The origins of WS! And a free plug!

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The origins of WS! And a free plug!

Unread postby WhiteShadow » Wed Jul 31, 2002 12:19 pm

Heh, since WS has a lot of backstory behind him, and there's nearly 30 pages of ongoing fanfiction sitting on my site I thought I'd adapt one little adventure to fit WS' arriving in Doma. Don't worry, it'll all make sense in the end. And it will of course, make much more sense if you know your Phantasy Star. Any criticism (and encouragement to continue!) greatly appreciated...

From the Adventures of WhiteShadow:
“You couldn't bring death yourself;” Muttered Yasmine; "But now we're going to bring it to you, you monster." Knives in hand, the two NeiChildren advanced on Gert-Kaar slowly, menace in every step. Snapping out of his outrage, Gert-Kaar quickly chanted and his Deban shield came up once more. Zedd paled a little and hesitated at this, but his older sister continued forward, focussed on her target. The necromancer had that same smirk on his face once more, and he stood, arms crossed, waiting to see Yasmine's vain attempts at attack. Zedd turned, going to WhiteShadow's side. His vision cleared, WhiteShadow looked at Zedd and tried to will himself to go help Yasmine, but the pain was still too great.
Suddenly, Yasmine leapt into the air, executing a perfect somersault, the knife flashing as she spun through the air. Coming out tf the spin, she was above her enemy, the knife flashing down in a deadly arc. Just as it was about to cleave through the necromancer, however, the knife once again struck the shield, sending Yasmine sprawling to the floor. Gert-Kaar laughed, throwing his head back and guffawing loudly. But just as his triumphant mirth reached its crescendo the roof exploded silently, a great yellow beam of light piercing through it to strike Gert-Kaar right through the tip of the skull.

The explosions didn’t stop with the roof, however. As Gert-Kaar was swallowed in growing yellow ball of flame, WhiteShadow and his two companions were thrown bodily from the tower. Arcing through the air, WhiteShadow landed flat on his back in the desert sands.

Along with the Megid technique he had received moments before, and the various burns on his back, it had not been a good day for the albino Motavian.

It had all started back in Aiedo, where WhiteShadow had helped the mercenaries of the Hunter’s Guild to suppress a minor zombie problem. He had tracked the source here, to Zio’s former fortress, where a new evil had taken root. He and his two companions, the NeiChildren Yasmine and Zedd, had faced an undead horde like none Motavia had ever seen, culminating with a battle atop the tower with a necromancer known as Gert-Kaar. The blast that ended the battle, well, that was anyone’s guess as to where that came from…

Rolling onto his stomach, WhiteShadow began crawling to his feet, eyes scanning for his two companions.

High above the ruined tower, a red-headed figure shook his head mournfully at his mistake. He could only hope that he hadn’t destroyed the innocent while attempting to aid them…


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Re: The origins of WS! And a free plug!

Unread postby pd Rydia » Wed Jul 31, 2002 1:49 pm

o.o Hmm...

I've never played Phantasy Star, and to be honest...this story doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. ^_^;; Maybe it's too short or maybe the introducing descriptions of characters were a little *too* well integrated into the flow of the story, cuz it was just...kinda confusing at first. <p><hr width="47%"><small>Quotes of the moment:
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*crushed* - j/k

Unread postby WhiteShadow » Thu Aug 01, 2002 7:19 pm

Don't worry, there is more to come. I guess I could at least describe the Shadow a bit more, really... But there are links! ^_^;

Edit: I've just thought of a clever way to include more of WS' backstory before he arrives in Doma - more to come!

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WhiteShadow part deux - it ain't over yet, oh no!

Unread postby WhiteShadow » Thu Aug 01, 2002 9:28 pm

Yasmine and Zedd were nowhere to be seen, and WhiteShadow’s own body was too racked with pain to want to move anywhere substantial yet. Groaning, and rolling once again onto his back, he stared at the blue Motavian sky, and thought again about how much he hated that colour.

WhiteShadow was an albino. His fur was white, his eyes were red. Aside from that one simple flaw of genes he was a normal Motavian, of which there were many. Unfortunately, an albino Motavian was such a rare thing that a legend had grown around them, like the one that stated that the birth of an albino Motavian was the first sign of the return of the Dark Force.

The Dark Force plagued the Algo solar system once every thousand years, and when he had arisen, he had been defeated by worthy heroes. It was unfortunate coincidence that WhiteShadow had been born ten years before this millennial cycle was due to repeat, but it was just plain ignorance that left him stranded and alone in the middle of a sandstorm mere hours after being born. Fortunately, as natives of the desert planet, Motavians were born to handle the harsh conditions and thus WhiteShadow survived, before finding himself in some sparse forests.

Finding acceptance with the Wolfangs there, he passed the years hunting and gathering, his footspeed and strength increasing as did his age and size. He could wrestle with the leader of the pack by the time he was six and by the time he was eight, it was time to move on or face jealous reprisal.

So, he had began his wandering again, until he found himself here, over a decade later, half dead in a desert. The sandworm ranch-town of Mile was only a few miles away, and beyond that the Edge, but WhiteShadow hadn’t the strength. Not without Yasmine, at least.

The day wore on, as more thoughts of the past drifted through WhiteShadow’s mind. The day he had found his two scimitars, looted from a giant sand worm’s horde. Or that even stranger adventure, where he had struck upon, and destroyed, a cult dedicated to the legend surrounding his birth. Despite the obvious ego boost, the madman running the operations was a murderer, so WhiteShadow hardly walked away with a big head.

