Wayward (Family, Part 2)

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Wayward (Family, Part 2)

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Mon Jun 16, 2003 10:30 pm

It was Numius, Proteara 12th, 1333. This was usually regarded as a summer night, but in recent days, freezing rain and sleet had pelted the Doma City region with seemingly endless resolve. If you had a warm fire, a sturdy roof, and someone to hold, the cold could not touch you. But, like in any place, some simply could not keep the iciness away.

For the residents of the Jade Dragon, however, the warmth enveloped them all. Dia kept the hearth hot, and put on a special for hot chocolate that everyone seemed to take advantage of. One of them was Kodi Rae Tymisonn, and he was greatly enjoying himself. His main man Ship sat across from him, enjoying a beer. The only thing that kept him from sitting next to his friend were the twin girls on either side of Kodi. And from the look of things, they were very enamored with him.

One of the sexy blondes toyed with Kodi's chest, its chiseled form encased in a tight blue T-shirt. The other ran her fingers up and down the bumpy length of his tied back dreadlocks. Ship, in a stately priest's robe, asked, "How exactly does this whole thing work again?"

"It's simple," Kodi replied, the girls causing the smile on his face. "I get all the downass chicks. And you don't."

"That doesn't follow logic."

"It does if you're me," replied Kodi smugly. "Isn't that right, ladies?" The girls giggled and smiled as if on cue.

"So... what are we doing now?" Ship asked as a quick blast of icy air from the opened door danced across his neck.

"I know what I'M doing," Kodi replied. "I love ya, but you're on your own, playa. I've got things t-"

"Excuse me," came the gentle voice of the man who interrupted Kodi. He was an inujin, black mostly, with brown patches. He wore a zipped leather coat, and a wide smile.

"Hi... 'sup?" Kodi asked inquisitively.

"Uh... someone wants to meet you outside," he said, gently again.

Kodi was puzzled. Why not just meet him inside, where it was warm? "Why's he gotta meet me outside?"

"I think SHE..." This word was said with special importance, "would like things to be kept discreet. For a while, anyways..."

Kodi smiled. He could already tell who he was talking about. Sexy red hair, long luscious legs, ruby lips and a way about her that made you hurt oh so good. Being "chaste" never felt so nice.

"Tell her I'll be out in a second," Kodi told the inu, who smiled and went out the door. He looked to the two beautiful blonde TWINS and said, "... ladies, this is my friend Ship."

The two girls looked to each other, thought, shrugged, then got up, and sat by Ship, lavishing the same attention on him as they did Kodi. Ship smiled sheepishly as Kodi grabbed his coat. "Hook up with you later?"

"Count on it," Kodi called back as he walked out the door, thinking to himself, He won't close the deal...

The wind had picked up since Kodi had come inside. He pulled up his hood, and zipped his jacket up to his chin. He looked around the dark streets, but couldn't see anyone.

"Chastity?" he called out. But all he heard back was the echo of his own voice. He called again. No response.

He grumbled. "Dammit... messed up a perfectly good three-way for this..." Then it dawned on him. But before his thoughts could even crystallize into words, they struck.

A blackgarbed form tackled him, their forms sliding on the slick stones. Bringing his legs underneath the assailant, Kodi lifted and threw the man away from him. The attacker landed on all fours, growling.

The inujin... Kodi thought as he was tackled again. Canine fangs sunk into his left arm. Kodi screamed, and retaliated by kneeing the dogman in the stomach. Winded, the attacker backed off, tail between his legs. But Kodi wasn't finished yet.

Raising his hand, he prepared to cast the spell that was inherent in all of his line. But he never fully uttered the words. "LuckAAAAAAAARGH!" was as far as he got. Thousands of knives seemed to pierce every part of Kodi, causing him to sink to his knees. In an instant the inujin, and a few others were on Kodi, binding his hands, his legs, and finally, his mouth.

As the pain grew more intense, Kodi looked around feverishly for what caused it. Then his eyes caught a glimmer of brilliant light. It quickly grew, till he could make out only the outline of a man holding a glowing white orb. The man squatted, and looked right into Kodi's now angered eyes. He brought the orb up to his face, illuminating it.

"Time for a reunion," Kae'Oss said coldly. He looked to one of his compatriates. "Knock him out," were the last words Kodi heard before drifting into unconsciousness...

