Quick Ref of chars

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Quick Ref of chars

Unread postby SALSAlys » Wed May 19, 2004 12:34 pm

I finally jump on the bandwagon. 9.9; Oh welp. Here's the stuff for one of my chars.

Name: Jessamin Copperhead
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: "Enough."

Physical Description: A lithe, tanned woman with coppery red hair, immensely curly and wavy, but tied back in a high ponytail. Her eyes are a vivid green color, with cat-like slits.

Background: A former circus performer specializing in trick knifethrowing, she was born into the life and loves the cameraderie of the troupe, though she has separated herself from them for a period, due to an 'incident' involving the Lord of the Cats and her desire to not embroil them in any demonic affairs. While she may pursue her own goals, whenever he requires her, she must obey.

Personality: Generally mellow, she enjoys observing people and interacting with them.

Strength: d12
Agility: d10
Stamina: d16
Dexterity: d8
Intuition: d12
Wisdom: d12
Charisma: d12

Acrobatics: d12
Cooking: d16
Fighting (knives): d12
Fighting (unarmed): d12
Geography: d10
Inustani: d16
Juggling: d10
Knife-throwing: d8
Nekonian: d20
Sleight of hand: d12
Swimming: d12

Due to the Lord of the Cats, though, she is also able to take on the form of an immense black cat, approximately the size of a horse, (better desc to come later), but then she is unable to use weaponry and her clothing is ruined. It also leaves her exhausted to use it too often, and she is unable to communicate. Bear in mind that while this form has a lot of potential, she doesn't use it too often.

Strength: d8
Stamina: d16
Dexterity: d30
Intuition: d12
Wisdom: d12
Charisma: d30 (due to being a darn big kitty of scary sort)

Fighting (unarmed): d8
Tracking: d12


Ryoko Devilmen

Unread postby SALSAlys » Fri May 28, 2004 8:17 am

Ryoko Devilmen:
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5’5”
Eyes: Blue

Physical description: A slender, though busty teenager with small, almost 'cute' fangs and pointed ears. Her hair is light brown, with chunky blonde streaks and extends midway down her back. She has deep blue eyes and is usually wearing a black miniskirt and a pink tank top.

Background: Daughter of Ryoko and Argus Devilmen, it’s small wonder she’s got such a problem with hormones, and in fact has a rather (in)famous crush on Jaeko Messiah Williams. This half-succubus inherited the ‘sooky cleavage space’ as well, and despite her libido and seeming ‘experience’ with sex, is actually quite naive and trusting. Not to mention rather hyperactive.

Strength: d16
Agility: d12
Stamina: d12 (1/5)
Dexterity: d12
Intuition: d12 (3/5)
Wisdom: d20 (2/3)
Charisma: d10

Dancing (social): d12
Doman Society: d12
Flexibility: d8
Horseback Riding: d20
Knowledge of places outside of Doma: d16
Mathematics: d16
Quick Change (fwipping into clothing or out!): d8 (1/7)
Shapechanging: d12 (4/5)
Swimming: d10 (2/6)
Unarmed Combat: d12

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Kendrick Vaza

Unread postby SALSAlys » Fri May 28, 2004 8:26 am

Kendrick Vaza:

Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Physical description: A tall, athletic boy with pale skin and handsome, though somewhat cold, chiselled features, almost bishounen. His eyes are silver, and his hair is black, and usually slicked back. For those who know his uncle, Damian Vaza, he has a rather uncanny resemblance to him.

Background: Son of Eskei and Karin, and sister of Erin, he's a cocky, rather arrogant boy with a foul mouth on him. He appreciates a good fight, but tends to be motivated primarily by self interest, unless it touches upon family. To tell the truth, he's a bit jealous of his adopted brother Kris though; he always takes Momma's attention. ;-;

Str: d10
Agi: d12
Sta: d10
Dex: d16
Int: d16
Wis: d16
Cha: d20

Balance: d16
Climbing: d20 (1/3)
Holding Liquor (don’t get drunk!): d8
Intimidate: d10
Shooting: d10 (3/6)
Swimming: d12
Unarmed Combat: d12
Valthi Language: d12


Pat Copperhead

Unread postby SALSAlys » Thu Sep 16, 2004 8:52 pm

Name: Pat Copperhead (her first name's actually Patricia, but she goes by Pat)
Race: Human, Nekojin ancestry (black cat ears)
Class: Machinist

Pat may surprise people once they realize that this short and wiry 'boy' with freckles, curly orange hair, and a pair of 'adorable' black cat ears is actually a GIRL. It's certainly not as if Pat advertises the fact, or that she goes out of her way to dress femininely. On the contrary, she is so much of a tomboy that it's quite easy to forget that she ISN'T one of the boys, even when her gender is known. In fact, she even enhances the illusion with her own form of 'crossdressing', where she'll attend formal events in a suit or tux rather than a dress, claiming that it's more comfortable and mobile.

Besides enjoying messing with people's conceptions of gender in that fashion, she is an avid gamer— and has a tendency of interpreting life as just another game, where a save point is always just out of sight, and where things can be reset at any time. Growing up as a child, she spent much of her time in the local arcade or planted in front of a screen with a bunch of friends, and enjoyed playing make believe and battling at tree forts with the neighbourhood boys. She had a buoyant attitude and basically forced herself into being the leader of the 'good guys' in every game, leading her team on grand adventures against the forces of darkness and early bedtimes.

Of course, there was one game which she particularly enjoyed playing. As a starry-eyed mecha fanatic, Pat would repeatedly bully the boys into pretending they were inside the immense machines (as Pat was a die-hard mechanical junkie), running missions which would range anything from races with additional sound effects to sneaking into inflamed war zones in order to capture a cookie or an opponent's flag.

At first, her parents took her craze as being just that; a craze which would soon pass and be surpassed just like her pirate phase, where she refused to go anywhere without a pirate hat and a loud "YAR!" preceding her entry into a room. Much to their surprise, though, Pat's interest continued, and she eventually joined the MAC Academy.

An increased familiarity with the creations only served to sharpen her interest, especially with the purely mechanical robots. For her own personal 'bot, she designed it with her childish dreams in mind— and for the primary controller, she used a game controller, relying upon her long experience with games and her knowledge of her own mech in order to perform. She also modelled its abilities after her favoured fighting methods in games, tweaking up its agility and mobility so that it could perform martial-arts type movements, with lasers extending from various points to provide long-range strikes and simulate "very cool special combos!" While it has a bit of flying capacity, she uses it primarily to boost jumps.

Overall, she maintains a somewhat reckless attitude; one that's willing to gamble on risky odds and go for long shots in search of the next thrill.

As a few trivia notes, she is a horrible singer, and has been requested to stop singing in the shower. Even so, she nurses dreams of being a karaoke star. She is also a.... not very good cook, though she has an odd affinity for spicy food. Unfortunately, it's so spicy that most would consider it inedible.

Strength: d16
Agi: d12
Dex: d8
Con: d12
Int: d10
Wis: d12
Cha: d12

Cookery: d16
Cookery (spicy): d10
Crossdressing: d10
DDR: d12
Knowledge- Video/arcade games: d8
Mecha use: d10
Mecha design: d12
Singing: d20
Tae kwon do: d12
Video/arcade games: d8

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