Gaera-form Xaq, v.1.0b

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Gaera-form Xaq, v.1.0b

Unread postby Will Rennar » Sat Jul 17, 2004 6:59 pm

Okay, I'll warn ya right off the bat of two things.
1) I barely had ANY clue how Philsys works when I started this, so there's bound to be a few billion things that need tweaked.
2) I need to learn how to condense a backstory a little, so for scrolling's sake I'll be making that particular section (10 paragraphs long. O_O;; ) in extra-small font.

Ready? Here we go...


Name: Xaqarius Telveniis Shenor ("Xaq", "Czxaqcke", "Merple")
Race: Quarter-dragon / Beaver
Age: 23
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark brown
Skin color: Lightly tanned caucasian
Height : Human: 5'9 Half-Dragon: 6'2 Beaver: 2'8 long
Weight : 192 / 258 / 11

<span style="font-size:xx-small;">&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The son of Telven,a half-dragon, and Melinda Shenor, a human. Xaq grew up in Malmuth's outskirts, helping his parents with the family business, a small eatery for travelers, mostly from or heading to Riva, who needed to take a load off their feet for a spell. It wasn't much, especially when compared to such establishments as the Jade Dragon, but it took care of them for many years, despite Xaq's constant temper tantrums and the occasional small fires that seemed to accompany them. His mother knew it wasn't anything she could help, though...simply something he'd inherited from his father. Secretly, she prayed that was all he'd gotten.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp When their son turned 13, Telven, having saved up some money over the years, decided the diner wasn't large enough for the number of customers it was attracting anymore. While some hired hands from in town began work on enlarging the first floor, Xaq took up some part-time work helping them out, finding he had quite a knack for this kind of labor. After a few days one of the hired hands begrudgingly told his folks that they may as well let their son handle things and save the money. The young boy heartily agreed to it, setting out to gather more supplies.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp He came back to the sight of his mother laying on the ground, clothing shredded and blood pouring from numerous gashes in her lifeless body. Dangling from the rafters was his father's grotesquely mangled form, apparently killed while he was changing to his other form he'd liked to show off to his family so much. And there, just below his corpse sat the workers, dividing all of his mother's belongings up amongst each other. One of them spotted the boy and rose to his feet, brandishing a large sword, announcing that the boy shouldn't have come back, and that his time was now at an end.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp What followed after was a scene of ruthless slaughter and charred bodies, as the other half of Xaq's bloodline revealed itself. Large, bloody wings sprouted and unfurled from his shoulders. a long, leathery tail entwined itself around him. Claws tore through his boots and stabbed into the ground. The grass surrounding him blackened and smoldered, spitting up flames in numerous spots. With a voracious cry the half-dragon's son tore into his parents' murderers, showing them the same mercy they had shown his family; None.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp He awoke the next morning in a smoldering field, surrounded by ash-covered skeletons and the smoldering remains of his home. The sight of his slain parents, now both lying on the ground, awakening faint memories of what had transpired. Mournfully, he buried their remains in their backyard, then went back out front and, grasping the sword that had been promised to end his life the night before, shattered what remained of the worksmen to pieces. Gathering up what he could and making a fairly memorable grave marker, he paid his last respects to his mother and father, and took off, hoping to make a new start for himself.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Over the next decade he made a living for himself doing odd jobs in carpentry, hunting, and, of course, construction, helping build farms, houses, taverns, and whatnot. All the while he practiced gaining control of the side of himself that had been unleashed that fateful night. It took many years, but eventually the transformations were finally, if only somewhat, under his control.
The outlashes still occurred, however, when he lost his temper. This fact began a strange twist of events during a hike along Riva's coastline one day, when Xaq was confronted by a gangly little man in brown robes, viciously waving a pair of knives and demanding all of the young man's belongings. One poorly-timed insult about his mother drove him into a frenzy, leaving a good chunk of the area scorched, the would-be thief in a jumbled mess, and some number of wildlife in the area dead.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Gasping for his breath, Xaq snarled and turned to leave when a blinding flash of thunder came out of the skies and struck him down. As his sight went blank from the flash a vision of the goddess of fluffiness appeared before him, looking quite irritated. Scolding him for the damage he'd recklessly caused, she decided on a quite estranged punishment for him and reached through him, laying a finger on his soul as the vision vanished, leaving him to collapse into a deep sleep.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp He woke up the next morning laying next to a downed tree, a newly built construct in the water that resembled a beaver's damn, and the taste of sawdust in his mouth...along with a disturbingly clear recollection of what happened. His dragon blood had been tainted by Fluffigami, causing his other form to become that of a beaver. The dam, the downed tree, were his doing.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp This sucked.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp "Relax," a voice said in his mind, one all too familiar, "the change will slowly go away as you come to terms with yourself. Until then, though, this should keep you in check." Quite an understatement in his mind, as he didn't recover from this change for a few months. However, the time spent as a beaver taught him a number of things he'd never even thought to think about before, including a renewed respect for Gaera's creatures.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Nowadays, Xaq travels around the Rivaran, still doing what he does best, while trying to figure out just what in the blazes Fluffigami meant by "coming to terms with himself", hoping eventually to break free of the spell she placed on him...and maybe break the habits he picked up from being a beaver for so long too! (not that he finds branches to taste all that bad anymore...)</span>