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Re: Wayward (Family, Part 2)

Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Mon Jun 16, 2003 10:44 pm

>:{{{ i am pleased by this. but weep for poor kodi's owies. <p>
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Re: Wayward (Family, Part 2)

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Tue Jun 24, 2003 10:31 pm

Note: This section prone to editing. I'm not happy with it at all...

Tunarus, Proteara 13th, 1333. On a quiet street in Doma, near the town square, there is a house. It stands, unassuming, beige and green, with two stories. Within it, there is history. Without it, there are tourists, snapping pictures. In it, history shall happen again.

"Where's my staff?" Daenj'r Tymisonn called upstairs. He heard what he thought was something about the basement closet. His feet went "trump, trump, trump" as he rushed down the stairs and into the cellar. He opened up the closet, rifling through the old clothes, collected weapons, and dinged armorplates to no avail. "I thought you said basement closet!" he called up again.

"BATHROOM closet," was the louder, more clear response. Daenj'r groaned, his feet once again trump-trump-trumping up the stairs. Sure enough, beside the deodorant and above the toilet rolls, was his steel staff.

Covered in dust, of course.

"Thank you, baby," he called back. He rubbed the dirt off on his sleeve, and placed it in the bag on his shoulder. He sighed to himself. Am I ready to do this? he thought. Am I really? He sat on the the pink fuzzy toilet seat cover, and looked at the walls. He remembered staring at them as he disciplined his children in here. It almost seemed like he lived half his life in this small, hollow room. The only person in here more was...

"Baby." Daenj'r startled to see the face of his wife at the entrance of the door. A reflexive thought went through his mind. I got so old... but look at her... still just as beautiful inside and out. "I still think you should let me come with you," she offered. "It might-"

"NO," he said firmly. "We've already discussed this a thousand times, and I am NOT backing down. I'm going alone."

Jazz sighed. She hated when he got all huffy like this. "Hmph. Fine. Have it your way..." This was said with a certain... strangeness that Dae was familiar with. That strangeness was reinforced when his bride disappeared even quicker than she had arrived.

Left all alone, Daenj'r looked around his surroundings. "Hon? Baby, where'd you go?" There was no response. Dangit, I hate when she does this kinda thing, he thought. A skitter. He had definitely heard a skitter in the living room. Upon arriving, he found nothing, much to his expectation. "Dangit!" he proclaimed. "Girl, where'd you-"

Knock, knock, knock. It was the door. Daenj'r went to it, grumbling, "What on Gaera you up to now?" He opened it to have a girl, less than half his age, push past him with barely a hello, and sat down on the couch.

A young man, with more hair than most, followed behind, saying, "Sorry, Mr. Tymisonn, she's a little grumpy." He leaned over and whispered, "She's got a little gas."

Daenj'r just gave him a look like he was crazy. "On WHAT planet did you think I wanted t'know that, boy?" He turned away from the wolf boy towards his angsty daughter, grumbling, "Crazy Kilmett kids..."

He approached Jenna, but was instantly treated to a "Speak to the Hand" style gesture. "I am not here to talk," Jenna said curtly. "I am just here to have some of YOUR dinner, and go. Alright?"

"Excuse me, but you can't-" Dinner? he thought. I never said I was making-

"Hi Dad! I'm here on time for once! And yes school was great!" All this information came in a flurry as Ak'Zuhl whirlwinded his way through the house. On his way he left his bookbag, his other set of glasses, his white mage's robe, and his boots. He plopped down on the cushioned chair and sighed. "So what's for dinner?"

Daenj'r was simply flustered. "B-b-but I AIN'T MADE NO DANG DINNER!"

"Sure you did," said the voice next to Chris on the couch. The hairs on Chris' neck stood at attention. He looked over his shoulder, and in his face were two completely red eyes, and a set of readied, hungry fangs. Chris yelped and jumped behind the couch, much to the laughter of Hakaril. "All ya gotta do is toss him in the pot..."

"OK, OK, OK..." Daenj'r said. "For the last time... why in th'underworld are you all here?"

"... dinner, Dad, like Mom said," Jenna responded curiously. "Didn't she tell you?"

