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All in a Day's Work - D&D 3.5 Forum RP - OOC

Unread postby ChristianC » Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:29 pm

The Planes. A person could spend his life travelling them, and when he died there would still be so much left to explore. Chances are the place he once started from doesn't exist anymore, or has changed into something completely different.

Such is the nature of the Planes, shifting, changing, bubbling with the creative energy of the Universe, the raw material from which the worlds you and I live in are made.

But there are some berks out there who want to do more than that. They may be going solo, in groups or part of a larger organ of exploration. Some are famous across the planes for their bold attitude and less than mad sense of dare as they travel the deeps of Pandemonium, or the floating metallic cubes of Acheron. The Guild of Planewalkers, Naturally, a substantial amount of these bold adventurers have short-lived and easily-forgotten careers, but who can honestly say no to a life spent charting the unknown and possibly lethal?

You are, or will, become a part of this Guild. The How and Whys are up to you. Perhaps you were a simple mercenary doing the every odd job that came your way until you found yourself a natural part of the guild, or maybe you joined them up with a goal in mind; be it to see all of the planes before you die, or all of its treasures...

I am looking to about 4 to 6 players, but I will mostly let anyone joins who feel that they're up for it. We will be playing official modules, although slightly altered to fit in with the group and with how we're playing. I hope that each and every one at least posts twice a week, and for this reason I implement the (...) system, a means of letting me and the others know that you don't feel you can contribute much to the game, simply by posting (...) or something to that effect (if you do not wish to clutter the game, a simple PM to me, or an IM if you see me, will be good enough).

Race and class restrictions will be fairly loose, although I want you to run any ideas by me. I would prefer it if we can keep out of the evil spectrum, although again that is up for debate. A good idea can make me change my mind.

Also, taking a leaf out of Idran's book, we will be running the game through Pathfinder, as it has cleared up and fixed some parts of D&D 3.5. Naturally, anything not included in the Pathfinder core books will be dealt with using those of 3.5. If you have a sheet for it, or want to make one yourself, go ahead and do so, otherwise get in touch with me and we'll get one for you. I'd like for everyone interested to post here and we'll see to getting things rolling.

Also, if there's anyone who want to play a Primer (i.e. a person not from the Planes), I could set you/you all up with a 'pre-launch' adventure that'll get you thrown into Sigil and to where the action is.

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Re: All in a Day's Work - D&D 3.5 Forum RP - OOC

Unread postby darkknight61189 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:53 am

Reality has become entirely too suffocating for me, so any escape from it would be lovely. Thus, I say:

Oooh oooh oooh pick me, pick me!

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