INVENTORY: The cupboards are bare.

COU - 3
WIS - 1
INT- 3
CHA- 0
AGI- 2
DEX- 3
STR- 4
STA- 3

Max HP: 70
Max MP: 40
Max TP: 20

Initiative Bonus: 5
Base AT/PA - 12/12
W/ Armor - 13/11 unarmed, 12/10 w/ Sword, 10/10 w/ Axe

Bastard Sword (12T/ 17S/ 21C, -1/-1 AT/PA, Wgt 4, req. 3+ Str)
Damage: 16+1d6T/ 25+2d4S/ 33+2d6C
Studded Leather (11 AC, -1/-1 AT/PA), Leather Bracers (10 AC, n/a AT/PA)

Weapon (Sword) 2 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Weapon (Axe) 1 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Unarmed Combat 2 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Construction 3 <Str/Dex/Sta>
Fire Magic 1 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Hunting 3 The Rosetta Stone -- The Sketchpad -- Asura's Harem</p>

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Unread postby Banjooie » Sat Jul 17, 2004 9:22 pm

Diran: Alright, we've got the famed godmoder in Philsys. We've established, by way of Thalamasa...

Thalamasa: Hiya!

Diran: You're not a Neo Vanist, get out of this post. Anyway, we've established that even the mightiest godmoder can be balanced by Philsys, so let's see! Let's start with the history and....Wait, his race says 'Quarter dragon/Beaver'. Yinnea, you don't do anything useful, you get to read it.

Yinnea: ...Hmph. Well. Alright. Okay, we have a half-dragon and human parents, who apparently handle travellers out from Riva. I'm not sure about that, with the anti-dragon bias, but I'm willing to let it slide cause it actually sounds neat. This Xaq child is apparently good enough at 13 to replace a bunch of hired hands at renovating an inn.

Diran: Some things never change, it appears.

Yinnea: But this appears that it was all a trick so they could slaughter the mother and father.

Diran: BUT THEY HAD TO WAIT FOR THE CHILD TO LEAVE FIRST. They're capable of killing a half-dragon and his wife, but they're scared shitless of a 13 year old child!

Yinnea: Yes. Yes they are.

Diran: ...okay, I'm done, continue on.

Yinnea: The hired hands got owned. And there was a ton of destruction. Then he had to go work odd jobs. day he got really angry and then Stace..

Diran: ...Alright, we're going to stop reading this now, because this sounds like the bit where he gets turned into a beaver and this is too surreal and contrived for /us/. That should tell you all something. Fenron, handle the skills. I'm going to go drink heavily.

Fenron: You bastard, this still involves beaver!

Diran: ...Okay, Nagan, take the techs, and I apologize to you profusely, Fenron.

Nagan: He's got a 99% chance of turning into a Beaver. I'm not reading this anymore.

Diran: ...what the hell.

Nagan: I don't know. I /don't know/.

Will Rennar

Re: .

Unread postby Will Rennar » Sat Jul 17, 2004 9:32 pm

Like I said, it still needs a HELLACIOUS amount of work.

Plus I absolutely -suck- at background stories when it comes to RP characters.


*slaps a big ol' "Failed" sticker on said test*

EDIT: Oh, BTW...Thanks for the bitchslap of a reality check, Banj. *makes a note to work on this some more while he's gone*

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