"No, she did not. Hak, no red eyes in the house." Hak's eyes grumbled, and became like normal eyes again, even if the irises were still crimson in hue. "I guess this is jus' another one of your mamma's-"

"Pranks, baby?" A pair of porcelain arms slunk about Dae's midsection in a loving embrace. "You have to tell them, dear," she said matter of factly.

These words brought with them questions. "Huh? Tell us what? What's going on, Dad?" was the approximation of what came forth. Daenj'r sighed. Once the kids knew something was being hidden from them, they never relented in trying to find out what that something was.

He sat on the loveseat, Jazz by him. He looked into the eyes of each of his children. And Chris. But Chris only for a second. Then, he spoke.

"Your brother's been kidnapped."

Jenna scoffed. "You mean Kodi? As if. He's probably off with some girl in Argovia, getting a bl-"

"No... really. Not just Ship, but half the damn JD told me about it. He got approached by an inujin, left his dates with Ship, and went outside to talk with him. No one's seen him since."

"I know that tone, old timer," said Hakaril, sitting forward as if this was the best part. "You know who took him, don't you?"

Daenj'r sighed, and looked away. "Yes..."

"Well, don't keep us waiting," Ak'Zuhl piped up. "Who did it?"

The answer came rolling from inside Daenj'r, deep and heavy. "Kae'Oss. It was him."

All was silent for a moment. Then Akk piped up. "But how? I thought your spell kept him from-"

"He found a way around it. Some... mystic item, I don't know..."

The sound of a rough axehandle leaping from a sheath was heard. Jenna was on her feet. "That BASTARD! Don't worry, Dad, I'll-"

"Do NOTHING." This was said with solid intent. "You will not involve yourself in this. NONE of you will. Do you hear me?"

"But Dad," Akk argued. "We can help..."

"That may be true. You're all capable warriors. But I have to do this on my own, understand?"

"No, we don't." Jazz stated, calmly. "None of us can figure out why you have to be such a ... bizarre loner..."

"No? Really, baby, I thought you knew me better..." He stood and took up his bag.

With this Jazz understood. "Oh... you feel guilty because the development of a child depends completely on the parenting skills of his uncle." Daenj'r just grumbled.

Jazz took his hand. "Baby, just because he's messed up doesn't mean he's your responsibility."

"Of course it does, girl..." Dae took his hand back. "I raised him, and he's the way he is b'cause of me... because I didn't raise him right..."

"Dad, listen," Hak piped up. "It's impossible for you to have raised him badly. I mean, you raised ME, and look at me!" He spun. "I'm vampimazing!"

"... I'm going." Dae hefted his bag and went to the door. "If any of you follow me, I'll make you eat your mother's cooking for a month." The door slammed shut behind him.

Jazz grumbled for a moment, then turned to her children. "So, what's your bet, kids?"

"Hmmm... I say we beat him there by 10 minutes," said Jenna.

"Nah, he's spry. I think five," said Ak'Zuhl.

"You kidding? 20," said Hakaril.

"... I'll time," said Chris. He knew if he did this, he'd be denied betting. And Mr. Tymisonn would have one less reason to give him THAT LOOK.

"Mwehehe... this is going to be fun. Ready, kids?"

They all nodded, and ran out the door, taking a sidestreet alongside Daenj'r as they all went to Kae'Oss's pad.

No Tymisonn would be alone this night. <p>--------------------
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Re: Wayward (Family, Part 2)

Unread postby Choark » Wed Jun 25, 2003 7:00 pm

I Approve =D! Though Baby is stil used too often for my taste I underdstand people do that anyway.

Jenna may also be feeling a little guilty over this as well by the way =P and remember she kicks ass for justice now (though she don't like it much).

But woo! I could read it, and enjoy it and I look forward to more. =D MORE!!

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Re: Wayward (Family, Part 2)

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Tue Jul 29, 2003 7:02 pm

Latest chapter to be done soon. Most likely this week. <p>--------------------
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Further Update

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Fri Aug 29, 2003 2:52 pm

UPDATE: Stupid brain wouldn't be satisfied unless I wrote the ending first.Image Tomorrow, will hopefully have last 2 sections done (and all 3 of the remaining sections if REALLY hopeful) and submitted to editors (Pervy and Dia, if they're willing.) If not, I'll just submit the monkeydung first draft like.


Re: Further Update

Unread postby Choark » Sat Aug 30, 2003 2:21 pm

Submit it damn it! SUBMIT!!

