Attempting A Philsys Pirate Char (please help)

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Attempting A Philsys Pirate Char (please help)

Unread postby FinsterDieTragik » Tue May 25, 2004 7:18 pm

Name: Ronark Victis
Race: Human
Age : 26
Height: 6'5
Weight: 230
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


Courage: 4
Wisdom: 1
Intuition: 2
Charisma : 1
Agility : 3
Dexterity : 3
Strength : 3
Stamina : 4
Magic Aptitude : 0

EXP 0 / 1000

HP 75 / 75
MP 0 / 0
TP 20 / 20
Initiative 7 + (2d6)
AT - 12 PA - 12
Adjusted for skill (sword)
AT - 16 PA -12


Sabre - Thrust 10 1d6 Slash 15 2d4 Chop 21 2d6
AT/PA modifiers 0/0 Weight 2
2 Flint Lock Pistosl - Acc: 5 Damage: 10 2d10 (full round action to reload)

Bio : Ronark Victis did steady work unloading cargo for merchant ships.His spirit,his thirst for adventure,rotting away under his Noble father's watchful eyes.He had been cut out of the inheritance for giving his sisters snobbish fiance a broken nose and a few cracked ribs.

When he was twenty,and felt that he would go mad if he unloaded another crate of lettuce,he snuck aboard a ship,with all his meager wealth.Wanting nothing more than to go to a new land,to find a little excitement.

He found it,and in the cursed himself for it in his two years as a galley slave.He had hidden on a pirate ship.If boredom had rotted his spirit,the whip nearly broke it.When the ship that had been his prison was attacked and began taking on water,he almost accepted drowning.

He broke out of his melancholy trance as the slavemaster ran by,ignoring the frantic calls from the shackled slaves.Ronark remembered that man's laughter as he,taught Ronark the ropes.The feeling of blood sliding down his back and his sweat from endless rowing stung his cuts.

Ronark's vision blurred,I'll drown anyway.He thought as the last strand connecting him to sanity snapped,he broke the oar he was shackled to in one savage motion,and split the slavemaster's skull with it.The slaves cheered but he didn't hear them,he hit the slavemaster with the oar again,and again.

He beat his corpse until his shoulders ached more than they ever had from rowing.The sensation of bloody water sloshing around his knees and the pleading cries of the other slaves dragged him back to sanity.He pulled the key ring from the slavemaster's belt,and began trying to unlock his shackles.

The boat creaked,timber snapped and water rushed in even faster.He finally freed himself and began trying to free the others.He managed to free a few,and pressed the keys into another's hand once the boat began to sink.He ran for his own life,he could have stayed,maybe saved them all.He would hate himself for his choice.

He made it to the deck of the sinking ship,made a wild run across its deck and leapt onto the deck of the enemy vessel.He wouldn't be made a slave again,but he preferred a death by sword or pistol to drowning.He fought savagely,even after taking a bullet in his leg.The captain stopped his crew with a shouted command.

"You fight like a madman,work for me eh?"The captain had asked. "I won't be a slave again."Ronark spat.The captain chuckled,"Not asking you to be."Throwing a silver coin on the deck next to him he grinned,"There's your first month's pay plus a share of any loot we happen upon.Now stop fighting your shipmates and grab a mop."

Four years later Ronark left the Red Serpent with more gold than he could have earned in twenty years of unloading cargo at the docks,a sabre,two pistols,and some rather fond memories.He left the Red Serpent as something he thought he would never be,something he thought he would always hate.A pirate.

Swords - 4
Pistols - 4
Grappling hooks - 3
[s]Evade missle - 2
[s]Sailing - 4
[s]Swimming - 4
[s]Gambling - 4
[k]Pirate lore - 4
[k]Naval combat - 4


Swords- (2) - Reckless attack - Cost 3 TP-- Increases AT by 3 points for 1 attack decreases PA by 3 for rest of round

Swords- (4) Pirate's Fury-Cost 3 TP- grants 1 additional attack

Pistols-(4) - Aimed shot - Cost-(2 *TP) - Character aims at a target, gaining * to his accuracy, where
*=the number of TP spent.

