Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist (FINISHED?!)

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The Great Nevareh

Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist (FINISHED?!)

Unread postby The Great Nevareh » Fri Jul 16, 2004 4:54 pm

Edit X: Gotten rid of KoE, added "Mind Reading" and "Sense Motive."

Edit X-2: Made the whole damn thing more readable and made some fixes. Tossed "Quick Escapes" and threw in "Languages" as well as "Master of Tongues."

Name: Nevareh Milligan
Sex: Naturally female, can play a very convincing man.
Race: Naturally human, tends to vary with disguise.
Eyes: Naturally green/blue, tends to vary with disguise.
Hair: Naturally auburn, tends to vary with disguise.
Height: Naturally 5'7'', tends to vary with disguise.
Build: Naturally slim yet sturdy, tends to vary with disguise.
Weight: Base 134 lbs. without anything else.

Nevareh is generally cheery and tends not to do anything that alarms people (while sober, anyway). She also has the power to fake pretty much anything. Combine this with a predisposition to lie, a predisposition to steal, and a predisposition to think of other people as her property, shake well, and serve with a side of dry sarcasm.

She dresses well in popular fashions, always looking the epitome of what a lady should look like, though not always acting the part. Her one failing here is her inability to wear excessively impractical footwear, and is thus prone to wearing extremely long if slightly out-of-style dresses or skirts when attempting to hide her sensible but extremely unfashionable shoes. Not that she really cares how she looks, but other people do.

Nevareh is also a somewhat infamous confidence artist, but being wanted all over Igala in various different countries tends to do that to you. She's wanted for fraud, larceny, and numerous other offenses that essentially mean that she ended up with a bunch of other people's money without playing by the rules and then quite unsportingly vanished without a trace before the local law enforcers had a chance to catch up with her and convince her that she was wrong. Though the name "Nevareh Milligan" isn't really anywhere. Actually, any trace of "Nevareh Milligan" vanished seven years ago up to the point where she recently suddenly popped back into existence.

Being a master of trickery and disguise, Nevareh is quite adept at not looking exactly like herself. Being no fool, she wouldn't use an alias that has some kind of soiled record somewhere else in the world. Some of these aliases happen to belong to other species, and a few of them happen to belong to other genders. She's adept with numerous languages as well as with numerous accents, playing any part almost perfectly

Nevareh is very, very, very rich, and has access to numerous non-credit resources as well. Numerous policemen or law enforcers from other countries might recognize her from somewhere, but they'd need to be very perceptive to understand why they remember her face. Nevareh hasn't ever pulled any scams in Doma and she's also been fairly careful to avoid scamming any Doman citizens, thus she's fairly safe so long as she never leaves the country since she has very fastidiously never broken any Doman laws while on Doman soil.

As for her hobbies and/or quirks, Nevareh likes to keep track of various interesting or famous people she's either heard of or met in her travels. A side-effect of this hobby is that she has a stockpile of mental information about a wide variety of people whose sole connection to one another is that Nevareh finds them interesting. Another quirk of hers is being a gun enthusiast with "a small collection of firearms" that is stored in a large room that looks like the bastard child of a workshop, a chemist's laboratory, a showroom, a forge, and a warehouse. Despite her collection being "Small," she can produce firearms from the depths of her... uhh... gun-place... which would surprise both customs agents and non-Valthi gunsmiths alike.

Under Your Skin(Wis/Wis/Int)
This is a knowledge skill that signifies that Nevareh knows how to read people- and tell them what they want. By using this skill, Nevareh can go over her previous experience with people and figure out what it is what someone does or does not want to hear.
The Magic of Misdirection (Wis/Int/Cha)
A type of magic that specializes in misdirection and confusion, relying less on the potency of the caster's magical ability and more on the caster's personal charm to get the job done.
Confidence Artistry (Wis/Int/Cha)
This skill signifies knowing how to run a confidence scam. The higher the rank, the more able the user at planning said scams.

Courage: 3 (it takes reasonable courage to lie right to someone's face.)
Wisdom: 6 (She is a walking treasure trove of knowledge, and is pretty adept at soaking up more.)
Intuition: 3 (She is reasonaby intuitive about what people want to hear.)
Charisma: 6 (She is extremely charismatic and is reasonably difficult to dislike.)
Agility: 0 (She isn't particularly agile.)
Dexterity: 1 (She has above-average dexterity.)
Strength: 0 (She isn't particularly strong.)
Stamina: 0 (She isn't particularly hardy. )
Magical Apititude: 2 (She can use magic without extreme difficulty.)
EXP: 0/1000
HP: 55
MP: 65
TP: 20
Initiative: 6+2d6
Base AT/PA: 6/6
Modified AT/PA: 6/6
Armor Class: 0
Magic Attack: 11
Magic Defense: 19
Dodge: 13