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Re: Further Update

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Wed Sep 17, 2003 1:13 pm

The door opened. Kodi squinted against the light. In a second, furred hands... paws? grabbed him and drug him into the open, stale air.

Kodi smirked. They were moving him somewhere else. Which, to him, meant he was a few beaten asses away from being free. He planted his feet, shifted his weight, and...

...crumbled. He didn't know whether to cover his ears, squeeze his eyes shut, or run for the bathroom. His every synapse was screaming. And he had felt like this before.

"Hey there, coz," mumbled Kae as he came into view, holding the orb. "Miss me?"

"Shut UP, Kae," Kodi grumbled, the pain unbelievable. "Don't you ever get tired of hearing your own damn voice?"

"No," Kae coldly responded. He meditated on his cousin for a moment, then, with surprising severity, shoved his boot into Kodi's stomach, over and over, "Don't YOU," with the emphasis of a kick, "EVER get TIRED of being a C(#(sucking MOTHERF@#$ing little PRICK?"

By now, Kodi was bleeding from the mouth, the twin prongs of anguish stabbing deeper than tiger's claws.

"Y'wanna know something, coz? I got a secret for you. You were the worst of them all. You teased me, you beat me up, and you made me feel like I was worth s@#$. That's why you were first."

"First?" Kodi gurgled.

"First." He leaned in close with the orb, making Kodi scream in pain, "I'm going to get them all. Ak'Zhul. Hakaril. Jenna. Hell, even Jazz for kicks. But, the crowning achievement's gonna be the bastard who let this all happen to me. Wanna guess who it is?"

Kodi was surprised he could even chuckle. "You think you can take down MY father? That orb must be affecting your head. Dad is so powerful he could lobotomize you before you could blink."

"That was before I had the orb," Kae smiled. "Did... did you think that this orb cast a spell on YOU? Naw, man... it's all about me. You see, a few nights ago, I got into an... altercation with some drunken cleric. Seems he thought he didn't NEED magic to beat an... "upstart" like me. So, after I beat him black and blue, I decided to relieve him of his money. He REALLY didn't need to get any drunker. But as I searched him, I found...this." He gazed into the orb, its pearly iridescence almost hypnotizing him. "It turned out both the orb and the cleric were of Reshtaha. It protects its own from unwanted holy attacks. Even bounces them right back at the caster. Or," he snapped as he struck Kodi with the orb again, "anyone it's supposed to protect."

"So... my dad's spell..."

"Is what you're feeling right now. Like it? Do you LIKE what your father did to me?"

"Depends." Kodi was losing his battle with consciousness. "Did you like what you did to my sister?"

Before Kae'Oss could respond, the bare warehouse walls resounded with the sound of the far door, the locked knob's mechanisms bracing themselves against each other.

"Dad's here." Kodi's eyes locked with Kae's, smiling before, finally, they dimmed, mellowed, and finally closed.

"That he is," Kodi scowled. "It was nice of him to walk to his own tomb." <p>--------------------
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Unread postby SALSAlys » Thu Sep 18, 2003 12:42 pm

I can't believe I didn't read this before. =/ I like the feel to it; moves quickly. Although I have a feeling I should have read a prequel or something in places, since while I recognize chars, there's something... lacking. Maybe I should dig up the stuff in the forum.

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Re: Woot.

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Thu Sep 18, 2003 3:38 pm

Family part 1 is in there... somewhere...

Also note: This all started from a chat RP which has recently been deleted due to my HD burning out and I have a new one now. <p>--------------------
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Re: Woot.

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Fri Sep 26, 2003 12:30 am

Outside a warehouse, a man prayed. The warehouse was downtown DC, the man was clergy, and it was raining. That is unimportant. What was important, however, was that this man was praying for his nephew, and that the same man was about to deliver the harm he so fervently prayed against.
He finished his prayer, and stood. In a moment, three figures landed beside him on all sides. He smirked. "Just couldn't stand to start without me, could you?"

"Of course not, Dad," said Hakaril in a condescending tone. "That would be rude."

"I see," Daenj'r responded. "So, who won the bet?"

"We all owe Mom five twoeagles," Ak'Zhis sulked. "She even got it down to the second. How'd she do that?"

