The Birth and Death of Zakariah Ravenhook (fic)

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The Birth and Death of Zakariah Ravenhook (fic)

Unread postby Lord McBastard » Sat Aug 17, 2002 6:58 am

Part 1:



Zachary screamed again, his cry of agony and loss echoed off of the walls of his small cell. It was amazing how long something that didn't need to breath could scream for, it had been almost a week now, he hadn't stopped once in that whole time. His chains creaked as he pulled against them, the heavy shackles around his wrists dug into his cold flesh, blood dribbled from where the iron dug to deeply. But he pressed on, trying to break the bonds that held him, though he couldn't possibly bend the chains that held him, not in a hundred years.

"She's calling to something Zach, I can hear her calling to...."

He thrashed viciously against his bonds, screaming her name, it was the woman in white, she was his death, she was everyones death.

Abruptly it all came crashing back.

He was sitting on the foot of the bed, his wife Tici was huddled in one corner, it was bright outside, it had rained earlier but beyond a few puddles it was a perfect day, one of those days that nothing could go wrong,

"I can hear her Zach! She's calling to something!"

"Of course dear, now come here and drink this broth"

Tici had been touched in the head again, her spats of slight insanity lasted anywhere for a few hours to a week. This one had been about average, except she kept refering to a woman and now something about her calling. The herbalist assured him that these herbs would cure her right away, or atleast calm her down. He certainly hoped so, it cost him a great deal of money for these, and he feared Tici would start to harm herself, as she did occasionally.

Zachary loved his wife with all his heart, but he worried that one day their daughter, Kifan may have the same fits as her mother. He knew she could hear things he couldn't she had Arcana in her veins and he didn't, it was simple as that. She had even more potential power than her mother did. While Tici could predict things vaguely, when to plant crops, when stroms were comming, and such. Their daughter could simply see things that were yet to happen, not all the time, and not completely accuratly, but simply Kifan could see the future.

"Can't you hear her! She's comming!"

"Who is dear?"

"Death....but not not life.....she is...something more"

Suddenly Tici began to shiver though it was quite hot in the house. The shivers turned into shake, then the shakes into a violent thrashing. She whipped her head around and began to scream in terror, her limbs flapped wildly as she thrashed about.

"Calling Zach! Calling! Calling!"

"Calm down! Calm down! It's alright I'm here!"

Zachary grabbed her wrists, fearful that she may harm herself and attempting to calm her. Suddenly she stopped moving all together, he let her wrists go and looked at her, a face that he hardly recognized stared back at him. All colour had drained from her face, her skin was white like chalk, her eyes were wider than any normal persons should be, and her lips trembled slightly.

"She's calling Zach, and something's answering. My god.....something's answering"

Though her words were almost a whisper it felt as if fingers of ice touched Zachary's spine. He knew that his wife was trapped in a nightmare, a nightmare that was very real. In a swift motion he scooped her up and ran from the room, he ran from the house, he ran for town, he had to find Kifan and run, run from this comming horror, whatever it was.

Before he had moved twenty steps from the house he stopped dead, by a wall of men. Men they were, at some point, he recognized most of them, but they were all dead. Their rotting flesh hung from old bones, though some were worse than others. The blacksmith Jorgan they had burried last week could almost pass for human.

Zachary was frozen as if some invisible hand held him in place. The wall of corpse-men parted and through it walked a woman. She was clad head to toe in white, her white skin radiated an aura of white visible in the full sun, her skin and gown went together so well that it was hard to tell where the cloth began and the skin ended. Her jet black hair spilled past her shoulders in a cascade of midnight, a stark contrast to the rest of her. She was completely out of place amongst the rotting dirt caked horrors that she apparently commanded.

She flowed rather than walked towards the couple, her feet didn't even seem to touch the ground. Zachary stared in amazement at her dazzling beauty as she halted a few feet from him, she seemed small and demure yet a thousand feet tall towering like a goddess over him

"W-what do..... do you want?"

He asked, his jaws worked hard to form the words.

"You would not understand Zachary, but you will. You may hate me for a time, but you will know that I did this because it was necissary"

"W-who are you?"

"I am the choosen of Lucio"

Before he could even think of his next question, she lunged for him. Her mouth was wide, the sun glittering off her perfect white teeth and long needle sharp canines. As his wife fell from his arms unforgotten, the last thing he remebered was his reflection in a puddle as it rushed to meet his face.

He began screaming again, screaming at the loss of his beloved Tici, and his hatred of the woman that had taken her away. His thrashing grew more violent until he stopped suddenly, the same feeling of a giant invisible hand gripped him. He looked up as the door to his cell opened, the hinges screeching in protest to being moved. In through the door stepped his fears and nightmares, one of his only thoughts over the year.

The woman in white stood over him, smiling as a mother who had her children returned to her would.


There we go, first part of some back story to a character from the Blood Mafia. Probably be two parts, though maybe three. A little history of the nation of Undead mixed in there as well.

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Re: The Birth and Death of Zakariah Ravenhook (fic)

Unread postby SALSAlys » Sun Aug 18, 2002 1:43 am

Whoo! It be purdy!

Only quibbles I have are over spelling in some places, but I like it.


*huggles her auntie*

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Re: The Birth and Death of Zakariah Ravenhook (fic)

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Sun Aug 18, 2002 4:27 am


Not bad. Not my cup of tea, but not bad.

A few grammatic/spelling errors here and there, but they seem to be more typos than real mistakes on your part.

As I said, I really dun like this type of story, so I can't say a whole lot.
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Re: The Birth and Death of Zakariah Ravenhook (fic)

Unread postby pd Rydia » Sun Aug 18, 2002 2:47 pm

Nice work. Probably one of the most enjoyable of your pieces that I've read. Grammar/spelling/typo mistakes are minimal and it flows well. You left off at a good spot...I want to read more. >.>

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