(Though Nevareh has access to (and owns) almost every variety of firearm in existance and is trying to make her own (albeit unsuccessfully), she tends to carry around a few specific weapons. If she's gearing up to go fight, she'll bring something else.)
Sidearm: KWR-CR04(CWK)-Custom
Special- allows the use of "Special Ammunition" techniques
Accuracy: 8+4=12
Damage: 8+5d5
Rounds per load: 7

Other Sidearm: VWR-CR(CWK)-K82-Custom
Special- Allows the use of "Special Ammunition" techniques
Accuracy: 6+4=10
Damage: 15+5d7
Rounds per load: 5

Stun Bullets- 2 cartridges
Handgun bullets that do 1/10 the damage that a normal bullet would do but has the added effect of exploding with a deafening burst of tear gas and psychic noise. The target, if hit, must make a Stamina save (unless shot in the head/a critical hit is made) with a DC of 18. If they fail, they are stunned for 1d3 rounds. If they succeed, they are deafened for 1d3 rounds and take -2 to all actions. If they critically fail, they fall immediately unconscious, and if they critically succeed, they only take the 1/10 damage and no other ill effects are sustained. Note: Special Rounds can only be used once a round and can be the only attack action executed by the user.

Anything immune to stunning, deafness, psychic shock, or the like is likewise automatically immune to the effects of these rounds.

Diplomacy: 4
Bartering: 4
Etiquette: 4
Firearms: 4
The Magic of Misdirection: 4
(s)Etiquette: Bartering: 4
(s)Etiquette: Underworld/Black Market: 4
(s)Mind Reading: 4
(s)Sense Motive: 4
(k)Languages: 4
(k)Firearms: 4
(s)Bullshit: 4
(s)Under Your Skin: 4
(s)Confidence Artistry: 4
(s)Misdirection: 4


<Innate> Master of Tongues:
Nevareh can effectively if not masterfully impersonate an accent in any language she's fluent in (and she's fluent in a LOT of languages), as well as dialectic and regional intonations and pronunciations. Someone who is very well-versed (like a native of the place she claims she hails from) can attempt to pick her out as a fraud, but it's not easy and it's not common. There are some accents she does perfectly and thus have no flaws at all- Specifically, High and Low Doman, High and Low Barionian, Mistan, and any of the more common dialects of those accents. If Nevareh spends a month or longer in a place practicing the art of fitting in, she gains this level of perfect impersonation, and she can do a fairly accurate impersonation (albeit not perfect) of being a resident of a region if she spends a week or two in the company of a native. Both of these sub-abilities have the caveat of Nevareh being a fluent speaker of the language.

<Innate> Mental Muddle- TP use 5
Nevareh can, if she takes a turn, speed up her mind to a state of incredible confusion while retaining a pellucid ur-consciousness and a kind of rudimentary functionality. This is generally a very effective counter to mental scanning and telepathy, rendering her mind not unreadable but ridiculously disordered, and it is easily recognizeable as a block unless the scanner is incredible naive OR honestly believes that Nevareh is schizophrenic. A mentalist of intermediate power and ability can force her out of her mental muddle and then read her, and a mentalist of greater power can read her through the muddle itself without actually molesting the very confusing barrier she just threw up between herself and the outside world. While functioning in a mental muddle, she is suffers a -6 to Courage, Intuition, Wisdom, Dexterity, and Charisma when attempting to interact with the outside world, though the internal functioning of her consciousness is remarkably intact, and she still is able to percieve everything around her mostly unhindered. Nevareh has a 1 in 4 chance of hallucinating inside of the muddle, a 1 in 3 chance of hearing voices, and a 1 in 6 chance of dealing with heart-stopping terror and panic, all of which must be dealt with as though Nevareh cast spells of those type upon herself. During Mental Muddle, Nevareh cannot sleep or rest, and food and drink must be forced or tricked into her. At any point after starting the muddle to the end of its duration, Nevareh can snap herself out of it. Mental Muddle lasts one hour.

(MoM=1) Smoke Vanish- Mp use 5.
This spell simulates the use of a rather powerful smoke bomb. No damage is dealt, but the smoke is pervasive and all-encompassing, though due to its magical nature it dissipates very quickly. This cloud obscures normal vision though does nothing to other forms of vision since the cloud has no real substance. Duration: (MoM/2)+1d4 turns.

(MoM=3) Shining Light- MP use 7.
This spell simulates the use of flash paper- it makes a bright, bright light occur. This light isn't bright enough to blind, but it IS bright enough to distract. It gives off no heat, and thus is invisible to other forms of vision outside of the human spectrum. This spell also shows up on the Astral Plane due to its magical nature, but is no more damaging.
Effect: Distracts all who are affected- everyone after Nevareh in initiative, friend and foe, get -1 to everything they're doing until the next combat phase begins unless they know to shield their eyes.