"My wife knows me well. Where is your mother, anyways?"
"She'll pop up eventually," Hakaril said with a sly smirk.

"Ah. OK, then, everyone ready?"

"Born ready." Jenna's eyes turned to burning slits.

"A'ight, let's do this." Daenj'r looked to the sky. I hope you were listening...

Daenj'r put his hand to the knob, finding it to be "Locked..." All the children offered a lockpick, but the Tymisonn patriarch declined. "I got this one, kids," he calmly said and placed his hand on the lock again. The knob glowed and smoked a bit as its core melted into liquid and turned easily in his hand.

"See? Your old man's still good ... for... wow."

"Well," said Hakaril, "that is a LOT of inujin." At least a dozen dogmen greeted them at the door, growling angrily.

"And they're going to kick your ass!" The voice called from a platform in the back. His head was shaven, and he wore a Kohlingen Orcs jersey under his black overcoat. His dark pants covered the tops of his military boots, and his hand held a large orb right by Daenj'r's eldest son. And he was in agony because of it.

"Kae!" shouted Daenj'r. "Let him go now!"

"Uh... f#%^ that," Kae'Oss said plainly. "I'm not letting anyone go. And my dogs here will make plenty sure of that."

"Then you're going down, Kae. Very quickly."

"Big talk from a pack of people with no weapons."

Dae looked at his children. None of them seemed to have any weapons. But all had their hands behind their backs. With their smiling, fanged teeth they revealed their respective weapons: Jenna with her huge axe, Ak'Zhis with his spear, and Hakaril with his twin daggers. And as for Daenj'r, he held out his hand, and a staff, red and curved and steely, formed from light, and entered his hand.

"Huh," mused Kae. "Uncle Hak or Aunt Dia?"

"Bit of both."

"Oh, OK." Kae then looked to his canine warriors. "Hey, just because we're talking doesn't mean you can't attack. Go! Attack! Get on with it!"

The warriors, finally realizing they didn't NEED to listen to the opening banter, bared their knifelike teeth and sprang upon the clan.

The first three ran for Ak'Zhis. With a smirk, he dropped his spear and waited for the first of them to draw near. When he came within striking distance, Ak struck him in the forehead with the butt of his hand. The blow was relatively weak, but unbeknownst to the inu, the strike came with a small surprise. It seemed to serve no purpose but to annoy the inu, who growled and raised his blade high. He then blinked, and a blank expression crossed his face. In a second, he dropped his sword, hit his knees, and fell fast asleep.

"Sleep spell. I learned that one from my dad," Ak smirked. The second one was close behind the first, swinging wildly at the young vampirehalf. Ak'Zhis ducked once, twice, and rolled underneath the dogman's legs. When he turned, Ak'Zhis smiled and said, "Here," tossing the warrior a small lit stick. The inujin blinked once, realized what it was, and tried to throw it away. But, it exploded in his fingers.

"Heh heh. That one I learned from my mom," he smiled again. A third warrior rushed at Ak, fangs bathed in angry saliva. Ak'Zhis feinted, landing by his spear once more. He grinned. With a fluid motion, Ak flung off his garment, and stood there, gleefully gripping his spear, in nothing but tribal underwear.

"This, however, is all mine. WhaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Ak'Zhis lashed out, swinging with deadly accuracy. The inu tried to keep up, parrying and dodging, but with a powerful strike, Ak'Zhis disarmed him. The young vamp smiled, twirling his spear, as if he was deciding where to thrust it.

"No... no, please, don't..." the dogman begged. Ak smirked, raised his spear, and struck. With the flat of the blade.

"See, now wasn't that fun?" Then he went in search of his shirt.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Hakaril were surrounded. 6 of Kae'Oss' warriors encircled them, scowling, tossing their swords from hand to hand as easily as one passes a button. "Great," muttered Jenna. "Why couldn't we be fighting zombies? Dad doesn't care if we kill zombies."

"Well, with living people, you have to think about how to defeat them," Hak retorted. "You... DO like to think, don't you, sis?"

"Just shut up, here they come!" Three of them came at Jenna at once, all three slashing downwards. Jenna raised her battleaxe, the shaft shielding her from all the attacks. The inujin pressed their attacks, their combined strength nearly overcoming Jenna. She reacted quickly, dropping the heavy end of the axe, letting their weapons suddenly slide down it and throwing her attackers off balance. They shifted left, she right, striking one of them with the flat of her axeblade. He was unconscious before he hit the floor.