Beserk-- Cost 6 TP -When there is an IC reason,(seeing slaves whipped,a friend in SERIOUS danger,if he is being made a prisoner or slave) Ronark goes beserk.While beserk he ignores all penalties for pain.Also for every 4 ranks in beserk he gets an additional point of strength.His judgement is not good when beserk,he will be very reckless but can still recognize friend from foe. (WILL charge 30 guys without hesitation, WONT attack a friend)

Alright I think I fixed everything Jak mentioned,just need to know if my new sword tech is fair and if Grappling hooks should be a support skill.

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Re: Attempting A Philsys Pirate Char (please help)

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Tue May 25, 2004 7:21 pm

You really, really need to break that thing down into paragraphs. You know, so it doesn't hurt to read. <p>
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Jak Snide
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Re: Attempting A Philsys Pirate Char (please help)

Unread postby Jak Snide » Tue May 25, 2004 8:36 pm

Righty. Background does need to be broken down into readable paragraphs, spaces after full stops etc, BUT it's almost all good. The only oddity I can see is that the son of a noble man wouldn't be working the docks, unless he was a bastard child, had disgraced himself or done something that would cause his father to consider him unworthy of being treated like his son. Besides that, the background is solid.

Your basic stats are A-OK. His melee damage with the saber is 10 1d6, 15 2d4 and 21 2d6. As for pistols it'd be extremely unlikely he'd own a Valthi made pistol and be able to maintain it. He'd most likely have a flintlock pistol. I don't think there are official stats for it, but I've made up the following:

ACC: 5 Damage: 10 2d10 (Full round action to reload)

He may well carry more than one, since reloading mid battle is extremely foolish at best.

As for his skills, only one flaw I can spot; Berserk. It's a normal skill, rather than a support skill, since you derive a tech from it. Otherwise, everything's good.

Now, for the techs. Reckless Attack is fine. Ruthless Slash isn't needed, since selectively targeting the head with a melee attack (-8 penalty to hit, I believe) achieves the same effect, with a 5/6 chance of killing if the blow lands. One of Flaming Deth's characters has a tech similar to Aimed Shot, which I'll post here. I suggest you use it.

[Firearms=4] Eagle Eye (2 *TP) - Character aims at a target, gaining * to his accuracy, where
*=the number of TP spent.

On a related note, there is a skill [s]Quickdraw which is used along with firearms skills to provide a number of techs. Thus, quickdraw should be dropped.

Finally, berserk. I suggest that it cost 6TP, give him a bonus to strength equal to his Berserk skill rank/4 and cause him to ignore all penalties due to pain. Activation is as you described, although the TP cost must be paid.



Unread postby FinsterDieTragik » Tue May 25, 2004 8:36 pm

Didn't mean to hurt anyone's eyes,it is now broken into much smaller pieces.Thanks for the help both of you.
I will start fixing,and maybe think up a new sword tech since I would like to have more than one.

Also,I was unsure if Grappling hooks should be a support skill or not?

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Re: Thanks

Unread postby JoshuaDurron » Tue May 25, 2004 11:38 pm

Cost on your new sword tech should be much, MUCH less. Like, 2-3 TP per extra slash. <p>

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Alright :D

Unread postby FinsterDieTragik » Wed May 26, 2004 12:53 am

Thanks,I didn't want it to be too powerful.
Will knock cost down to 3 TP per extra attack.

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Re: Alright :D

Unread postby Jak Snide » Wed May 26, 2004 9:43 pm

Make the tech grant one extra attack only. He'll get extra attacks as his skill rank with swords increases due to the house rules I'll be using.



Unread postby FinsterDieTragik » Thu May 27, 2004 5:16 pm

K will do,that makes more sense. Good house rule.

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