Nobilis - Preliminary check

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Nobilis - Preliminary check

Unread postby Christian » Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:15 pm

Nobilis is a contemporary fantasy role-playing game created by R. Sean Borgstrom. The player characters are "Sovereign Powers" called the Nobilis; each Noble is the personification of an abstract concept or class of things such as Time, Death, cars, or communication. Unlike most role-playing games, Nobilis does not use dice or other random elements to determine the outcome of characters' actions, but instead uses a Karma-based system for task resolution.

--Wikipedia Article

So, uhh... I was kinda thinking about testing this game out, and who better to help me try it out than the RPGWW crew?

It might be a bit hard to get your hands on the rulebook... actually, it's damn near impossible unless you wish to fork out close to 500 bucks for a used copy.

But there are other ways... cough cough... anyway, for those of you interested in giving this a shot, sign up here. If I get three or more players, I'll get things rolling. Five's the most I think I can handle, so first come first served.

Oh, and I figured I might just inform you that I will be very happy to share my thoughts about the book over PM. *cough cough*

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