The two remaining looked to each other, grumbling something to each other in Inustani. Then, they split up, one to Jenna's right, one to Jenna's left. One slashed low, the other high, making scissors of their swords. Jenna acted fast, bending backwards to avoid the first blade, and letting herself hit the floor to avoid the second. She landed with her legs extended over her head, leaving her in the perfect position to propel herself back into a standing position. The inujin were so surprised, they simply blindly attacked, which played right into Jenna's plan. She dove under them, allowing her axeshaft to trip them both up. She rolled to her feet, twirled, and struck both the warriors in the back of the head before they could rise. "I hate it when they keep getting back up..."

Hakaril, on the other hand, wasn't having nearly as much trouble. Whenever a warrior sliced at him, he ended up slicing at air, with the actual target ending up a couple of feet away. Before they knew it, one of them had hit the ground, struck in the back of the head with the butt of a dagger. "And you know the funny thing?" Hak quipped. "'Faster than the naked eye' isn't really that fast! Watch!" Before they could blink, Hak's fist met the snout of another fighter, sending him a few feet away before he came to a rest in every sense of the word. "See? Your hand goes faster when you're thinking about your mother," he said, making the requisite hand motion. The inu made a face, shouting something in Inustani. "Huh? What was that? Your sister? Sorry, my mistake, you motherf@#$er." That REALLY set him off. He threw his sword to the side, dropped to all fours, and came at him like a rabid wolf. This time, Hak didn't even need to go faster than the naked eye. He simply sidestepped the beast and gave him a quick shove towards the wall he was already heading towards.

At the same time, Daenj'r was facing his share of the foes. For some reason, they all seemed to be... snickering at their situation. The eldest Tymisonn was unimpressed. "I know what you're all thinking," he announced. "You're thinking that an old man should be easy to beat."

"Whatever, old man," said their leader, with a slight inu accent. "Point is, you're going down, fast!"

Daenj'r looked him square in the eye. "You're also thinking that you need to finish this quick so you can get back to your girlfriend Lola because she said she had something special in store for you when you got home. I believe they're called raging fairy kisses nowadays..."

The lead inujin was stunned. "Man... how did you know that?"
Daenj'r tapped the side of his head. "It's all up here, junior... now, would you like to know what I'm thinking?" Before they could bark an answer, Daenj'r clutched them in the heavenly grip of the Hand of Ashura, lifting them off their feet. "I'm thinking, you're in my way." With a mighty toss, the holy magician cast the three aside, into the nearest wall and into dreamland.

All the inujin lay defeated. All that was left was Kae'Oss. "Damn," he said, "that was over quicker than I thought. Eh, not like I was stalling for time."

"You should have run, Kae," called Akky. "Makes kicking your ass a whole lot more challenging for us."

Daenj'r turned on Ak'Zhis. "That is NOT why were here, Ak'Zhis!" he scolded, refocusing on Kae. "We are here to get Kodi. After that, Kae can do what he likes. But, my hope is that he'd turn himself in." His voice took a darker tone. "It'd be best for all involved."

"Well, y'see, that's the thing. I don't want what's best for all involved," Kae sneered as he slowly lifted the orb. "I want what's best for me."

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Re: Woot.

Unread postby Vampire Jester Jinx » Fri Sep 26, 2003 12:34 am

you know what i think of this charles. *Thumbs up* <p>
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Re: Woot.

Unread postby pd Rydia » Fri Sep 26, 2003 2:30 pm

Bwee. o.o Más. <p>
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Re: Woot.

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Sun Sep 28, 2003 6:46 pm

Slowly, all the Tymisonns began to crumble, headaches and stomachaches and cramps breaking out all over. The intensity grew, till only Daenj'r stayed upright.

"How'd you get the...?"

"Orb of Reshtaha? Got it off a drunken Reshlover in a card game. Nice luck, huh?"

"Fine then. I'll just dispel the curse." With hand outstretched, Daenj'r chanted the simple magic words, "Curse be lifted!"

And nothing. The curse went on, unfettered. Kae'Oss leaned in closer, the myriad pitchforks of energy stabbing deeper into the holy magician's flesh.