(MoM=4) Sleight of Hand- MP use 15
This spell makes Nevareh's hands impossible to track for a very short period of time by any visual method. This extends to any object she's manipulating with her hands that is not so large as to not be easily handled- a pencil would be lost, but not a boulder.
Duration: 10+(MoM) seconds.
Added effect: If used in Combat, opponents have -4 parry or dodge against her attacks because they can't tell what she's doing.

(Firearms=1, (k)Firearms=4) Load Special Rounds- TP=1 per bullet
Nevareh loads Special Ammunition into a weapon that has been customized to fire said special ammunition. Can be used at the same time as "Flash Reload" if the extra cost of using these rounds is incurred, and Nevareh has enough TP to completely load the weapon with Special Ammunition.

(Fireams=2, MoM=2) Flash Reload- TP=1, MP=5
Nevareh instantly reloads her weapon and can attack in the same turn, though she nullifies using any other attack techniques or spells.

(Fireams=4) Manipulate Special Rounds- TP=3
Nevareh attacks in such a way that she maximizes the special effect of the special rounds she's using. She automatically rolls highest on the effect of the special rounds when using this skill, though not on the regular bullet damage.

(MoM=4,(s)Bullshit=4) Look Over There!- TP=4 MP=15
Nevareh attempts to use all of her abilities to get any number of targets to pay attention in one direction at her urging. All targets are effectively stunned for one turn.

Very, very little is known about the person named Nevareh Milligan who right now sits in her wealthy estate in the richest part of Doma other than that she's beautiful Barionian native with a lot of money. She comes off to everyone and anyone as scintillating and witty, perfectly capable of handling any situation with a modicum of effort and a maximum of ease.
However, there are numerous law enforcement officials around the continent of Igala (and a few on Chuushima and Argovia) who could, if they got together, paint a picture as to what Nevareh has been doing for the last ten years to amass her sizeable fortune of mysterious origins.
She started off on the incredibly rewarding part of her career in Baron, five years previous to present day, and managed to evade authorities all around the continent, at one point taking a boat from Theice to Evringshal to evade local authorities, spending some time in Argovia, boating from there to Chuushima, made her way back to Igala at the Woodlands, then made her way north through the various countries in between her and Doma (increasing her fortune the whole way), and finally arrived at Doma and proceeded to set up an estate that is disturbingly close to the Baronian Embassy.
Her past is rather clouded, but she might turn out to have a lot of connections with plenty of Doman residents.
She is rumored to be related to someone who recently married into the Baronian Royal Family, but whether or not her resemblance to that person is coincidental or not is nothing she'll talk about. At times, when it's brought up, she jokes that she's secretly the five-hundred twenty-seventh person in line for the throne behind her brothers, unless you count her marriage to so-and-so, thus bumping her up to three-hundred eighty-first. As to the truth, who knows? And honestly, is it really of that much value?

(Practical reason behind the cloudiness- Nevareh's Past is going to be done out in a series of RPs that span all over Igala. So I, in all honesty, CAN'T put many details down.) <p>"There is great disorder under Heaven, and the situation is excellent."
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Uncle Pervy

Re: Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist.

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:54 pm

So what you're saying is that she has everyone gun ever and also 'knowledge of everything'. <p>-------------------------------------

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Re: Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist

Unread postby GC130A » Fri Oct 22, 2004 9:31 pm

From the looks of it, Knowledge of Everything is an advanced form of the [s]Bullshit skill, coupled with that +6 Wisdom dealie.

As for the guns, it does say "or has access to", and also "has a small gun collection", which means that she has a few nice ones and can get pretty much whatever kind of gun she wants. Coz she's rich.

Leastaways that's how I see it.

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Re: Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist

Unread postby Idran1701 » Fri Oct 22, 2004 10:26 pm

...I now have the urge to see an RP with both Nevareh and Greg. Possibly at odds with each other! :D <p>

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Re: Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist

Unread postby The Great Nevareh » Sat Oct 23, 2004 2:14 am

Essentially, KoE is Bullshit, just with some background information. So, in Pervy-Appeasement, I shall remove KoE.
Also, I, not being as super-literate as some people, do not understand what you are saying when you leave out words and phrases to imply stupidity on my part. Unless you seriously think "own everyone gun ever" is correct English grammar. <p>[---------------------------]
"There is great disorder under Heaven, and the situation is excellent."
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Re: Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist

Unread postby Banjooie » Sat Oct 23, 2004 11:38 am

I have an announcement.

Nevareh has /won the thread/.

He earns 1x Reprieve From Assessment. <p><Chat> <Matto says, "What's up?"
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Angst."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Drama."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Betrayal."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Plushies."</p>

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Re: Nevareh Milligan, Confidence Artist

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Sat Oct 23, 2004 3:48 pm

Cut out "one" and it makes perfect sense. It's called a typo.

Also, it can be rearranged to "One of every gun ever". <p>
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