be needed.
For whenever there is evil and great injustice, there will always be a hero or two to put an
end to them.... <p>"Here's a lesson for ya kids, always wash behind the ears... you'd be amazed all the places blood can splatter."- Ferret Man</p>

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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Tue Aug 13, 2002 5:12 pm

Well, now I finally got to find out how the battle between Rico and Merr went.

Now, here's the part I hate. The critique.

It seems like you use the wrong tense of action words several times, like 'slinged' instead of 'slung.' Actually, I don't think 'slinged' is a word.

Also, the back and forth talking between Ash and Merr doesn't seem as intense as it should be. I can't take Merr's threat seriously.

Lastly, your paragraphs could be longer. Perhaps an effect of WordPerfect, or MicrosoftWord that you forgot to edit?

Anyway, grammar and story are two completely different things, and though your grammar and layout could use some work, I still adore the plot. So congratulations.

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Re: Indeed.

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Wed Aug 14, 2002 1:34 am

Yeah thanks Nick for the compliments and creative critique.

Sure I've made some modifications and changes to some of these characters and plots since I typed this on the Old Board long ago. But the battle in this story is basically how it all went, with Merr being the more powerful and dominating force.

Also all the @#%$ Ash went through in the battle. <p>"Here's a lesson for ya kids, always wash behind the ears... you'd be amazed all the places blood can splatter."- Ferret Man</p>

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Re: Indeed.

Unread postby pd Rydia » Wed Aug 14, 2002 2:34 pm

Could you fix the line breaks, please? It's really hard to read the way it is. <p><font color=navy><hr width="47%"><small>Hello, my name is Dia. I'm a dragongirl, and I bite. RAWR!<hr width="31%">Quotes of the moment:
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Re: Code of a Hero (Restored and Re-organized FanFic of old)

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Wed Aug 14, 2002 11:45 pm


Needs a bit of Work, Ash.

The Story itself is not bad. A little melodramatic for my tastes, but not crap.

First thing to address is the Line Breaks, like sis requested.

The Second issue to to expand upon and reword things. There are some places were a little more info would help out a lot. Who is Merr, who are Ash's friends. Not all us folks knew that.

And in some places you just have crap statements, for lack of better words. For example:

("Then the battle began. The warriors were locked in mortal combat. ")

Don't tell us that! Tell us Ash and Merr whipped out their blades, and tell us how the first clash went! Ease into it, don't just tell us it happened.

Third, a good critical edit for missed punctuation would not hurt. You're pretty good most of the time with that, but I caught a missed comma here and again.

Overall, what you have is the hardtype translation here. It's fresh from the RP and put in fic form, but it still needs a good deal of polishing before done.

Like I said, the story itself is good, it just needs some presentation work.

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