"All white spells means ALL white spells, Unc," said Kae cooly. "No dispelling the curse, no escape, no nothing. You're mine."

A few inujin limped over to their leader, nursing torn shoulders and black eyes. "Lock 'em up," he ordered, and the dogmen were quick to obey. All of the clan were chained next to Kodi, in front of a dais.

"Wonderful rescue attempt, Dad," Kodi grumbled through swollen lips.

"Hold on, Kodi," mumbled his father in response.
"Yeah, man. Haven't you noticed that someone is missing?" mentioned Hak. "Y'know, someone sorta stronger than all of us combined?"

"Watch it," grumbled Dae.

Kae'Oss' thugs were slowly pulling themselves off the floor. As they collected themselves, some of them noticed tiny burning sticks that seemed to fall from the darkened rafters. Some of them gasped in futility as the firecrackers exploded with surprising intensity, sending the thugs flying. Kae'Oss watched in horror. "Oh, no, no, no," he worried aloud. "How could I forget? Aw man, no, no, no!"

The crackers continued to fall until all the inujin were once again defeated. Kae'Oss was alone. Then, the lights went out, the warehouse suddenly becoming very cold.
"We took you into our home. Tried to make you feel like part of the family. But you decided to be a brat and make trouble. And now some synaptic hiccup's convinced you it's my family's fault?"

Kae'Oss' eyes still searched the darkness. "Where are you?"
Then, a pair of footfalls. "Right where you don't want me to be." Kae'Oss turned, and met with a pair of blood red eyes and a mouth of sharp smiling teeth.

"Welcome to your nightmare," said a grinning, insanely pissed Jazz Tymisonn.

"... JOE!" Kae'Oss began to run as fast as his legs would take him. But his legs were only human, no match for a vampire's speed. Before he had gotten 15 feet, he was tripped. He slid, then rolled, then hit the wall hard. The vampiress grabbed Kae by his collar.

"This is the LAST time you mess with MY family!"

As the fangs reached for his neck, Kae screamed, "JOE! JOE, DO IT NOW! JOE!!!!!"

The fangs came closer... closer... closer... and stopped. Kae could feel the teeth on his neck, but they seemed colder than usual, almost frigid. Kae'Oss realized his eyes were squeezed shut, and slowly opened them. The fearful image of his aunt hand stopped coled, her visage locked in a thick veneer of ice. Almost with a feeling of curiousity, Kae poked his aunt in the nose, sending her sliding slowly across the floor until she -BONK- hit a crate.

Kae'Oss was breathing hard. "... that was SWEET!" he exclaimed. "Dude, how much you on?"

Joeseph Relkin was rather incoherent. His skin had turned blue, his hair (even his goatee) had turned to spiked icicles, and all about him was this icy wind, a numbing cold. A large plastic bag was in his hand, the size of a large paperback, and at the bottom was the last lingering bit of kryl he had missed.

"Wow... well, we'll get you to the medic later, alright?" Joeseph nodded silently and shuffled off.

"WELL!" Kae clapped his hands. "I believe that's everyone. No more siblings, no more parents, and I doubt," he said,
grabbing his guardian by the chin, "Unca Dae was humble enough to tell his buddies. No Hak or Dia crashing through the door anytime soon, I'll wager."

"What makes you think," Dae spat back, "that I haven't already called them?"

"Cuz there's no way in Hellmouth that you can concentrate on telepathy with a thousand buzzers going off in your head. Trust me, I know," he said, patting the orb. "Now one last thing before I go..."

"Well, do it quick," Jenna piped up. "Cuz as soon as you're out of range of that thing, we're gonna..."

"Calistioc," Kae said. The orb changed, turned a bit purple. "I don't need to be here anymore for it to 'work'. I just enabled its 'memory'." Kae'Oss took a look at all of them, knowing it would be for the last time. "F$%# you all," he said, and waved for his colleagues to follow.

Then a voice cut through the darkness... <p>--------------------
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Re: Woot.

Unread postby Choark » Mon Sep 29, 2003 9:10 am

OOOH! Me likes!

And Jenna with her sweet Axe as well *sighs* Me likees so far and me wants to know what happens next so get to it! NOW!! .. please? Pleeeeeease.

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Re: Woot.