Instead, he walked away with a price on it. Famed hunter Chaz Ashley (Phantasy Star 4) had also been assigned the task of uncovering the cult, and had happened across WhiteShadow – thus resulting in the albino Motavian yet again being blamed for naught but his appearance.

WhiteShadow came back to the present with a groan as a passing sand worm shook the ground beside him. Since he was not moving and the worm was underground, WhiteShadow was not noticed. Still, he’d better move in case any more biomonsters happened along. He was unarmed, and he felt far too weak to cast any spells. No, he had to get to Mile, and the only way to get there was to get past… the Edge.
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Re: WhiteShadow part deux - it ain't over yet, oh no!

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Fri Aug 02, 2002 12:27 am


You should have specified which Phantasy Star!

I thought you meant Phantasy Star I; which is the only one I've beaten so far! I get a few lines in and see the word Neichildrrn! Dammit! I just beat (the First Boss) in PSII! I didnae want spoilers!

Okay, I'm better now. I'm not mad at you WS, just label your damned spoilers! I really hate them ;_;

I'm just blowing off steam, so don't think I'm mad at you. Image
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Re: WhiteShadow part deux - it ain't over yet, oh no!

Unread postby WhiteShadow » Fri Aug 02, 2002 5:33 am

Guess what Perv - I haven't spoiled anything - NeiChildren are an "original" creation of mine - they don't appear in any of the games (and if you really want to enjoy the series, once you finish II skip III and go straight to IVImage ) <p>Image

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Re: WhiteShadow part deux - it ain't over yet, oh no!

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Fri Aug 02, 2002 5:57 am

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Cheese is good, right? .... Right?!?

Unread postby WhiteShadow » Fri Aug 02, 2002 1:19 pm

The Edge was essentially a big hole in the ground. But only a select few knew of it’s true nature; an interplanar rift created by the Dark Force to allow it’s master to enter Algo for the first time in many millennia; the Profound Darkness. After Chaz and the others managed to defeat this great evil, the hole remained and it’s strange innards still lay unconquered.

WhiteShadow skirted round the edge of the great chasm slowly and carefully. Any wrong move and he could tumble in, unarmed and alone. The harsh desert winds whipped him as he edged around the chasm, arms outspread to maintain balance. Unfortunately, the buffeting winds ruined his hearing; and thus, the grass assassin managed to attack him from behind.

The 8’ tall creature brought it’s scythe-like arm down, prompting WhiteShadow to dive for cover; with the rock walls on his right, he suddenly found that he had leapt right, straight into the Edge…

The next few moments were nightmarish. Colours swirled around the flailing WhiteShadow as he tumbled into the depths. Hitting solid ground, he groaned aloud for a long moment, rubbing his rump.

The interior of the Edge was a vision taken straight out of a madman’s dreams. Psychadelic colours swirled all around, and even the ground Shadow stood on seemed to be almost transparent. For a moment, WhiteShadow despaired his fate. The legends surrounding the Edge were dire ones, and he doubted his odds of survival. He had to rely on his magical “teachings” as they were…

The half-naked motavian remembered those days well. He had never been formally trained, but he had spent nearly a year amongst the rafters of Radlin Javik’s school of magic, until he was discovered by the main teacher, moments after he performed his first Purification technique. A technique which could heal creatures of disease, or blitz evil with white power. He had run from the school, but he never forgot what he observed.

Sitting down cross-legged, WhiteShadow mused over his predicament for a moment, taking some time to ready his techniques in his mind. NaFoi brimmed close to the surface, having so recently been used on the adventurer. Sighing, WhtieShadow got to his feet, and began to follow the path beneath him, hoping for an escape from this garish nightmare.

It wasn’t long before the first Outerbeasts attacked, stange interdimensional worms whose attacks were all based on perverting the gravity of the realm they found themselves in. Facing four at once, WhiteShadow only allowed himself to panic for a few moments before focussing on his own attack. With a few chants, a NaFoi spell took one of them down, butnot before another could reach out it’s gigantic claw, aiming a gravity spell at the outnumbered albino…

WhiteShadow was encompassed in a sphere of bright blue light, pulsating as it racked his body with pain. The sickening colours of the Edge merged and melted together, becoming a swirling vortex in front of WhiteShadow’s eyes. He seemed to be plunging into it, careening hopelessly out of control.

When the vortex’s swirling colours finally subsided, WhiteShadow found himself in an even worse predicament; he was at least twenty feet off the ground. He reacted in pure terror, his cry ripping through the blue sky as he plummeted once more. Seeing no way out of his predicament, Shadow instead focussed his mind with a war cry, focussing almost obsessively on the clouds above. If it weren’t for the loud snaps and crackles his weary body made, he wouldn’t have noticed the impact. However, this broke his concentration and the pain come rushing in. He fell into unconsciousness in the dust, no idea of where he was and even if he was going to survive…

(Now, the only question is do I end it here or do a little to establish WS in Doma, since he isn't in a RP or anything at the moment - so basically, he's hanging in stasis or living on the streets!) <p>Image

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Re: Cheese is good, right? .... Right?!?

Unread postby pd Rydia » Wed Dec 18, 2002 7:46 am

Do a little to establish WS in Doma, I'd say.

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