Ringmarl in Windows system

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Ringmarl in Windows system

Unread postby RydWolf » Tue May 25, 2004 12:12 pm

Name: Ringmarl
Race: Human
Age: 28
Hair: Dark brown, unkempt
Eyes: Teal
Height: 5' 10"
Solid build, unsure about weight.

Ringmarl was born in an upstairs room in an out-of-the-way bar in the slums of Doma city. His mother was a tavern wench who had a habit of sleeping with patrons of the bar that she worked at. Ringmarl was the result of one of these short term liasons and was named after the shiny "ringmarl" the man was wearing.

He was raised in the same room he was born in and started working in the bar at the age of 11, serving drinks and cleaning up during the rare times that the bar was closed.

He swiftly realising that his mother was as stupid as she was promiscuous, leaving the bar at 15 and signing up with a group of wagoneers who were in the habit of transporting goods to the city of Hubine, often crossing the river into Riva.

Ringmarl impressed the leader of these men and after 7 months was placed in charge of a pair of wagons headed into Varrock to pick up medicines. Midway through the return trip the other two men with the wagon attempted to hijack the cargo and were delivered to the authorities in Doma city bound and gagged after Ringmarl had driven both wagons back singlehandedly.

Referred to by those who work with him as 'The Bastard' he is a hard man on the job but loosens up once the task is done. He likes to be around other people, spending most of his time off work in bars and taverns although he is most comfortable with other tradesmen. He is not a fan of fine dining looking more for the quantity of food rather than the quality. He enjoys a drink. He then enjoys another drink. He doesn't have the patience required for the very young, instead trying to ignore them completely. Law abiding, in that he doesn't do anything too illegal although he does respect the law due to the need for set boundries on behaviour.

Rather strong - Strength: D10
Moderately dextrous - Agility: D12
Aggresively robust - Health: D8
Few book smarts - Knowledge: D20
Good eye for detail - Perception: D10
No magical abilities - Magic: D30

Ringmarl is highly skilled with his whip, D8
Ringmarl can swing a mean club, D12
Ringmarl can handle himself in a tavern brawl, D10
He keeps a firm hand with animals, D10
He has a loose grasp of the landscape of Doma and Riva, D20
He is an accomplished trader and haggler, D10
Ringmarl is an excellent foreman and leader of men, D8
Ringmarl knows the city well, D12
Ringmarl can hold his ale with the best of them, D10
He is unreliable with his weather forecasts, D20
He is 'good' with children, D30
He keeps in touch with the news, D12

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