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Mon Sep 29, 2003 3:47 pm

"Wait, Kae'Oss, stop!" she called, her voice echoing off the warehouse walls. Kae turned, snatching up the orb once more.

"Who's there?" he called, unable to see anyone in the darkness of the night.

She walked towards Kae, into the dim light, its rays resting upon the shoulders of her business suit, the curls of her dark hair, the mahogany of her skin, eyes. "Don' tell me...y'don't recognize me anymore, hon," she said, a look of genuine joy on her face. And yet, the tears on her face told of the pain lurking just under the surface.

Kae'Oss was stunned. "M-...Mom?" he stuttered. "Wha... what are YOU doing here?"

"I heard about Kodi's kidnappin' at work, and...I knew it was you." She reached out to him. "I...I had to com-"

"Don't touch me!" Kae'Oss shouted, pulling away from her. "In fact, back it the f@#$ up!" He raised the orb, inflicting the spell. Rai'm yelped, and reeled back a few feet, out of the orb's range. Kae paused a bit, and put away the orb, "... leave. There ain't nothing you can do for me."

"Well...mebbe one last thing," she said, looking right into her child's eyes. "I can replace yer uncle and yer cousins as y'hostage."

"What? You gotta be s@#$$in' me," he laughed. "They're the ones that treated me like s#$@ since I was born. You... you ain't done that..."

"Think, Kae," Rai'm pleaded. "I know yer bright. Th'government knows about this, Kae. My being here's proof. And s'much as your uncle's helped this city, he still doesn't carry th'weight I do as a hostage."

"You don't get it, do ya, Mom? You never quite understood what drove me to do what I did. This isn't about getting a million gil and a slowboat to Argovia! This," He held the sphere high. "This is about giving people what they deserve."

"Then I need t'be on that slab more than anyone!" She held her hand to her face, almost regretting the words.

"... no you don't. Don't... don't be foolish, Ma. That ain't true."

"Yes it is, and y'know it. I can see it in your eyes, y'know it's true. When..." Rai'm paused for a moment, as if gathering up her courage. "When I found out I was going to have you I...I was terrified. I was a...scared little girl who had no idea what she was gettin' into. So, I did what any scared girl would do...I ran. I ran from you as soon as I could. But until now, until this moment, I never realized what I was terrified of. And now I know.

"It's seeing you like this, Kae. I was afraid I would raise you, and love you, and do all I could for you, and you would turn out like..." She held back.

"... oh, come ON, Mom!" Kae cried. "You got me all worked up, and now you're not even..."

"Your father!" she shouted. "You're acting jes' like yer father! He was revenge driven and...and bitter jes' like you are, and I'm th'only one who knew that! It's my fault you're like this...if I had raised you, I could've stopped you from being like this. But instead, I rolled th'dice and lost."

For the first time in a long time, Kae'Oss had no words, no retorts. No idea of what to do... except drop the orb and embrace his mother.

"I'm sorry, Mama," he said. "I hate him too... never knew it was me I hated..." With that, he turned and kicked the orb at the wall, shattering it into a million shards. The shift of energy, from inverse to normal, converged on Kae, sending him into the air, a ragdoll plagued by lightning. He hit the ground, shuddering, the proximity to so many Tymisonns eating him alive.

"Curse be lifted!" cried Daenj'r, ending the spell. Kae stopped shaking, but lay still, barely conscious. He looked at his mother, and said, "Betcha Dad never pulled s#$% like that..." He smiled, and easily passed out.

Rai'm knelt down, tenderly touching her son's face. Wiping away the tears, she reached inside a pocket and produced a hand radio.

"Move in," she said simply. In an instant, armed warriors and mages burst upon the scene, collecting up the injured and unconscious thugs. Rai'm set about unlocking her brother, who collapsed into a hug with his sister.

"Thanks for coming," he mumbled.

"Well, you told me to come," she wryly responded.

"Heh... true." He smirked.

She smirked.

And they hugged all the more.

END <p>--------------------
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Re: Woot.

Unread postby pd Rydia » Tue Sep 30, 2003 6:38 pm

You need to fix your spacing in the last couple installments...


This story is spiffariffic, and earns the Empreess Rydia seal of approval. <p>
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Re: Woot.

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Fri Oct 10, 2003 11:03 pm

I likes, man. Good ending.

Makes me wonder about who his old man twas, it do. <p>------------------
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